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    Hello all! It's been a fantastic year or so Airsofting. Since starting in June 2017 I have had the privilege to visit many sites. I have decided to do a little writeup of my findings below. Trying to keep this mostly positive as the negatives in my reviews are the bits that get people talking the most. Reviewing sites can be challenging especially because visiting a site for just one skirmish can be a bit misleading for the overall picture. I have tended to stick with facts and comparisons with other sites rather then what exactly happened on the day with certain people. Though if it was a particularly bad day I will say why. I hope my battlebuddy and I can continue doing this for the foreseeable future so we can have as much variety and fun playing and writing the reviews. We have had many suggestions for up and coming site visits including but not limited to the following: Reforger, Red 1 The School, Dragons Lair, Tech Brigade, AWA Herts, 1066 Hastings, Invicta, Hockley Arena etc. We would like suggestions on more unique sites, maybe with lots of buildings above a single storey. So get your suggestions to us! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So without further ado, here is the SE Tour Awards for 2017/2018. 15 sites were visited in this time. Best Overall Site – This is the award to the best overall site in terms of everything. 1) Airsoft Plantation (Essex) 2) The Mall (Berkshire) 3) Battle Paintball and Airsoft (East Sussex) AP in Essex simply blew us away with top notch facilities, playing surface and brilliant marshalling throughout the day. The tall scrubland section and the vehicles in use really set it out. The site is always improving and growing. The Mall really made us feel like operators, it was a unique site that we may not see the likes of again, the facilities were good, lack of food didn’t put us off as everything else was just immersive. It’s a real shame it has closed for good now and a real loss for the sport. Battle Paintball and Airsoft was an excellent overall experience, the safe zone came out tops, the playing area wasn’t that bad and considering it was the first Airsoft game ever held there, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Best Medium/Long range Playing area – Variety and/or quality of the playing area. 1) Airsoft Plantation (Essex) 2) EAG Dorking (Surrey) 3) Apocalypse Airsoft (Kent) AP had the largest variety in terms out outdoor playing area, whilst it is mostly flat and with few water features, the sheer changeability of the terrain and vegetation, interspersed with manmade obstacles means this site came out top. EAG Dorking has some fantastic buildings and woodland variety, one section would have a completely different style of woodland to the next. Water features and a really fun fort section. Apocalypse Airsoft surprised us in its decent size, huge variety of woodland sections and best of all the variety and scale of the buildings used. Best CQB playing area – Variety and/or quality of the playing area. 1) The Mall (Berkshire) 2) Red 1: The Fort Borstal (Kent) 3) EAG Dorking (Surrey) It’s a Mall, ‘nuff said. Tight corners, some long distance shots on the concourse, can be played in the light or dark, back rooms, escalators, kids play area. Won’t see the likes of again, but willing to be proved wrong. RED1: The Fort is a really interesting era Fort, A moat section, plenty of elevation, tunnels and turrets. A really unique site with really good views over the Medway. EAG Dorking Surrey, whilst not a CQB site in itself did have some excellent CQB play, the Vietnam style village had good tiered structures and gun emplacements with lots of opportunity to flank. Best purpose built buildings – This means actually built for the site and not already existing. 1) Apocalypse Airsoft (Kent) 2) EAG Dorking (Surrey) 3) Cool Under Fire (Kent) Apocalypse Airsoft deservedly takes the crown for this category, the sheer variety of buildings at play, well-spaced out, multiple tiers and well looked after means this is a great site for snipers and CQB assaults. The trench system is also worth a mention. EAG Dorking as described in another section has some great buildings, a little shabby in places, but really good for atmosphere and there is always something to hide in. Cool Under Fire had some interesting purpose built buildings, a nice fort section and a giant village section with fireworks. All seemed in good working order. Best Safe Zone – Safe zone is classed as the setting up area. Enclosed? Felt Safe? Lots of space? 1) Battle Paintball and Airsoft (East Sussex) 2) Airsoft Plantation (Essex) 3) Battle Lakes (Kent) BPAA takes this one by a country mile, the safe zone was an actual heating building, two stories and can hold plenty of people, everyone has a table, storage space and chairs were available. The bathroom was 5 star. Airsoft Plantation has a huge safe zone which is fully undercover with proper metal sheet roofing. New tables have been put in place and caters well for the large amount of people that turn up week in and week out. Battle Lakes has both indoor and outdoor safe zone areas, indoors has quite a lot of space with easy access to food and toilets, outside is traditional with a high roof and open areas for the sunny days, variety here is the key. Best on-site shop – Shop selection. 1) Battle Lakes (Kent) 2) Airsoft Billericay (Essex) 3) Cool Under Fire (Kent) Battle Lakes had a very large indoor shop with lots of interesting weapons and gear for sale, also sold second hand stuff. Airsoft Billericay almost takes the top spot, letting itself down on the variety of weapons available, but a very large selection of gear is available at reasonable prices. Cool Under Fires shop had decent variety, was a little small in comparison to the other two in this list, but the prices were good and the staff friendly. Best Catering – Catering selection. 