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    Sites around London that do Saturday games

    Driver wood in crawley are doing a Saturday game this weekend. https://www.facebook.com/events/319524058661636/
  2. No problem! It's no mall. But I cant see many places around the M25 that does this form of Urban CQB on such a scale. Check out there FB page for more photos.
  3. Site Name: XSite - The Outpost Telephone number: 07535 896683 Website Address: http://xsiteairsoft.co.uk/ Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/XsiteUK/ Site Address: Edlesborough, Dunstable LU6 2EQ NOTE: No Sniper rifles, DMR's or CO2 guns allowed My battle buddy and I made the trip to XSite - The Outpost today. We were looking for something Urban with both indoor and outdoor sections. Sites like this seem to be in short supply in the South East, this was recommended by a number of players on FB and on these very forums. We hadn't heard very much about the site beforehand though. It is a small sized Urban CQB environment, with small areas of elevation on the outside, with none inside. We believe this used to be an old WWII listening post/radar station (Cheers @clumpyedge for the info) As in the name, this is a large X shaped building with multiple entrances. Indoors is typical CQB chipboard walls, very dark, ultra close combat that you would usually find in purpose built arenas in the north of England and the USA. Outdoors is much akin to wasteland with LOTs of purpose built buildings, some multi storey, cars, vans, small heathland etc. The views coming into the site are pretty breath-taking as the Bucks/Beds/Herts countryside is some of England's best. Good: Playing area: Pretty much everything on the site was close range, though with some opportunities for long distance engagement outside. Although the site has a small footprint, we never got bored. The purpose built obstacles kept things interesting. Indoors can be a little bit samey due to the chipboard walls, but again we didn't get bored as it was as tense as CQB comes. Shots do come very tight so we recommend you suit up! Safe Zone: Not a word of complaint about the safe zone. XSite restricts the amount of players to 40 so there is plenty of room in the old building to set up. Everyone had a table and a chair if they wished, the shop and canteen were all in one area. It felt safe inside, whilst not warm, it wasn't cold either despite not having heating. No wind got in, we were comfortable. Safety brief/mission briefs: Brief was solid, conducted by a no nonsense "old boy". He commanded attention, all safety, everyone listened and was the right length. (Please see negative) Marshalling: The Marshalls were definitely hands on (In a good way). They listened to complaints and took action, whilst they had plenty of laughs to share, they were dead serious when they had to be, punishments were meted out for people who bent the rules or didn't call hits. Mandatory Chrono: Everyone had to go through Chrono. Max AEG FPS was 350. No Sniper rifles, CO2 guns or DMR's allowed on this site and they aren't really needed. Food: Dead chuffed about this. Pizza was part of the walk on fee. I mentioned that I had a dietary requirement and they made damn sure that I had the pizza I could eat before anyone else can get to it. When there was some left over, they made sure I got to it first. I have to admit, I felt important. It almost felt like they knew I did site reviews... If you didn't like Pizza, you could ask for a burger instead. Free Teas, Coffees AND hot chocolate, which is a very welcome feature. Drinks were competitively priced at £1.25 per bottle and chocolate was 60p a go. Shop: Admittedly small, but there was a variety that catered for all needs for the site, Gas Pistols, AEP's, rifles and even a Tavor bullpup. Had full chest rigs, wide variety of mag's and gas. Parking: Plenty of parking, less then 5 minutes from the safe zone. It seemed safe. You park on thick grass so would have to be really poor weather to get very muddy. Average: Clientele: Everyone was very friendly. This site operates a 16+ only rule. Players were mostly mature and good natured. This would have been a positive, but as the day wore on, hit taking waned and tempers got a little frayed. More to do with the close nature of the playing field then anything else. Game Modes: The game modes were a bit lacking, most were attacking, defending then pushing up. There was one game mode where you had to put your teams case on top of a car, the last game mode was 4v4v4 with a random free for all interjection. Looking at other reviews we know that they do more varied game modes then what we experienced. Cost: The skirmish was £35 each, the most amount we have paid for any average skirmish. It was somewhat worth it, the food was good and there is a degree of exclusivity from having a number cap and the uniqueness of the site. Bad: Comments during Safety Brief: There were a number of comments towards a certain sexual orientation during the safety brief. This was not the same as your standard bit of good natured homoerotism that most airsofters like to partake in. We independently felt that the comments made at the beginning of the day by a member of staff, whilst in the form of a joke were pushing the realms of acceptability. If I were so way inclined, I would have felt a bit unwelcome. No Range: No range so to speak of available. Though there were lots of structures to shoot if you wanted to test accuracy. It would be nice to have. Toilet: One portaloo that we could see (We could be wrong). It was in good shape, though it was out in the fire zone so could only safely go in it between games. However if this one toilet got messed up by someone having difficulty, it could have caused problems. Sign and Directions: Very minor negative here. We could have done with some better directions on the website or event page. The sign at the entrance to The Outpost was mostly green with green writing on it. Not particularly easy to see from a distance when in a car! Conclusion: I hold my hands up and say I am not a huge fan of CQB, you need to have a strong pain threshold for inside the building. But we really enjoyed this day. The site is great, we took an absoloute hammering with various wounds, but came out smiling at the end. There clearly has been a lot of work on this site. Photos and video that you find online do not do the playing area justice. It seems bigger in real life to us. The Facilities are good, the people are friendly and you will have a decent time. As Urban sites are at a premium we do recommend you check out The Outpost in the future! We intend on coming back. Bullpup Watch: At least 3, All L85's. Not bad for the numbers at all.
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    Gun picture thread

