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  1. Its all about small improvements that are permanent. Doesn't matter if you run 15 miles one day and eat steak and veg if you normally overeat and dont exercise. Doing a light work out everyday and not eating excess sugar and processed food will have more of a impact than once a week doing some insane workout. Small changes every week that stick and slowly it will cascade into big ones. I put on bare weight over the lockdown making small changes to go back to having a thigh gap I miss it these thick thighs are no fun when your a man im not cardi b... lol Being able to run and gun at airsoft is a good enough excuse to stay in shape.
  2. Why does it have to be disposable youre making it sound like a Hitman weapon? loool If its for filming you need multiple takes dont you?
  3. Airsoft guns are not capable of being made into makeshift, guns... They are toys and break easily even the airsoft ak's are about as durable as a remote controlled helicopter. If its for filming buy a GBB Mac 11 they cycle and spray gas you can add film FX to them very easily.
  4. I use a cheap 8 fields mock plate carrier with 3 mag pouches. It works nicely, holds the mags, makes chest hits not hurt and feels good. Make sure you get the right size one though my ones a little too chunky so switching shoulders to peek round the left can be annoying as it gets in the way. I love escape from tarkov and real firearms so im looking to upgrade to a proper plate carrier with better mag pouches at some point for giggles and more comfort. If your looking to play super fast probs better off with a battle belt but when you get sprayed up it wont feel nice.
  5. Find a airsoft site near you and rent a AEG 3 times before you buy anything. Then when you do make sure you get good eye pro and a good make gun such as a G&G or Cyma. Just get two tone if you dont have Ukara yet, and cant wait. In airsoft the only thing that matters to win is the performance of gun and your playing ability having it look exactly like HK416 will not make it work like one.

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    Hello, Been Charged 2 times its in good as new condition. Bought a battery too powerful for my gun only been used in the garden. Collection only in Bromley area If you have a Good quality M4 AEG mag im up for a trade. Message me if you have any questions. Padraig


    Bromley, Kent - GB

  7. First game in time tomorrow im so ready lol

    1. Shamal


      Lucky sod!!

      Enjoy lol


  8. Bought myself some Walkers Razor Slims that i saw on escape from tarkov. Cant wait to get grenaded now. Bring on the unsafe BFGS you idiots i saw at my last skirmish.  😆

    1. strykerles


      I just brought some USEC and BEAR patches :D

  9. Not at all they charged 45 to fit the mosfet and 30 more for additional labour. They will give you a quote just message them through the website.
  10. So the bottom left picture explains why so many people prefer the AR style platform over the less well presentable Ak series... Yeah if you havent ever been to a shooting range or wasted 10 years of youre life obsessing over guns you will never own, you know nutting bout them gats. The media loves talking about guns but they never go and out and actually use them or see them used to understand them in the slightest. They should at least play Escape From Tarkov so they know the basics like, A Hera Arms foregrip plus a Daniel Defense Waves Surpressor plus a Steiner Dbal on a HK416 Long barrel is the best cqb gun with M855A1. 😆😂
  11. The bbc just posted about it to make sure we are still afraid of big bad guns. The guns sitting in a gun safe just waiting to break out and shoot bare people when nobody is watching. That blue silly shotgun is gonna mug you next time you go tescos to buy yourself a luxurious meal deal. If the bbc wants us scared of any gun surely they would be scaring us poor saps and serfs with a article on this. I can imagine how much of a hard on some journalists must have when they see this, they probably sleep under the bed for a week out of sheer terror of rouge plastic gun stealing theyre coffee in the night. I currently sleep with a cross beside me to keep the demonic firearms from getting me in the night... 😆 (again im joking btw) https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2019/08/14/fgc-9-3d-printed-gun/
  12. Bought a Vortex Sparc AR red dot just got it today. Damn this feels better than a fake red dot. Now if only i could go airsoft to use it 😆🤦‍♂️


    1. rocketdogbert


      Vortex make some great kit, and that unlimited warranty is very nice to have in your back pocket

    2. Monkman


      I have one as well.. I'd recommend saving up and buying the x3 magnifier..Fantastic combo.  :)


  13. Its a airsoft toy replica so as long as people dont feel threatened or see you doing something that makes you look dangerous you should be good. Maybe wear a pink t shirt and put some pink tape on the airsoft gun to make it look safe, then make a big cardboard sign pointing at where the public may see you and write on it "Pink Toy Replica Range". Then make sure youre wearing a minecraft hat and some pink gloves as well. Play some music when you shooting not too loud something like "im a barbie girl" or the thomas the tank engine theme song on loop. For your targets get some big pink fluffy unicorns off amazon and put rainbow paper targets on them. If you can get some with pressure sensors you can get them to light up and make noise when you shoot dead centre mass. Then get a 10kg box of glitter and pour it over yourself and the ground around you then you should be good to go. Anyone who walks past that will know you no danger to anyone on your toy replica range. Have some cakes on hand to eat in between practice while you watch the latest episode of my little pony on the ipad at 4k HDR... (this is a joke btw but would probably work) Good luck man.
  14. You arent wrong, the problem is everyone knows what a right wing extremist sounds like. No one however seems to pay attention to the left wing extremists they dont see the extremism on the other side. Critical thinking not labelling and following safe ideology is what people need. I'm sure we can all agree its going too far when people are attacking something as harmless as airsoft. Guns are a different issue, but if a toy gun is so offensive or scary people need to ban them then the problem is with them not a toy. Its crazy some of things that get supported by misinformed well meaning people said by the extreme anti gun anti freedom groups. We need balance in the force if we are going to destroy the sith 😆
  15. I dont think we should have to justify wanting to play airsoft or even paintball for that matter to anyone. We are supposed to be free people cant we play a silly game with fake guns how silly is it to be afraid of fake guns. Firearms being campaigned against is one thing but toy guns wielded by mostly out of shape gamers that fire plastic balls, really canada really. Canadians are friendly asf from my understanding how much airsoft related crime is there 🤦‍♂️😆 Any politician from any country stupid enough to not know the difference between a toy and a gun should be sacked and ridiculed. I think the more popular airsoft gets the better if we can get it to the point where people watch it on youtube as much as video games, a lot of the silly ideas about it can be thrown out the window. Power to the peopel!! just keep it under one joule 😆
  16. Almost bought a full real life Tarkov loadout for airsoft. At this rate by the time borris approves me going outside im gonna have spent so much money on airsoft stuff austrailia is going to raid my house and charge me for owning nuclear weapons... lol 😆

