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  1. Played my first game as a AEG grunt the other week. It was surprisingly fun, although i still played as Mr sneaky half the time i even managed to surprise a sniper. I couldn't see his armband and he was a ghille so i kept asking are you blue? he didn't respond so i shot him in the back :lol: Just bought a helmet so getting shot in the head at point blank doesn't hurt as much. Got a 4x acog replica on the way so next time i can spot people from far away.

  2. Happy NEW YEAR,


    Time to get back to airsoft this month gonna stick to running around with a AEG this year

  3. Probably gonna join the army reserves when my broken bones fully heal in a few months. Anyone on here enlisted?

    1. AshOnSnow


      I'm coming up on my OASC for the RAF soon. That's full time though, living on base and my specialised training will be over in the states, so unfortunately have had to stop playing airsoft for the forseeable future.

  4. Anyone wanna help me out finishing some university work? It requires a little listening to some music made for my project by a music student, Also you can win a £20 amazon voucher im giving away to a randomly selected applicant. (30 people are filling this out max i would take those odds)


    Part 1

    Part 2

  5. Zeroin is apparently infested with malware whats going on?

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    2. Robert James

      Robert James

      Regardless if it's your phone or pc if there is  a virus it will download onto it. 


      Not it sure how good iPhone are for protection but an android is basically a pc on a phone. 


      In this day day and age it's probably worse to go on your phone. Wouldn't bother with the site at all

    3. M_P


      I've had the same issue for a while now however this morning it seems to be back to normal, give it a try now and see if it works

    4. Marc.RG1


      i just tried again and still get the same thing, so yeah ill be staying away from the forum mostly now and just pop on now and then on my phone..

  6. When your foot is broke and your favourite thing in life is running like 10km everyday... If you can walk you got it good.

    1. PT247


      I used to love running, I did something to my ankle in 2012 on a 5k Park Run when I'd just got back from sea (didn't notice it at the time), the next day I could barely walk and it got worse and worse. I had a lot of physio but nothing has fixed it, I just have to pain manage now, although I can mostly walk without too noticeable a limp and can do very short duration jogs (meters not kilometers), I have put on around 3 stone and generally feel miserable except when on my motorbike or playing airsoft (or shedded in a pub lol). 

    2. Da_sheriff


      Let the foot heal good and proper before you try going back out again sometimes you think youve healed then end up screwing your self back up again. good luck though bro

    3. padraigthesniper


      damn unlucky PT247 i hope you manage to fix your ankle man, and thanks sherrif yeah they say i might be able to walk on it in 3 weeks but that doesn't mean run... im gonna have to get back into cycling for a bit all this sitting around is torture airsoft would be a nightmare in this state.


      I tried to do some of my running laps on crutches, did like 2 miles then my hands were cut up and blistered, didn't do that again but i might have to im losing it lol.

  7. Hey guys been playing very little airsoft this year (no skirmishes yet) Is there any good cqb sites in london? everything ive heard about bunker 51 is bad and my fav site closed like two years ago (tactical warfare anerly hill).

    Also anyone know any fun cheap GBBR's about? :)

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    2. padraigthesniper


      Damn why do all the cqb sites get closed... sad times

    3. Robert James

      Robert James

      @Thokarn I didnt know this, why is it being closed? I thought it was relatively new

    4. Albiscuit


      Yeah 4th is the last game.

      I would imagine its going to be used for something else or part of the building is being sold off.

  8. Airsoft, the easiest way to burn money lol

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    2. padraigthesniper


      Nah airsoft is deffo the best way to decimate a savings account lol and marriage lol yh its good deal for women not so much for us men...

    3. shortman


      Neither beat modifying cars! I got into airsoft to save money! Lol my cars where costing me soooo much! Sold em all now and airsoft is much cheaper tbh!

    4. Brauster


      Was married! Have a Modified car and do Airsoft! yep I'm skint lol

  9. GG for buying guns and stuff abroad now and i also look forward to everything else going up in price well done nationalists well done definitley nothing wrong with nationalism Germany knows that very well...

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    2. padraigthesniper


      So you have no points ? fair enough man i know it easy to get emotional we all do from time to time. And also be careful to get your hopes up Boris didn't look to pleased at his speech and despite the outcome Article 50 hasn't been triggered yet i feel like parliament may not share your feelings.

    3. two_zero


      "So you have no points ?" or maybe he doesn't quite see the point of trying to be reasonable with someone who jumps up and calls anyone who disagreed with them a nazi without waiting to give the person a reason to explain their views?


      To me there seems to be mainly two reasons to leave (neither one xenophobic), which seems to be the exact same number or main reasons to stay. However, experience and common sense tells us that, in our out, Britain will be fine - maybe a...

    4. two_zero


      ...bit less or a bit more so, but fine never the less.

  10. Just assembled vsr 10 with better sears lets hope that it lets me shoot when i charge it so i dont have to remove the trigger box to release the spring

  11. Just prepped my guns for tomorrow and notice that zero one .36s have expanded good thing i have some geoffs

    1. geoffreym


      love having a precision brand named after me lol

    2. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      so are the .36's now .40's ?

    3. padraigthesniper


      lol probably they ballooned horribly

  12. Note to self do not consume 2 Protein cookies in a single week ever again...

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    2. padraigthesniper


      I feel sick as f*ck and anything with protein in it e.g chicken suddenly taste like puke

    3. Trojan


      Haha did you try a bad brand like?

    4. padraigthesniper


      Myprotien ones they are good protein just bad bad cookies its like they condensed it somehow then once you eat it its deadly although its probs my fault 38g of protein per cookie times 2 thats alot...

  13. Just got a nice new sniper scope, its so much better will be able to hit people from afar with ease.

    1. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      add on killflash or some sort of perspex protection for it just in case.


    2. padraigthesniper


      Already got a killflash yh i aint letting stray bb break it.

  14. Wassup guys im going airsoft this saturday and im going to have to get the train am i gonna be fine carrying two rifles in bags on public transport they will be fully covered but the bags are obvious as hell

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    2. padraigthesniper


      That's good to hear first time having to use public transport going to a site

    3. Lozart


      Just don't be a dick, you'll be fine.

    4. padraigthesniper


      Well I dont intend to. I ain't gonna be on ITV news after walking about with a replica assault rifle in a crowded area lol

  15. Best place to get vsr mags?

    1. PT247


      eHobbyAsia about the only place with OE TM mags ATM

  16. Does anyone know where you can buy a G&G ak47 with the built in lipo stocks in the uk cant find any.

    1. Airsoft_Mr B

      Airsoft_Mr B

      LiPo in teh stock? I've only heard of ones with the handguard LiPo things, at Land Warrior Airsoft.

    2. padraigthesniper


      Oh thats what i meant and thanks

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