    Thanks Well that's pretty much all of my collection. Even the M4 looks like something completely different. This is the eventual outcome.
  5. Asomodai

    Gun picture thread

    Finally got the longer outer barrel through from Hong Kong for the ARX160. Didn't realise the old short one was plastic and the new long one is proper heavy metal. Took the opportunity to install a new ZCI 400mm 6.02 inner barrel and Prommy purple bucking. The hop unit is very basic and doesn't use a traditional nub, but much like the G36 SRC unit it uses plastic/metal as a nub. Cant wait to try it out!
  6. Asomodai

    Sites around London that do Saturday games

    Bunker 51 play every other Saturday night. Expensive and not the best though. Red 1 Chislehurst will very rarely run a Saturday game. Very few sites run Saturday games in the whole of the South East, let alone London. Hockley in Essex can be accessed by public transport and run games Thursday, Friday, Saturdays and Sundays. Please be aware that the FPS limit is only 290 and you need full face protection and full seal goggles (Not mesh) to play.
  7. Asomodai

    Gun picture thread

    My £75 Cyma P90 with £150+ of upgrades on the weekend.
  8. Hello all. In a drunken stupor on Saturday night I decided to work on a project over the Christmas period. I work in Education so I get a fair few days off. I looked up that P90 gearboxes and takedowns are pretty easy so felt that was the way to go. £75 for the CYMA CM.060B seemed a bargain. I have changed barrels and bucking on an AEG before as well as a GBB pistol but beyond that I have always paid for upgrades on my RIFS. To save money and learn a bit, I felt it time to work on a gearbox for the first time. Even if the stock parts are OK I have decided to replace as much as I can to learn more about the type of parts I need to buy and be able to put them together. The other challenge is I want to try and keep the budget for the gun and the parts under £200. --------------------------------------------------------------------- The following is what I already purchased. CYMA CM.060B: £75 Element Gearbox Shims: £1.50 SHS M90 Spring (Though I believe it's rated for M100): £2.50 FMA P90 QD Sling mount (Not sure if I need this): £2.00 SHS P90 Aluminium Air Nozzle: £2.00 XCortech XET304u Mosfet: £7.80 Specna Arms 14:1 steel gears: £14.33 Prowin P90 CNC Hop up unit: £22.00 King Arms P90 Tappet plate: £10 Prommy Purple Bucking: £10 Guarder Cylinder enhancement set for P90 (Including piston): £45 Guarder Steel Bushing set for P90: £13.50 Ultimate Spring Guide for version 6 gearboxes: £11 Tokyo Marui EG1000 Max Motor. (Not counted towards original budget) Laylax FF P90 Custom magazine catch (External and optional so not counted towards the budget) Deans connector Decent wire. Running total: £147 - Remaining budget: £0.00 (Overbudget, £216.50 for everything so far.) --------------------------------------------------------------------- The following is what I already have. Tokyo Marui AUG barrel. (Should fit, if not I will cut it down by 20mm) Swiss Arms P90 harness kit (Bought it being told it was for an F2000, but wasn't!) ICS M4 style flash hider. -------------------------------------------------------------------- I need to make a decision with regards to the build. I would like a fairly high speed build, but would depend on whether I use 7.4v or 11.1v. What sort of grease should I be using for the gearbox? Thanks for listening!
  9. Asomodai

    CYMA P90 full upgrade - First Skirmish!

