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  1. Wo1f

    FNX 45 package

    Time Left: 4 days and 13 hours

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    I never thought I’d sell this, but the time has come to fund something else.. VFC/Cybergun FN FNX45 with real tritium inserts in the iron sights and a trijicon trademarked RMR. Internally it’s got a maple leaf 60 degree bucking and an I key, sending .32-.36’s a very impressive distance. The gun comes with 2 mags, spare mag baseplate gaskets (about 4) and a really nice retention system/holster similar to the DTD for the mk23 but much more compact, giving super quick draws. £175 all in, posted and PayPal’d


  2. Wo1f

    THE TM MWS thread

    Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure you can’t use a RS charging handle in the MWS
  3. Other end of the world to me. If you don’t fancy trying it, I’ll happily do it for you, but it’s honestly a 15 minute job. Especially with a standard front end. One hex head bolt to remove the KAC rail, 2 pins for the front sight post, a Phillips screw for the bottom of the delta ring assembly and then twist the barrel nut off and pull.
  4. Wo1f

    THE TM MWS thread

    As Dave said, the SixG nub isn’t ideal for long contact patch, concave buckings. It works, but you’re not going to get the benefit of the bucking. A standard bucking or a modify tan uses a normal mound style hop, so it’s idea with the SixG nub. I’ve used that in a previous DMR setup and was able to hop .40’s no issues. If you want to use long contact patch buckings like the TNT I’d advise a barrel with a longer window as the mound can hit the front of the barrel window. I’d also suggest opening up the chamber where the nub sits and running a longer nub.
  5. It’s really easy, but where are you based? If you’re local I’ll do it for free.
  6. Buy a SixG nub, modify tan bucking , .32-.36 bb’s and try that. If range and accuracy are your issue, a Tm recoil won’t fix it. Out of the box, the mws kicks the recoils ass. Both of which can be upgraded to increase the range and accuracy a significant amount.
  7. Hera arms is made by ICS so gearbox will be top quality. Might benefit from a bucking, but that’s what I’d go for.
  8. Scar is the more ergonomic platform. Controls are in the same place, but the selector is 90 degrees safe to auto instead of 180, mag release is ambi and the stock folds, as well as taking a good sized 7.4 lipo without mods.
  9. This is true.. lesson learned though. I still think this should be a U.K. only forum when it comes to sales.
  10. I tend to load my midcaps the night before. Unless the springs are subjected to a substantial temperature change whilst compressed. Any short term compression will make no difference
  11. Without meaning to go all Nigel Farage... foreign cunts that ask you 5 million questions about a gun you’ve got for sale, tell you they want it so you hold it. Only for them to message you when you’ve turned other people down to tell you my pricing is all wrong and it didn’t cost what I say it did. Isn’t this a U.K. forum? I’ve had this a few times now. Even to the point of selling stuff for them to say “cool.. my address is blah, blah in Holland. You still posting it for £5” Cunts!!! i feel better now....
  12. The propane I buy from the handyman’s is £8.40 so it’s cheaper and lasts longer. Everything ASG makes is shite. They have a 10% butane content which is lighter fluid and it seems to drop pressure and increase cooldown. On a gbbr there’s a considerable difference between asg gas and Nuprol in my testing. I’m sure it’s fine in a TM pistol, but so is my propane. That and I’d rather fund ISIS than ASG.
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