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  1. @Wolfie My son's first rifle was a Firehawk, and it's now his backup, so hopefully my comments will be useful. It's a great rifle / platform, which as stock has a huge volume of air that with a barrel change can easily be a DMR / hit over 400 FPS on 0.20g BBs, however the trigger massively lets it down (it's not the motor). It's a terrible mechanical trigger that just seems to take an eternity for the contacts to touch each other and finally pass current to the motor, and comparing it directly to the three Double Eagle rifles we now have at home with the Falcon Fire Control system in them (a knock-off of the optical GATE Titan) we could probably shoot two to three rounds on semi before the Firehawk got off one. Also I don't know if you also get this but an incomplete pull of the trigger on semi can at times cause only a partial cycle of the gearbox, so you have to flip to auto and fire to get a cycle, then flip back to semi. Of course you can buy a new rifle, with either a micro-switch trigger or an optical trigger (and hopefully "cycle detection" as well), or either work on the Firehawk yourself or get a good tech to do it. For example you could just swap in this... https://www.defconairsoft.co.uk/product/gg-airsoft-etu-electronic-trigger-unit-mosfet-v-2-series-lipo-power-control/ ... and see a good change, however a cheap optical controller and trigger would totally transform it and I expect a tech could do this for around £150? (after playing this Sunday my son and I aren't playing again until the end of Feb, so I'm going to bite the bullet and buy a GATE Titan v2 and fit it myself).
  2. Any use to you? (no, not polymer, but maybe a viable alternative)... https://deadlycustoms.co.uk/product/deadly-customs-hi-capa-magazine-holster/
  3. @LazzurusMan What weight BB's will you be using / what is your FPS as this can influence which ML bucking is appropriate (it usually follows that the heavier the BB / the higher the FPS the higher the "degree" value (the rubber / silicone is harder the higher the "degree").
  4. @sp00n Your FLAK 10, what did your site owner / marshals / other players think of it? I ask as in the video that came out last year it looked amazing, like an instantly reloadable 40 Mike you can run around with, and probably something other players will whine over and try to get banned (especially if indoors).
  5. UK Double Eagle Stock Springs I bought my son a DE M906C for Christmas, so far he's only fired it in the garden briefly, so before we play a game on 9/1/2022 I thought I'd swap in both a Maple Leaf 60 degree Macaron and Omega nub today (once my M908A arrives that'll be three DE M900's we have in the house). The hop up units "arm" is the variant that has a hole for a "captive" nub... https://imgur.com/m9rWHXB ... which my M904E's arm does not, with this nub removed and the Omega nub installed this appeared (a visual check) to be adding quite a bit of hop to the Macaron without any hop actually being applied on the hop unit. A chrono gave me around 280 FPS on 0.20g, horribly under powered, so I thought it best to put all the original parts back in a chrono again (I forgot to do one beforehand). This still gave around 280 FPS, and started to get me worried. I'm building up a nice supply of spare parts now, and have a few different springs to hand, so I thought I'd swap in a Gearparts M105 to see what the result would be. This lead to two negative discoveries, one the QC spring guide had its flat head screwdriver cut out mangled at some point... https://imgur.com/breI5D0 ... and secondly the spring was a hideously cheap and nasty one. So in goes the Gearparts M105, with DE M900's by default having both a piston head and spring guide bearing, and with no hop it shot hot at around 360 FPS and with a little hop it was consistently around 348 FPS so I was happy then and popped back in the ML Macaron (but the Omega nub will have to wait until I can buy a better hop unit). That's two incidents I've had now with iffy springs in UK spec DE M900's, both of which were purchased from Patrol Base, who get them from Taiwan Gun as the European distributor. I personally don't think it's a coincidence, but who's installing these crap springs, is it DE themselves, the distributor or the reseller? (I'm going with either the distributor or reseller so they're country specific legal). This is a shot of three springs... https://imgur.com/PvoZtwF ... a Gearparts M120 at the top (170mm in length, with tighter coils at one end), my original DE M904E in the middle (160mm, no tighter coils) and at the bottom the M906C (200mm, no tighter coils). Both DE springs feel so cheap and flimsy compared to Gearparts and Guarder springs, especially the 200mm one. I'm very much looking forward to getting the spring out of my M90A when it arrives, as it's not from Patrol Base but I'm assuming the Taiwan Gun is the distributor (let's see if it has the usual green "Krakman" Polish label). Luckily I've my own chrono, spare parts and tools, however the M906C could have gone to someone who'd not have known until a site chrono / a back garden plinker who'd never have known!
