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  1. Hey. πŸ‘‹ I can relate in a way! (Limited contact, if any with the others, left on my own terms, keeping my "HONOUR" for the sport!) When I first got into Airsoft, I met a few regulars and got along with them and they invited me into their team! Went well for a few months and tried to get a few of my friends on to the team. Eventually it led to conflicts of who was on the team, what events we would do, ideas for the group, etc. It's the Leader or Follwer Syndrome! One guy didn't like where it was going ("The Leader"), felt threatened, put his foot down and had his friends back him up (The "Follwers", friends weren't the problem)! So in the end I left with my friends, kept it civil, kept my head up and moved on! "The Leader", then offered a chance to join them for skirmish, which never happened, with certain responses back which were weak! I don't know if they are still Airsofting.... The Morale of this incident is it DIDN'T STOP ME from Enjoying this Sport!!! They LOST a good team player! They TRIED to carry on as if there was no problem! I MOVED ON and became an even better player! I had RISEN ABOVE them! WILL CONTINUE TO DO SO, like you said in the topic, because of PASSION! My advice: Is get back out there on the field, sooner rather than letter! Doesn't matter if you go solo or with other friends! Avoid the BAD players! Everyone playing there (SHOULD) be playing for FUN, having a GREAT TIME and the BANTER! WOW I can't believe I've written this all.... MUST BE MY PASSION!!! 😎 πŸ’·GAMBLEπŸ’· P.S. DON'T be so quick to get rid of your gear! HOPE this helps you and gets you motivated back into it....
  2. Hey, All! πŸ‘‹ I recomend my friend @Dino as a Tech man! Been Airsofting for over 10 years, and through those years has collected all sorts of guns that he has worked on. He has the tools and knowledge to disassemble, clean, repair and modify guns! Likes to help out fellow Airsofters, I should know as he's personally worked on my collections of guns, making them better! Also a GREAT team player to have a laugh with! 😎 πŸ’·GAMBLEπŸ’·
  3. Made it to the 2nd Level! πŸ’ͺ

    Starter! 😜

    15 Rep results & 27 on Content! 😎



  4. Typical always arrives the day after! 😀 To be concluded! πŸ‘


    Fair enough. Click on the UK flag, translates! πŸ‘ https://www.proairsoft.com/ I got advice from a friend on this Forum, to stay away from Pro Airsoft Supplies, shady results! 😡
  6. I just recently bought myself an LMG, had a GREAT time trying it out for the first time, looking forward to using it more in the future! Just bare in mind the prices, make and the weight you will have to carry! I also recommend a pistol as a backup for certain situations! Who can relate and show a pic? πŸ€” πŸ’·GAMBLEπŸ’· My CYMA RPK-74 folding stock version. (It was the only one I could get on the web, wanted the fixed stock version, don't regret it at all!)


    When I bought it, one came in the tube and one spare in the box, so you get two in total. Both hold 38-40 bb’s, looking for spares that’s a tough one, unless anyone else knows? I tend to just use one, so the other is a spare! Hope this helps. πŸ‘
  8. Here's a Cold War USSR rig, will try this out when I get the chance!


    Hey, ALL! πŸ‘‹ If like me your finding it difficult to find certain Western guns, I can recommend this site as it sells the KTW Spring M1873 Winchester Carbine & many more versions! Who would of thought so in Finland.... πŸ‘ https://www.proairsoft.com/ click on the UK flag, translates.
  10. @cropzy thanks, took a while, managed to get this 2nd hand in good condition with a few accessories! πŸ‘
  11. @ieuanamYes it's a springer! Got it from prosairsoft.com, in Finland of all places! Anyone else looking for one good place to look if all else is sold out! πŸ‘
  12. Hey, ALL! πŸ‘‹ Curious, how often do you take out an underrated gun or more and use it for a few games or a whole day? The response I've had from other people varies, but tends to be more Positive and a Great way to interact with others on the day! Post your pics and who can relate? πŸ€” Heres my 3 UNDERRATED GUNS! πŸ’·GAMBLEπŸ’· JG MAC-10 KTW Winchester M1873 Carbine Shoot & Scoot Lee Enfield SMLE
  13. If your looking for a Reading/Thatcham site, Woodland, I can recommend Red Alert? πŸ‘
  14. Hey, ALL! πŸ‘‹

    Looking at possibly getting a KWC Makarov, for a Russian loadout?




    Spare parts, etc?

    Any advice from people who own one or have had one from the past, would be helpful! Thanks.


    1. Prisce


      @Adolf HamsterΒ will recommend the We Makarov more than the KWC.

    2. AK47frizzle


      They shoot too hot,Β the mags are straight up trash, and the hop up and barrel are proprietary. The gun itself is actually pretty decent, efficient, and very snappy when it works. Key phrase being "when it works". Because the trash mags render it useless most of the time.

    3. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      got my kwc off one of the guys on here who kindly dropped the fps for me (1j), accuracy wise it's passable on .3's stock but being kwc parts are going to be a bit harder to source than for the we version. however it has a lovely crisp kick to it and being co2 it'll definately fare much better in winter than the we version. can't comment on reliability as it's basically still new but being co2 i'm not expecting the same longevity of mag valves as a green gas gun.


      the we makarov is a lovely little peice, not as much kick but still crisp enough in summer,Β  has a proper da/sa trigger, and takes standard marui parts, i had mine with a pdi 6.01 barrel and pdi w hop and even at 0.75j it was yeeting .48's with hilarious results. however it is a we, so cold weather is not your freind, and if you do run heavier ammo in her expect loading nozzles to become a consumable part.

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