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  1. Which ones do you use? And why? Would you recommend it? Pros and cons? Are there any that uses more standard type batteries (ea triple A)? P.S. whatever your opinions may be on lasers, I will not use it while skirmishing - but I do think it makes the RIF more versatile for different activities
  2. two_zero

    Patches are now available(ish)

    Will do when possible
  3. two_zero

    airsoftclub.gr ?

    Well 125 euro + 10 shippin aint too bad compared to what I pay for a gen4 in Sweden, and here the G18 isnt available. Do you have any suggestions where to find it otherwise?
  4. two_zero

    Patches are now available(ish)

    Do I get one of em fancy .png even if I only have the old patch? ^^
  5. two_zero

    airsoftclub.gr ?

    WE Glock18 gen4 within EU (livin in Sweden so doesnt have to be UK) Fruity how?
  6. two_zero

    airsoftclub.gr ?

    Anyone ordered from this site? how was their service?
  7. two_zero

    Reliable GBB pistols these days?

    What specifically did you not enjoy with the hex glock?
  8. two_zero

    Reliable GBB pistols these days?

    Are they built on WE then? (splendid post over all btw!)
  9. two_zero

    Reliable GBB pistols these days?

    Cool, which gen is the G18, do you know? It has full auto then? You're really selling it ;)
  10. two_zero

    Reliable GBB pistols these days?

    I cant stand 1911s thou XD Long time no see!!
  11. two_zero

    Reliable GBB pistols these days?

    Cool. Whick gen is the WE? I wont touch a 1911 thou, just hate the way they handle. Have you shot them all with greengas in low temp? thats pretty neat. Black gas, thats less powerful greengas? I assume the p226 is a we? know which gen then G17 is? Fuck, their model names are confusing. but the BL series looks nice!! Why do you prefer them? They look kinda exclusive, are they readily available within EU? Which one(s) do you own?
  12. two_zero

    Reliable GBB pistols these days?

    Says you own a bunch, which do you own and rate highly? Any non TM?
  13. two_zero

    Reliable GBB pistols these days?

    So they upped their game recently? Cas a couple of years ago their bad weather performance could not match the competition.
  14. remember me? :) 

    1. TeddyBhoy


      Hey man! Welcome back :) 

    2. two_zero


      woop woop!! thanks! :)