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  1. CES_williamson

    SWAS Airsoft Sites

    Would be awesome to see some of the finny guys again after so many years!
  2. CES_williamson

    SWAS Airsoft Sites

    Thank you mate hope to see you on site one day!
  3. CES_williamson

    SWAS Airsoft Sites

    Hi pierce, really sorry but we have had a change of plans the MOD only want us running one event this weekend so we are going to have an open day on the Saturday and game day Sunday, if you have already booked in you should of received a phone call, email etc from us?
  4. CES_williamson

    SWAS Airsoft Sites

    Thats a fair point, I might revise these rules after the comments in all honesty
  5. CES_williamson

    SWAS Airsoft Sites

    Thank you very much Really, what does it come up with? Will have a look into it
  6. CES_williamson

    SWAS Airsoft Sites

    I agree, not the optimum time in the slightest, but the MOD wanted to get going! Luckily though we have an indoor safe zone with heating, lighting etc and a hot food van on site most of the time and if not a BBQ going and hot drinks on the go
  7. CES_williamson

    SWAS Airsoft Sites

    Certainly is, huge warehouse so plenty of space indoors!
  8. I can finally announce the first SWAS Airsoft Site will be on RAF Wyton!! :D Felt like I was going to burst- topic up in the sites area

    1. Jedi_Master


      Congratulations. Hope it all goes well.

    2. CES_williamson


      Thank you very much, life long dream cant wait to get going with the events :) 

    3. Prisce


      Congrats mate. Hope it all goes well for you.

  9. CES_williamson

    SWAS Airsoft Sites

    Hi Guys, really happy to announce my new venture - SWAS Airsoft Sites Our first site will be on RAF Wyton at the old Bloodhound Missile base! Website: https://airsoftsitesukswas.co.uk/ "SWAS has brought products and solutions to airsoft retail with market beating prices and customer service. We are now bringing our experience to our very own airsoft sites, based on very unique locations such as current and former MOD properties Our first site will be at RAF Wyton, with access to the enclosed 38 Acre BloodHound Missile Silo. There is still an active intelligence component on the base as well as MAGPAS an air ambulance close by, creating an incredible atmosphere along with the awesome site." We do have to use biodegradable ammunition but this wont be an issue as we offer all types on the site & on the website and obviously you can bring your own as long as its bio! Events: https://airsoftsitesukswas.co.uk/event-dates/ Opening weekend 17th - 18th November Games running 9AM - 5PM Sunday Saturday - Open day Green Fee: £20 (Online pre-booked, ID required as detailed on the website) Walk-on: £30 (ID still required) Rental & Green Fee: £40
  10. Need some experienced/ grammar nazi airsofters to test the new sites's website, pls PM if you can spare a bit of time to bug test/ give constructive criticism!

    1. skintrade


      Experienced e-commerce web developer here (clients have included Canon, Tesco, Deutsche Telecom), can grammar check and give the whole thing a kicking if you want. PM me if you want to chat.

  11. Going to be announcing our first site tomorrow, had to put this somewhere I was going to burst, 6 months in the making!

    1. BibbsOnTour


      Good on ya mate! Hope it all goes well :)


      Whereabouts is your new site gonna be?

    2. CES_williamson


      Delayed the public announcement until the site starts to take a bit more shape, as there is a decent bit of work that needs doing first of all, should have the website & social medias live middle to end of this weekend! What I can say is 38 acres, large warehouse for the safe zone, ex/current military base (will be explained) 

    3. BibbsOnTour


      Sounds good!

  12. CES_williamson

    SWAS Airsoft

    Thank you very much for the feedback, I hope you enjoy your new RIF! I will PM you the feedback codes now In terms of new ammo stock I am currently working on a big project that will make ammo a very heavy focus for me so expect that to translate onto the retailer as well!
  13. We just got the new Rudis pistol in with the included RMR sight, incredibly solid and their internals are a lot better on this new gen, maybe take a look at them or SAI pistols in my opinion
  14. Just got my AF-UK patch, really well made, looks brilliant front and centre on the plate carrier :D

  15. So the SWAS page is banned on FB for our recent JG G36 post.... Why do people report airsoft guns on an airsoft page! 🤔

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. CES_williamson


      Hit the nail on the head there, I get zukked a lot 🤣   *not claiming anything towards any company or individual* but there is a tonne of dodgy business done by a lot of retailers and manufacturers that just doesn't get talked about, so wouldn't surprise me as has happened before! Oh well business goes on, facebook is just an easy way of communicating with the community, tbf its not all bad, not having to manage or pay people to manage the facebook chat isnt all bad on a sunday night!!

    3. Rogerborg


      Huh, I can still see https://www.facebook.com/SismeyWilliamsonAirsoftSolutions/


      Facebook though, urgh.  This is a company who approached Steven Crowder, offered to create adverts for him to run on Facebook, billed him for doing so, and then decided that the adverts that they'd created weren't appropriate for their own platform and refused to run them.  Hilarity ensued.


      The sad fact seems to be that anything remotely gun related is going to be thrown down the memory hole by the SJW zealots at Facebook, YouTube and Google, who have form for censoring all searches containing the three letters "gun", including burgundy and Laguna Beach.


      I'm very much a small government chap, but where a company holds an effective monopoly, I can see grounds for regulating it as a public service to prevent this kind of knee jerk lunacy.

    4. CES_williamson


      They have banned me from replying to messages, commenting or doing anything on the page or my personal one,


      I deactivated my ad account with them, every time I tried to set an ad up they would put a ban on the acc!