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  1. Well, I just earned a one year trophy on the forums after 10 years. aint i lucky.....forums turning into xbox live 

  2. I sure hope you're being sarcastic. If thats real how the hell have they not been caught up on that yet.....
  3. Well, it was an eventful day. Typical high ROF dude that was pissing people off never letting his finger off the trigger and hosing people down at close range. Kids playing with what seemed like no direct supervision which lead to a few safety issues (leaving mags in guns in safe zone then when reminded to take it out do so and FIRE towards the benches where people were sat) Some douche canoe setting off multibangs in the safe zone too. Lots of complaining too, my partner was sat in the safe zone all day (she had prep to do for an interview and liked not having a her pc or tv to distract her) and she just loved hearing all the guys coming back from the field moaning about their guns and other players. For me though, it rained i got hurt, I got shot I got to use my new rifle (although lost the included tools that came with it because FUCK YOU ARES) and enjoyed my day and got absolutely soaked. 10/10 would do again
  4. Had a rifle, pistol and few lil extras from here recently. everything was fine not a single issue with products. Items were delivered by UPS which i am not a fan off due to them having a lot of issues and items never arriving when they claim to be, but that's an issue with the courier not the seller.
  5. Well, yesterday I learned that playing with a BASR is a hell of a lot different than with my m4. forgetting that i have a rate of fire that'll make my grandads sex life look fast paced. did make the day more interesting though but I am glad I still took the M4 so i could switch out during the day. This is why i like using chest rigs. I hate the idea of not realising ive been shot due to having too much gear on resulting in forcing someone to aim for my face to get my attention.
  6. Off to DogTag this morning. Rain apparently is due so should be nice and mucky by days end.


    1. Shamal


      Enjoy your game fella. I think rain has stopped 👍🙂


    2. SheriffHD


      morning was fine afternoon hit and got soaked. Surprised how many people left soon as the rain started. 

  7. Christ seeing this clip scares me, last game i went to I waited ages before shooting a guy as I couldnt see his arm band to know if he was friendly or not. I like to play using PID but this guy is just like every man for him self.
  8. So I've got the as02 knee capper but it's an as03 barrel, any one know the length of this barrel as I can't find anything online or in any manuals.
  9. I had a blast with that line at a game. dude shooting at me and just seeing them fall to the floor then yelling at me only for my reply to be launching a Tagginn back at him and hearing him yell "what the fuck was that"
  10. easy to look down on us Non TM peasants, I understand 😆
  11. Alot of AEGs have the philips head screw that sits in the buffertube holding it to the gearbox. the castlenut helps to add extra tension.
  12. Every game I go to I take poundland tool set (you know the stubby handle with like 30magnetic bits everything you need to take a rifle apart) and a long screw driver and hex keys it all fits in the front pouch of my gun bag and I'll bring spares too like old hop rubbers and nubs that ive replaced and kept as a back up as id rather be back in the game then have to call it quits. Understandable when you first start off you won thave much but it'll save you so much hastle and agro just by knowing that you can quickily resolve an issue should it arrise.
  13. Here is what ive picked up from the games so far this year. I like sites having under 18's days. not because of the really young 12 year old players (TBH they are always so happy to play with) but its the older teenagers who think overshooting people is funny and purposefully being destructive to purpose built structures. Mil-Sim games. Thats a big nope from me, the day becomes so slow paced and feels more like im feeding into a guys ego more than playing a game. and final thing I've learnt.....More people need to know how to do basic tech work on their guns. Last game I went to 2 dudes went to the stall to buy new guns as the ones they arrived with were too hot. One dude quit after an hour because of gun issues (looked like hop rubber was fucked as BB just fell out) and a dude whos buffer tube was wobbling and he decided to break it off instead of just using a damn screwdriver to tighten it up.
  14. SO, i just got an AS-02 Kneecapper from bespoke. The cylinder has no pins on the rear so im not sure if they are already rolling up an upgraded version already or not. Im very new to bolt guns and im trying to get more fps from my gun. I put in a m140 spring and cleaned things up inside relubed it all and its shooting 294fps with .4s +/- 3.9fps Ive got a maple lead super 70* blue waiting to go in but im waiting till ive had a range day with it to test how the stock rubber shoots before i look at replacing it. Im just wanting to be able to reach out and touch people and save my knees the running about.
  15. Cyma M052 40mm Pistol launcher (purchased from Patrol base for £39.99) Use: Designed to be used with MOSCART shells and TaggInn launchable Pyro Key features: Upper and lower Picatinny rail and safety catch. Simple design with very little to go wrong. Build Quality: Mix of Polymer and metal construction but as this has very few moving parts there is not much that can go wrong with this device. My opinion and overall comments: This small pistol launcher will scratch an itch that other pistols just cant. Using MOSCART shower shells make for quick work when clearing rooms or hall ways without the need to take aim. Paired with the ability to reach out and touch people with Tag pyros make for a fun addition for any day, made even better by the fact this will fit in most universal fabric holsters/water bottle pouch/kangaroo pouch Overall rating: 8/10 Side arms in airsoft dont have much use other than for those who need to adhere to MED rules. This compact launcher changes things and gives you more versatility in games depending on what ammo you decide to use. This is a simple design executed well at a price point that makes it hard to say no too. Overall a solid 8/10. only reason I am not scoring it higher is that I feel it would be nice if some form of grenade iron sites were supplied which does make shooting this with tag rounds difficult to be accurate with.
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