    Just had the last piece come through the post, the extended EA Buttpad. Quite disappointed with this. The rubber is of poor quality. Whilst it does fit, it only adds an addition 2CM length and means I cannot use my Wonderbra sling setup. So probably will go without it. Here she is in battle, Tracer unit, Holo and torch installed. Credit to D.B Photography.
  10. I had to travel to Balham first, from Balham it was just over an hour.
  11. Asomodai


    Question is, do you want to stick with M4's? I don't think you'll find much difference between the ICS and other high end brands at all.
  12. Asomodai


    If you want something a bit different, have a gander at the ICS L85. It not only had a quick change spring, but also has three quick change positions for that spring so you can go for lower power but with higher rate of fire in 5 minutes. Very very solid RIF.
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    I cant see either of those brands being that much better then ICS personally.
  14. Asomodai

    maddest gun ever

    I think either of the TM Electric shottys have got one over on this.
  15. Thanks for the info. Will change it shortly! We did go by Whipsnade, though they didn't have the eagle out!
  16. The latest SE Tour Review is now up! XSite - The Outpost! 


  17. Looks like their first game proper will be February!
  18. Site Name: Battle Paintball and Airsoft Telephone number: 07739041930 Website Address: https://www.battlepaintballandairsoft.co.uk/ Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/battlepaintball/ Site Address: Heathfield Park, North Gate, Tower Street, Heathfield, TN21 8PD My battle buddy and I made the 160/180 miles round trip to Battle Paintball in Heathfield Today. This is a brand new airsoft venue, having been used for Paintball until now. Battle Paintball and Airsoft used to be based at an old site in nearby Catsfield (Which we mistakenly went to first! Don't follow the google listing!). Today was a bit different as it was a private test day open to just AFUK'ers and certain Facebook groups. This was put on to test game modes and the general reaction to the site from experienced players. It is a Large sized woodland/open field site interspersed with areas that once were part of an old timey private zoo(!). There weren't many purpose built airsoft buildings on site. Lots of low level fern style foliage with large gaps in the tree line. Medium, long and very long engagement distances. There was a stream running through the main play area culminating in a small pond. Some fairly large hard to see holes in the undergrowth. Large open field sections for sniping. There was plenty of elevation at play here, nary a true flat surface to be seen. The site uses BIO bb's only. You can either buy them at a shop beforehand or buy them on site. If you buy them off-site, make sure they are unopened or they will need to be tested. Note: As this was a test game, some things were not implemented on the day but will be if it fully opens for airsoft, I have put most of these in the "Average" section. Good: Playing area: The playing area was varied and interesting! there were plenty of woodland areas as well as open grassland and fields. My favourite parts were the low level ferns which were excellent for hiding in. We only played a small part of the site (About 1/5th) and even that bit was exhaustingly large! Safe Zone: This was HANDS DOWN the BEST safe zone we have come across. It's in a proper two story building. It has space for around 50ish people. Tables line the walls, it appeared to have some form of heating. Due to the way the site is setup, players do not come back to the safe zone between rounds so the building is LOCKED. Your stuff is safe as houses in there! Toilet: Two toilets. The one on the top floor of the safe zone is a full on bathroom, its made from porcelain, it has a working flush, loo roll, a sink with soap and even a shower! (No don't use it guys). Luxury! There is another toilet in the Storage unit which is more basic, though I didn't see it. Marshalling: Were pretty hands off on the field and chilled. They listened to whatever minor issues that came up and dealt with them accordingly. As it is a brand new site the first game mode didn't quite come off, but after that all was well. Most importantly was that they were all incredibly friendly and really, really wanted to make sure you had a good time and asked for loads of feedback. You were made to feel good and involved. Mandatory Chrono: Everyone had to go through Chrono. AEGS have a mild variation of around 350FPS limit. DMR's I believe were limited to 420 and Sniper Rifles were at 500. Its a small point, but considering the amount of sites that skip chrono, I can only put this as a positive. Food: Proper burger van affair, a lovely couple run it, not a huge