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  1. Wo1f

    THE TM MWS thread

    Mws kicked ass at the Stirling event. Might be getting a second one again too. Exciting times! More builds to come
  2. All gas all year. Wouldn’t have an AEG given to me now. @rocketdogbert they finally realised their hips are shite?
  3. I’d like to hope the CIA aren’t interested in 30 year old scope rings 🤣
  4. The problem with this is it’s not a retailer. I bought something a retailer wouldn’t sell me and got it sent over by a private individual. Thankfully though, it’s made it’s way to Langley today, so the worlds most well travelled scope rings are nearly at my door. 😁
  5. Wo1f

    THE TM MWS thread

    I’d probably be looking at a .28-.32 max for that sort of FPS.
  6. Wo1f

    THE TM MWS thread

    What FPS does that come out at? I only use propane so I’m not sure what 144a gives
  7. Bit of a random one... ordered something from America and it was shipped on the 1st of April. On the 18th it arrived in Denmark for whatever reason and it’s been stuck there since.. Now USPS shipped it and Royal Mail are supposed to be the receivers in this country.. who am I supposed to contact to chase it up in Denmark?
  8. Wo1f

    THE TM MWS thread

    Yes. .32-.36 is the sweet spot for range and accuracy for 310-350fps
  9. Wo1f

    THE TM MWS thread

    I got a load of V2 mags and cut the tube down anyway. Ran 5 mags Sunday, gassed them the night before and I gassed them at dinner. Filled all of them up with bb’s repeatedly and it showed no sign of even slowing down. Until it stops working, I’ll always just the tubes short
  10. Wo1f

    THE TM MWS thread

    propane, so essentially green gas. With gas guns FPS is less important. It might be 330fps on a .20 bb, which is about 1 joule. But with a .32-.36 it could be 1.3 joules for example. Because an AEG has a fixed volume of air it tends to either keep the same energy or loose it with heavier BB’s (depending on barrel:cylinder volume ratio) unless it’s specifically built to joule creep. A gbbr is different. The heavier the BB is, the longer it’s in the barrel for, which generally means the more of the energy the gas can impart on it. It’s another reason putting a longer barrel in a gas gun can make the fps go up considerably. Longer the barrel, the longer the BB is inside of it, the more energy it absorbs. Which can be advantageous or cause cycling issues if you go too long.
  11. Wo1f

    THE TM MWS thread

    If it’s only over hopping every other shot Id say you had an issue somewhere. Range and accuracy can be gained by running a heavier BB. I’ve found .30-.32 to be ideal for a standard power mws. Standard barrel in terms of accuracy is good. I only change the barrels now if it suits a power goal for a DMR build or a general length issue. like @ReformedNiceGuy said, I’ve had many kills from across the carpark at anzio. In fact I had a test video somewhere that I measured with a range finder to be 60m from the bale of shit at the edge of the carpark (medblock side) to the bales against armoury/Garage. That was with .32 Geoff’s and 330ish FPS NOTE: the barrels come from the factory covered in this brown shit though. I always give the inner barrel a clean, even on a brand new gun. You’ll be surprised how dirty they are new.
  12. Wo1f

    THE TM MWS thread

    Sorry mate. Yeah I have one. PM me your details. Just pay for postage and I’ll give you one 👍
  13. As much as I’m only interested in GBBR’s I’d rather this was an NGRS. While it’ll shoot amazing, TM’s plastics are shit compared to VFC or WE nylon fibre. Just watched the TM video where he says the new AKM gbbr is die cast zinc, and those subcompact NBB things have fixed hop and about 5m range... they need to get their shit together
  14. Wo1f

    THE TM MWS thread

    I might have a couple in a box somewhere. I’ll check in a bit
  15. Wo1f



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    TRMR for sale. Comes with the insert to run .209 primers, 9mm and 12g shells. Also has a kydex holster. £130 all in


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