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  1. Time Left: 2 days and 9 hours

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    For sale is my upgraded Raptor PKP. Bought from gunfire for £565ish 6 months ago. It’s got a bullgear cnc hop chamber (£55), magazine insert that upgrades the capacity to 7500 rounds and has a much beefier motor with adjustable feed speed (£105). A full metal piston has been installed inside an otherwise standard gearbox as the standard pistons are awful. The battery is a 5000mah 11.1 lipo, which fits perfectly inside the battery bay, although you may wish to run a 7.4 for a more realistic rate of fire. the gun has never actually been used outside and has only been test fired when having parts installed. It was my intention to bring it to milsims to play the bad guy, but I can’t bring myself to use anything but my mws. THE GUN IS ALMOST ENTIRELY STEEL AND IS VERY HEAVY. Bare this in mind if you’re thinking of buying it. £525 including PayPal. the thing is really heavy and really long so I’ll have to price up postage, but expect about £20. Cash preferred but I’m looking for a TM usp full size detonator threaded barrel/slide kit, so may PX


    - GB

  2. It was put back in its box after a single day and sold on in disgust 😂
  3. It’s a wankers tool. Semi is semi, and you can fire virtually any airsoft gun more than quick enough in semi. With a binary trigger you’re firing a minimum of 2 rounds. So can I use a KWA vector 2 round burst? If I can use that why can’t I use a we mp5 with 3 round burst? you only need one BB to hit someone to ‘kill’ them. If you miss with 50 you’ve wasted 50 and you’re shit. If you hit with all fifty then you’re a cunt.
  4. Despite my best efforts, google has let me down. Does anyone know where I can get hold of a Gen 1 viridian X5L pistol weapon light/laser? Or it’s airsoft clone made by big dragon I believe. Or maybe one of you have one for sale? I’ve searched high and low for one of these and a detonator threaded barrel for a usp and it’s just not going well 😂
  5. I swapped a magnesium bodied, systema internalled PSG-1 for a KWA vector listening to people go on about how amazing they are. It is utterly shite and one of the worst decisions I’ve ever made. Wouldn’t have one given to me.
  6. Wo1f

    THE TM MWS thread

    Before I go track one down on the interwebz... does anyone have the brass collar from the end of the outer barrel they’re willing to part with? Or even a complete 10.5 barrel?
  7. Wo1f

    THE TM MWS thread

    Having owned what is probably the best built TM 416 in the land, I still can’t put the mws down. Gas is just better 😎
  8. Wo1f

    THE TM MWS thread

    It’s also 3 times more than the base rifle
  9. Mws is king. Having owned most gas guns, including 5 ghk’s, nothing compares to the reliability and OOTB skirmishability of the mws. Like people have said though, by the time you’ve bought mags etc you’re £500 at least. Ghk are priced the same but mags are even more expensive. Also, despite what fanboys will tell you, their quality control of late has been nothing short of dreadful. Trigger feel is nicer than the mws though and co2 is a bonus. mp9 I owned and never got on with. It’s got a truly impressive ROF and it sounds great, but like every other KWA product I’ve owned
  10. We had something similar at an old site called sou kula. The day was normal skirmish rules. Semi indoors and just generally being respectful. Then the last game was an opt in one where you were put inside a large room (about 50ft by 50ft) with walls and barricades. Absolutely anything went other than there was a rope running down the centre that you couldn’t cross, so you always stayed on your own side. Smoke grenades and full auto gbbrs with tracers indoors. It was amazing.
  11. They deserve everything they get buying that shite
  12. Wo1f

    THE TM MWS thread

    @RMDavis my mags do that very rarely. In the field I usually just find a thin but sturdy stick and push down on the second BB to free it because I’m an animal (or an Allen key if I’m feeling posh) cleaning it out with isopropyl and a cotton bud when I get home usually fixes it for months
  13. Wo1f

    M320 + tag Shell


    • For sale
    • As new

    For sale is my Ares m320 launcher. It comes with a shower shell that I’ve never taken out of the box and a TAG green gas shell to fire the TAG rounds. I’ve never actually played with it so the condition is like new, other than the thin, wire cap lanyard that snapped the first time I pulled the cap off. £230 all in


    - GB

  14. I just don’t get why you need to spend so much to get a good shooting rifle. As a ‘sniper’ I’d be expecting him to be selling an AEG aimed at good range and accuracy, not gimmicks. all most guns need to be at to top end of ‘performance’ is volume matching+ good hop/Bb combo. ive got a JG g36c sat gathering dust that my brother used to use. Cost £90 from Taiwangun. Fitted a maple leaf rubber and gave the barrel a clean and it would shoot better than a standard NGRS. Is it Gucci? No. But it does what you want from an airsoft gun. Shoots better than the guy shooting back.
  15. Wo1f

    THE TM MWS thread

    Be interested to see what the accuracy at range is like with a 6.00 barrel
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