selection. Bacon roll, burger, deep fried chips to order and a veggie burger option. Has all the sauces, salt and vinegar and a variety of cans to purchase. Free tea and coffee in the morning. Average: Safety brief/mission briefs: Brief and specifically catered to the experienced clientele. Basically, don't be a dick and go from point A to point B, sometimes via C with object. When fully open a proper safety brief will be given. Shop: Not really a shop at present, there were a large selection of Bio BB's available in pretty much every weight up to .40's for the day. My battlebuddy managed to forget his gloves and the site managed to rustle up a decent set for him to buy. If the site fully opens there will be a shop stocked with TM and JG rifles along with accessories and gas in addition to the BB's. "Zoo" section: The site was sold to us with photos of the lovely Seal section, tower and bridge. However they were hardly used on the day. I am sure they can be used but the choice was made not too in this instance. I would say the site is more of a woodland site with small sections of zoo rather then a zoo with a woodland section. It is certainly unique, but I wouldn't necessarily oversell it if they aren't being used often enough. Parking: At the moment it seems quite limited, there were 25ish players today and the one obvious parking section was full, another section will need to be designated which I am sure wont be a problem. Bad: No Range: I believe this is in the pipeline, but it would have been nice to have a range setup near the safe zone. Structures: The Airsoft/paintball specific structures were a little poor, they could do with some updating. Maybe proper perimeter walls with choke points? Conclusion: Battle Paintball and Airsoft was in my top 3 for airsoft sites in the past year. (Battlebuddy says top 5). It has a good variety of play areas to keep it interesting and we only saw 1/5th of the site. The marshalls were spot on, the safe zone was breath taking, food was good, clientele was good and we couldn't say enough good things about it on the long drive home after. We really had to split hairs to find bad points about the site. Considering this was only a test day, we felt it was run better then many established sites. Personally my own airsoft performance was one of the better ones, throwing myself into the middle of a giant fern patch and picking people off as they walk by was a personal highlight. Having never used BIO bb's before, I am happy to report there didn't appear to be any discernible performance difference from standard Non Bios. We would like to see more sites incorporate this, which in turn should make manufacturers churn out more varieties of them. The people running the site have big plans up ahead, opening up more parts of the site and incorporating the monkey cages, bunkers and fox holes etc. A shop, a possible extension to the existing safe zone, its very exciting stuff and we hope they follow through on it. It will be very interesting to follow how the site progresses, it has so much potential as not only a skirmish site but a full on MilSim experience. It was our last airsoft game for 2018 and we are incredibly chuffed to have ended it at this amazing site. Bullpup Watch: Fourish! (Only 25ish players today so the ratio is the highest ever in my reviews) 2 Augs, one of which was not used outside of chrono, my ICS L85 and a fake bullpup P90. Notes: And that is it for 2018 from us! Time to take a rest and spend time with our much neglected wives/families. Need to give my arthritis a rest too! We still have plenty of sites to go to in the South East. I will be posting another thread soon with a final review of the year as a whole with top 10 lists etc. Photo attached is of myself, taking control of the truck with the MP5
  19. Site Name: Ace Combat Telephone number: 01303814803 Website Address: https://acecombat.co.uk/ Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/AcecombatA/ Site Address: Brenchley, Tonbridge TN12 7DG My battle buddy and I popped along to Ace Combat on Today. This is one of the oldest airsoft sites still in existence at around about 12 years old. Previous online and in person reviews have been very positive. It is a Medium sized woodland/open field site. a fair few cover positions but not many buildings. One or two natural pathways. Medium to long engagement distances. Very little in the way of water features beyond puddles. Some fairly large hard to see holes in the undergrowth (due to autumnal leaves). One or two fairly large open field sections for sniping. Good: Opportunistic field of play: Due to the layout of the woodland areas, it is fairly easy to get around the enemy and shoot down the flanks in surprise. Lots of layered cover. Game Modes: Detailed though somewhat complicated game modes were available. Multi point