  6. The tears of those no longer able to use CO2 😉
  7. This might make someone chuckle, it's from my local sites Christmas game back on the 19th December which was a bloody cold day and is out in the country, where I played with my 12 year old son and his two cousins (12 and 14). The sun had just set at 4 pm and we all played one final game, marshals vs all other players, and the last player standing wins a free game day. Lasted about 20 minutes and the marshals shout "Game Over", so back to the safe zone, and then off to the raffle that had loads of good prizes with each of the four of us having tickets. Half way through the raffle, so about 20 minutes after game over, I notice that my son and his younger cousin still aren't at the raffle so call their phones, no answer, where the hell are they? The youngest cousin's ticket then wins an £80 Nuprol shotgun, but there's no sign of them, the marshals wait as long as they can but have to re-draw the ticket and give it to someone else. All very odd so a marshal goes off looking for them. About 40 minutes later they were both found hiding under a bush, freezing cold in the pitch black, thinking the game was still on! 😆
  8. I bit the bullet yesterday, an e-mail from BBGUNS4LESS offering me 5% off of my unplaced order / basket triggered it, and a Double Eagle M908A is now on the way to be setup as a DMR. In the UK right now there are only two retailers left with it in stock, BBGUNS4LESS and High Pressure Airsoft, which is a little frustrating considering that TaiwanGun has the entire M90X range in stock. I'm not a speedyboi, and enjoy hanging back a bit and playing support, so I've wanted something to use as a DMR for quite a few months and the M908A fits the bill for me. A few things that swung it for me are the longer battery cable (I use a GATE deans extension cable in my M904E), a metal receiver with only one selector so I can drill and tap a hole in it to screw in a bolt for mechanically locking it to semi-only (not everywhere will allow a DMR's MOSFET just to be set to single shot on all modes), quick change spring, the rip off GATE Titan so that in the future I know for certain I could swap in a genuine Titan easily if I wanted to, and I've taken apart my M904E's gearbox multiple times now so I'm happy to do this and the M908A's will be identical. I won't initially be doing anything major to it, but may have to if the stock piston gets chewed up (the stock rack is part metal teeth with the rest plastic, we'll see what happens), and will stick with the stock 385mm inner barrel but will swap in a Maple Leaf Macaron 70 degree + omega nub + Gearparts M120 spring (with an M130 bought as well just in-case). The stock DE piston head and spring guide both have bearings, so I'm thinking this will compress the M120 spring more than usual and get me close to my primary sites 420 FPS DMR limit. I'm going to start with 0.30g BBs, so that's why I'm using the 70 degree bucking and omega nub, and this should hop them happily. My only concerns are that my eyesight isn't what it used to be, so I'll play one game with it and may invest in a flip-to-side magnifier (nothing too cheap, but still a clone) if I do get good range, and also that the stock motor may not have enough torque to do the job (and if not it's then do I go with a brushed high-torque or a Warhead Base motor).
  9. This is the one you'd need... https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/we-europe-eu-series-eu17-18-extended-50rnd-gas-magazine
  10. My son is well chuffed with his DE M906C... but more importantly I can now muck around with his G&G Firehawk and fit a GATE Titan. His best friend got a Lancer Tactical LT-04 GEN2 with battery / charger / red dot, and he's over the moon with it, primarily as they can now skirmish together (I so need a "Dad Taxi" sticker for my car).
  11. Your hop unit arm is different from that in my DE M904E, mine 100% did not have the cut-out that held a bump on top of the cylindrical nub. I've just dug the Maple Leaf packet out, from under my computer desk, that the old nub is in and it's just a cylinder of black rubber with a hole through the middle (no retaining "bump" on the top). And what Adolf said is 100% spot on with the nub 👍 Also my youngest son's getting an M906C for Christmas, so it will be interesting to see what's inside of his when he lets me crack it open (ML bucking and nub are the first thing I'll tweak for him before he plays with it in anger). Also at some point you might have to crack the gearbox open and re-grease the piston head O-ring, I had to do this on mine recently to get it back to the FPS it had out of the box. Lastly I'm finding that the QD spring guide is getting harder to remove and re-insert each time, the metal ring that's holding the ball bearings in place appears to be slightly warping, I think a sign of the cheaper build quality and materials used by DE. I'm going to take a punt on one of these in the New Year... https://www.maxxmodel.com/cnc-stainless-steelaluminum-spring-guide.html ... also, just in-case you're wondering, I'm not trying to hijack your thread, just wanting to help out another M90X buddy
  12. I'm playing a night game tomorrow, 6 pm to 10 pm and it will be around 5 or so degrees centigrade, so I'll take my own chrono with me and do a before and after, so let's see what it says.
  13. @SovietSloth Hi, any particular reason for the M907D? The reason I ask is that the D's are bit of a grey area with their inner barrel not being short for CQB or long enough to be a potential base for a DMR, but it may just be that you like the look of it? If where you play has a 350 FPS AEG limit the shorter barreled M90X's will be around 340 to 345 out of the box. If you do want a longer inner barrel, are maybe thinking of the future and a DMR (as it would need a few tweaks), the M906A and M907A are a better bet as they both have 420mm inner barrels (but are out of stock everywhere in the UK). If you're itching to buy an M90X though Patrol Base are totally out of stock, however both Bespoke Airsoft and the dreaded BBGUNS4LESSS have stock 👍 If you're interested they still do, and this is their core business globally. For example the "discount" shop where I live has a few springers in their toy section, over 18's only of course wink wink (not for teenage scallys down the skate park), and half of them are Double Eagle's 😆
  14. @Jxmie I don't have any answers for you, however I'm intrigued by your post, and being a year into airsoft (and enjoying disassembling things as much as playing) I've gone through some of what you're talking about. Looking at your posts, and what you appear to be trying to build, my only thought is that you'll be creating something that will be almost always be red lining itself (motoring analogy). Low gear ratio, hair trigger, pre-cocking, 11.1v, performance motor, semi only are all factors that combined give you a Formula 1 car of a gun that will have a shorter lifespan as it's under such stress and may well shit itself badly at some point, all that energy being pushed thought the motor into the gearbox / it having to stop quickly on semi auto / hold that spring back 😔 I'll be honest in that if money was no object a lot of what you've said I'd be doing, but not unless I had a backup M4 that I always took to each game with me "just in-case".
  15. If you've got to stick to 350 FPS on 0.20g BBs be wary of going too long and too tight. If your M904G is behaving as expected and has a UK spec spring then out of the box it should be around 345 FPS so longer and tighter could take you consistently over 350 FPS and your gun being too hot 😔 I've not bothered with the barrel on mine, but I've changed a few other parts, as it's more than accurate enough for an up to 350 FPS AEG.
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