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  1. Zero One lead the way for CS

    Yeah I was not too impressed by their customer service either, but I might have been just one of the unlucky ones, and as for the forum I personally think it was quite poor, it was always getting hacked, and closing down, and the fact you could not mention other shops or sites was a joke, I get their a shop run forum but so are many others that allow you mention other places.. I've not checked to see if the forum is up and running again but even if it was I'm pretty sure I would not go back to it, this place is better in ALL areas..
  2. C02 GBB Lubrication methods

    Your welcome hope they help..
  3. C02 GBB Lubrication methods

    Hi mate here are the videos then.. The first video is a very old video of mine but will relate to your gun well.. the second video is more recent but slightly different but is still worth you watching.. If The Dailymotion Embed Videos Do Not Work For You, Please Click On The Link Above The Videos Instead, then adjust the quality to HD.. http://dai.ly/x6hv0lx http://dai.ly/x6huy7l Hope these help mate. ATB, Marc..
  4. C02 GBB Lubrication methods

    cool.. just wait for my video mate it will show and tell you all you need to know. they are uploading now so 30 minutes your have a easy to follow video.. ATB, Marc..
  5. C02 GBB Lubrication methods

    no problem its uploading now.. is your pistol the gas version or the co2 version?
  6. C02 GBB Lubrication methods

    It's this stuff. https://www.abbeysupply.com/airsoft-products/airsoft-lubricants/airsoft_gun_grease_lt2.html Give me about 1 hour mate and I will upload one of my videos for you to follow. ATB Marc
  7. C02 GBB Lubrication methods

    I'm always seeing people over lube their guns, so don't spray the thing mate. Just use a small amount of moly based Abbey lt2 gun grease on the slide and frame rails, and a drop of pellet gun oil directly onto the co2 capsules nozzle head once every two or 3 capsules, before inserting it into the magazine, and if your storing the gun don't leave a co2 capsules in the magazine.. And if your storing your gun for a few weeks month, put one or two drops of pellgun oil directly onto the magazine co2 piecing seal, and one drip onto the loading nozzle pistol head seal. If you got the green gas versions green gas itself will lube the magazine seals and internals for you slightly, so again just use a small amount of Abbey lt2 gun grease on the slide and frame rails, (don't over grease, you just want yo add like a shiny layer) and then if you want after you strip and clean the gun after a game or whatever, just spray a tiny amount of pure silicone spray onto the gas blowback loading nozzle o-ring seal/piston head. ATB Marc
  8. Extended slide release for 1911

    I don't think that one would fit either mate, the end catch end looks the same shape as my TM ones, probably longer in length then the kwc versions again too..
  9. Armed Police - Yes or No

    Agreed, I don't think we need to or should arm every police officer or street officer. Most armed police I have spoken to also say they would prefer not to have to carry guns but unfortunately they are required to. but I see plenty of trained armed police in Brighton on nearly on a monthly / weekly basis now, either patrolling Brighton shopping mall or Brighton Station etc, a few times they have popped into our local firearms club too, one time when a muppet guest decided to take his rifle out if the boot of his car and walk it to gun club on his shoulder, luckily it was a vintage airrifle but the armed police certainly did not presume that, which was a big shock to the guy with the rifle, they used to train at our club too, not sure they do that now though I think they go somewhere else now.. I'm fine with seeing armed police patrolling the streets, but I can see why some people might be upset or worried or even frightened by it, a lot of people still think all firearms are illegal in the UK so seeing a gun concerns them even in the hands of police, unfortunately though with what's happening nowadays having armed police is becoming more and more visible and sometimrs needed and I feel its only a matter of time before we as a country we start seeing more and more armed police, and a ban on a lot more guns, but again gun bans mainly only affects the law abiding citizens not criminals as much. ATB Marc
  10. Lol yeah I know mate You are doing more important things right now though then sorting out your UKARA or other defence anyway, Your a member of UKAPU as well aren't you, hmm. As you say though mate with your rep that's a good enough defence for most, and for good reason.. Happy shooting all. ATB Marc
  11. Yup.. We could discuss all day about some of the simpletons in the home office that come up with or put forward these guidelines etc, but for many years being an all round sporting shooter I tend not to think about it too much to be honest and just go with the flow or I just get wound up lol, it's true though that the rules, guidelines and so called laws around airsoft are a bit flawed, it's much more straightforward and black and white with a lot less grey areas for firearms then airsoft. But I will admit I shoot everything and enjoy everything as long as we are legally allowed to keep doing that then I'm happy enough. ATB Marc
  12. Hi Lewis, lol core you know how to make me feel bad. yeah you knew I really wanted to sell you it to you too mate and to be honest it was really hard for me to say no to you knowing the kind of person and trusted person you are.. Nope still not sold the M9 yet, had a few people ask, some had no defence, one guy had two stamps on his ticket and is meant to be getting his third on the 21st, so I said I don't mind holding it for him until he gets the third and can send me his ukara, as my local Rfd sold the gun they was holding for me but have more on order, but his not an active poster on the forum, he did send me photographic Proof etc of name, age, address, game stamp tickets etc, but if I don't hear back from him I'll either try listing it again or just take it out the box and put it back on my display shelf lol.. Still no luck getting yours sorted, first come first served, in your case anyway.. ATB Marc
  13. I rest my case mate, it's flawed, same as the two-tone rule, I and many other shoot more then a few two tone RS guns.. But like I say the rules, guidelines, regs and laws are not perfect but could be a heck of a lot worse.. ATB Marc
  14. Hi all, I personally agree and follow the vcra act and other shooting rules and regs too, to the letter lol.. And i will not sell a RIF to anyone who can't show me a valid defence or ukara, as a few members on here will know as I have not sold to them, like Lewis for example even though i personally really wanted to and know he is a top bloke. But what cracks me up and gets my goat somewhat is the slightly flawed system, a defence does not make you a responsible person. I belong to a RS firearms club and a lot of my family and friends have their FAC, lol but this is not classed for a defence for RIF airsoft guns which in my eyes is a joke, and to be totally honest I have meet many people or played with people at games that I would class as very irresponsible people, that not only have no gun safety sense but also do things they should not, like shooting in the woods for example, but because they have UKARA people can sell to them but if a fellow member of our firearms club or family that have their FAC wanted a RIF for a gun for some home practicing or even to use at gun club for some cheap fun in the airgun and airsoft range, we can't really sell to them, even though they are some of the most responsible and gun savvy people I have meet, Silly a.. That's just my 2 cents lol.. But as I say to people, although our rules, guidelines, regs and laws are not perfect they could be a heck of a lot worse that's for sure.. Happy shooting all. ATB Marc
  15. Extended slide release for 1911

    Hi, no problem.. yeah i had the colt m45 cqbp rail gun too, as you say it has the same design slide catch etc.. good luck mate ATB, Marc.. @PopRocket123 as Lozart said though the nova wilson looks very similar to the KWC design although very expensive to take a gamble on it, http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/Accessories_GBB_Other_WA_M4_Parts_Nova_Slide_Stop_for_Marui_1911A1_Wilson_Extended_Stainless.htm im going to quicky check another couple of my tm hi-capa slide catches.. nope, although my standard hi-capa slide catches are a slightly different in design on the slide stop/catch end, they are still around 1.1mm longer then the KWC 1911 slide catch..