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  1. AshOnSnow

    Joule Creep

    So is it something one should use to their advantage, or avoid? And how does tuning the gas volume play a part alongside choosing which type of gas to use?
  2. AshOnSnow

    Joule Creep

    I’ve been reading about this thing called Joule Creep - I’ve heard it thrown around at game space before but never really understood exactly what it is and how it works. As I’m drawing ever closer to my DMR build, it seems this is something that is likely to play a fairly large role in the system that I choose. Could someone enlighten me?
  3. AshOnSnow

    Best position for a camera for youtube

    I have an action cam fixed to the NVG port on my helmet. It's a pretty wide angle, and while it gives a great all round view from my helmet, it's absolutely no good at detailing the distance where my targets are. I think I might want to get a fixed zoom 4 or 6x scopecam for my VSR, but that's off in the future.
  4. AshOnSnow

    how to carry two primary weapons

    Tried it, tough to do, I would play more airsoft with the M4 then after a few months if you like it, add a pistol to your gear to use with the sniper. I would say that 99% of new players who go straight into sniping don’t come back after a couple of games because you end up missing a whole part of it with your sneaky slow loner play style and frustratingly low kill count.
  5. AshOnSnow

    GBB pistol, co2 or gas??

    Well for one, with green gas you have different power levels to choose from. Everything from power duster has and blue gas, right up to the GBBR propane. With CO2 it’s basically a “Here’s the power you’re having. If you don’t like it you can F off and go suck a fat one you dingy twat.” Personally I prefer green gas. Plus it doesn’t leave billions of metal capsules rolling around in streets and gardens.
  6. AshOnSnow

    Airsoft equipment bought by MOD

    Probably not an “Airsoft” company as such, but company that people use for private security, Airsoft and other things like Miltec or Condor
  7. AshOnSnow

    Armed Police - Yes or No

    Then they’ve saved time and money not waiting an hour for each one previously.
  8. AshOnSnow

    Armed Police - Yes or No

    Well in that case it’s something one would think they would all carry the right ammunition for and training as standard - from what they said in an interview, 99% of when they actually fire their weapons are animal dispatch, sometimes 2 or 3 times a shift, usually at night when the officials who normally deal with it are off hours. Yet again, it’s just a matter of being more organised and thinking ahead. On another note though, I’m in London at the moment and just saw that the BTP guys have changed the barrels on their LMT Defenders for 10.5”s, and swapped their optics from EOTech with fts magnifier to what look like ACOG with a 45 degree offset reflex. Not sure why they wouldn’t go with the Acog with RMR, but I’m guessing it was a budget thing with what they already have. Oh gear, how I love thee
  9. AshOnSnow

    Armed Police - Yes or No

    Oh definitely. Towards the end, it was definitely becoming morally difficult to stay there with everything that was going on behind the scenes, not shooting holes in targets with pistols is a small price to pay for being back home. It was to put a headshot in a muntjac fawn at 2am whose legs had been crushed by an HGV. I’m no ballistics expert, but I’m pretty sure any 5.56 would be more than sufficient. IMO, not only did it leave an animal suffering longer than it had to, but it also stopped 2 other units from being able to go out and carry on with their job. It’s just an example of red tape getting in the way of being practical, especially with what is effectively a very simple thing to deal with.
  10. AshOnSnow

    Armed Police - Yes or No

    Spent 6 years living abroad. Had to give up the shooting when we came back to the UK unfortunately.
  11. AshOnSnow

    Armed Police - Yes or No

    I think there needs to be far more armed police units in general, and much better organised, but as far as arming all officers as standard, I would say no. Certain things need to change though. It was good thinking for the BTP officers to have suppressors as standard, but I can’t imagine an LMT Defender with a 14.5” barrel, plus a suppressor on the end, can be that maneouvreable inside a packed train. Have seen HK417s in town and I don’t like the idea of behind whoever is shot at with one of those. Also there doesn’t seem to be any consistency and a lot of red tape - saw footage of an armed response unit be called and was 30 minutes away. There by chance happened to be another ARV drive past and stop, but they weren’t the specific unit authorised for that specific call because of something to do with some ammunition they were carrying which was softpoint instead of FMJ or something like that, so they just had to drive on and leave the regular officers on their own for half an hour waiting. It’s the little things like that that make me scream “WHY?! JUST CUT THE S***!” My mum went on a shooting range, changed from “guns are scary” to “look at me!” peppering the backstop with an MP5 on full auto
  12. AshOnSnow

    Paypal fees

    No not really.
  13. AshOnSnow

    Paypal fees

    Ah there must be more that one. Even more food for thought.
  14. AshOnSnow

    the ar15/m16/m4 enigma

    Yeah no I just have an M4 and a G36. The the only way I could invisage ever having multiple M4s is if maybe I had a short compact one for CQB, and a long barrelled semi-locked 500fps DMR. Either way, they’d all have different uses. Possibly if someone has their customised tacticool M4 with the low profile gas block, keymod rail, magpul stock and grip etc, then a “standard” classic M4 for milsims they could reasonably have two?
  15. AshOnSnow

    Paypal fees

    Just another thing to pop in here, the "buyer protection" scheme that PayPal offered, last I heard is void for airsoft items. Maybe someone can link the thread recently where PayPal confirmed this? I remember reading it here.