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  1. Will be of interest for some of you guys I'm sure Also a Glock Gen 4 on the way
  2. 100%. In my experience a tm pistol has as much range as 75% of the Aegs I've bought, you'll rarely be outgunned.
  3. It's not normal per se but it's not hugely uncommon for some guns to need/benefit from it. 3 of your guns are Ares so potentially its something in common due to that. What weight are you trying to lift?
  4. Surprised we've got this far without mentioning the WE closed bolt paper weights
  5. Actually yes in some cases, I've had in the region of 10 rifles and pistols from each brand and how they stack up definitely depends on what you go for. It's boring to say but with the TM you pretty much always get a good dependable performing gun ad nauseam. The WEs vary pretty wildly depending on which particular model you go for. They've improved the brand as a whole over the last 5-7 years or so but there's very much still some pitfalls in their range and the 1911s and Hicapas are at the top on that list. Conversely their Glocks are pretty much universally regarded as solid performers and were definitely a significant part of the reason their upswing started with regards to pistols as the G36 was for their rifles. But no not everything is substandard, a lot of it nowadays is alright, but there is still some stuff best left on the shelf *looks disappointedly at my WE M&P*
  6. Personally I think the peak thus far was probably around the early 2010s. Airsoft in the UK had survived the VCRA and people were comfortable knowing they could continue playing. We had the 'legacy' big names still producing stuff- Classic army, King Arms, ICS and others, there was Jing Gong and Cyma who were producing clones that weren't terrible for little money. TM had come out with the recoil shock series, G&G had found its' feet and was making solid guns for all prices. PTS had their Magpul license and had in a way revolutionised how people were customising their rifles (looking back I think that was actually a more significant loss to the sport as a whole than it seemed at the time, and I was never a big magpul fan to start with). The forums were in full swing, and had large user bases, Arnies, Zeroin, UKAZ and others, this site had just about started it's slow rise too. I think the point were facebook had it's rise in airsoft prominence was a sight downturn in the game for me at least (not saying it was the cause, just it happened around that time) The original manufacturers aside from TM regressed in a big way being replaced by newer ones, the focus on producing realistic rifles was somehow dropped and we ended up with made up stuff- that's not all bad though, and I felt that there was a slight drop in the sports interest during a sort of transition phase to where we are today where it feels like it's ramping up again somewhat. Nowadays we have newer brands and new ideas coming in all the time, people can get started for lower budgets and the social media aspect has helped businesses and sites get into the fold which is never a bad thing. Then again maybe that's just me reminiscing over what has been- the past does generally seem better on reflection.
  7. That right there is all the endorsement they need 👍
  8. They're made for weaker gas in accordance with the FPS laws in Japan but they can withstand green just fine for the most part, especially over here in the UK. You're unlucky that yours broke but that's the exception not the norm. The vast majority will be fine on green gas/propane as evidenced by the literal decades of people doing so.
  9. Most TMs run just fine on green gas. The FN57 has well documented issues but the rest do just fine. @OP, get a TM, anyone short of the 1911 due to the aforementioned low gas capacity
  10. M_P

    TM Mk46 Mod.0

    Don't get me wrong the price is fair in my opinion for what it is, and the work that goes into something like this. But irrespective of reasonableness that's a hell of a lot of money for a 'situational' weapon so is an no-go for me for that reason. I can't justify that for something I wouldn't use all day or often in general. The high end LMG market is pretty niche but these will sell, that I have no doubt of
  11. It always depends on what it is and what's being slung I used to play with a guy on here who had a viper 1 point for his TM scar, the buckle let go and the stop on it broke. For something that's directly carrying an object of value I'd always get something from a decent brand, just for the piece of mind if nothing else
  12. M_P

    TM Mk46 Mod.0

    One saving grace is that it apparently comes with the bag from this image to keep it in Doesn't help much but it is something 😂
  13. M_P

    TM Mk46 Mod.0

    Yeah I was really interested in one of these but at the price it'll be over here (£1100-1200) I'll have to give it a miss unfortunately
  14. This is the biggest thing right here. Movement is the number 1 thing by far that'll give you away.
  15. Cheers guys, will add both of those to the list to try then 👍
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