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  1. Ha! I think my WE 226 has had a damn good innings, and it’s not crap by any means, I’ll certainly keep it as a backup, but it’s getting about time for a fresh piece of metal now. Deagles and revolvers lmao. When it’s only chambered in 6mm BB, I don’t see much point in a massive hunk of a pistol with low ammo capacity. Sometimes I’ve gone out with just my pistol and 5 mags. 115rds with a pistol can go a long way!
  2. The only decent pistol in black ops 2
  3. Had a 19 gen 4, shot nicely but even with the extra back straps it wasn't comfortable to hold. Have been tempted by a 229, but the sigs need wide frame holsters which are expensive extremely rare this side of the pond. Will check it out but I'm tempted to move off the sig end of things now, try something new. Hi Power is too vintage for my taste Had a P09, I was raving to try it as soon as I found out there was an Airsoft version, I used to have a RS P07 when I lived overseas - it was the first 9mm I ever shot. But with the ASG P09 I, found the grip was pretty small and the slide too light. This looks pretty cool indeed, definitely up my street. I’ll need to try one out first before buying
  4. My beloved Sig 226 is reaching the end of its lifespan after a good few years of getting battered. So, with revolvers, 1911s and hicapas aside (can’t stand the things), any suggestions on where to go next?
  5. Yeah IIIa armour copes well with Airsoft BBs 😂
  6. I play with simulated Level 4 plates when it’s not too hot - plastic sapi ones filled with sand. fun way to up the realism and cardio at once.
  7. The ballistic plates themselves I don’t believe are sold off by MoD, for the obvious reason that you shouldn’t be buying used balllistic plates that you don’t know how they’ve been treated. Of course for airsoft it doesn’t really matter. Level IV Armour is *technically* illegal to possess, at least for the next month and a bit. There’s EU legislation banning civilians from having it, but no UK prohibitions.
  8. I know the WE and TM glock models are different shapes. You’re right - the CNC slide for the sig from there is $290
  9. Where would I find a heavier slide? The stock one is steel I believe, weighs 120g
  10. More, more, I want more! We 226 is all metal parts, except the nozzle. The spring guide is a single piece CNC. The standard recoil spring on a WE 226 fully compresses under 2kg of weight. I need to wait till my brain works to find out what calculations I need to do to find the right compression spring, 100-120mm Open length 20mm compressed length 4kg total compression weight 9.5 mm outer diameter 8mm inner diameter 0.75mm coil thickness Brain. not. working. I’ll get the guarder hammer spring, angrygun steel nozzle, run black gas through it. Just need to find the right compression spring to get that works out as a 180-200% upgrade rather than the guarder 150%. It’s quite roomy inside the slide cavity of the 226, allows for a little adjustment on the recoil spring without having to worry about super exact dimensions.
  11. The WE Glocks have a nice snap, but not much kick. They also have a plastic housing for the guide rod that fails. i have a full metal WE P226 built like a tank, may go down that route. Otherwise, the ASG P-07 and P-09s are designed for CO2, but don’t know what upgrade parts they use for stronger recoil springs. Perhaps, P226 with 200% recoil spring and hammer spring, angrygun steel nozzle, metal hop chamber will be the way through.
  12. I want to build an airsoft Pistol with high recoil and super snappy response just for fun shooting - not necessarily aiming for TM MK23 laser accuracy, but more of a fun strong plinking gun. Would probably want to run either black gas or propane on it, as a semi auto it can shoot anything up to 519fps on .2s, not planning on skirmishing with this one, more thinking along the lines of a more realistic assault course style game because quite simply I have far too much time on my hands. The first thing that comes to mind is the added pressure which could be close to double what the gun was originally designed for, so along with the recoil spring and guide needing to be replaced, the nozzle and seals will definitely need upgrading to stop it falling apart. Suggestions?
  13. Is the STTI any good compared to the TM? Worth putting a hadron kit in?
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