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  1. Thanks there! I live in the UK so i didnt know about the massive duty cost...
  2. Hey there ! I was thinking of either getting the GG CM16 SRS from Patrolbase link: https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/g-and-g-armament-cm16-srs-combat-machine?pv=5726 OR the Specna Arms Edge Series ROCK RIVER ARMS SA-E01 link: https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/specna-arms-rock-river-arms-sa-e01-edge-carbine?pv=9058 OR the Helios Knight's Armament Licensed SR-16E Mod2 MLOK link: https://www.evike.com/products/91504/ Which ones the best platform to have the best performance without much upgrades? Thanks 4 reading...
  3. yea i know, what a bother...its what i'm trying to cut if there is a discount code...
  4. Hi there, I was thinking of buying stuff from taiwangun but i couldn't seem to find any discount codes I could use...Do you guys know any codes that work? Thx for looking!
  5. Hello there, I have a WELL WARRIOR I L96 sniper rifle which has stock parts. I was wondering around to find some upgrades and i came to a conclusion. I wanted to get these upgrade parts: -KM-Head Inner barrel 6.04mm (link: https://www.zerooneairsoft.com/product_info.php?products_id=9094) -Laylax SP80 Spring (FPS limit is 350fps so that why im getting this) (link: https://www.zerooneairsoft.com/product_info.php?products_id=5391) -Nineball Laylax Air Seal (link: https://eagle6.co.uk/shop/catalog/product/view/id/570/s/laylax-nineball-wide-use-air-seal-chamber-packing-for-vsr-gbbr-gbb-series/) Can these upgrades fit my sniper, are they compatible with it and is it worth it? Thx for looking, hope someone responds to me ASAP...
  6. Hi guys, Just wondering if the Uvex Ultrasonic Safety goggles is safe to use for airsoft?! It has really good review but not about if its resistant 450fps+ bbs. Is it safe to use these goggles? link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Uvex-Ultrasonic-9302-black-9302285/dp/B018Z23OVQ Thx for reading
  7. Hey guys, So I encountered a problem where I have glasses but I want to play airsoft at the same time too. I looked into OTG goggles and I found this Paintball mask. Its called EMPIRE HELIX THERMAL GOGGLES selling for around £30. Its a suitable and comfortable mask for paintball but I'm not so sure for airsoft as the FPS for airsoft tends to higher. Should I get them or should I get the BOLLE PILOT GOGGLES for £15 instead? Or possibly something else? My budget is around £15-£45. Thx everyone for reading.
  8. Thx rob, im actually an amateur and the whole taking apart the gearbox thing looks kinda hard. If this is the case then ill just leave my gun as it is. The last time i chronoed the FPS on my m4 is 348,350,349,352,349 so its just below the 350 FPS limit, though it sometimes might go over ,so its risky when i test it on site that are 350 FPS. And thx for answeing my question!
  9. I recently brought an AEG and its FPS is aroung 350, and i just found out most sites do 340 FPS...so i was thinking of changing the spring in my V2 gearbox to lower the FPS to 335 ish. I found the VFC and the Guarder m100 spring but dont know which one is better, any suggestions? And apparently Guarder springs are shorter? Is that true?
  10. I would like to know if this airsoft rifle is good or not: SRC SR4-E SPECIAL EDITION DRAGON (PLASTIC) thx!!!!!
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