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  1. you could try joining the Military vehicle trust and use reenacting as a Defense but I’m not sure how that would wash with customs. im also not sure if they have any requirements on attending shows etc.
  2. Agreed if you can over look the rather crude stippling and the hole it’s not too bad. Might be worth a punt at 90 to 100
  3. No Ukara exists for a reason subverting it because you think two tones are lame is a poor reason
  4. Haha not the checks and balances again. I agree the seller should protect themselves and be through my concern would be they might put people off by asking for so much info. It’s a difficult judgement call
  5. If you feel comfortable sending you ID details be that passport or driving license to a random stranger fair play. All I’m saying is I wouldn’t.
  6. I quite liked how detailed the seller is on requiring information on a Defense. You might as well send your cv and clothing measurements. Not sure I would feel comfortable sending a copy of my ID to a private seller.
  7. I don’t actually understand the point of this. Looks like someone has taken a shit on a m4 and painted it blue
  8. Do like looking alli with Gucci Kit When i joined it was the same belt kit all the way and always on the left hip as you could only fire the IW out the right shoulder. None of this ambidextrous snowflake bollocks 😝. But then mission specific came along and so did the increase in 1157 haha
  9. Holidays been cancelled again so having the refund and spending it on kit to make myself feel better. If I can’t sun it up in Cyprus I may as well getting piss wet through in the woods. 

    1. Asomodai


      I was going to go to North Cyprus to visit the missus's extended family for the first time last year. (I have visited the south side before) The Cypriot Lockdown happened 1 week before we were supposed to go. Her Mother and Nan travelled there the day before Lockdown was imposed and were "Trapped" there for 5 months! Lucky buggers! 

    2. GenuineGerman


      Beats a cold winter lockdown over here for sure

  10. My browser says the website isn’t secure seems a bit dodge they don’t use encryption.
  11. I definitely never bought I baofeng uv5r. Instead I got mugged off on eBay for some pmrs haha
  12. I’ve always understood that if you interfere with a deact you could be in trouble as you invalidate the deact certificate and could be view as recommissioning it. However I’m not an expert so personally wouldn’t attempt it or purchase one that has been converted. a couple of a years I heard of a bloke trying to sell a fj42 Deact which he converted to fire blanks. Probably just a myth but something I wouldn’t touch
  13. Awesome, place I work isn’t the biggest company and mainly focus on light industrial. The biggest bed size we do is 4x2m down to 610x610mm
  14. Generally don’t tend to do commission work but we are r&d testing at the moment so might be able to do something there We have our on project software that works with IGEMS and Libellula for the Waterjet. Then plasma we use mach4 with our post processor however may use pronest in the distant future. Apart from that we use mainly omron parts.
  15. Depends on what it is if you want send some info but In principle the engineering on pumps is pretty much the same the control systems is where it tends to get complex
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