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  1. AshOnSnow

    budget sniper rifle under £200

    I’ve seen this story dozens of times, and almost always ends in giving up airsoft early. I encourage you to play for a few months on rentals, get your UKARA, get an inexpensive AEG and look into sniping later on. Sniping is probably a much slower and more frustrating game experience than you’re expecting, and lots of people start airsoft sniping, get bored quickly and leave.
  2. AshOnSnow

    Displaying RIFs securely

    I think the glass fronted cabinet looks fantastic. Traditional varnished wood for oldies like shotguns and wood stock bolties. Black plastic and metal caging for modern guns like M4s and G36s
  3. AshOnSnow

    "6mm Ammo" supplies any good?

    I was flogged Nuprol VSR Mags once, they didn’t feed. same goes for their M4 midcaps.
  4. Well the insurance thing was certainly understandable though. But you did have the option for personal equipment if you so chose (and accepted the risks and lack of insurance)?
  5. What rank?. would your COs have kicked up a fuss if you’d have ditched the standard issue equipment in favour of privately bought armour and stuff?
  6. AshOnSnow

    Airsoft Argument

    Should probably mention I drew my pistol and shot him fairly quick, he’d just continued forward shooting at other players so by the time I pulled the trigger he’d moved in front of me. I didn’t just wait for ages then pop him in the back.
  7. AshOnSnow

    Airsoft Argument

    FOR THOSE OF YOU WONDERING, I WAS PLAYER 2 And as for the other guy getting all arsey because apparently he did me some massive favour by not “rinsing me up my back”, like I pointed out at the time, there was nothing to stop him single shotting or even double tapping me, would have been no problem. But when marshals at the briefing specifically - and make a point of saying very slowly clearly like addressing primary school kids every time - “We do not run a bang rule, single shot when close!” I see no reason to suddenly stop play start following some new made up rule that a random guy just seemed to announce out of the blue. SIngle shot when close. So I single shotted him with my pistol. And when he kicked up a massive fuss, I couldn’t be bothered with a conflict, so I just took the imaginary hit and wandered off (while he ignored mine because apparently I was already dead so it didn’t count) But boy, this thread has gone apeshit!
  8. AshOnSnow

    Airsoft Argument

    See I wouldn’t consider that cheating at all. Especially a place like the mall. It’s a war game, you consent to the chance of some light simulated melee at close quarters if it’s safe as soon as the game starts.
  9. AshOnSnow

    Airsoft Argument

    I only turned his pistol the other way and pulled the trigger, I think Steven Seagull shit might be a bit of an exaggeration 😂
  10. AshOnSnow

    Airsoft Argument

    Yeah, one arm is a VSR, the other is an M4. Skirmishes are very good, but sometimes I have difficulty in airports. Interesting, mixed thoughts on which player I was, this is fun.
  11. AshOnSnow

    Airsoft Argument

    Anyway, back to the OP, that was my argument. Seems to be split opinion on who was in the right, if any, but leaning towards person 2. Any guesses on which person I was?
  12. AshOnSnow

    Airsoft Argument

    Well the ones that don’t should not try and do fancy stuff disarming people, because when you make a choice to do something like that, you have to take responsibility for that choice.
  13. AshOnSnow

    Airsoft Argument

    If I accidentally broke something, I’d obviously pay to replace it if it wasn’t insured, if it was I’d cover any excess. Again, all falls down to being sensible - if you choose to disarm someone with loads of expensive accessories and a PTW, have the bank to pay for it if you break it.
  14. AshOnSnow

    Airsoft Argument

    IMO my line is this: the minute one of you stops having fun, the other one as crossed that line. If you get close enough to someone you can disarm them safely and “kill” them, fun. Close enough to start playing out melee scenes from movies, fun. Hurting someone to score a hit, douchebag.
  15. AshOnSnow

    Airsoft Argument

    Rift - pasted above. Obviously you don’t start punching and kicking people, I take full contact as an opportunity to have just have fun with people at close range. Giggity 😂