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  1. Where can I get that mag! it sounds like fun! 😂 And yeah the rof is mental, a lot of the speedsofters use these now as completely stock guns and it's like the AEG version of a Polarstar XD
  2. New HPA Toy! Wolverine Spartan. ARP 9 front rail, ARP 9 stock, Ex Rental receivers from Halo Mill. Stock G&G inner barrel and Hop unit. Needs 120psi and max dwell time to reach 290fps on .25s so its gonna be really inefficient but whatever! New toy gonna be fun! 😂
  3. Update on the Hi Capa... Now a Nano slide so no lovely trades, but more durable to me smacking it against something 😂😂😂 Will do a steel barrel,new magwell, and a gold guide plug in the new year i think.
  4. Thanks mate At least I have a definite answer for the DIN or A clamp and such. So hopefully that above fill station will fit it, although i may still stake it to solware at the weekend just to be double sure 😂
  5. So you saying that just reminded me that I have an airgun store "Solware" literally 5 minutes down the road. No idea what they are like in person though. But they will probably be my best bet for it. Thanks.
  6. It would seem so, air only seems to leave from the larger fitting. *sigh* why cant i ever get something simple 😂 Guess I better try the dive shops if the original owner doesn't respond
  7. Alright thanks for the info guys I just checked the threads on the right, and well it looks an A clamp wouldn't fit at all as the air is released from the right side through this bit here Didn't even have anything in this threading already, and it doesn't even look like the ones in the videos as its got 2 holes at the back... I've messaged the original owner in case something has been missed off.
  8. Searching around, and asking others and this has popped up A 1/4 to 1/8 BSP adaptor https://www.godive.net/go-shoot/charging-cylinders-and-accessories/air-gun-hose-assembly/ And the connector. https://www.godive.net/go-shoot/charging-cylinders-and-accessories/quick-release-snap-connector/ Considering its a 300 BAR tank, going into a 3000psi tank (which is 232 BAR right?) Is that going to work? Or will I just blow my shot tank straight away?
  9. OK so, finally got round to purchasing a scuba tank. To fill my shot tank from. Found it cheap, preowned but unlimited life, 7 Litre. 300 bar.... But... This is what happens when you purchase a scuba tank, and don't really 100% know what you are doing or looking for 😂😂 Info on the tank. And the valve at the top So, im aware the wheel on the left opens the valve to release the air... But other than that... There doesnt apparently seem to be a bleed valve? And... What adapter do i actually need to fill a 48cl 3000psi tank from it? Anyone know? Thanks in advance.
  10. We did say externals are expensive 😂 it's just small things costing lots that add up, new freaking mag catch goes for a silly amount of cash 😂
  11. Enjoy the new pew pew!! +1 for Mike at Elite shooting as well. All my purchases have been done through him. I've only ever dealt with him via email, but even thats been great for questions and answers (albeit slow, typically 2 emails a day on a good day 😂)
  12. Keeping secrets from the law!!?? 😱 Could you imagine the conversation though "Officer, Officer! I want to report someone online for manufacturing a RIF!! Their name is swingledingle and, and... They hung up on me..." 😂😂
  13. They reckon the front cuts on the top are prone to cracking... Mine never actually cracked there. Mine always cracked from the ejection port (from smacks) OR where the guide plug goes. Because its been cut down to reduce weight the polymer is thinner where the plug pushes against the slide. Although that's more down to my 120% recoil springs. 😂😂
  14. I have gone through 4 plastic slides so far this year 😂 nothing to do with TM just I'm rough with the gun, if the pistol is out odds are its getting smacked into a wall as i slide into cover. So metal, although being less efficient on gas or air, is more durable. Plus the metal makes them look so pretty 😍 Will not deny them looking good already though. Especially with a color fill on the slide
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