1) Airsoft Plantation (Essex) 2) Battle Lakes (Kent) 3) Bush Valley Airsoft (Kent) AP had a proper burger van, all the sauces, reasonable prices and a vegetarian option. Tasted good as well. Battle Lakes had home cooked chilli, hotdogs, vegetarian option and plenty of confectionary and sticky pop. Tasted very good and was homemade. Bush Valley Airsoft had a standard fayre burger shack, but the taste was very good with a decent pop selection. The friendliest staff. (This third place could have been won by a few other sites as well) Best Marshalls – Marshalls that made sure you had a good time, were friendly and weeded out troublemakers. 1) Airsoft Plantation (Essex) 2) The Mall (Berkshire) 3) Battle Lakes (Kent) Airsoft Plantation had the most open Marshalls, very willing to discuss how the day was going, the history of the site and future plans. They kept encouraging the teams to push forward and they changed things around if it got one sided. They were also hands off when needed to be. The Malls head marshal Luke was the funniest fucker we met. Both times we went his safety briefings were hilarious. Considering the nature of the site we imagine it would be an absolute ball ache to keep in control and we felt they did it very admirably. Battle Lakes had very solid marshalling, the person running it was a hoot, things were explained clearly and all the mission briefs were concise. Much like the Mall, Zed Adventures really seem to get Marshalling right. Site with the most potential – With some changes, these sites could be outstanding. 1) Battle Paintball and Airsoft (East Sussex) 2) Bush Valley Airsoft (Kent) 3) The Fort Borstal (Kent) Battle Paintball and Airsoft can be a really top site, it could be the biggest site in the SE if opened up properly. We played a small area of it as it was a test day for Airsoft, The marshalling was initially shaky but really pulled together come the end of the second game. The old zoo sections are fascinating and there was way more on the site then we saw. The Safe zone was the best we ever experienced and apparently may be expanded in the near future. This site could become THE premier site in the South East with some investment and the continued support of the landlord. Bush Valley Airsoft is a fully family run operation, they own the actual land that is being used, meaning they don’t have to get permission to change things around. Although lots needs to be done, we really felt welcomed at the site and feel that if they really make a go of it, could be the making of a must visit site. The Fort Borstal really needs very few changes for it to be a great day, more Marshals and better explanations of what is out of bounds and that is all that needs to be done. It is a genuinely unique site that deserves the best that Airsoft has to offer. Could be very rewarding if done properly. Site that most surprised us (Good) – The site that simply surprised us most for whatever reason. 1) Battle Paintball and Airsoft (East Sussex) 2) EAG Dorking (Surrey) 3) The Mall (Berkshire) BPAA surprised us most considering it was their first ever game day at that site, the safe zone, the chrono, food, site variety and overall experience was amazing. We really though the day could have been a disaster considering, but we were pleasantly surprised. EAG Dorking has very few reviews online, to the extent that we didn't even know it was still operating. Turned out to be a great site and deserves a bigger player base then it receives. The Mall had some very “interesting” reviews online stating that it was quite poor and rants against the marshals. We didn’t experience any of this in either of our visits. So that in itself was a surprise. Most unique site – Will we ever see the likes of these again if they closed down? 1) The Mall (Reading) 2) Red 1: The Fort Borstal (Kent) 3) Battle Paintball and Airsoft (East Sussex) The Mall was a Mall. Probably never seen again. The Fort is a fort, I believe not the first ever for Airsoft in Kent, but the only one we are aware of in the South East at the moment. BPAA, it’s a freaking Victorian Zoo, though there isn’t much of it left. It’s a huge site though, which is unique in itself. Site where we had the most fun – Might not have been the best sites, but definitely had the best experience. 1) The Mall (Berkshire) 2) Airsoft Plantation (Essex) 3) Bush Valley Airsoft (Kent) At the Mall, we felt operator as fuck and I hate the O word. We wanted to do better than our decaying bodies would let us. It was dark, scary and it fucking hurt. But we bore it with good grace and laughed any problems off. Airsoft Plantations double decker bus was hilarious, the site design and variety had us guessing what was around the corner, and the players were good to battle with as well. Personally I hate lots of players on a Sunday, but even with 140+, I had fun. Bush Valley Airsoft, again we can’t explain why we had fun. We just did and had some really great moments flanking the enemy. I wish I could describe it better! Site with Strictest Chrono: Airsoft Billericay, BPAA, The Mall, Apocalypse Airsoft and Battle Lakes share this crown. Both have very strict chrono, no skipping weapons and they kept chronoing throughout the day. Spray and “prey” award: Tactical Warfare Croydon (London) was a bloody nightmare. Everybody used full auto and you had to use full auto to keep up. Went home after lunch! Best moment: Battle Paintball and Airsoft (East Sussex) – Last game of the year, I hid myself in some large ferns 2 or 3 times during the match. The ferns gave me amazing cover and managed to take out a team of 5 without them seeing me as well as another team of 4 later on. The Marshals were dead impressed! Best site inside the M25: Red 1 Chislehurst takes this one unsurprisingly, Bunker 51 cannot compete (Though it holds a special place in my heart) and Tactical Warfare’s Clientele is very poor. Chislehurst has great variety and is a good size. If Wasteland West Drayton was still open then this might have been a more interesting category as they were very different sites. Here are all of the in-depth individual reviews for your viewing pleasure. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are taking a break until mid January so I can learn more about teching and getting more bullpups and fish related guns into a skirmishable state. I hope to do a little side reviewing of the Bristol sites as I visit my family there often.
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    Gun picture thread

