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    Making sure I use all my 🔫'S and camo in my collection, when I get the chance! 🤔

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  1. Rank 3 unlocked, now a Regular! 😎

    Always good to achieve a new status! 👍


    Next Rank 4, Dead man's hand! 😵

    Final Rank 5, a Royal flush.... 😜


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    2. GAMBLE


      Coming to my neck of the woods! 😜

      Yeah I'm going, hopefully a few friend from the forum as well, you been there before? 🤔


    3. DrAlexanderTobacco


      Nope, but I'm old school mates with the owner! Grew up in Newbury


      See you there! I'll know how to find you

    4. GAMBLE


      Fair enough, until Sunday. 👍

      I don't know if I should be flattered or concerned.... 😂😜


  2. Running into or away from trouble? 🤔🏃😂
  3. Managed to get back into Airsoft last Sunday, been out due to a cold! Getting back into it, I thought of this whilst speeding around, anyone who does Airsoft can relate! 🏃😂
  4. Interesting topic! 🤔 i currently own 10, also planning on getting a few more, then I’m done! 😜 I tend to take as many as I feel like running for a Skirmish. I also mix it up on the day, so I get the most out of it (same goes for my gear and BDU’s), I like to have fun and set challenges for myself! For example this Sunday, I ran 3 🔫’S, all used in different rounds: E&L AKS-74U (13 😵) KTW Winchester Carbine (1 😵) Shoot & Scoot Lee Enfield (1 🔪) It’s like that saying “You get what you pay for”, but I always add “How much can you get out of it?” 😎 This is my experience and my opinion. 💷GAMBLE💷
  5. Crown Airsoft Limited 🤬

    (Don’t buy from this company, this was my experience!!!)


    I tried to buy a new Glock 18c, it was a reasonable price and came with a tracking number.


    Here’s the negative side:

    1. Tracking number, was slow to give progress, had to email them a number of times for updates!

    2. Only got one response back via email, then afterwards same thing happened! 

    3. Kept saying if I don’t get a response back I will want my money back, waited until the end of the month, nothing!

    4. Had enough, sent them an email for a refund, no response what so ever!!!


    Here’s the Positive side:

    1. PayPal to the rescue!!! 😁

    Went through PayPal to take on the case (they said it would take a month) and was completely resolved and got my entire 💷 back, thank you to those people! 😎👍


    So the moral of this story is always use PayPal for purchasing 🔫’S in my opinion!!! 🤔


    .... and don’t buy from this company!!! 



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    2. GAMBLE


      Was looking at the WE versions. I’ve used my friends @Dino, so can use the same mags in joint games. 🔫😎

    3. Steveocee


      Awwww how cute. Mag friends. 😍

    4. Dino


      Hell yeah! Army of Two!!! FTW!!!

  6. Hi, 👋 Ask them and they should give you a piece of paper fill in your details, put the dates you went and you must get them signed off, once you’ve completed your 3 games in the space of time allocated, they take the paperwork, they may take a pic or you provide one depending. Then you should get your license, which you pick up, shouldn’t take long! Then you can buy what ever requires a UKARA code online and best keep it with you just in case! Hope this helps? 🤔 💷GAMBLE💷
  7. Hi, 👋 Always keen to help a New Player! if you still have your gear it will help being outdoors, for a number of reasons. 👍 Find a local site, if not be prepared to travel, it’s worth it for a good site. If you like the site get yourself a UKARA license sorted out, which will help with purchasing RIF’s (Realistic Imitation Firearm), also helps in case obad situations! Rentals should be reliable, depends on how they are maintained! Listen carefully during the rental brief, any problems, they should sort it out! The rules will be explained by the Marshals before a game and if not sure just ask the Marshal during a game. The most important rules: 1)DO NOT TAKE OFF OR MESS WITH YOUR EYE PROTECTION DURING A GAME!!! 😵 2)CALL YOUR HITS!!! Always fun to go with friends, if not, solo is not so bad! Depending on the site and players, you quickly make friends on your team even the other team. Hope this helps, just my opinion and good luck starting! 😜 💷GAMBLE💷
  8. Maybe so, but that’s what motivates me to keep in shape! 🤔🏃‍♂️ 💷GAMBLE💷
  9. Can’t afford it, plus I don’t need it! I’ve got my fitness program.... it’s called Airsoft! 😂😎 💷GAMBLE💷
  10. It's like any motivation, you’ve got to put the effort in and the results will show! LIFE LESSON!!! 😎 💷GAMBLE💷
  11. I’m not the fittest person, “I try to eat sensibly”.... so balance is key! I’m always moving around the field, fast to an objective and to a respawn point, as I want to have fun! 😎 Also my loadout helps being light, no tactical gear what so ever, depending on what I want to use. 🤔 When the day is over I feel Great physically and mentally! 🏃‍♂️ My friends refer to me as Duracell Bunny! 😂 It’s the only time I move fast enough , anywhere! 💷GAMBLE💷
  12. Finally got the scope to complete the SVD, can’t wait to test it out! 😁 💷GAMBLE💷
  13. Hi, ALL! 👋

    Looking for a decent AEG G3A3, anyone know a site selling or a person interested? 🤔


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    2. GAMBLE


      I’ve been on their site, every time sold out, haven’t seen back on sale in a while, plus too much for me at the moment! Appreciate the advice. 👍

    3. EvilMonkee


      Well as Fire Support are consistently the lowest priced UK vendor for LCT (and pretty much everything else) I think you are going to be disappointed.

    4. Iceni


      Could always grab the G3 3A3-w with the wider fore-end. Then just pick up a real steel slim grip from Zib, and at the same time grab the proper sling, muzzle protector, and sight drum.








      If you are looking at cheaper G3's I personally wouldn't bother. There isn't one out there that is even remotely close to the LCT. I love mine. It's worth saving for.

  14. Wanted to put this one on yesterday, had a Great time at the site I go to! 100+ players, a Great atmosphere and variety of games! 😜 💷GAMBLE💷
  15. Here’s my Fifth, back to an AK! AKMS, Dboy recently bought on this Forum, When you need that extra firepower! 😵 I give you “Al-Asad!” 🔫 💷GAMBLE💷
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