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  1. Multi-post is there for a reason and means you gather everything from that author in one shot. You expect a new post to belong to someone else. A properly multi-quoted post is a thing to behold and the very reason the system exists. Creating a new post every time takes up more space both in terms of screen space, behind the scenes and forces people to scroll further.
  2. Deva

    Paypal fees

    The TLDR feels like: continue the recommendation of PayPal, add a note into the rules saying prices must be inclusive of all fees for your chosen payment/shipping method. It's not something to actively moderate, but it's a friendly reminder to create an open/honest sale and means you can act if someone persistently ignores this.
  3. Sounds like MySpace Your hard work may be lost with a future update hence the reason platforms don't tend to do it anymore, not that it couldn't be done if enough people wanted it.
  4. Just so you know, my response to this is informative - I don't hold the keys here anymore. It's very hard to please all parties here, you may have an idea, but there's 15,000 members who haven't posted their opinion on this. Do they agree, do they not? Zero In works for Zero In because that's what people on Zero In are used to. If you migrate from there, you probably have a hard time adjusting. The current forums are laid out based on the theory that over-categorisation leads to a lack of trust as a lot of forums/categories can look empty. This leads to.. "no one uses t
  5. Hi all, It is with both sadness and excitement to let you know that I'll be handing over the keys to @proffrink this weekend. Therefore please expect some downtime as we do an internet style house move. We'll aim to get you back online ASAP of course. It has been 10 years since myself and some friends got together to launch AF-UK - simply because we found it odd that no one had created an airsoft forum called "Airsoft Forums". We were always the underdog and slightly quieter forum vs. ASCUK (RIP) and ZeroIn, but once ASCUK bit the dust, I think people began to appreciat
  6. http://www.androidpolice.com/2017/11/08/heres-protect-rogue-redirect-ads-right-now-chrome/ Just needs Google to clean up their ad network apparently.. can't trust anyone these days.
  7. Probably have a dodgy browser extension or other adware installed on your device. You can rule out browser extensions by going incognito.
  8. i want to enquire about adding my team to the roster of airsoft teams if possible


  9. Won't be long, unfortunately I had a busier weekend than intended but we'll fix this up.
  10. Noah

    How do i delete my account. thanks.

    1. L3wisD


      Don't go mate,


      We give harsh criticism and we're a cynical bunch, but it's often always good advice that's given.


      For example, your current iteration of your "What Sniper?" Thread actually has valuable advice in it.

    2. Noah
  11. I think you missed my point. I'm not trying to change your mind. You can have whatever opinion you want. But there's absolutely no need to belittle people for something they like doing, or to take a thread off course trying to prove a point. End of discussion -> back to Russian loadouts.
  12. This isn't in the spirit of this forum or how we operate. Just as you're entitled to your opinion, they are entitled to do the things they like and to talk about it. The fact it is a collective shows us that there is a significant interest on this subject. You're valid to your opinion and posting wherever you like, but you should try and keep things on track. If a particular vein of discussion isn't for you, you don't have to partake.
  13. Right of reply. Let's keep the thread on track with additional feedback before it collapses into anything else. A summary of the above situation can be posted by either party following PM discussions.
  14. Oh they're on top of the penguin.. I left room for you though!
  15. Since you've uncovered it you're next.. run
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