    I got a new toy
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    It’s because Airsoft are Realistic IMITATION Firearms, not a real ones. They have different uses entirely. I was at RoE in Hadleigh recently, they’re an Airsoft, Airifle and Firearms dealer. They deal with the police all the time, up to and including section 5, and they couldn’t sell an Airsoft pistol to a firearms officer (to help him with dog training) without a letter from his Chief Constable.
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    More specific sections

    I made a similar post, nobody have a shit.
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    UKARA isn’t legally recognised, it’s just a way for Airsoft retailers to protect themselves. As a seller, all you need to do is satisfy yourself that the purchaser has a reasonable defence to purchase a RIF, and be over 18, that’s it. Theres no published legal precedent yet either PS Think of it like this. My car and motorcycle are deadly weapons, so is my knife collection, most of my tools and my partner. All are legally operated with the requisite licenses and permissions, none of which gives me a defence to purchase a RIF
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    Coming from a working marshal heres my view point on it.... I work a 50 odd hour a week job sometimes more if work needs it, I also work for an Airsoft site every other Sunday so I'm regularly working 6 days a week majority of the year (so a break even a small one is welcomed). When I marshal generally I take snacks out with me into the field including drinks etc so I'm kept going through the day. Players come to the site and most expect to have a lunch break, on the odd occasion we have players asking to play through we will run a small game in one of our smaller game zones to keep those people happy (but people very very rarely ask for this). Majority of players, and I can say this for a lot of sites I've been to over the time I've been playing find it hard enough to fathom the concept of quick turn arounds, people will stand and chat or play on their phones... pretty much doing anything bar loading up and getting their shit squared away for the next game. Having an hour/45 mins for lunch isn't such a big deal in my opinion because not only is there regularly a lot of people to feed but there is also a hell of a lot of people that appreciate the time to have a sit down and chat with friends, one chap for instance I know for a fact that coming to airsoft is one of his only opportunities to socialise because for whatever reason doesn't get to outside of airsoft. While I also agree that if I'm paying a fee to play I should be doing just that but I also can appreciate why sites have a longish lunch (some I've been to go out into the game zone and change barricades around etc) and not forgetting that there are people that are playing that may need the break as they may not be as fit as the 30 odd 14-30 year olds running round like rabid gazelles. I would suggest if you go to a site with breaks that are beyond what you deem as acceptable you maybe have a word with them in a constructive way. They may be able to offer to do a small game while others are eating or they may just start to hurry things along a bit more. Cant hurt to ask.
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    Knowing roughly were your based, I’d say your best bet would be to have a look at Mr @rocketdogbert‘s classifieds on here. For reliability and performance your want a TM, new they are exceptionally pricey, but knowing RDB’s pistols (I have bought one, my team mate 2) they are always very well built and looked after. He has a tempting little Glock 17 for sale at the moment; if I didn’t already have 3 pistols I might be taking it home!
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    Haha so true bud ! 😂 when you come down to it no matter how nice you are , or how good your work is the minute you take money from someone for goods or work to be made or done your private life has no relevance at all you’ve got a contract and that’s that ? You contact the customer immediately end off , for this very reason when I make anything for someone else I never ever take the money till it’s done and ready to go , that way its still ‘just a hobby’ and NOT a business so if work and life get on top of me I’ve got a fall back .
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    I may have a problem. Every time I think i have all the rifs I want or need something happens to add more onto the list. I wanted an urban sniper so brought the bulpuped svd, ASP SVU. So with a russian gun I brought some russian camo and gear to go with. As a result of that I have now been looking at Ak74U's most notably the cyma version as its £100 for the 1 joule version on TG. Anyone else find random developments or purchases suddenly give them the urge to buy rifs that didnt originally intend on buying? Eventually this will annoy the missus....
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    THE TM MWS thread

