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  1. @RandomM_YT My nephew has the G&G Armament Combat Machine CM16 FFR A2 and I'd say for the year and half or so he's had it, and with it costing around £230 currently, I'd not buy one. It's been back to Patrol Base once, for either a faulty ETU or MOSFET, however they never said what the fault was but it came back working again. Generally considering the cost of one the weak points for me are the bang average geared hop unit, the fuse takes up masses of room in the buffer tube restricting battery space, the hand guard has unusually sized screws for mounting rails (no M-LOK etc.), and in general there are much better rifles from other brands for at least £50 less.
  2. If V2, and I had the cash, I'd buy one of these for myself... https://www.ak2m4.co.uk/internal-parts/gearbox-shells/xt-cnc-v2-split-gearbox-shell ... as they're back in stock (but now they're back in stock I'm brassic).
  3. DE hit a sweet spot with their M900's, they found a cost effective optical controller + piston + head (as soon as you see the light blue you know what it is) + V2 shell + gears and it's all put together very well, and they've milked it for all its worth and probably made good money from it (they've used their core gearbox build and put in every type of receiver / platform possible). However, under all this they're still a bargain basement Chinese toy manufacturer selling cheap things and fake Lego etc. Someone else can buy this first and be the guinea pig 😉
  4. Surprised no one's mentioned an AAP-01 as a sidearm, it matches the OP's criteria... # Good internals/externals: Over all yes, however regular full auto will shorted the hammers lifespan. # overall good pew: Yes # good fire rate: Yes # not too expensive: The price is great for such a good pistol ... and I run mine as a sidearm with a CTM holster and can't fault it at all (using 0.28g with an ML Autobot 60 degree).
  5. I don't know what I'd do without the great parts on ak2m4 but, hmmm, not sure about this one 🤔 I'd rather have one less take-away and get a GATE Titan, and there are things like this... https://eshooter-world.com/products/kestrel-v2 ... which Double Eagle are slapping into some of their AEG's.
  6. More importantly how can you charge them considering the charger in the photos has a two pin EU plug 😆
  7. I've intentionally made some of your post bold, you're already running a pistol that will leave the WE Glock in the shade for accuracy and gas efficiency. Like you I run a 60 degree Autobot in my AAP-01 and it happily hops 0.28's and is more than good enough a side arm to my DMR and get hits when I need to get up close and can be accurate to 30m or so. My son has both an AAP-01 and WE EU17 G4, and yes the kick from the EU17 is lovely (although I've had to replace the blow back unit recently as it cracked, running Nuprol 3.0 probably doesn't help), but as a tool for flinging plastic balls at people the AAP-01 in my opinion leaves it in the dust. Personally I'd rather buy the CNC hop-up unit for the AAP-01 and be flinging heavier balls of plastic and giving people nasty surprises 😈
  8. I spent far too long evening after evening looking at all the various options, and finally decided on this and don't regret the purchase one bit, especially at only £60 (if they did a 5x one, if that would be possible, I'd snap that up as well).
  9. So far they've been identical in performance for me. Before then my Li-Po's we're 20c, and I don't run anything crazy and only play now and again at full auto sites, but trigger response and RPS on a chrono has remained exactly the same. Personally I run Li-Io's now more as an insurance policy, to lessen the risk of damage and to cover my potential stupidity, and the split 3,000 11.1v just sits so well in my PTS EPS stocks.
  10. I run one of these and swap it between my DMR and AEG... https://www.combatsouth.co.uk/element-aim-o-g33-magnifier-x3-black/ ... and went for this one as it's an EOTECH rip-off using the better mount that has less wobble, and it's been a magic bullet for me. My biggest ever kill streak, easily 20 plus, was using it on my AEG in a forest when I was in a nice spot where people wouldn't expect anyone to be. I could spot shapes moving behind bushes well before they got in range, and could then lob a few BB's in their path and they just walked into them, which I couldn't have done with the flip to side to spot them. And maybe I'm a little lucky but it's worked perfectly with my EOTECH clone red dot and dirt cheap £30 smaller red dot, I've not had to make any adjustments at all.
  11. Another vote for Guard Dog Evader 2's here 👍
  12. I've both Titan and Valken 3,000 mAh 11.1v Li-Io's, Deans connector, used in rifles either with GATE Titan's v2's or Double Eagle's knock off of a Titan, and so far I can overall fault neither and I'm very happy with them (used Li-Po's all the time before I made the change, and the last time I had any NiMH's was back when I raced RC cars). I'd say though that the Titan's has a better overall build quality, the cabling thicker and more flexible, plus the casing / heat-shrink is better applied (with Valken's looking a little rough around the edges). It was mine and my son's Double Eagle M900's that pushed me to Li-Io's, in that the controllers in them will let a batteries cells get down to almost 3.2v per cell before the battery protection kicks in which is far to low, and this caused one 1,450 Li-Po to get too low at one game and it puffed ever so slightly and has not been the same since (it's in my emergency battery pile now). The Li-Io's can safely handle going down to a much lower cell voltage, 3.0v or a little lower, with zero negative effects, who know if this is down to their construction or the 18650 cells they use (different from the flat Li-Po cells and how their conductors are layered?). I've accidentally left a Li-Io in a rifle for close to a week, I totally forgot about it which is not like me at all, and it went to under 3.0v per cell, but charged back perfectly (but took a while) and has shown no negative effects at all.
  13. Just a little short list 😉 It makes sense though, and it does sound like things could potentially end up being a bit aimless and unfulfilling there. I do fancy playing a BIG game though one day, and I think one at RIFT may be better for me and my son. Ironsight is my local site, literally a five minute drive from home, and I'm there this weekend (it's nearly sold out so lots of targets for me and my 0.28g's 😆 ). I suppose the polar opposite of GZ being a compact'ish site with plenty of marshals for it's size and quick turnarounds of games.
  14. It's an hours drive from me and I've always fancied at least playing on a normal Sunday, is it really that bad? What didn't you like about it?
  15. If something that's effectively an M4, but looks a little different with its front end / cosmetics then how about... https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/double-eagle-m916g-utr556?pv=17878 ... at only £170? Everything about its internals is M4 / AR15, but it looks a little different from everything else for a bit of variety, and you get the Falcon controller with it's optical trigger + cycle control etc.. As long as the OP already has batteries with deans connectors, or has an adapter, all it needs is an ML Macaron 60 degree swopped in and it's ready for anything.
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