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  1. @Asomodai, I’ve sent my last email to them today, for a response and update, on an item I purchased, given them until Friday! Then will be using PayPal! 😤 💷GAMBLE💷
  2. Hey, ALL! 👋

    I’ll try and keep this story short, a while back I bought a BDU from Airsoft megastore, it was a reasonable price in the currency exchange. Being patient I only got a response a few hours back, saying I did not complete the shipping payment, they only went and completely changed the shipping prices, going higher and previously they were selling abroad to other countries (now mainly US & Canada), the whole sales system changed! 😮

    So I managed to get my 💷 back! 



  3. Official patch, took some time! 😁 GTA, Thug life! 😎 💷GAMBLE💷
  4. Liking the tactical look! 😎👍 AS VAL, curious? 🤔 💷GAMBLE💷
  5. Impressive, nice attachment! 😎👍 💷GAMBLE💷
  6. @EvilMonkee Liking the battle worn look! 😎👍 💷GAMBLE💷
  7. Here’s my USSR Cold War rig, bought separately and put together! Just missing the poncho, which roles up attaches mid way up the back of the rig, I’ll leave that for now. Can’t wait to try this out and compare with the rest of my rigs! 🤔 💷GAMBLE💷
  8. @Barnett1980 👋 Welcome back, 15 years of fun to catch up on! 😎 check out reviews on the web, YouTube and the Forum! Go with with what you have in mind, if it’s not for you, there’s a lot more choices now! Good luck, put a pic up when you get your gear! 👍 💷GAMBLE💷
  9. I’ve found an LCT AKMS, a bit pricey, quite hard to find in the UK! 🤔 Anyone know a friend who’s looking at selling one, a long shot.... 🔫 I missed out recently on one being sold on the Forum! 😞 💷GAMBLE💷
  10. I usually were them on the outside, when it comes to rain, different story! 🤔 still doesn't stop me having fun! 😜 💷GAMBLE💷
  11. By tucking them in, the boot laces secure them in place and if they come out just simply repeat, better in dry weather! 🤔 💷GAMBLE💷
  12. @Sniper780 I’m liking the choices! 👍 I wanted a PKM, too expensive for me! 😎 @CrackCommandoUnit1972 your right, don’t forget it was the 80’s! 🤔 💷GAMBLE💷
  13. Here’s my Fourth not an AK, but a big brother: RPK, CYMA bought abroad, When you need that extra firepower! 😵 I give you “Rachenko!” 🔫 💷GAMBLE💷 (Foldable stock version, takes a Drum, RPK mags and regular mags!)
  14. Here’s my Third not an AK but a family member: SVD, CYMA bought abroad, When you need that extra range! 😵 I give you “Sasha”! 🔫 💷GAMBLE💷 (Would of been more badass if he used this instead!) 😂 Can’t wait to test it out! 😜 (Wish the scopes were included!)😞
  15. @E21A A classic beauty! 😎👍 💷GAMBLE💷
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