    As a lot of threads end up with one of us recommending the Tokyo Marui MWS, and i get PM's asking about it, i figured I'd start a thread to keep all of the information in one place. Here i plan on covering a general overview of the gun, as well as upgrade parts, general maintenance and tuning. If anyone else wants to share any information, guides or even gameplay with their MWS, here is the place to do it. With that being said, lets get on with it. I've had my 2 Tm m4 GBBR's for a little over a year now, and they've got through dozens of changes to get them where they are today. Out of the box they are beautifully finished and boast impressive performance. I bought my first one from Zeroone, who price matched it for me. At the time the gun set me back £430 and the magazines £35, but they have risen quite a bit in price in most places. The gun is incredibly well finished and sports a Cerakoted receiver. Before opening the box, i didn't get what the big deal was about Cerakote, but that all changed after using it over time. The finish is VERY resistant to the hard life I've shown it, and is far more scratch resistant than any paint or anodization on any other gun I've owned. The two I have still don't have a scratch on them. At the rear is a standard m4 stock, which does its job with little wobble, but isn't the nicest one I've ever seen. The railed handguard is very solid and nicely finished with all of the correct numbered markings on the rails. From there you have your usual front triangle iron sight which DOES NOT have a sling attachment at the base. The magazines hold 35 BB's and have a Cerakoted shell to keep them from scratching easily. They have very recently started coming with silent fill valves, but are mostly the normal kind that hiss when filling and spray liquid propane when full. Its worth noting that the valve sits at an angle to the baseplate. One modification i would highly recommend to do is the "green gas mod" which involves removing a long zinc tube from inside the magazine. This allows more gas into the magazine and upping your shots per gas fill dramatically, with some people reporting 150+ shots from a single gas charge. As a side note, i have started to just cut the zinc tube about 1 inch from the base instead of removing it entirely. A video showing how to do it: Chronograph Results: using blaster .20 BB's and green gas i got around 298 fps with a deviation of 2FPS. yes, you heard that right, " FPS. This thing is incredibly consistent! Important information: The inner barrel is 250mm on the 10.5 " CQBR and the 14.5" carbine, meaning on the 14.5" outer you can fit a much longer 370mm inner barrel. The Hop up adjustment dial is similar to Tm pistols and can be located inside the upper receiver by locking the bolt back and looking down the magwell. Due to the way the outer barrel is cut, it's not possible to fit an aftermarket rail onto the gun without one of two things. A barrel adapter ring (PTS, ORGA and a couple of others make them and usually cost £10) or A dytac outer barrel, which has a wider lip, as shown below. Dytac on the left First shots: I took it down to the 20m range at the First and only shop and loaded it up with .28 blaster devils. They had multiple targets there, but i focused on the little spinning targets at the back wall. The orange discs must have been no more than 1.5 inches in diameter and i was hitting it virtually every time with the iron sights. So far, very impressed with the accuracy. So much so, I treated it to a new dress! First internal upgrades: After speaking with Dave about the gun, he explained that the gun wouldnt hop really heavy weight BB's with the standard nub. because it was hollow and squished when applying hop pressure. To remedy this he machined me a great little nub out of brass. Isn't it beautiful!? This meant i could now lift much heavier BB's increasing my range and accuracy even further than the already impressive stock performance. Using this new nub and GEOFF .32 bb''s i was able to get the bb's out 60+M with a flat trajectory. They were making a 1.5-2ft grouping on the plastic bales as seen in the video below. I have SOOO much move to cover, including barrel reviews, customs mods and a DMR build, but its 5;30 am and i need to be up in an hour, so we'll continue this tomorrow
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    Bad Influence Airsoft

