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  1. AshOnSnow

    Taiwan Gun MK23

    Is the STTI any good compared to the TM? Worth putting a hadron kit in?
  2. They are not related, having an FAC has no bearing on purchasing a RIF. You do not need UKARA to buy a RIF, as long as you have a valid VCRA defence. UKARA is simply an easy route to have that defence. As for the above, Slamz is correct. Committing an offence with an airsoft gun may warrant prosecution as if it were an illegally held firearm. Not a “low powered air gun”. The low powered air gun thing is more about your BBs or Pellets landing in a road or someone else’s property. Not using a RIF as if it were a section 5 firearm.
  3. AshOnSnow

    “Emergency” shotgun?

    It’s airsoft. the only emergency items you need is a first aid kit and a phone.
  4. AshOnSnow

    Need help with m4 rail system

    I think your best option will be buying a new handguard
  5. AshOnSnow

    Pistol sorted holster needed

    I’m going to break the cliche, and say that in 3 years, my WE P226 has never failed me. However I will soon be getting a Hadron TM Mk23
  6. AshOnSnow

    CQB Help

    Honestly, before you choose a gun platform, work out what you want to get out of it first. Personally if I was going for CQB, I’d want: - Lightweight - Compact - Fast ROF That would probably take me towards one of the H&K submachine guns. Maybe an MP7, failing that a UMP. I’d go for an MP7 with nice high 1x red dot, mid caps, high speed motor, 11.1 LiPo, Deans connectors, lower powered spring to ease off the workload a little. Now, the real question is, where can I get such a gun?
  7. The MoD’s new L85A3 has gone keymod!



    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Vulpiness


      It's pretty much irrelevant, it's a picatiny rail adaptor. 

    3. M_P


      It's actually HKey not keymod, they look similar but aren't quite the same

    4. Druid799


      Same horse different jockey , been designed like that so they can get around the key-mod patent but it’ll still use key-mod products . 

  8. AshOnSnow

    Please help me choose a gun

    Either will be fine. If you’re over 18, then for God’s sake get your UKARA first with rentals. Or you’ll be stuck feeling sheepish trying to hide behind a bush with a bright turquoise M4
  9. AshOnSnow

    Rough Guide To A U.S Vietnam Era Loadout

    DBoys do a good metal 20rd style M16 mag in mid cap.
  10. AshOnSnow

    First Gun Purchase

    You've got good choices there, agree with the BBs - my favourite ones to use are Blaster Devil .28s, however the regular Blast .25s work fine too. 9.6 Nimh with a deans connector is good.
  11. AshOnSnow

    Grey man tactical

    Just a reminder, you cannot have rifs in public view, even in your car. especially in your car.
  12. Lol playing The Gaol with a full auto 40mike powered AA12 😂
  13. AshOnSnow

    A Farewell To BBs

    I always lose a few from the hop chamber, and one from the mag
  14. Sidenote, you can now get AR15s in the UK on standard firearms licenses chambered in the 350ft/lb .22WMR
  15. (I would also have a piece of paper in that has “AIRSOFT REPLICA TOY”) written on it, in case customs lose their shit)