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  1. This is the biggest thing right here. Movement is the number 1 thing by far that'll give you away.
  2. Cheers guys, will add both of those to the list to try then 👍
  3. It very much depends on where the forest/woodland is, time of the year, type of tree, amount of light breaking through the trees and many other factors. There's no best or one-size-fits-all option as they're so changeable throughout the year or even the day. DPM, Flecktarn, and similar are popular and can be found very cheaply and then there's the more expensive options like A-tacs FG that will work too. Even tan, coyote brown and khaki's can work well to because of the colours we find in most of our wooded areas. Pick what you like the look of, it'll be as good as anything else out there, day dependent.
  4. Currently living in Dartmouth due to work and as such am looking for a new site or two to attend whilst down this way. I've seen skirmish Exeter run airsoft so will probably check that out and seen a few others having googled etc, but any other sites that people rate would be appreciated too Cheers
  5. Won't even be 50-60m accurately out of the box, that's actually quite a long way in airsoft terms. The VSR system is great once upgraded but it'll have the same ~35-40m range as everything else out the box
  6. No, unless you buy some cheap crap thing. Most of the options you see will not shake themselves apart, although when cleaning its worth checking screws are tightened etc.
  7. I'd suggest adjusting playstyle too, 250ft I a heck of a long way in airsoft terms, most people with sniper rifles won't be hitting accurately at hat distance so you should be fine with a rifle that can hit half that
  8. As said it's the quality and consistency of the finish that matters the most. The diameter is largely inconsequential as you'll get good results from either end of the spectrum. You can go mega tight at 6.01 to mid range at 6.05/.08 to mega wide with the orga 6.23s and get similar results. Just get the best brand you can with the money you have. The laylax ones are some of the best bang for your buck, ZCI are decent too. PDI and Edgi are at the top end but very strong.
  9. People saying they'd buy one online and actually doing so are two very different things-People do the same for every new gun that's released. If it would sell in big numbers there would be multiple versions on the market from the big manufacturers, they do their research, they know their target audience. Whenever a 'what gun do you want to be made' or similar thread comes along, very rarely do you see mentions of the Browning and that's because the majority of airsofters aren't interested in the older stuff. The more modern and up to date stuff is what sells and as a result what the big brands make most of. If there was a real demand then someone would've tapped into that. For years people were raving on about wanting an m&p, FNX, USP etc from TM, the Browning isn't something that had that same pull and demand. It's a shame because personally I quite like it but I would never expect someone like TM to bother producing it
  10. Because not many people would actually want them probably. Most people stick to newer or more modern gear and guns and the Browning doesn't really fit that mold. Doesn't help that it was never adopted on a large scale by the US either
  11. Nice gun, but your sight's on backwards!
  12. Yes, pretty much anytime there's 2 parts that touch and movement is involved it's worth lubricating
  13. They're expensive but PDI barrels are very good.
  14. Yeah the TM (as ever) is the one to go for
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