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  1. But in all cases there is something pushing it forwards? cas mine just kinda hangs there, when cocked it comes forwards because the trigger does but if you press it in it stays in until its cocked again. what angle do you want a pic from?
  2. I got a g17 recently, and I was looking at the trigger, without taking it out it looks like there is suppose to be a spring that keeps it in safe position when the trigger finger is not on it? Is this the case ?
  3. Doesnt help that Im super biast against 1911s either
  4. Their old models are... shite. Ive had a couple or so WE 1911s.. wouldnt recommend. As anything airsoft, you (usually) cant ask about a brand in general like the title of this thread does. WE does some really good sidearms as well. Take CYMA for examle, they make some dope ass AKs but their ARs are suppose to be pretty bad. As a matter in fact most of their AK models are cloned on old gen TM and, whilst better than what they clone, pretty shite.
  5. Thanks, and for the rest of the help! Ill have a look around and decide between it and g18 then
  6. I kinda feel for a tenner extra Id rather have the one with a funswitch even if using it regularly fucks up the nozzle 19x be pretty dope. does it take g17 mags thou?
  7. Ambi sounds cool as hell as I often switch to left when beneficial in skirmish (well on primary anyway). But I feel they may be problematic to get over here. Is there a WE Gen5 g18?
  8. Gen5? didnt know there was one! but then its been a while since I was active. is it also identical mechanically?
  9. Obviously the Gen3/Gen4 externally are clones of the real thing Gen3/Gen4, but is there any internal differences? Is either of them any more reliable? Weird side note.. its obviously been a while since Ive been active here, but today I was gonna go on here to ask this and I see any email from AFUK that someone replied to one of my threads.. from 3 years ago!! What a coincidence eh!!
  10. My friend, this was over 3 years ago. I'd go with you but I don't even live in England any more^^
  11. Which ones do you use? And why? Would you recommend it? Pros and cons? Are there any that uses more standard type batteries (ea triple A)? P.S. whatever your opinions may be on lasers, I will not use it while skirmishing - but I do think it makes the RIF more versatile for different activities
  12. Well 125 euro + 10 shippin aint too bad compared to what I pay for a gen4 in Sweden, and here the G18 isnt available. Do you have any suggestions where to find it otherwise?
  13. Do I get one of em fancy .png even if I only have the old patch? ^^
  14. WE Glock18 gen4 within EU (livin in Sweden so doesnt have to be UK) Fruity how?
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