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  1. CES_williamson

    Stock levels frustration.

    Hopefully I can shed some light on this Not really an issue we run into a lot but has happened a few times, Even though we check our stock levels thoroughly all the time, sometimes sadly things do slip through the net and either marked incorrectly as in stock or not marked as low-stock when needed to, so that we order more in, this happens rarely though. A more common culprit of this issue is for example when someone orders a two-tone gun and we only have one of that RIF left, this will make the two-tone version (usually a sprayed RIF, so the same stock) out of stock but not the black version, so this needs to be done manually and if someone orders the RIF (non two-tone) in the small time it takes to manually sort out the stock levels it will still go through and we then need to contact the customer and get the order canceled and refunded. The fact we run into this issue every so often, even as a new retailer I can imagine it being worse for the guys who have been around longer! When retailers are completely out of stock of a range of items from the same manufacturer etc and just dont update the website is just being lazy but sometimes small items or individual ones slip through the net no matter how hard we try!
  2. CES_williamson

    G&G vs VALKEN vs Specna Arms

    As lozart said the metal body is nice but wont really give you an advantage & some companies add these just to make up for poor performance
  3. CES_williamson

    G&G CM16 Raider - Short HELP Needed with low FPS

    As said before if its from a shop get into contact with them, should be around 330-350 new!
  4. CES_williamson

    M14 Socom, TM or G&G

    TM hands down, the range on them is crazy, fps is standard TM low but performance will make up for it! Not just the performance they feel brilliant in the hands and the metal cocking handle action is glorious! (let me know if you cant find one, I can always get one in for you at SWAS)
  5. CES_williamson

    G&G vs VALKEN vs Specna Arms

    G&G and Specna Arms are certainly solid starter guns, not much experiance with valken. Quality wise Specna Arms has more metal parts + feels a bit more solid Performance wise they are pretty much the same, ROF on the specna arms are slightly higher As its your first gun I would go for G&G as they are tried and tested, though you would still be safe with the specna arms
  6. CES_williamson

    Cheap gas?

    We do all types of Nuprol gas at SWAS and usually cheaper than the other retailers - https://swasairsoft.co.uk/airsoft-essentials/
  7. CES_williamson

    Have I been kidding myself?

    Honestly worrying about nothing! I see plenty of older players in airsoft and it certainly does not hinder a team as everyone plays at their own pace anyway! We had a guy at my old site who was 70+ had a walking stick but still managed to play, Just get stuck in and enjoy it and people will admire you more than anything!
  8. CES_williamson

    1 year into bankrupting myself with toy guns.

    Welcome, Nice collection!
  9. CES_williamson

    First gun advice

    If you are already almost at your 3 games to get your UKARA defence, I would always recommend a G&G Combat Machine, plenty of different styles to choose from, very reliable and cheap! + leaves room in your budget for batteries, ammo, eye pro etc
  10. CES_williamson

    Recommended two tone gun for beginner

    If you havent been before, as said above I would suggest going to a game and renting to make sure you like the hobby before spending £100+ on a gun! If you have already been I would say go for any of the G&G Combat machine line, always a safe bet for beginners. The "Licence" is actually just a defence to say that you have a reason to own a RIF (Realistic Imitation Firearm) Ie being registered to the UKARA Database will get you a UKARA number which is a defence which all airsoft retailers recognise to be justification to buy a RIF, to do this you just have to attend 3 games in 2 months at your local site and as long as they are also registered they will sign you up. If you aren't registered to UKARA you can still buy an IF (Imitation firearm) which is just a 51% two-tone sprayed RIF, you also to be over 18 to buy either of these.
  11. CES_williamson

    Specna Arms Core

    About to get all these into the store, only had one in to test, really nicely made & perform well, will put up a quick review once we receive the whole range
  12. CES_williamson


    Welcome back!
  13. I use a warrior battle belt, has lasted a while, sounds like what you are after. uses MOLLE and it can also attach harness if it gets too heavy, you can get them from UK tactical
  14. CES_williamson

    SWAS Airsoft

    Loads of new stock in since my last post, Umarex, WE, Raven, Duel Code, Secutor & many more + Krytac & Specna Arms in next week! We are mainly focusing on increasing our range of RIF's this year, we have however recently also increased our stock of essentials such as gas, ammo and batteries