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  1. For £100 unless you’re buying tags, you may as well buy a pistol or some fancy attachments for your rifle.
  2. That’s plan B. The plug looks like it’s a 2.5mm jack where the dual pressure switch is a 1.5 jack. A friend of mine is going to attempt to solder the end I need onto the switch. I don’t trust myself to that extent with a soldering iron.
  3. Dbal a2 and a pressure switch that doesn’t bloody fit it 😑
  4. Be interesting to hear what you think of it after a bit of use. Been looking at them for a while but I don’t know if it’s worth ditching my crossfire ii for one
  5. I thought that was the shite KWA version?
  6. They kinda did, didn’t they? The haphestus custom one?
  7. Must be an LMG weekend... bullgear PKM mag insert bullgear CNC hop chamber Barrel and sorbo from AK2M4 5000mah 11.1 LIPO and a raptor PKP to put it all in. Much better than a TM mk46 for half the price. Bloody heavy though...
  8. just give anything plastic/rubber besides the hop rubber obviously. Charles is a great guy. Very knowledgeable
  9. seals lubed with silicone, moving parts lubes with PTFE/Teflon, mags gassed and the whole thing stored in a box/ case with some silica packets to keep moisture away.
  10. You only ever need to ask yourself one set of questions when debating what pistol to buy. Are you going to use it twice a year at Best Buy it’s your fashion accessory? Buy it. Are you relying upon the pistol at game days to hit people (especially if you’re a DM or Sniper with a MED)? Buy a TM
  11. Wo1f

    THE TM MWS thread

    This is probably the most annoying part. GHk fanboys keep quoting they have more aftermarket support but they really don’t. TM just needs an adapter ring for some rails because of the lip on the barrel. Personally I have just bought an aftermarket barrel and it fixes the issue without the need for an adapter. (bought a longer than standard for my mk12 and a shorter than standard for my URGI) . The receiver is AEG thread so it will take virtually every airsoft rail/hand guard. Pistol grip is RS/gbbr spec same as the Ghk and the stock tube is milspec which I also assume the Ghk is. GHK uses AEG spec barrel and buckings out of the box. TM is VSR style.
  12. Wo1f

    THE TM MWS thread

    You can actually hit someone at distance out of the box with it. It’s within FPS limits out of the box. It’s got a cerakote finish that’s really nice and hard wearing. Had a good hop setup, not an awful plastic one you need to dismantle the hand guard to adjust. Cheaper mags. Much better and less bitter community... GHK pro’s: the trigger looks more realistic. Considering you can’t see it unless you’re cleaning it that’s kind of irrelevant. Trigger pull is nicer. Kicks a bit more but isn’t as ‘snappy’ unless you’re running £70+ co2 mags. Owned and build multiple GHK’s and MWS’
  13. Well I’m not happy with them. Ordered a raptor pkp from them and it’s arrived poorly packaged with pita missing and metal bits snapped off. Sent them a message and waiting on their reply. Why send an 8kg gun in a thin cardboard box with absolutely zero padding.
  14. I’ll let you know once I get a battery 😂. Turns out an 11.1 5000 mah will fit
  15. You’re a legend. Off to battery shop now
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