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  7. Make: WE tech Gun/Model: MP5A2 Accessories: 5 mags, Drop leg mag pouches, Molle pouches, One point sling, New buffer spring (improved fire rate and trigger response), NPAS fitted, Rail mount, MP5 specific RDS. Condition: used FPS: 340 (NPAS installed) Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: n,y,y Price/Payment: 300 Pictures: Here we have for sale is my beloved MP5A2 (note that the A3 stock has been sold so it's just the A2 stock) Comes with 5 gas tight mags that have been numbered using masking tape. Amazing gas efficiency and cold weather performance, I managed to dump a mag in around 2 degrees weather with little to no cooldown towards the end of the mag. Watch Baddabing's video on the MP5 as the performance is comparable to what he has. Delivery can be arranged and is included in the price, pick up is also welcome; I am located in Central London.
  8. Make: GHK Gun/Model: RPK Accessories: 1 x AKM mag, 1 x Camo Softshell gun bag Condition: Great condition FPS: 340 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: n/n/maybe Price/Payment: 300 Pictures: Selling my GHK RPK, I've not used it much since acquiring it so it's pretty much in great condition. Looking to sell due the fact I'm running out of space and I'm need of cash for my bills. The only problem is the nozzle is broken, leading to jamming after the tenth or so shot causing the gun to vent all it's gas. It's a cheap fix, you'll just need to buy a new nozzle and you're good to go. Here's the link to where you can purchase the new nozzle: - will run you around £18 to £20. Other than that, it's all in good condition and fires true and well like any other GHK AK platform! Due to the size of the rifle iI'm willing to travel out of London to deliver it myself. If I can find a way to send it through a delivery service then I'll give it a go. You're also welcome to come and pick it up if you like. Grab yourself an easily fixable & greatly efficient performing GBBR. If you require any more photos/videos I'll be more than happy to message you some. Also listed on Weaponcrates.
  9. Like straight up propane, no added silicon oil. It's mean't to be for camping but I've brought a propane adapter and plan to use it for my GBBR in the colder months. The brand is Colemans and it's a 465g cannister.
  10. Where in my house is an ideal location for my propane tank, and how do I transport it to and from games?
  11. Overall rating (1 - 10): 10 Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): Yes! Any other comments: Highly communicative and friendly! Would definitely recommend doing business with him, as he's really responsive