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  1. Much appreciated, will definitely give that a go
  2. Can you take a photo of it with them removed- I'd never thought to do so, sounds like a good idea
  3. If you're not wearing these, you're doing it all wrong
  4. Mine took a month or so, I'm assuming they wait for X amount to be ordered before posting
  5. Another TM recoil, can't go wrong
  6. UK based, I used to have mutual friends with a few of the guys who worked for both Nuprol/WE Europe, which both seem are effectively one company. WE Europe was the original name, now changed to Nuprol
  7. As good a choice as you can make, a great option for you first gbb
  8. M_P

    Gas Magazine Tip...

    Anyone else thinking that it isn't a WE 1911?
  9. M_P

    TM gen 4 G17

    I doubt there's any extra info as of yet. TM show off their upcoming releases at these shows normally 8 months or so before release with little extra info at the time. It comes with a few extra back straps but other than that I'd expect it to be largely similar to the original G17
  10. I've not tried any of their new stuff and they may well have improved. However i'd take a magazine review with an extra large bucket of salt as you say- I don't think they ever put out a negative review.
  11. Tm recoils or the KWA ERGs are both excellent options. The type 97s are very good too though and definitely makes it a hard decision. Look around at your local site, the TMs are pretty common so you should be able to have a go on someone's if you ask nicely- then you can do a direct comparison
  12. M_P

    Upcoming TM AK GBBR

    It's a TM and an AK, they'll be decent enough performance-wise and will sell by the bucketload. Might not be the single best option out there but the reasoning behind it is more than solid
  13. Will be of interest for some of you guys I'm sure Also a Glock Gen 4 on the way
  14. 100%. In my experience a tm pistol has as much range as 75% of the Aegs I've bought, you'll rarely be outgunned.
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