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  1. Wo1f

    THE TM MWS thread

    @Davegolf Nice! Love me a DMR. I might have a barrel laying around somewhere. I’ll let you know.
  2. I was just about to break out the scar’s gas plug to measure! Saved me a job 😂
  3. Wo1f

    THE TM MWS thread

    You can cook the rails in the oven to change their colour slightly. My mate did it to his mws mk18
  4. Heavy in everything. Might cost more but if it takes one shot to hit someone instead of seven, then you’ve not really lost anything. my only complaint with airsoft (Besides those speedy wankers) is a lot of the time I can see an enemy before I can hit them, so every range advantage I can get I’ll take. BB weight also depends on barrel length too. With short barrels heavy is fine, but try getting a decent flight from a .4 and a 500mm barrel. That’s why, even DMRs I try to keep barrel length below 430mm
  5. You bought another one so you’re in it 😎
  6. That’s not how you get into the cool kids club
  7. It’s all bollocks. The only real thing it’s good for is the stigma of people not wanting to play with a 2 tone one. That makes a lot of people rent and play their 3 games and within those 3 games most people have decided if airsoft is for them or not. So you’ve not got loads of RIF’s owned by people who played once (or never).
  8. Wo1f

    THE TM MWS thread

    What he said
  9. If you’re planning to shorten the barrel I’d start with that. No point getting the FPS where you want it and then chopping the inner barrel in half and having it shoot low. Once you’re happy with barrel length I’d look at the hammer spring as @heroshark suggested. If the gun isn’t a gbb then it doesn’t rely on the excess gas cycling the system so there’s no real disadvantage to a lighter hammer spring. If they don’t make one, I believe you can just shorten the ends of the original very slightly, but I’d wait for someone more knowledgable than me with NBB to confirm that.
  10. I can’t upload any images either. Says insert other media and I can select what I’ve already uploaded or a URL. I used to be able to browse my phone and select an image.
  11. Is the raptor aluminium? I’ve just tested mine with an old shs motor and the only thing not steel seems to be the ‘gas system’ at the bottom that is A&K’s rate of fire adjuster, which isn’t wired in on the raptor as it’s a stupid design. (Basically a resistor. Uses the same amount of battery but turns the energy into useless heat instead of cycling the gun.) ive no play or wobbles in mine, but it is literally brand new, so maybe it will come with time? For whatever reason it isn’t letting me select from my album pics I’ve took doing the magnet test... if you’re interested send me a PM and I’ll WhatsApp them to you or something
  12. @FreeFrag.UK gun was just shy of £600. The mag insert/motor was £100, hop chamber was about £45 and the 5000mah 11.1 cost about the same. It’s literally been built and shelved😂 it’s more the shell itself that’s robust. Normal gearboxes usually snap at the front under lots of sustained fire or high FPS. V2 gearboxes in particular were notorious for breaking over 400 FPS. The a&k is a brick of a gearbox shell so it should take the repetitive impacts/vibration better. want any more info or pics, just let me know.
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