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  1. Like straight up propane, no added silicon oil. It's mean't to be for camping but I've brought a propane adapter and plan to use it for my GBBR in the colder months. The brand is Colemans and it's a 465g cannister.
  2. Where in my house is an ideal location for my propane tank, and how do I transport it to and from games?
  3. Hey man, what is the body mainly comprised of? Is it polymer or metal?
  4. Overall rating (1 - 10): 10 Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): Yes! Any other comments: Highly communicative and friendly! Would definitely recommend doing business with him, as he's really responsive
  6. Make: Any Gun/Model: Any Desired Condition: Preferably good and used Desired FPS: under 350 Swaps/Part Exchange: no/no/no Budget: £300 I'm looking for a GBBR rifle as I've started to love the platform over traditional AEG's. Show me your offers!
  7. 220.00 + inc postage
  8. Ah no worries! good luck with the sale
  9. Would you be interested in a part exchange for an ASG/KWA MP9?
  10. Make: ASG/KWA Gun/Model: MP9 Accessories: 4 Mags (One mag is half functional as in that the spring doesn't go all the way down, as it gets stuck halfway through. Other mags are perfectly fine) B&T QD Suppressor 14mm Adapter to AEG CQB Bolt (Installed, original bolt included) Viper Tactical Mag pouches Condition: Used/Good FPS: 280-310 depending on the temperature with the CQB Bolt (Installed), With the original bolt it chronos around 350-370. Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No/Maybe/No Price/Payment: 255.00 Inc postage, PayPal payment only. Unless you're able to meet up in person as I'm based in Central London Pictures: I'm really reluctant to let this go, but I need to raise funds to purchase another gun that i've been eyeing for a looong time. Great compact machine pistol that's both capable in CQB fields and woodland areas, either as a primary or a secondary (personally I run it as a primary!) Has three RIS rails, top rail, side rail (on the right side) and the mock suppressor. Has a really high ROF and is insanely loud in close quarters despite the suppressor. Full ABS just like the real steel version. Be aware the suppressor is a mock suppressor so it doesn't house any internals and would require an extended barrel, it can be used without it but I wouldn't recommend it. (extended barrel not included) Will require proof of age if you're purchasing. I'm located in central if you would like to meet up or do a pickup! Looking for a quick sale as I can't decide whether to go through with this or not since I love it so much!
  11. Hey mate any chance you still have this for sale?
  12. Hey mate, is this still available?