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  1. Yes it is the Surplus one. Most of my loadout is surplus so all goes with the theme
  2. That is a very good tip but wouldn't want to try that with my GBB l85A2 unless you want a bolt handle smack you in the face!
  3. I've used them in the past and always had great service. Ordered from them last night coincidently and waiting for delivery now. Communication has been great so far.
  4. Its a bit limited on what's available at the moment. First thing I would do is check the power output and change the spring accordingly. Hop rubber is a good place to start and get a good airseal. Polish/clean all internals to make it as efficient as possible and then wait to see what else comes available. There is a tapered bore barrel which is now available and some hop units are being designed but not yet available as far as I'm aware.
  5. I've used viper when I first started and it was ok but not brilliant it needed a few repairs and mods along the way. You could look at a surplus Osprey MK4 they are easily available and reasonably priced.
  6. No where that has BB in the shop title!!
  7. It all comes down to a few things. 1. Cost (If you can afford RS then why not.) 2. Usability (I've tried plenty of clones and some expensive copies at that and some just don't last/work.) 3. Personal choice. (Its down to each person what they like or don't like and if they think its worthwhile.) I have some really expensive optics and I do use them as I know they maintain zero, I've tried cheap ones and most of the time they don't, even some reputable makes can't handle the recoil on a GBB. What's the point in having them as really expensive wall hangers! Much better idea to use them than to be a waste of money sitting there collecting dust
  8. I already have and I would again. there is something about the feel of RS components
  9. One thing I would say is no matter how good a company makes any Gun there will always be something you don't like or want to change to make it more unique/personal. I've bought top end guns and still spent money to improve them further! Problem is without experience you don't always know what is going to work best for you and where you need to spend that money hence I say don't rush!
  10. Didn't want to slate a company I've not dealt with but I wouldn't use any company with BB in their title!
  11. Find a local retailer and look at it in person. Pics can be very misleading. Ask around at the site you will be playing at as well.
  12. It didn't stay looking like above for long at all!
  13. All I can recommend is do some research into what you like whether its M4 based or AK etc. Decide what suits the load-out/style you want. Go to a shop, ask questions, hold guns and get a feel of the guns some are more comfortable than others. Don't rush and buy something you will regret!
  14. Don't get me wrong I love Gas guns but they require more maintenance and initial setup. They are better in the summer than winter due to gas temperatures and they do vent the gas at times which is bloody annoying! AEG are more consistent. Magazines are the next issue, Various capacity of AEG mags are available for under £20. GBB mags are expensive in comparison and hold around 30 rounds. If your anything like I was when I started and full auto anything that moves you need plenty of mags so GBB is fun but wouldn't keep you playing long! I have both and use both but if I want to just have an easy fun game then I use the AEG, if I feel serious and want realism I use the GBB. Everyone is different and its your choice but GBB will cost a lot more than AEG.
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