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  1. Absolutely and owning a few blank firing rifs myself this is very expensive. I completely agree so retailers my choose to accept some may not. One thing I would add to this is before you pay to join something like the MVT make sure you read through the T&Cs as they may have rules around weapons training and/or the amount of events you have to attend each season. For example the group I’m a member of me all have pli through the group but in order to have membership of the group we have to attend at least 3 events per season to qualify to maintain membership for the
  2. MVT is the military vehicle trust, this means you get covered until there Public liability insurance for re-enactment events which is a defence for owning a rif 🙂
  3. Exactly my point, the circumstance of the defence is where the selling needs to work on trust. 99% of people have a genuine reason to buy a rif and you can get a feel from someone If they are being suspicious. You could just pay membership to the MVT and then buy one as a reenactor. As with real firearms being above board makes you an easy target for the law and the 1% who flout the rules ruin it for everyone else
  4. My view is the VCRA is very unambiguous and ambiguous at the same time. The defences are very clear, the ambiguity creeps in when you apply the defence to your circumstance. If you are a film maker and I was selling you a rif I would ask proof of the production and how you would use them in the production. Otherwise what would stop people starting a production company on companies for £30 or whatever it is and they purchasing all the rifs they want. As it’s been said the vendor needs to do the due diligence as they are in the firing line if they sell to someone who they are
  5. Yes it seemed from his thoughts that the humble German Squaddie was perhaps not as good shot as they may have believed.
  6. With shipping I know UPS are adding a 3-5% additional charge on shipping and i imagine over carries will do the same. I can only imagine the end user will pick up this additional cost
  7. As long as you don't tell everyone you was in Red Sabre Squadron and personally shot Osama who care what you wear. Its your load out, however i wouldn't wear specific unit patches or awards. Generic is probably the way forward. And most ex soldiers can tell the difference between a walt and someone just wearing military kit quite quickly.
  8. I’ve been thinking about this. Who should cover the PayPal fees? Should the seller should as they want to get money for an item. Or the buyer as they want it. I totally agree all of a sudden item is 10% more expensive with shipping and Fees. Who should pick up the cost.
  9. I don’t understand false weathering/wear unless it’s done by someone who knows what they are doing. This has just devalued the rifle and means who ever buys it next has to put even more work into it. A crappy paint job doesn’t add value.
  10. Hi all just need a bit of help. I have a blank firing MP40 I’m looking to sell but would like recommendations on the best place to sell be it website or forum? Cheers GG
  11. Also has his mobile number in the add, me thinks this is to delete any evidence of wrong doing if anyone asks questions.

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    Selling my Florian Geyer Obersturmfuhrer uniform complete. Sturm Tunic 42inch chest with anti-partisan badge, black wound Badge EK2 ribbon. Also supplied with EK1 and infantry assault in silver. All badging correct for officer ranking. Sturm Trousers 34inch waist with original braces Schirmmütze officers Cavalry medium 56 Officer Ski cap with badging size 57 Enlisted man belt and buckle green. Y-straps RUM MP40 pouches with wooden fillers K98 bayonet Frog. Please message regarding the bayonet. D Rings x 2 M42 helmet Small painted in Normandy Cam RUM early war bread bag Midwar water bottle complete Gaiters RUM Schnürschuhe size 10 only worn twice. Baldax 1930s Camera was working. P38 Holster All reproduction unless otherwise stated. Great way to get straight into re-enactment or skirmishing with out having to sort your own kit out. Selling as need to fund a new project. Any questions please me know. This is my re-enactment get up so have a few more bits. Is also up on eBay Any would be interested in trades or realistic offers. Would prefer collection however shipping not an issue. thanks for reading


    - GB

  13. Well as an independent opinion thats work for me. Mid 30s it is. 😂 Thanks for the welcome 🙏
  14. Thanks I appreciate that advice, will have a look at cyma first.
  15. Hi Shamal Many thanks, well I’m 36 so I can’t decide if that’s mid or late 30s. Maybe I need an independent opinion haha Thanks for the welcome GG
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