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  1. Any Light-Bearing XDM holsters out there?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Qlimax


      None in the UK mate I had the same problem. I ended up making my own Kydex light bearing holster and have since done the same for my Glock

    3. SeniorSpaz87


      Too bad you don't know any Americans who are about to come to the UK...

    4. Trojan


      Haha the Spaz saves the day! :)

  2. That's a nice verbose statement. His question could have simply been answered with one word, "metal". You chose otherwise. Nobody is wasting anybodys time. You choose to help on forums because you either want to contribute to society or you enjoy it. If you find a particular question to be time-wasting then you do not answer it.
  3. Calls person odd twice: 'That's harassment' Really are bloody odd aren't you
  4. Is the Krytac body metal or polymer? 'Yes'. That's called being pedantic and arrogant for no reason.
  5. You really are an odd person aren't you
  6. Yes it's what Proff suggested above.
  7. Buy some isopropyl alcohol pads (£2), pure silicon oil (£3) and froglube CLP paste (£15). The oil is for piston and air seal components. Froglube for everything else. Absolutely perfect, smells nice, rust corrosion, slick lubrication, dry feeling, really good at getting dirt out next time as all muck sticks to a micron layer of froglube and it wipes off super easy.
  8. Really? Never thought WE made a product better than TM! In the long term do you see it causing you an issue? For my TM XDM do any of you have mag recommendations, generally will pay slight extra for better kick + gas capacity.
  9. IMI retention holster. OLight PL-1 Weapon light Froooooglube Bullet-Ants + Sawflys Revision Rx Inserts M-Pact 2x2 + M-Pact 1x1 2S+3S 5000mahs
  10. you're not so much of a "clever clever person" yourself are you?...
  11. Which glock has the highest gas capacity?
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