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  1. AshOnSnow

    A Farewell To BBs

    I always lose a few from the hop chamber, and one from the mag
  2. Sidenote, you can now get AR15s in the UK on standard firearms licenses chambered in the 350ft/lb .22WMR
  3. (I would also have a piece of paper in that has “AIRSOFT REPLICA TOY”) written on it, in case customs lose their shit)
  4. Bloke at the office is fiddling around with a prop Luger he’s going to use for some activities, I lean over “are you sure that’s a prop? It looks pretty realistic, and also, there’s the firing pin.”


    LOL. Maybe don’t use a live firing Luger as a prop then?

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    2. Immortal


      Bank robbing activites? lol :D Perhaps not a prop...

    3. AshOnSnow


      Have you got a license for that firearm?


      I does for THIS one...

    4. Solly4568


      what do you mean by 'this one' 

  5. AshOnSnow

    French newbie

    Bienvenue! Would you maybe like to alter your bio? On this forum, "Sites" refers to Airsoft Game Locations, not websites. If you find yourself around Bedfordshire or Buckinghamshire, give me a shout, lets team up some time!
  6. AshOnSnow

    Hi Cappa's, Pros/Cons

    Pro. Upgradable, some people like them and you seem to join a special club with them. Con. They're fugly and you're jumping on a bandwagon.
  7. It was likely British Transport Police. There would be no grounds for stop and search. You are perfectly entitled to respectfully decline to answer questions, however if you are under caution, this may be a detriment to you down the line if you choose not to explain your innocence. I've read G&A on trains, I've not had anything but the occasional odd look. Then again, I do live rural and the sounds of shotguns across the fields here is pretty much an every day occurrence. Plus, my G&A subscription is with WHSmith. Hardly cloak and daggers
  8. Remember that the UK law defines by muzzle energy, not projectile speed. So an airsoft gun shooting 720fps on .20g is roughly 3.5ft lbs. A .22 calibre air gun will shoot up to 12 ft lbs in the UK before needing a firearms certificate. A subsonic .22LR will shoot around the 100 ft lbs mark. And a .22 Hornet will shoot around the 750 ft lbs mark.
  9. But the type of gas and importance of characteristics are dependent upon the gun in which they're used. You'd never put expensive black gas in a semi auto pistol you were using as a sidearm for example, but you'd want to put a high quality lubricating black gas in a DMR that's your primary weapon, and a heavy action might not even cycle on green gas.
  10. You could help ascertain play style by adding the type of airsoft gun that is used with the gas. Example: Semi Automatic Pistol Fully Automatic Pistol Submachine Gun Assault Rifle Designated Marksman Rifle Sniper Rifle
  11. I had a 600 lumen weaponlight I used for strobing people as they came into a dark building. Great fun.
  12. AshOnSnow

    Replacing CM16 Raider Short rail

    Yeah exactly, sometimes when there’s sales on you can get good real accessories and furniture just a cheap as the Airsoft stuff that’s better quality, and in my crazed Airsoft shopping haze, I forgot for a moment that the gas block wasn’t something to go in an Airsoft gun. Also, it wasn’t obviously restricted because it was listed under “optics”. i was simply saying, if you’re buying something like a gas block, buy it from an Airsoft shop. Be careful of eBay sellers outside the UK, make sure if it’s not a purely Airsoft supplier, that you’re not getting a real one. Example: https://www.opticsplanet.com/aim-sports-inc-750-mil-spec-low-profile-gas-black.html a real one at $6 vs an Airsoft one at £15 https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/fortis-low-profile-gas-block
  13. AshOnSnow

    Replacing CM16 Raider Short rail

    Not getting scaremongery, just a warning - I was browsing for front gas block with a flip up sight to order with some grips and a weapon light, almost inadvertently placed an order for an actual AR15 one that was cheaper than the Airsoft one I eventually bought.
  14. AshOnSnow

    Replacing CM16 Raider Short rail

    The term "component part" may be held to include (i) the barrel, chamber, cylinder, (ii) frame, body or receiver, (iii) breech, block, bolt or other mechanism for containing the charge at the rear of the chamber (iv), any other part of the firearm upon which the pressure caused by firing the weapon impinges directly. Magazines, sights and furniture are not considered component parts. Handguards are furniture, you can buy airsoft or real handguards without a firearms certificate.