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  1. LightningCh

    Joule Creep

    Wouldn't be the same experience then tbh. They recently finished paying off the loan from setting up, so now more money will be going into the site (which has already happened, they have updated a couple structures since my last visit). But in all honesty, im not fussed, its an enjoyable site, 125 v 125 is quite hilarious when you have to defend one single building 😂
  2. LightningCh

    Joule Creep

    So I played at Stormforce today, turns out that although they miss off Joule creep on spring snipers. Their insurance does not cover gas/co2/hpa running at 350+fps due to joule creep. They also limit the full auto hpa guns to 320fps to take joule creep into account. And the site owner admitted that they want to do joules, but it was so much hassle when they tried because 200+ people was just too much for their 2 chronoes and conversions on a chart (takes 3 hours to chrono everyone on .2s on a busy day due to laziness from players 😂😂) So yeah, I guess a blanket ban on the 350+ on gas snipers, and a 320 limit for full auto is better than nothing. Not exactly a solution to the idea, but much more than most sites.
  3. LightningCh

    Loadouts - what and why?

    Cheers for mentioning these. Might be good to invest in that for my CQB evening games. For general skirmish days I need a MOLLE for my radio and such lol. Probs just buy another condor rig and bib 😂
  4. LightningCh

    Loadouts - what and why?

    Woodland I typically wear my Woodland Soldier 95 DPM, with black chest rig CQB I wear black cargos, black t shirt, black hoodie, with the black chest rig (I ditch the hoodie if the temperatures rise) and for Urban I typically wear a plain t shirt, the DPM cargos and the chest rig. I keep it light and carry the minimum. With my new Evo, I am having to consider buying a new chest rig just so I can use the pouches without having to constantly do the MOLLE lacing faff. No real loadout, just what I need to get through the game.
  5. LightningCh

    Joule Creep

    Even I went to google it and I'm only 20 😂
  6. LightningCh

    Joule Creep

    Gotta be faster than that then 😜
  7. LightningCh

    Joule Creep

    Then im yet to be reported to the police for using my "non airsoft gun" in an airsoft game because it's being used sensibly. And is yet to cause physical harm. And when it finally does? Ill be checked for my MED (there must be a reason we have this right? Otherwise why have it), and my gun will be chronoed on .2s which it will pass. So nothing will be escalated from there. IMO Players agree to the guns being set to the rules, whether the rules make the gun legal or not. (Or do you not sign the waiver because it allows joule creep to make a gun hot and illegal? 😜) And until sites chrono in Joules, only a fraction of people will really worry about it.
  8. LightningCh

    Joule Creep

    I must have a lack of morals because I will run my sniper to chrono and have it abide by the sites rules and then use my preferred weight of bb. Just like the other snipers on site I havent cheated the chrono in anyway, nor have I intentionally run my gun hot under a limit that my site doesn't measure. (Prior to knowing what joule creep is this is) But even with knowing what it is. If I choose to sort out my gun so it fires .4s under the safe J. Then yay, I'm sure it will help me when the opposing sniper fires his .2 x 500fps sniper at me.. And then when I'm bleeding and accusing him of running his gun hot, he will put .2s in and chrono the gun, and it will be deemed safe to play with. Like this is a really bad attitude I have towards it but. Until sites specify Joule limits. I will continue to follow the rules Just like the rest of the players. *Opinion on subject matter* Joule limits are the better reading, but if a site doesnt use them, then what's really the point in me using them? You can still bleed from a .2 being shot at 280fps (i apologised after this happened), you could also still lose an eye if it hit directly... End of the day, imo, we agreed to play with guns set to the site rules, and we sign away the rights on the waiver.
  9. Anyone know why the hpa Evo isn't stopping on empty? Just a dodgy trip switch on these mags? Or is this a lie I'm reading on the website 😂

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    2. LightningCh


      im using .2s lol, when I pull the mag out 2 bbs drop to the floor and theres none left in the mag.

    3. Sacarathe


      I would guess the spring in the magazine is busted.

      Try doing what you're doing with a bit of help from gravity.

      (turn the gun upside down)

    4. LightningCh


      They worked upside down, must be a bad spring then, oh well at least I know now lol.

  10. LightningCh

    Airsoft tantrums

    Closest i got is shouting at a group of blues "what £%&- was that about!?" And i feel i was justified in that ssituation because they threw a grenade at my face (i was sniping and lying down and OK it was probably just the luck of the throw) But as i rolled sideways to escape a pyro blast in my face, i then got full auto'd by all of them the second after the grenade went off. and then as i took my hit and tried to get up, they opened up at my face again (thank god i wear face masks otherwise i would have lost all my teeth).
  11. LightningCh

    Airsoft Argument

    I thought the only contact I consented to was being tapped with a rubber knife with the flat side against me? After all, that's all the "physically contact" they write on the disclaimer and explain during safety briefing. I accept that some people may get a bit more physical despite I don't particularly want that in a skirmish day, but that's doesn't mean I gave permission for them to do so.
  12. LightningCh

    Omg how many bbs do you use?

    One of my more recent game days I saw a guy with an M249 load up his 2500rd mag in the safezone 5 minutes into the game he walked past me towards the safezone and I said "gun issues?" His response? "no i'm out of ammo" I was stunned by that lol. By lunch he had burnt through 8 full mags by my count, so he may have fired even more!!
  13. LightningCh

    Airsoft Argument

    Definitely Player 2's side for me. I typically don't take a surrender unless they could have knife killed me (if they had one) Playing to shoot at people and be shot back at. If I'm 10ft away then we are both fair game to a bb. I had a similar experience where I was with a group of my team, and this one lone enemy player stepped out behind a tree and shouted "surrender" at me... Easily 15ft away. I said "just shoot because theres 10 guys here ready to shoot you back" This led to him getting angry that I didn't take the surrender, and that briefly ended 20 seconds later when he was hosed down by literally everyone there 😂
  14. LightningCh

    Gun picture thread

    Oh god yeah 100% i'll go carbon fibre... The hardest part is getting stuff filled as my local paintball site won't fill my tank even with offering to pay because im not playing Nearest shop that fills it is 30 mins away... Even with a scuba tank its the fuel costs 😂
  15. LightningCh

    Joule Creep

    I can see exactly what both sides are saying in this argument. With my jump to HPA I guess i'm lucky in the sense that I won't ever be running .4s in my evo 😂😂 But at the same time, i agree with the idea that my conscience is clear if it chronoes safely with .2s because that's what the site wants. The simplest way I can see of doing it is to load the players mag with a couple of the heaviest bbs on the market, and then chrono the joule reading from there. (You'd only need 3 numbers because of the types of gun, AEG, DMR, and Sniper)