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  1. Well that was a full on, but really good, few hours and my youngest son and I are totally knackered out (lots of up and down stair wells) but very happy 😁 We played today, Saturday games open up at 12:00, start around 13:00, and finish at 18:00. Including us only 10 of 35 tickets were sold, but to be honest I think this probably made for a far better game as with a sell out people would have just camped and spammed the trigger. Sneaking around pitch black rooms and corridors between the low lit areas, being wary of shadows, and not knowing if that shape you see is a green or yellow
  2. My preferred local site has worked hard to get things back to normal, they've put the effort in, and due to this I've decided that I'll buy my BB's and gas from there rather than online even though they cost a little more as they deserve to recover from all this mess.
  3. It's their parent groups website, it's about all they actively publish if you Google them, and if you can get it to load is has links to their airsoft one. I suppose in a positive way they're a company who uses their production facilities (plastic moulding etc.) to produce various hobby products so they'll have some sort of longevity in the market. I agree 100% buffer tube all the way for compatibility, plus I don't personally like PDW stocks on M4's/AR's. I suppose I need to accept that being at the cheaper end of the hobby it won't last forever, but it then becomes a shell for up
  4. I'm not made of money and considering "bang for buck" I so want to buy a Double Eagle M904 (probably E) when I have the cash (I'd rather the polymer M904 over the metal variant to keep the weight down). However, at the back of my mind I've this doubt that once DE (being a cheaper end Chinese business) finish their production run / stock is gone will move onto a new platform and spare parts will be non-existent / donor guns for their parts will not be available. They have a URL / website... doubleeagle.cn that re-directs to http://doubleeagle-group.com/ ... b
  5. I've found the 3D printed stuff a bit disappointing really, not the design of it but the quality when bought from a third party. I don't know if they're compromising on the type, size of or amount of filament used but things feel a little too flimsy and with big gaps between the filaments / layers.
  6. God it's been ages hasn't it, and it looked so good.
  7. Ummm... I should do but sometimes I can't see the wood for the trees 🙄
  8. I had high hopes for the "outer barrel", a nice long rail on the top, but the screws supplied with it were too long and stopped the bolt / carrier from moving when installed. The screws for the stock Action Army rail kit are to short to use, so I bought some 6mm ones but they were too short to properly screw in, so it's just gathering dust now 😢
  9. Well, you'd like to think that, but it doesn't (which is why I asked them on this thread). The Alton site's been around for a while, and it's close to me, and my nephew is 11 in just over a week's time and can then come with me and others as they have a low age limit 👍
  10. Do you mean that after the first hundred shots the gas pressure drops or that you hit another problem? If it's the gas pressure I carry either a mini Nuprol 2.0 can or a mini Abbey Predator Ultra with me, I can then top off the drum mag mid-skirmish and keep that peak drum performance 👍
  11. How do we know how many places are left at any site? Do you just book and hope for the best? (hopefully not)
  12. I know that "Latest News" is probably not the best place for this, however looking at the video below... ... from only a week ago am I and my son going to be screwed if we go there without torches on our guns? (we've already got tracer units and BB's, but I think without torches we're doomed)
  13. Does "one of these" = the AW VX Series drum mag? If yes you may be interested to hear that mine crapped out at the weekend, which I use with my AAP-01 and I've not been abusing it and only use semi-auto, but was repairable. First the output valve crapped out and dumped too much gas each time icing the gun up, but easy to sort out, but more hassle was the coil spring in the winding mechanism popped off of the centre of the mechanism (the AW group on Facebook shows how to fix this, but I'm now going to buy a spare winding mechanism as you can get these).
  14. With a budget of under £100, and you also don't say if you're UKARA or not so £10 of your budget may go on a two-tone job, like others have said it has to be the Action Army AAP-01. If you don't hammer it on auto it's amazingly solid, and even if you need to two-tone it you could spend £10 on a Maple Leaf Autobot bucking as well and still be within your budget.
  15. Nuprol 3.0 coming out of the back of the slide of WE Glock onto my hand whilst spamming the trigger, and this is through a sturdy glove... https://imgur.com/a/Ikf2iZU
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