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  1. More than likely the rail is “airsoft spec” keymod. If you see the likes of the American stores YouTube videos, they often make a point of specifying if it’s actually milspec keymod or not
  2. Wo1f

    Advice Needed - retracting sling

    You’re laughing but try it. Hold out a pistol at full stretch and put the barrel against the wall. See how far away you’re stood from the wall. Then do the same with an m4a1. If it’s a g3 or something really long then sure, but a short barreled rifle is actually smaller. A p90 for example is about half the length shouldered as a pistol is extended. More firepower, more accuracy.
  3. Wo1f

    Advice Needed - retracting sling

    Is the end of say a m4 really that much longer than a pistol extended out on front of you? I bet there’s only a couple of inches in it.
  4. Wo1f

    Advice Needed - retracting sling

    I just run an adjustable MS style sling. Falls fine for me. You can adjust it more precisely if you’re not holding it for a long time, but if you’re that bothered about speed, I don’t think you’re gonna be bothered about exactly where it falls. In airsoft the only application I can see needing any sort of speedy draw is playing as a sniper/DMR and being shit enough to allow someone to get within your MED and having to panic draw a sidearm.
  5. Wo1f

    THE TM MWS thread

    What’s the kick like compared to standard? Think it would improve consistency over a mag in conjunction with the zinc mag tubes?
  6. Wo1f

    We scar H gbbr

    Time Left: 6 days and 12 hours

    • Wanted
    • Used or new

    Looking for a we scar H gbbr. Preferably in tan and preferably with mags, but all considered. Must be in good external condition


  7. Wo1f

    Umarex Glock 17

    The trades are a part of it. There’s different grades too. Most expensive is about £200 but that’s a CNC steel slide and will feel as realistic as I imagine you could get. The new licenced VFC Glocks are also exactly 1:1. The TM is a little off and the WE is about 1mm narrower that that I believe. I have the Tm g18c. It’s great and accurate for a pistol and very reliable because of the plastic slide. That’s why if I were to own the VFC I’d want the CO2 so it would work well in winter
  8. Wo1f

    Umarex Glock 17

    Externally they’re probably the nicest pistols and they’re the best Tm clones. If I wasn’t going to buy I Tm one I’d buy a VFC.. BUT.. it would have to be a co2 one.
  9. Wo1f

    Omg how many bbs do you use?

    Maybe 500 for a full day. 35 round mags and I usually carry 5 plus a 90rd speedloader, plus whatever is in my pistol. Difference is I don’t really suppress unless im pinned and need to retreat. I don’t use auto either.
  10. Wo1f

    Gun picture thread

    If you ever sell it I want first refusal 😍
  11. I thought that went without saying lol. It very rarely has a use, in airsoft or outside of it. It’s 10% preference 90% because Chris costa did it so it must be the way
  12. Couple of reasons. Mostly the C clamping tier one operator grip everyone does. A long top rail rail is actually useful in real steel aplications. It allows you to add night vision devices in front of the daytime optic, as well as IR lasers, torches etc. You also have finer control on a bipod that’s further away from you. In airsoft this is less important. The way I look at it is, if I’m not adding a great deal of weight, there’s no reason to not have a rail an inch or 2 short of the barrel. the gun is that long anyway, may as well increase your options.
  13. Wo1f

    WE MP7A1 (Small Rice) Upgrades

    Barrel is standard gbbr vsr spec. The nub you have to watch out for. It’s vsr type but the tab is on the front and not the back. If you were to install an aftermarket bucking like a maple leaf, you have to shave off the tab with a razor
  14. Time Left: 22 hours and 21 minutes

    • Swap only
    • Used

    Looking to swap my VFC m40a5 gas sniper for a WE Scar H setup. The gun is in great condition and extremely consistent. FPS deviation of about 3 over 10 shots. The nozzle is adjustable and locking. You can set the FPS between 400-600 I believe. Ideally looking for a Tan Scar H with mags but will consider a black one.


  15. Wo1f

    Highest quality BB's?

    Heavy weight BB’s my go to is Geoffs or longbow. The 1000 tubs of accuracy international ASG heavy ones are good too. .28 and under any blaster devil or G&G bb. Not usually picky with light stuff.