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  1. Marc.RG1

    TM hicapa hopup

    Hi mate, I'd say scrap the maple leaf and go with either the elite hop rubber, or a 70 degree UAC, or even a standard tm one again. But if you prefer a stuff hop rubber go with the elite or UAC 70.. 👍
  2. Marc.RG1

    Old but new

    Welcome to the forum mate.. Although I don't run around no more I don't think I'll ever stop shooting one way or another but yeah we can assure you your not the oldest, in fact I know an 60+ year old that still skirmishes, he don't run around but that don't stop him having a great time.. Happy shooting. ATB Marc
  3. Marc.RG1

    Reducing FPS CO2 revolvers

    Hi, yeah I don't recommend sorting the inner barrel on the peacemaker due to design.. I have the airgun versions on the peacemakers but they use slightly different cartridges to yours.. Mine are rear loaded not front loaded.. Now for the Asg Dan wesson revolvers you can get low power cartridges/bullets for them but I have not seen them for the colt saa peacemakers but the older Dan wesson cartridges used to fit the peacemakers so you could try though, unfortunately though unless you know someone who has them or know a shop that sells them and will let you try them, you might have to take a punt on it. ATB Marc
  4. Marc.RG1

    Paint job removal

    Dail paint and varnish remover will stripe the paint off most guns as they don't tend to be painted with super high quality paint, strip the gun, paint on the Dail paint remover wait 30 minutes or so and your see the paint start to bubble and be eaten away you can then start wiping it off, repeat as needed.. As with any paint remover do a test section first 👍
  5. Marc.RG1

    KWC 1911 Slide Wanted


    • Wanted
    • Used or new

    Hi all, I am after a KWC 1911 Slide, in any condition, I'm willing to buy or swap for it so that's your choice. Please let me know what you have.. ATB Marc


  6. Marc.RG1

    WE XDM 3.8 Gas Mags

    @L3wisD ta mate, I'm all gunned out this year for sure. 👍
  7. No problem guys 👍
  8. Hi mate, no I never got my YouTube channel back, I started to upload all my old content to dailymotion, but kind of had enough of doing it so took a break lol.. Ask away if it's something I can help with I will mate ATB Marc
  9. Marc.RG1

    Highest quality BB's?

    My go too bbs are Geoffs or the 'draft club bbs' in 0.30g, with a good gun they are pin point accurate and put bbs like Asg blasters and even mad bull to shame.. But not only are the draft club bbs accurate they are cheaper then Geoffs but also the draft club look after their customers.. 👍
  10. Marc.RG1

    Hi from Newcastle

    Lol yeah could be dangerous for sure in a few ways, but mainly I don't think I could afford it if both of us was shooting lol.
  11. Marc.RG1

    Hi from Newcastle

    Welcome to the forum mate. It's great that you and the wife will be trying the shooting together, I've offered to take my wife to firearms club a few times but she never wants too, lol not necessarily a bad thing I guess lol.. I'm sure your both have an awesome time skirmishing though. Happy shooting. ATB Marc
  12. Marc.RG1

    storing co2 pistol mags

    Hi guys, if you click my dailymotion link it will be the latest video I uploaded to that, its an old video of mine but I'm just uploading the videos as and when needed.. If you can't find it though let me know. 👍
  13. Marc.RG1

    storing co2 pistol mags

    ill pm you my video as it also contains airguns and this forum does not allow them.. ATB, Marc..
  14. Marc.RG1

    storing co2 pistol mags

    This is one of those things where people have their own ways and views but I'm my opinion and most others is, if it's a standard co2 magazine, Not leaving co2 in for long periods of time in storage is best for the seals mate, as the seal can get indents (and become co2 brand fussy) and dry can up and can cause issues. I have a video in my library showing and explain all this and more, I'll share it here late evening or tomorrow for you. ATB Marc

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    Hi all. I am selling my spare MuchMore Multi Socket Power Station and mains supply, I'm listing it as used but the MuchMore power station is basically new, but I did extend the bullet power leads, they are now 3ft long so are now more practical to use.. (the power station also comes with the 12v crocodile clips) The mains power supply adapter is used but in good condition, it converts to mains power to 12v 6amps which is perfect for this power stations and a lot of battery smart chargers too.. This setup is handy for many things. Any questions just ask, these are listed elsewhere too. This bargain Price includes first class recorded delivery.. Preferred payment via PayPal or bank transfer, or your welcome to collect.. ATB Marc