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  1. as an additional, in a post apoc scenario for weapons (if you have a selection) you would likely be aiming for reliability over all else; revolvers, shotguns, bolt action rifles, the Kalashnikov family of automatic rifles, as well as a bladed or blunt item to save on ammunition (personal preference is a sharpened crowbar). for armour, these guys do interesting bits and pieces https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9C_9mgehMUp8BHeug6F8Dw
  2. Both guns are good, my only 2 pence is that glock holsters are easier to get hold of, however my hi-capa 4.3 has been going for at least 11 years (got it second hand january 06), only thing I've changed is the barrel, hop rubber and recoil spring.
  3. Got myself the faulty Classic Army ISSC MK22 (basically a scar) from action hobbies, and repaired it, the mosfet signal wire had broken, played with it today, it's actually not a bad gun, and the hop is excellent.
  4. Hi everyone Don't suppose I could ask everyone to complete a questionnaire for a friend in russia who wants to improve his stock for the european market. also goes without saying, if I miss something can people please post it so that I can update the questions. thanks geoff
  5. Best way is to get to a shop and handle as many different guns as possible, personally I can't stand standard AK's because the stocks too short, the best airsoft rifle I've ever handled was a tavor, problem is that the internals are crap. Plus you might want to look at the history of the real steel rifles, many guys I know choose guns because of what they're based on, and just overcome any uncomfortableness.
  6. On pc I prefer strategy; galciv 3, civ 5, hearts of iron 4, planetary annihilation. But I do have verdun, gta v, and fallout 4 on it as well. Currently playing a long game on galciv.
  7. Very excited to see what's in my big ass box from germany. Oh, wait, it's just a hop unit and a pack of gummy bears. And that kids is why we have deforestation.
  8. cool, I've ordered the begadi one as it's cheap enough to have a punt. thanks for the advice. right now they are totally new (hell, my one was sent off in the first week, and it's just arrived in the UK) and the people behind it are a bit cautious about saying compatibility, all they're saying is milspec back end, WA front end, propriety gearbox and body (TM AEG standard motor and grip though). My understanding of WA route is that they're trying to out PTW systema, so as close as possible to real steel, I think they said that the WA hop was the only one that fit into the space available.. planning to, I'm also hoping to bring it along to the Mall night game on the 22nd of december to pop it's cherry, so if anyone is planning to come along, no problem with them having a go.
  9. Thanks mate, my google fu isn't doing that well due to working off a mobile as home internet hasn't worked for the last week, big thumbs and small screens don't mix. I don't actually have a WA M4, I've got the DAS M4 (at least just waiting for customs for it) and was planning to stick on a 16in barrel (after I've checked it works well in stock form), and wouldn't mind having a mess around with it as soon as possible. out of the three versions above, which one do you think is the best one overall? thanks.
  10. And now still looking for WA barrels as I literally cannot find anywhere with instock iron airsoft hop units.
  11. Might give that a go, do you have a recommended supplier of it?
  12. I'm trying to find some WA GBBR inner barrels, but there don't seem to be any at all in the UK? specifically looking for 16" and preferably 6.03
  13. good days and bad days good days, as mentioned above, I am a god, pushing forward assaults at break neck speeds, crawling through brambles and taking out enemy held chokepoints on my own, running through a fortified position like the doom marine. bad days, beginning of a game, getting hit by the kid with the sniper at 200m due to wind, slipping and crashing through everything making a racket that a mk4 tank would be proud of, getting into a friendly fire incident and knocking half of them out due to (one of the very rare) well placed grenade throw. for me, good things is that I tend to be friendly and happy to lend things out to keep people in the game and normally very honest/practical about hit taking (I won't shout out hit if knife killed or hit by an especially sneaky bad guy). bad thing, I'm getting a bit fed up of the guy running around the corner I'm defending while me and 3 others are pouring plastic into them from point blank and not calling hit until he's gotten a few of us, last time that happened I didn't call it, but I think I was justified on that occasion.
  14. M14 EBR or a M240, drop them in the deep end, but on a serious note, I got myself a cheapo JG MP5 http://www.taiwangun.com/en/electric-3/jg069-m5-j-jg?from=listing&campaign-id=14 and it weighs nothing, lipo in the front and a plastic MAG mag and it's useable one handed even for my 5ft nothing mother who weighs like 60kg.
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