  17. Last week i sent my SA E11 off to the cage to have a Perun Mosfet fitted and barrel refitted. The gun came back today and they have done a crazy good job, the wiring is better in the stock, the gun shoots how i wanted it to. They listened to what i had to say and gave me good updates. The gun shoots and feels like a dream now. Trigger response is almost as good as it gets and the active breaking fixed my big gripe that the semi didnt always do full cycles. I had them re install a new barrel and hop becuase i messed it up trying to do it myself. I nicked the bucking on the install i did they advised me to get a harder bucking of the same model and after testing it i can see why. They also fixed my fps issue, last month i installed springs and got lower fps than expected just chronoed the gun and its shooting the correct fps. Would Highly reccomend them for anyone who needs mosfets or any tech work done. Gun shoots just how i want it now. Its gonna be tough waiting for the lockdown to end and let me skirmish it i cant wait. Brilliant service would highly reccomend 👍 Padraig
  18. I'd be interested the main parts that would help in airsoft would be CQB tactics and anything that helps with staying unspotted on the way to objective. Theres deffo a market for it, but make sure you seperate the real tactics that work on a battlefield and the real tactics that work on the airsoft field. Most airsofters are interested in military knowledge even if its not applicable for skirmishing, but the cqb tactics deffo would be good for most people. How to use cover and shoot from cover could also be handy and grenade throwing is something that could help.
  19. Its funny how airsoft pistols can be better at medium range than the real steel becuase theres no recoil/loud bang and much less weight. 😆 1 joule limit for any site that isnt cqb is bloody silly.
  20. People who cant handle being shot at airsoft with snipers from beyong the minimum engagement distance shouldnt play. Km seems to be a dickhead from all im seeing but a 1 joule limit is sad. At the start of everygame to play everyone should be hit by a sniper in the hands of marshall so they know what it feels like and can get over it. I hate headshots but its the price to pay for my enjoyment when i hand them out (not intentionally but when thats all i can hit). Chrono'ing should be taken seriously by all sites though and done properly everytime and rechecked when needed. As for real guns dont know how you guys got to talking about that. Its a very complicated issue that has no point coming out of my mouth considering i live in a country of people who are disarmed. Is this good or bad, its not affected me but is it whats right for the rest of the world? You guys can debate that lol Back to KM used to watch his videos unsubbed after all this drama, he needs to grow up. This person trying to enforce a 1 joule limit is silly as well has he never wanted to play with a DMR or a VSR 10? he wont be able to if he gets his way.
  21. Most of the people into airsoft i would assume would be into real firearm shooting if it was easier to get into where we live. I do airsoft for shooting at people lol and clay shooting,target shooting abroad for targets. The stereo type of the whiny kid with the fancy airsoft gun that you see in those rage videos is why most people i assume would think airsoft is silly. I also think its very silly to assume that a militia in america wouldnt be able to fight back against a goverment gun grab. This isnt the first time in history they have been outgunned. Also most of the military which you assume would be like stormtroopers gunning down fat gun obsessed republicans, happen to throw in with them mostly. Yes they cant kill a tank with a AR 15 but they can defiantly do damage and retreat, as well as how easy simple explosives can be accessed in america imagine some homebrewed ied's. They wouldnt win but they wouldnt lose, and thats the same as winning. If they did have a civil war it would be a great time for some other country to attack them though. Airsoft guns dont hit people, good hop ups and fancy bb's do. 😂
  22. Recently had a spring change in my specna arms edge and SA E11 and found with the stock barrel etc, m110 gave me 334 and m100 gave me 307 fps.
  23. I've bought the perun as everything ive read so far and heard says its more reliable and easy for a tech to install. Thanks for the advice guys.
  24. When i was at my last skirmish my mate showed me his gun that has a electric trigger it was a nuprol and the cycling of the gearbox felt much more exact like the gears stopped at the same spot each time. My stock specna arms edge orion gear box feels much more jumpy, not bad like something is wrong but just like a normal gearbox. I want my semi auto to be smoother so i assume a optical mosfet would be good for this as it stops the gears more precisely? just want my semi auto to feel like one action instead of hold down the trigger and wait for a full spin just tap once to get a full spin and stop. I want each tap of the trigger on semi to do the same length cycle whether i hold down or not.
  25. Hello guys im thinking about buying a mosfet to control the cycle of my aeg so the firing action is smoother. What are your thoughts on the gate vs perun? I'm not after spending 100 on something like a titan i just want the firing action reliable and smooth not fancy trigger settings etc. Everything i've read so far tells me the perun is the better choice. Dont worry about the installation im going to get a good tech to do the install just which mosfet performs better? Cheers
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