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  1. Roll the dice and let us know 😆 Seriously though, after buying an AK2M4 brushless and the Falcon controller telling it to ef off (it's now in my MP5K and the trigger response on 7.4v is instant), I want to get a Warhead Base and try it. I'm hoping that the firmware in their speed controller has something magical, but if not there are other plastic ball shooting toys I can put it in.
  2. All the way from Slovakia a selection of Snipetor R Hop patches... https://i.imgur.com/r1bAZwL.jpg ... and a bonus Wikipedia page for the lady on the stamp... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Krista_Bendová
  3. If there's enough time for the delivery, and you don't mind a slight change, Warhead Industries do 0.32 and 0.43 bios which you can trust.
  4. I'm wondering if the T238 being shorter is potentially a positive, if not too short, considering the end bell on brushless motors seem to foul up on pistol grip end plates? I suppose almost all RIF's are designed with brushed motors so play to that.
  5. I've tried to resist buying a Warhead specific motor, but I've a feeling that their firmware is somewhat more advanced than some other vendors and it's designed to play better with controllers / ETU's (it would be a Base, plus I want to compare its behaviour against the ak2m4 one when used with a Double Eagle Falcon controller).
  6. Maybe I should have said that what I meant was every man and his dog is now selling brushless motors, even the traditionally cheapo Chinese manufacturers. They can't all have production lines and tooling setup to make them, unless some are drastically cutting corners (which looking at the Chaoli PCB is a possibility).
  7. Something interesting is that bargain basement Chinese motor manufacturer Chaoli is also now selling brushless motors. Maybe this is one for @ak2m4 but I'm assuming, like a lot of electronics, there may only be a few genuine manufacturers of brushless motors and a lot of what we see is from the same sources with different branding applied? (the products from many vendors look identical, just with different colour anodising / logo's applied).
  8. The "additional plates" are so that you can mount it on molle using a "malice clip" (which is how I mount mine to a battle belt). CTM TAC have a YouTube channel that shows you how to do this.
  9. Maybe Socom Tactical or Surplus Store? (Also a bit of dirt or grease on the sector gear optical sensors can throw them out)
  10. If anything shorter, in that it's highly likely that the nozzle is ever so slightly too long for the hop unit so when pulled back a BB cannot always enter it (especially if you're firing rapidly). Vernier callipers and a selection of nozzles in your own "airsoft parts bin" always helps
  11. To me it sounds like with the Maxx Model hop unit upgrade was matched to the wrong length nozzle, and with the Kythera engine the nozzle is still the wrong length. Maxx do specify an expected nozzle length with their hop units, with the three RIF's I have personally upgraded to them all having their nozzles changed at the same time, and they work perfectly (and all showed a noticeable joule increase). Regarding your BB curve the inner barrel may have just twisted slightly or maybe the nub (if you're not using a solid metal one that sits perfectly in the Maxx hop unit).
  12. @ak2m4Finally got around to sorting out my semi-boneyard CMYA MP5K, needed a v3 spring guide from you as I disassembled the gearbox last weekend and the ball bearing cage just fell apart So, running your brushless motor along with a GATE Titan v3, and I've now a nice little nippy SMG 😁 AB is set to manual and zero percent, but anything else you recommend for GATE Titan users with your motor?
  13. Well... some people actually can and do. There are some who with an AAP-01, along with the Loki + appropriate bucking + inner barrel to support an appropriate bucking's patch + 0.40g or heavier BB's, can be effective at DMR / sniper ranges. If I had the money my AAP-01 would be setup like this, shooting 0.40g, but I've not yet won the lottery
  14. Which model of hop unit is it? For example is is the M4A-PRO that comes with the solid metal concave nub? An option for you, if you wish to lift heavy BB's, is to go with both a Maple Leaf inner barrel and the MR bucking as the ML inner barrel is intentionally designed to support the unique features of the MR bucking. In combination with the appropriate nub for your hop unit you'll be able to lift very heavy BB's so that's one thing ticked off of the list of DMR tasks.
  15. Painting a boonie with different acrylic washes, great way to spend an evening.

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      Whatever floats ya boonie I guess 😉

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