    Full review CYMA CM.045

    ΗELLO AIRSOFT WORLD!! This is my review for the cyma cm045...The distance is measured correct and the max distance is of course with overhop, and aiming higher from the target.
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    Newbie from Leeds

    Evening guys, how is everyone? I have been to a couple of airsoft sites in the past couple of weeks and really enjoyed it, so looking to buy my own gun eventually and have taken a liking to the P90. I have been having a look online at them and there seem to be variants that are different prices, but I can't seem to tell the difference between these guns, like it one 'better' quality than the other? Check the links below. Any recs would be welcome https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/cyma-cm-060-p90-sub-machine-gun-aeg?pv=3097 https://fubarbundy.co.uk/shop/classic-army-ca90tr-p90-sportline-aeg-black/
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    More specific sections

    I used to run a Bass guitar forum a long time ago. We had way more in terms of members then this forum. We trialled this by opening up new more specific parts of the forum. Even with the many thousands of active members, it was detrimental to the site. Although it was convenient for certain members, it ended up meaning some posts for help were completely ignored in the lesser perused parts of the site, even though people could have helped that person if they had just seen it. If that post was made in a more general part of the forums, it is more likely to be seen. AFUK I believe does not have the numbers to support this. Though with the dissolution of Airsoft related FB activity we may be able to capitalise somewhat.
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    No, your firearms licence is not a valid defense for buying Airsoft replicas. It seems dumb to me but that's the law I'm afraid.
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    They are different parts of the law I believe. To buy a RIF you need to acquire a defense. To prove you are an Airsofter you can get a UKARA number which you get playing Airsoft over a certain period of time. Another defense is for use in Cosplay and you can get Cosplay insurance (Though this is far less used by shops). In short, rightly or wrongly Real guns and Airsoft guns are treated very differently. You cannot use your firearms license.
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    Impression kits driving gun purchases.

    Oh I have this problem. I buy RIFs based on what loadouts I want to run rather than the other way around - primary problem of being mainly a historical themed airsofter.
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    KWA Kriss Vector Owners Club

    Recently Got my Hands on the KWA KRISS Vector and will be looking to hopefully skirmish with it soon I have 5 mags, 6 including the baby one just having trouble finding a chest rig that holds the mags as it does not fit my old mp5 or m4 holders, if anyone could help with possibly what they use and some suggestions as I dont want to spend money and it not fit or look silly money isnt really an issue open to any suggestions thanks
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    Facebook and Airsoft

    So you mean say under 'Electric guns' a list of brands where people could post...? With a list of all main ones with others for ...others? that sort of thing? Best to raise it here so it can be discussed in more detail https://airsoft-forums.uk/forum/16-forum-feedback/
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    Facebook and Airsoft

    Would be nice to have a few more sub sections on the forum so more specific items/threads could be done. Real steel section (threads/classifieds), Platform specific sections (recoil/systema/evo etc.) rather than just a thread as information tends to get lost in long threads. might get a few more people moving over then
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    The SE Tour 2017/2018 Review and Awards thread has now been posted! 2000+ words of goodness!
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    never had a tracer so don't know the layout, had the workings come away from the base I would have suggested dropping the epoxy'd part in to a pan of boiling water for 20 mins, surprised freezing didn't work, might take a few goes ?, epoxy doesn't usually survive drastic changes in temperature, cold usually makes it brittle & heat makes it a little pliable......you sure he didn't use unicorn jizz 😉
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    This is the Bravo4 recticule, as ever very difficult to photograph with a phone, but the recticlue is an upside down horseshoe, with a tiny red dot in the middle and the bullet drops are illuminated as well
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    try freezing it, the different materials will expand/contract with miniscule differences, at least 8 hours in the freezer & then immediately upon removal exert a small amount of pressure to attempt to break the joint between them. obviously don't hold any metal parts with bare hands 😉. if it doesn't immediately work, maybe try a small amount of hot water for rapid expansion, there is a small risk of damage but metals/plastics should be ok. good luck
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    Just an idea of the rifle wrap. The scrim in the background is supposed to be Italian vegetata 🤔 And the MRDS is for memes
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    SAS lead the way

    druids right, I too have been out of the game for a long time, but have pertinent experience, both my own & associates from back then, my last involvement was in '92, even then there was a distinct link being created between specific specialized military units & not only the police, but also paramedic services, the aim being to utilise the skills learnt the hard way. Too many people are under the impression that the remit of the military is to ultimately end life, while there's an element of truth in that, if you were to look at the parent regiments of sf members, you'd see a very broad spectrum of regiments. For good reason. But maybe we're just all speculating😉
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