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  1. Cool i'll clean the barrel and test again, im using devil blasters and Geoffs so its not the bbs thats for sure.
  2. Hello, my Specna arms m4 that ive used a total of 3 times at airsoft is having huge inconsistencys in the bb flight path some are going dead straight some are going madly left some are going right. Whats causing this is it just a dirty barrel? or would it be something else.
  3. When i was young i went to a airsoft site in Chobham that does kids only days. Heres a link to the current website (https://www.ambushadventures.co.uk/young-guns) it was really good as a kid no worries of getting shouted at by adults who think they are shooting you from 200 metres away with JG MP5 with 0.12g bbs lol. Have a look at all the airsoft sites near you im sure you'll find a decent one.

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    Hello, I bought this battery for my Specna Arms M4 but its too fast for my low fps gearbox so ive settled on a 9.6v NIMH. Been Charged 2 times its in good as new condition and comes with a smart charger and alarm and battery bag in the same condition. Collection only in Bromley area or within 5 miles of Bromley South Station. Message me if you have any questions. Padraig NOW £20 was £25!! lol


    Bromley, Kent - GB

  5. Geoffs are top tier in my experience the consitency jump is mad on most guns. Full auto goes from a wide cone to a small beam on most of the guns ive put them in. ASG Devil Blasters are almost as good when ive used em.
  6. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Hello, Im selling my King Arms m4 its currently not shooting the motor has a alignment issue/wiring. Cant be bothered to fix it got a specna arms m4 that i use now anyway. Its got a brand new hop and tightbore barrel installed and only needs wiring fix/motor fix to be shooting nicely. Also has a magpul handguard fitted. It will come with 3 different springs as i was in the process of changing around the power should be shooting at 340 now. Comes with one hicap a 1600 mah battery and ive soldered deans connectors onto it. Its a great purchase for anyone into teching or looking to get into as its small fix. Any questions message me. Padraig


  7. Just adjust the zeroing to match your average target distance with no wind and done now you can aim at someone and know where it will go without the wind and when there is wind adjust your aim simples
  8. it was a m95 i'll check the gearbox for air leaks thats probably whats up.
  9. How would you guys recommend upping the fps of a KA m4 sportline aeg. I changed the spring down from a m120 spring as it was shooting hot now its shooting 290 fps which is too low for my liking. I put in a new hop up and tightbore barrel so its got great groupings and backspin atm but the bb speed is slighty too slow. Should i tape up the hop up unit for air seal more? i want it shooting 330-340.
  10. I have a university degree mate... say something
  11. Its called joking i read too much quora go read some what would you do questions lol But yeah you would be... But what if the bank put a million in your account by accident would you send it back?... (dont answer that unless you want more silliness.)
  12. Okay but what happens if you own a two tone gun and you leave it in your loft for 5 years, but then when you get it 5 years later all the paint has flaked off?
  13. But what if someone stole it and painted it then returned because they didn't want it anymore...
  14. If your airsoft gun magically turns black after going missing then i see no crime there...
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