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  1. So TM have made a recoil mk46. 

    That's going to be tough not to buy.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Druid799


      Already working out how to convert it in to an L7 Gimpy ! 🤦‍♂️

    3. RMDavis


      I was looking at this also! There's also some pretty awesome looking revolvers they're making! 😍 

    4. Druid799


      Oh yes loving the big ass chunky python’s as well .😍

  2. M_P

    APS pistols.

    Pretty sure stark arms are or were OEM'd be VFC
  3. Another TRMR vote, so good I bought a second (which was handy as I lost the first) Don't get a black one, make sure it's one of the brightly coloured ones
  4. Haven't the ERGs always had that when using their own mags with the extended followers?
  5. It's not a replica it's just 'inspired' by an AR-15 but it's close enough for most to not realise
  6. It'd surprise me, basic market research would tell them not to do so
  7. cybergun one will have Glock markings not KWC ones
  8. The sopmod is the RIS model, the socom is the A1 plastic handguard version Either are as good as each other, just make sure you get the lipo mod (battery wires soldered to the quick detach point in the stock) done if you get the sopmod
  9. I don't think so personally, most people rent at first to see if they like airsoft or not before buying stuff and lots of sites run a rent/buy scheme until a player gets their membership. If someone is really interested in playing they'll just follow the membership rules, if they're not willing to do that I don't think they'd end up being a serious player anyway. I think the number of people turned away by it would be minuscule
  10. Becuase they're boring to shoot in comparison, airsoft is 95% look and feel so most people go for something that recoils. There are so many gbbs that will still shoot great, be efficient and reliable that there's not a huge NBB market. They have a place but for most people the appeal isn't as strong
  11. To me if it's not bought new from a retailer its second hand. Not everyone is as honest as you'd like and I'd imagine a lot of sales adverts that say 'used just a few times' are stretching the truth at best
  12. Fire support are generally cheapest for TM recoils
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