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  1. Marc.RG1

    TM pistols

    Yeah TM are good mate, as with any manufacturer and any object, some models are better then others, but most of TM pistols are good. You can't best a hi-capa for customization that's for sure, in its standard form though right out the box it's not what I call great in visual/cosmetics but performance is great, the TM hi-capa gold match though is an all round better gun, better fit and finish, better quality in parts and visually and out performs the standard ones too.. But as your not a hi-capa or 1911 style fan. Check this one out then mate. It's awesome http://www.patrolbase.co.uk/airsoft/tokyo-marui-no63-m-p9-v-custom-fde.htm#.WvzF5KDTU0M I was the same a few years ago, whenever people said to me I should buy a TM I thought nope I will not like it, shooting RS I'm used to heavy and mostly metal guns and even the guns that are not all metal, with the mixture or either steel or high grade alloy and wood and high grade polymer I thought nope, I will think TM feels like toys, but I did not like the fact when I do shoot in the airgun and airsoft range at firearms club the full metal co2 powered or green fa's powered guns just did not perform well at gun club in the winter as it gets very cold being underground, so I thought sod it, buy a TM to try, the gold match was my first and it shocked me, yes its light but the performance just did it for me, its great all year round, and its not skipped a beat in over two year and 4500+ rounds later, even to the point not even had a jammed BB lol.. Now I have a few TM's and they out perform all the WE guns I've had or have. I know their not your kind of thing, but even my full metal steel and alloy custom built hi-capa out performs any WE or KWC or KJW blowback pistol I have or have ever had, out performs them all year round and in every way.. Plus if anything breaks I can just replace or upgrade. Dont get me wrong I'm no TM fan boy, I just like a good performing gun, Iike i say there's some TM's I don't like, I am still yet to feel a TM revolver I like. Get the M&p 9 v custom, leave it stock run it on green gas or pure propane and your love it all year round.. ATB Marc
  2. Marc.RG1

    What Pistol would you recommend?

    Tm hi-capa gold match all day long
  3. That's easy mate a nice wrap that covers the whole gun so you no longer know its even glock shaped 😆 Nah seriously though, go for something different to the norm, urban Camo or even snow Camo..
  4. Her prices are good too, I feel some custom patches coming later this year lol
  5. Awesome I'll save her website could be good for the future. I like the new patch design by the way, not too keen on the blue text though hurts my eyes, but would probably not in patch form.. ATB Marc
  6. Marc.RG1

    Marui new GBBR's

    Nice I like the AR, and chances are it's going to be good quality
  7. Screenshot_20180504-154559.jpg

    1. Marc.RG1


      Haha that's just wrong. I like it :)

  8. Marc.RG1


    Overall rating (1 - 10): 10 Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): yes Any other comments: Sold to @Pleyland85 a pleasure to deal with, great communication and speedy payment, I would recommend dealing with him.
  9. Marc.RG1

    Painting an IF

    Mine run out two years ago.. But I have others defences, military reenactment groups and the other one of them although not being recognised by most as being a proper defence for airsoft I personally think its the best and most adequate and responsible out the lot, being a member of a proper firearms club.. Like I've said a few times now, I have seen, meet and played with many 18+ people that have their ukara but are complete muppets and very irresponsible and openly speak about doing things they should not really be doing with any guns be it airsoft or not, like running around the woods with their mates having personal games or just being fools, just because you can run around shooting each other in a skirmish don't mean you should be doing it in the woods with a few buddies for fun, I would certainly not knowingly sell to someone like that. Having ukara does not make anyone responsible.. But having a firearms license or even just being a member of a firearms club shooting under the clubs or family members licence in my eyes is worth a heck of a lot more then ukara..
  10. @L3wisD yeah it's nice mate and I'm sure fun to shoot, but no more fun then say the 1911 you see in my avatar, but yeah I would definitely not pay that kind of cash outright for a airsoft or airgun either, I'd rather go shoot the real thing lol.. Even my custom built guns did not cost that though, my limcat custom for example I think is hitting around £430 ish but that has been build in stages over time, around 1 year, so the money is spread out. And that price includes the TM hi-capa donar.
  11. Marc.RG1

    Painting an IF

    Nope it certainly does not make you a bad person mate, would I sell to someone without a valid defence, and lets face it there's a few, no I would not,(but its not reflecting on the person, I'm just covering myself) but saying that I know a few people with ukara that I would not sell to either because they are muppets and irresponsible..
  12. Marc.RG1

    Painting an IF

    I'm waiting for the UKARA LICENCE! to come out on cornflake boxes, remember the good old days when you used to get things free on cereal boxes, pff they need to bring that back, the amount of krave cereal my little girl eats I would have loads of new stuff..
  13. Marc.RG1

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Lol so true.. I'm not a fan of the evo in basic form but after a few accessories added and with a personalised touch they can look quite nice, although I do prefer a beefy scar all day long.. You guys! Have got some nice goodies though. I just bought some goodies but unfortunately can't show them here because they are not airsoft. But I'll tell ya they are sexy lol.. Happy shooting all. ATB Marc
  14. Marc.RG1

    Painting an IF

    You could just Camo wrap it or dark tape it for the game..
  15. Wtf Christmas already? Lol. 

    Getting a new gun, could be today, could be tomorrow but 100%it's going to be this week.. :)

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    2. Gepard


      That makes sense. Trying to keep this Airsoft forum an Airsoft forum and not stray too far off topic. Fair enough. 


      Oh well, at least I got to see it. :lol:



    3. Marc.RG1


      thats it mate, i dont blame them, its one of the best 'airsoft' forums around so nothing with with keeping it as that. :)

    4. proffrink


      Not usual to disclose the contents of warnings but I feel you're ok with it being somewhat public as it's been discussed here already mostly, but I think the details are a bit confused.


      There was an initial warning by Jedi to not post airgun-related stuff on the forums. Reading it back, I think it's fair to clarify that yes, off-topic for your air gun stuff would be fine. Anywhere else - including media, classifieds etc. - is not. However, the warning for the giveaway itself was specifically to do with making multiple threads for your media. All self-promoted media should be kept in the one designated thread. This has nothing to do with airguns, and I don't believe the giveaway was for airgun stuff anyway (was for accessories only). As far as I can tell, these two warnings were not related at all.


      Hopefully this clarifies a bit.