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  1. Unfortunately I've had a similar reply with a local rifle/firearm club. Seems you need to be over a certain age and include tweed in every outfit to 'fit in"
  2. I've never actually used it so couldn't tell you! It came with it and 8 mags when I bought it. Just looks badass though
  3. Air Arms are absolute classic air rifles, love em!
  4. I haven't been hit by a tri-shot yet, when you put it like that it's insane. It's damn cool in concept but it's just overkill to the max, if I got hit point blank range with it I would absolutely lose my sh!t and launch an AK at them😡
  5. I asked my wife to test out my Springer shotgun on my back, I didn't breathe for a short time😮 It was in a small room and I had no t shirt, I will not be asking anyone to shoot me close range again
  6. Same. The guy that takes the shots in the neck drops pretty quickly
  7. Now you're all talking my language! I love airsoft but have done a lot more airgun shooting. Just waiting to go this afternoon for a few hours of plinking with my PCP and pistols. I've only shot a .22 rimfire once at a shooting show, I would love to do more firearm target shooting. My airgun club actually backs onto the rifle and shotgun club, defo want to get more involved in that.
  8. I'd never heard of it before, surely it's like dropping a nuke on the site! In the wrong hands it could also give a very bad name to airsoft
  9. Has anyone come across this new Gas Shell by Airsoft Innovations? FEATURES 100ft Range Get a 10 feet spread at 100 feet! Unrivaled range! Experience how dominant you can be when you put ballistics first! 150 BBs Hit 'em hard and hit em 150 times. The 40 Mike is easy to load and easy to fire, so you can put the maximum number of BBs downrange. Most Joules per Trigger Pull Fires 150 BBs in 1/3 of a second and hits with so much energy that we guarantee they'll call their hits! Saw some videos of it on Instagram, one was Novritsch. The thing is crazy! Who's getting one? £65 if you're interested
  10. ibo7

    TM M14 socom

    This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Looking for a TM m14 SOCOM with a few mags. Budget of around £200 or px for my Specna Arms M4 bundle listed on Classifieds



  11. I am now going on YouTube to see these!
  12. It is a firearm but just wondered if a similar airsoft stock is available. I'm assuming that most real steel stocks etc have an airsoft equivalent
  13. Never seen this stock before, I like it
  14. I nearly bought from one of those sites before starting airsoft as a nostalgic impulse buy as I always had BB guns as a kid. You can't argue with the prices if it's just to play around in the garden, plinking at cans etc. However, this does not excuse writing an item description like a dodgy, back-alley geezer trying to sell stolen crap. It's embarassing.
  15. I've never come across a retailer website with such unbelievably bad grammar. It's not just the grammar though, if my 5yr old wrote that badly I would slap him. If that was a freeads advert I would avoid it like the plague, let alone a known retailer!
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