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  1. Wo1f

    Acetech AT2000 tracer module

    I have the AT2000. They’re often sold with KAC suppressors. They’re 32mm wide so they should fit in most. Sadly I bought mine for my mk12. It fits will loads of room... until you screw it onto the gun. The mk12 flash hider screws in half way through the silencer making it just too short. Providing the space left in the suppressor is longer than the tracer module after the flash hider if it’s QD, you should be fine. If you remove the flash hider to fit the suppressor then you don’t need to worry so much.
  2. Wo1f

    THE TM MWS thread

    Not finished, but it’s getting there..
  3. Wo1f

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    More mk12 bits and a at2000 tracer module that doesn’t fit in the silencer when installed on the gun.. 😑
  4. He’s probably just busy making it all. If it’s any consolation, I’ve bought from him before and the quality is fantastic
  5. Wo1f

    THE TM MWS thread

    The stainless heavy one? I have one I may be willing to part with.
  6. The mp5 would empty a mag on the 3RD burst but would struggle to mag dump on auto, the scar is set up as a DMR so semi only. Has a steel bolt but had no issues. The mws was full auto mag dumping and locking back. I was then refilling the mag and did it again. The last game was in a big dark room, with a smoke grenade thrown in for good measure and we were running tracers. If Mr Skunkworks posts the video up I’ll put it on here, but it should show the TM spraying .32 tracers everywhere. If it’s a m4 mag WE you’ll probably struggle. The g36c, scar H and mp5 are great bits of kit though. Lightweight buffers and springs will definitely make a difference. But whether they’re needed is gun/ brand specific. Some guns deal with the cold better than others. You loose a bit of recoil, but you get a snappier response. I only really use propane or MAPP gas as they’re cheap and work very well. I’ve ran MAPP gas at sub zero temps. Nuprol red/Black or whatever the strongest Abbey gas is. Avoid ASG as it’s crap. Nuprol 2.0 is okay, but it’s more expensive than propane and no better. It’s more of a summer gas.
  7. Gas depends entirely on the particular GBBR. Providing its well maintained propane will be adequate to about 5 degrees. Me and a few mates played at the weekend. I was running the TM MWS, and my mates were running a WE mp5a2 and a WE scar H with an angry gun steel bolt. None of them missed a beat all day on propane. Any colder and you want MAPP gas. It absolutely stinks and you shouldn’t store the gas in your mags for ages (use it in games and then empty at the end of the day and store mags with a bit of green gas). But it will empty a mag like it’s july without giving you a massive spike in FPS. (But it may go up a little) keeping mags warm.. little trick I do is get one of those muscle heat patches and put it between my map pouches and PC. Stays warm for 12 hours and works as soon as you open the packet as it reacts with air. It’s not gonna keep them toasty through the webbing and all that, but it will give you that extra couple degrees.
  8. Having a longer inner barrel is no more accurate than a short one. Only thing that matters concerning accuracy with the barrel is the bore finish. Just look at the MWS/ MTR. That’s a 250mm inner barrel and it’s more accurate than a Tm recoil out of the box. The good thing about longer inner barrels in GBBR’s is that it’s ‘free’ FPS. If I was building a DMR for example, a longer/ tighter bore could give me a massive FPS boost to my limit (400,450, whatever) without having to loose gas efficiency by changing rocket valves or messing with mag valves/ hammer springs. Like a real gun, the longer the barrel, the more the gas can expand and the higher the velocity. It’s why they joule creep so well. If your barrel is decent, all that effects your accuracy is hop up bucking/nub/ general design and the BB
  9. I got mine on the first £99 sale. Gonna wait for the TM one next as the VFC mags are £42 and one has broke the base o ring the other day😭
  10. Wo1f

    New hpa gun in the pipeline

    How many BB’s are you burning through per contact? And surely it’s quicker to put a couple squirts if a speedloader into an empty mag than to dick around replacing co2 cartridges. Seems like it’s trying to create a solution to a problem that didn’t need to be there
  11. Wo1f

    New hpa gun in the pipeline

    My Mws will shoot over 120 rounds from a single gas charge, the FPS deviation is better than most AEG’s, is more accurate out of the box than a TM recoil and actually has some kick. It’s used all year round without issue. In fact.. Sunday I ran the MWS and 2 of the guys I was with were running a scar H gbbr and a mp5a2 gbbr. Nothing missed a beat. Isn’t this a massive step back? If you can’t be running 1000 drum mags out of it because it will run out, and it has no recoil or anything, where’s the gain? Most good AEG’s and GBBR’s have about a 5fps deviation. One leans to realism and one leans to capacity. This HPA thing has neither from what I can see.
  12. Wo1f

    New FMA La5 PEQ

    They seem to have these LA5 UHP versions on JK army for $80
  13. Wo1f

    Silverback SRS Sport

    I want the shortest barrel length to maximise the air
  14. Wo1f

    Silverback SRS Sport

    Isn’t the sport the long one? I wanted the 16” one but I wasn’t paying an extra £100 for it