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  1. AshOnSnow

    New AEG not firing

    Forget about everything except this: You bought a product online, it is defective. Contact the seller to arrange a return and replacement. You should not pay for return postage in this situation. I bought my first AEG from Crawley Surplus, had a problem with it not firing properly and I called them and spoke to them about the problem. They sent me a new battery and new battery charger in the post, which fixed the problem, and nuff said. It was the right customer service one would expect from anyone, so I would expect no less from PatrolBase. All other technical advice is second to this - a basic consumer right. Doesn't matter if it's an airsoft gun or a matchstick.
  2. AshOnSnow

    Holster compatibility

    Nope, still no wides here. Not sure why.
  3. AshOnSnow

    What route would you take?

    Contrary to @Gepard, I use my sidearm quite a lot, regardless of if I’m running my M4/G36 or my VSR. You can never have too many pistols.
  4. AshOnSnow

    Has Tokyo Marui solved the 1911 problem?

    The only real 1911 problem is that people insist on still having them.
  5. [This post has been removed due to excessive stupidity]
  6. AshOnSnow

    Shotgun Certificate

    I used to shoot a lot - mostly pistol - but the local clubs in my area are all run by old fogeys in tweed who don’t want to have to look at anyone under 50.
  7. AshOnSnow

    JG BAR-10

    Just bumping this to see if anyone has any input on this?
  8. AshOnSnow

    Safe zone torched

    Weren’t they insured?
  9. AshOnSnow

    Aldi bench grinder/dremel combo ???

    I’lI ask my grandad tomorrow if he has one. He’s obsessed with all things Lidl and Aldi. Plus, he’s northern so he sort of comes shipped with DIY proficiency included as standard.
  10. Just occurred to me that our airsoft guns are chambered in a bigger calibre than .223 real steel counterparts.

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    2. AshOnSnow


      Walking up to the Taliban like "MARHSHAL! HE'S CHEATING AGAIN!"

    3. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      funny was playing arma ravage last night, one zombie refused to die under much gunfire and we all started shouting "call your hits" :D

    4. AshOnSnow



      I get like that on PUBG mobile when there's desync. Putting 10, 15 DMR rounds into someones head screaming down the mic.

  11. AshOnSnow

    Something fell out of my new rifle

    That's not a flash hider on the barrel. It's a thread protector.
  12. AshOnSnow

    Something fell out of my new rifle

    I got my set from Screwfix for £15 or something, they fit snug as a bug
  13. AshOnSnow

    Something fell out of my new rifle

    Uber Enhance! I wouldn't have thought that would make a difference if OP was using the right size hex key
  14. AshOnSnow

    Something fell out of my new rifle

    Didn't work getting the grub screw out or didn't work twisting it off?
  15. AshOnSnow

    Something fell out of my new rifle

    Check there’s not a grub screw underneath. In fact, that looks like a grub screw on the side in that very dark photo. Also, Threaded barrel is probably COUNTER clockwise thread. So turn it clockwise to take off.