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  1. M_P

    Portsmouth based Airsofters

    Try south coast CQB towards Gosport UCAP have just opened a new site in Portsmouth too but I forget the name, it's in the old prison
  2. M_P

    Packs in game?

    Just take it off, you're not going to be regassing in the middle of a shootout so when you get a moment just take off the plate carrier. Most carriers I've used I can get in and out of in 10 seconds so it's not much of a hassle
  3. M_P

    Hydration Pack advice

    Try a Source hydration bladder https://sourceoutdoor.com/en/10-hydration-systems They've got coating on the inside so don't taste disgusting and are easy to clean etc
  4. M_P

    Gun picture thread

    I'm not sure that's an airsoft spec rail, from the description it seems it's a for a real rifle (which seems slightly worrying at the price I must say).
  5. M_P

    Packs in game?

    Personally I don't like taking an extra bag out with me, I did try it for a bit and found it a pain If you're wearing a plate carrier just get a hydration carrier for the back panel if you haven't already got one, that will fit a couple of cans of gas/bottles of BBs or one of each easily and much lower profile than an actual bag or something. For BBs you're better off keeping them in a bag to reduce the rattle then keeping them in a utility pouch I find, I've got a warrrior assault system medic pouch for BBs that is velcro backed so I can stake it off to use- pretty handy for that job. If you do this then you can still fit a water bladder and a can of gas in a hydration carrier
  6. M_P

    Nuprol lo/mid cap mags

    It's definitely an Allen key to undo, take a trip to b&q they do a number of Allen key sets- might as well get a decent one as you'll definitely use it a lot as an airsofter
  7. To be honest I'd take my chances with the TM coming from a reputable long term brand over a first product from a new company at 3x the cost. It could be great, I really hope it is- somewhat reminds me of the real sword AR-15s internally but it's a lot to spend on what could turn out to be a trial run. That said if I had the money to take a punt I'd love to give one a go
  8. That should be the standard at all sites and sounds like yours is really on top of it. Doesn't matter if you're a regular and they know your guns etc, checks should be performed everytime
  9. In my mind every site should have a marshall by the safe zone checking every mag is out and have everyone fire off a couple of shots before entering after each game and then no dry firing once in the SZ. Most players should know better but unfortunately many seem not to.
  10. Watching Jurassic Park and thinking I need to do a Robert Muldoon loadout

    1. L3wisD


      Hah! Glad it's not just me.

      Every time I watch it!

    2. THE FNG

      THE FNG

      He's the reason I got a stock for my spas...never regretted it!

  11. M_P

    Airsoft Argument

    If there's no bang rule then always take a single shot to an area that won't hurt too much, just not worth the risk of them getting you back, or at the very least make sure you see them call a hit before moving on
  12. M_P

    JG080 S-550

    That's what I mean, a NiMH isn't meant to have a balance cable
  13. M_P

    JG080 S-550

    The balance cable? Are you sure the battery you got is a lipo, if it's just a Nimh it won't have one anyway
  14. My M&Ps- both my TMs and the WE, love the damn things