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  1. M_P

    Best slim line flashlight?

    no it's got a pressure pad on/off switch and a clickable permanent on/off swith. I've got a few lights with strobe functions but rarely ever use it- i wouldn't let that sway your choice unless you know it's something you'll use a lot
  2. If you have a good game it makes you feel on top of the world, if you have a bad game then you have a rubbish day simple as that I normally find
  3. Go to z1, SAS is and has always been a good way of throwing away money
  4. M_P

    Stealth tips for snipers

    Keep slow, low and steady, movement is the number one thing that gets you caught. Keep an eye on where the other team are looking at and focusing on, then move in from a slightly different direction etc, don't cycle the bolt straight after firing either, don't give your position away by moving so soon after, that's when they'll be looking for you
  5. M_P

    Gun picture thread

    The SLR was in use by the forces before the l85 came along
  6. Used to go on my own a lot, you'll still have a great time, and probably make a few good friends along the way- from that point you likely wont end up going on your own anymore
  7. M_P


    Overall rating (1 - 10): 10Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): YesAny other comments: Bought some mags from me, replied quickly and payed within hours etc, no issues and would deal with again
  8. M_P

    Show me your sniper loadout

    Belt rig and yoke does the job
  9. M_P

    Belt rig complete.....

    Go with one of the flat colours, they'll look better with other gear if you ever wear it compared to MTP/multicam
  10. M_P

    Eye protection - revision sawflys ?

    Have a look at ESS glasses, if you use the no-go cloth they come with they tend to be very good with regards to steaming up. Depends person to person though, some people just cause it more than others
  11. M_P

    Asg aw308 hop help

    Send aspuk an email, they have a really strong knowledge about what fits what when it comes to sniper rifles, some of them really aren't straight forward
  12. M_P

    New to playing but a keen watcher

    Welcome, the biggest tip for new players I have is don't be scared- get stuck in from the off!
  13. When that new gun arrives! 

    1. Marc.RG1


      oh its the best day lol. :)