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  1. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Hello, Im selling my King Arms m4 its currently not shooting the motor has a alignment issue/wiring. Cant be bothered to fix it got a specna arms m4 that i use now anyway. Its got a brand new hop and tightbore barrel installed and only needs wiring fix/motor fix to be shooting nicely. Also has a magpul handguard fitted. It will come with 3 different springs as i was in the process of changing around the power should be shooting at 340 now. Comes with one hicap a 1600 mah battery and ive soldered deans connectors onto it. Its a great purchase for anyone into teching or looking to get into as its small fix. Any questions message me. Padraig


  2. Just adjust the zeroing to match your average target distance with no wind and done now you can aim at someone and know where it will go without the wind and when there is wind adjust your aim simples
  3. it was a m95 i'll check the gearbox for air leaks thats probably whats up.
  4. How would you guys recommend upping the fps of a KA m4 sportline aeg. I changed the spring down from a m120 spring as it was shooting hot now its shooting 290 fps which is too low for my liking. I put in a new hop up and tightbore barrel so its got great groupings and backspin atm but the bb speed is slighty too slow. Should i tape up the hop up unit for air seal more? i want it shooting 330-340.
  5. I have a university degree mate... say something
  6. Its called joking i read too much quora go read some what would you do questions lol But yeah you would be... But what if the bank put a million in your account by accident would you send it back?... (dont answer that unless you want more silliness.)
  7. Okay but what happens if you own a two tone gun and you leave it in your loft for 5 years, but then when you get it 5 years later all the paint has flaked off?
  8. But what if someone stole it and painted it then returned because they didn't want it anymore...
  9. If your airsoft gun magically turns black after going missing then i see no crime there...
  10. Yeah if you build a aeg from a receiver upwards its custom as everything is uniquely combined. Custom is a premium term it shouldn't be used by dave down the road who put a new piston in his gearbox and now it sounds worse than before...
  11. I personally have only used the cyma for one game day but the TM i saw at a game from another player in respawn and the bb's seemed more consistent. Ive owned multiple TM AEGS and they have always been of higher quality than cyma. TM is going to be of higher quality whether it matters is up to the person paying. I wouldn't even get a aep i'd get a MP5K Aeg cheap chinese make that shoots 300 fps and can be slung on your side. The asg mk23 Gas pistol is also really good sniper side arm.
  12. TM VSR 10's are really good but they are a bit dull and boring. To get the most out of them you need to spend a good deal of money. If i was just starting as a sniper i would personally get a well l96 as the bolt always felt more fun to me. The sound of a vsr is not as soft and nice unless you get some tech with know how to dampen it. You could get a Well L96 that shoots 460 fps out the box and just add a high end inner barrel and hop up and play for a few games with that till you can upgrade the trigger,spring and piston and bolt down the line. Or you could look at the SilverBack SRS the gun has good out of the box performance and can be upgraded too. Or if you dont want to upgrade your gun and you have a lot of money and time to spend you could get a noveritsch ssg which is essentially a fully upgraded variant of the vsr series. As for side arms the TM AEPs will last longer and perform slightly better. You could always do what i use to do and run around with a Vsr 10 and a AUG Para on my back for backup lol. The cyma AEP will do the job but if your gonna be using it alot might as well get the TM.
  13. So buying a 200 pound gun from TG wont be import taxed?
  14. I miss the days when this forum wasnt so popular and i could ask questions before anyone else 😞 cheers
  15. Hey guys, Gonna be buying "another" aeg next month wondering if anyone has seen or had experience with the new guns by ARCTURUS. I'm looking to buy a ARCTURUS AR07 AR15 E3 RIFLE from patrol base cant find much information on range and accuracy. This new brand has very few videos online and not many shooting videos. Is it on par with G&G's guns in terms of accuracy? i want to be able to hit players 50 metres away on the first burst. The build quality on the guns is said to be phenomenal as they are built by some company in american that builds real steel parts too. Anyone got any insight on the brand and accuracy?
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