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  1. Our site is on an old part of an active air base: https://airsoftsitesukswas.co.uk/
  2. would you rather an outdoor plywood CQB arena or a car scrap yard? (debating what to create next on site)

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    2. Asomodai


      Car scrapyard would be cool...

      However if you are to go the plywood route, would much prefer a short/medium distance village rather then ultra short engagement distance box style CQB. 

    3. Druid799


      Cars no doubt but if you do have to go ply wood I’d also say small village , lots of garden shed sized buildings with walled gardens making ‘alleyways’ between them so you have some nice choke points and killzones .

    4. proffrink


      Scrap yard would make some really nice sounds too when you're being shot at. 

  3. Its actually for BB's so we dont get them all over the warehouse 😂 We have porta-loo's for the other stuff!
  4. Thank you so much for the feedback, as stressed on the day this is exactly what I needed! We are always improving the site on weekdays so I will certainly take all of what you said into account Glad you guys enjoyed your day, lots of great sportsmanship and awesome gameplay all day, photos and videos will go up this evening on the facebook page
  5. Hi CiderPunk, we are still out of stock and havent been in stock, I will work out whats going out on the website, you are number one on the preorder list, I promise as soon as they are in you will get yours first
  6. Nothing to do with me, seems a bit sketchy to me in all honesty!
  7. Sounds good, make sure to book in to save some money! You certainly can, Bio BB's, Pyro, Food & Cold drinks all avaliable on site with free tea and coffee all day! https://airsoftsitesukswas.co.uk/reserve-ammo-pyros/
  8. Currently working on it + your Mp5 is on order, as said the wholesalers where out of stock but I have placed a pre-order as they are due v soon! pls pm me if you want anymore info!

    • For sale
    • Used

    Needing to clear some space in the office so I have the following going cheap: ICS L85 Carbine, Had a new trigger unit but still needs the infamous full auto burst and back to semi now and then looking for £180 Specna Arms C05 HT, Got sent this by the supplier as an accident and just couldn't be bothered to send back nor do I sell a lot of tan stuff, Brand new, looking for £120 CSI XR-5, I have a Grey and an OD for sale, both where returns but I still cant find an issue with them, stopped stocking them anyway, just looking for £100 on each If you take all 4 I will give it to you for £450 £5.99 for shipping and will put it through the business so will come properly packaged and on a 24hr delivery OR you can collect from our RAF Wyton site


    - GB

  10. couldn't of said it better, If players are determined to cheat they will. I have seen sooo many ways of trying to stop this but I may of come up with a solution... deterrence🧐 On our current (and future) site(s) any player found not taking hits or having a hot gun is removed immediately and permanently from site with no refund and a very unhappy site owner (me). This is outlined on the website, sign in forms, signs in the safe zone, morning briefing & each game briefing ensuring no one can say they "didnt know" Touch wood, but we have yet to have an incident of this, mainly because players know we will kick them off with no refund nor will they be able to return, seems to be working but time will tell if I need to implement more measures.
  11. As said before the AF-UK patches where brilliant from BritKit Maybe also check out Ballistic Designs on fb, they make all the SWAS patches: https://www.facebook.com/BallisticDesignsIOM
  12. Enjoy mate haha, new gen out beginning of next year
  13. 5% off and Free Shipping for the rest of the year
  14. Looking good for Sunday, numbers are up & a free pyro to anyone if its your first game with us Should be a good day & still time to book on!
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