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  1. Still nothing mate, had a few in the works but fell through, issue is in the local area any sites with buildings are being used already or going to be converted into housing, still looking!
  2. Been looking for urban sites but just been offered a 50 acre plot of woodland, thoughts on popularity of woodland over urban sites?

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    2. CES_williamson


      Thanks for the feedback guys, Very good points here, Seems like its going to be dependant on what development we can do with it and if we get get rid of the Bio BB rule! Appreciate the feedback guys, thanks again.

    3. Skara


      Dumb idea, how about features from famous movies or even real life events? Was thinking a reproduction of the Bin Laden's hideout in Abbottabad or the compound pictured in 13 hours. Or even super 6-4 crash site for a BHD themed game. I'd watch some videos from swamp sniper, ballahack could be a good source of inspiration..

    4. sonofsammo


      @Skara - Balahack looks like an awesome site!

  3. Some cheap brand new rifles for sale in the classfields, SWAS is switching things around so no need for these at the moment!

  4. I'm not just changing things for the better dont worry Yes, PM or email me mate
  5. Big shift around, private order-ins still avaliable in the mean time
  6. Sorry guys, been super busy, just drop me a PM on here or email me
  7. This is why I have player marshals and all marshals carry a RIF, any reports of non hit taking are tested no matter what usually with a sniper at distance or a MK23, its easier just to test each one than try to guess which ones might hit and which ones were stopped by bushes. Also a zero tolerance approach here helps, very strict about it and people know at the beginning of the day we dont mess around with the rules so people start as they intend to continue
  8. Its more so us retailers have access to them if a customer wants one but they aren't cheap so probably why shops aren't stocking them
  9. I get these kind of emails as well even through the retailer always a bit of fun on a slow day
  10. From the beginning of May on every other week we will be running a Saturday game instead of a Sunday game, The first of which will be on the 11th May the next week May 5th and 19th will be our Sunday game etc going on throughout the month (Full dates avaliable on the website or facebook)
  11. yes but next month is changing to alternate saturday and sunday each week, will have full details out later today
  12. welcome! If you are near Cambridge I have a site at RAF Wyton, https://airsoftsitesukswas.co.uk/ if you are interested!
  13. well I will be there 😂 looking like a good day weather and numbers wise, hope you see you there!
  14. Thanks! I will take a look at this now, should be able to!
  15. Our site is on an old part of an active air base: https://airsoftsitesukswas.co.uk/
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