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  1. Urgh, tried to book in to the local CQB site and turns out, my mom has put the kids safe settings on the router... It's ALMOST like she doesn't want me playing airsoft or something... hmm, wonder if she realises I know the account password lol.

    1. xWebster


      where you playing at mate?

    2. LightningCh


      I was booking on for Bravo 1, kinda wrecked my plans, still booking an evening game there though for the closest possible date lol.

  2. LightningCh

    Photos from the field

    1 single image from Stormforce lol, me and my mates who had their first ever airsoft game. They loved every minute of it. This is between the safezone and play zone. Im the one with the yellow goggles on.
  3. LightningCh

    Stormforce Airsoft - Rugeley

    Ok so I was meant to say this on Monday lol I'm at Stormforce tomorrow ( Sunday 25th of March ) If you will be on site, feel free to say hi! Look for the guy in full DPM gear with the group of rentals. I'll be wearing my AFUK patch as well.
  4. Ok so had to take a few days away due to life, but back again, airsoft tomorrow and more annoying posts for all :P 

  5. LightningCh

    Filling my HPA Tank - What am I missing?

    She lets you spend that much?? lol
  6. LightningCh

    I want to start airsofting

    Typically drum mags will be heavier anyway. My dual M4 drum mag is stupidly heavy, looks avsolutely ridiculous, and gets so much hate. But then I can keep firing without worrying to reload while I watch a hater fumble and drop his real cap while doing his 6th reload within 5 mins of the game starting lol. Well worth the money for that alone. I do have multiple hi caps, 3 mid caps, and a single real cap for my M4s (note these have come with guns i bought, preowned and such, other than my midcaps) So drums too me are just a lazy way about doing your day, if you plan to use that many bbs then fair play, or like me. Literally use it as a single way to transport lots of bbs (3000 capacity on my dual drum) and not have to carry as much baggage to the game. Think I used 800 on a CQB day... That was it. Semi auto all day... But not one reload lol.
  7. LightningCh

    AEG mainsprings?

    Or just for show, and it might be the only time they dry fire the gun otherwise. From what I can gather it takes an awful lot to actually break the gun, and tbh, if it was like a serious and fast way of breaking guns, we wouldn't willingly dry fire 1-2 times before entering the safezone and still have the same AEG working for so long. I know I personally only ever dry fire it for chamber clearing in front of marshals, or when my mag has ran out, which is only a few trigger pulls at most. But we all know how humans in videos are and how stupid they can be sometimes lol, so guess it may also be down to them not knowing.
  8. As said here by The eggshell foam is really effective for the job. Even with all my kit crammed into my Nuprol case, (shown in my earlier post) with minimal spaces for interlocking the foam, there's no movement at all there.
  9. LightningCh

    New and Two-Toned

    It wasn't a perma ban like, just a "no you can't use it today", I was at Bravo 1. My fault though because it was my first time at chrono and was just oblivious on what to do because I could have sworn on my life they were .25s lol Think the marshal was in a bit of a bad mood anyway because I did get it re chronoed with a different marshal who let it through XD
  10. Found where the patches will reside for now. Probs will move them as I sew on more Velcro to my DPMs lol But for now, on my recon rig and on the camo i got in my sniper bundle.
  11. LightningCh

    Imitation Loadouts vs Personal Loadouts

    Hey! We are all kids on the inside! I'll have a favourite colour for life! lol
  12. LightningCh

    New and Two-Toned

    Oh yeah they are gravity fed and not great range but they functioned well and practically everyone has the same gun at Bassetts Pole, very few guys with their own gear. Not one breakdown though from the rentals and functioned years later kinda deal lol. No problem although, There are a couple main bb weights (covered by other threads i'm sure but as a quick rundown) 0.2s, any site will chrono with these, cheap and cheerful but they are affected by the wind. 0.25s, most site lets you chrono with these, less affected by the wind. 0.3s sniper territory, but for more stock made snipers 0.4s heavy weight sniper bbs, expensive and used with modded snipers. For a stock M4/AK/G36 etc. 0.2 or 0.25 will be fine, I use .25s indoors and outdoors, just some of my hire kit bbs are mixed into the bottles and they are 0.2s causing confusion at chrono lol. Just make sure you know what you have before you get there lol.
  13. LightningCh

    New and Two-Toned

    Yeah, paintball is a nightmare for rentals... For me though it was the ongoing cost for paintballs... Bbs are so much cheaper. Although Bassett's Pole paintball rentals are actually really good lol. And for chrono. Wouldn't worry too much, if you arent modifying it internally, the only way the fps can go is down lol. So presumably its a stock gun, which would have been sold under legal limits to you. Just make sure you know which bbs you are using, because i told them "it has .25s in" then proceeded to shoot 340fps because I had actually .2s in... Got my gun banned from use for the day and had to use my backup lol
  14. LightningCh

    New and Two-Toned

    Hey, gotta start somewhere with a gun, whether you wait for UKARA or not is players choice. Personally I find rentals to be a bit too fussy and a bit broken at times. (Other than sixmil rentals... But that's West Midlands Airsoft FOB/High Command and Stormforce only.) So really a two tone will probably have a better use to you until you get the UKARA IMO. The paint will probably scratch off as well over time making it less obvious.
  15. LightningCh

    New and Two-Toned

    OK so Ace Airsoft west midland site is local enough to you then, the nearest post code is a Wolverhampton one lol https://www.aceairsoft.co.uk/west-midlands-airsoft.html That's just first result on google lol. Apparently a good one though, and they actually have a dedicated thread on this forum