bases and capture the flag modes. One particular mode was a big miss, but the rest was pretty good. Marshalling: Were pretty hands off on the field and chilled. Player marshals were quite useful. Pyro: Whilst the pyro that players were allowed to use were limited (No TAG rounds). The site uses some pretty powerful pyro in the middle of scenarios which can create genuine atmosphere and fear. Strict Chrono: Everybody had a number on their armbands which was linked to the chrono sheet/weapons used. This is a fairly good way of keeping track of what weapons players were using on the field and if there was a problem, they could see if it was chronoed or not. They were very strict on Chrono and didn't allow any exceptions. DMR limit is high at 450 FPS as it should be. Average: N/A: Quite polarising. Bad: Food: Poor selection available. Either Bacon rolls for lunch or egg for vegetarians. As someone who does not eat pork and hates egg, it was a bit of a let down with no alternative apart from a small selection of chocolate and crisps. Safe Zone: One of the smallest safe zones we have been to, it is essentially a small cutting at the side of a dirt track, some undercover space but we had to go out of site behind the shipping container and setup on the mud which was pretty much the only space available, If it had been raining we would have been completely soaked. This was a pretty terrible experience. Shop: Quite frankly, one of the worst shops we have seen on a site. No weapons for sale, there was a boneyard section which had things that were beyond useful. There was a fairly good selection of gas and bb's. Very few mags and eyepro variety's. Parking: Parking was limited with players have to park in front of others essentially blocking them in. Everyone got a space, but whether you would call it a space is pushing the limits of the imagination. Safety brief/mission briefs: We felt that both were a bit too long. The safety brief did to its credit cover everything, but I have seen them delivered better elsewhere. Mission briefs were also long winded. Players fidgeted quite a bit after a while. Bang Rule: Not a huge fan of this. Never seen it in use at all the sites we have reviewed. Didn't really work very well. No range: The range was closed outside of Chrono. You were not allowed onto the field to test your weapons if it was during a break or lunch. Toilets: Two portacabins close to the safe zone. Not the best. Conclusion: For £26 we think you can go to better sites in Kent. The playing area was OK, but nothing special. The clientele was neither good nor bad, some decent players, the rental kids needed a bit of guidance and tended to lose heart quite easily. What lets the site down is the things going on out of the playing area. The safe zone was a very poor experience and put a damper on the day. The turnout was pretty big at around 80-100 many of which appeared to be regulars, which is good for a site in the middle of nowhere, but we don't quite see what they seem to be seeing. Unfortunately we aren't fans. Bullpup Watch: Two, a Cyma F2000 and a P90 (Though again, its not a real bullpup!) I brought three guns and for a first, none of them were bullpups. Figures that one of them was too hot for the site and the other ones hop up failed straight away. Note: Photo attached is of the battlebuddy with his new Cyma G36 I got him for his birthday . I somehow managed to tear apart his gearbox the night before to downgrade and rebuild in time for the day. (I am dead proud!)
  20. I have nothing but praise for Platoon stores. The evo midcaps are known to be a bit flaky! (Ask my battle buddy!)
  21. Just got back from the latest Skirmish site to be reviewed. Urban CQB, very interesting day. Somehow my project P90 made it through the entire Skirmish! 

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    CYMA P90 full upgrade - First Skirmish!

    Just had the P90s first skirmish. Was going to only use it for a half day, but my M4s tappet plate was up the creek at chrono, so had to rely on it all day! Mid cap syndrome is definitely present and I hope the mags will settle down. However the range and accuracy was pretty sterling considering it's humble beginnings! I even tried it on 11.1v and it sang for a good hour and a half on that. ROF out performing a TM high cycle by a margin. Very happy bunny 🙂
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    London Sites

    Check out my SE tour reviews. As for other London sites, Airsoft Plantation is my favourite, Chislehurst is also doable by public transport. Otherwise, look into the Watford ones, Reforger and The School.
  24. Asomodai

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    I have three of the same Nuprol batteries for about a year and a half. Never failed though I always put mine I to storage mode immediately after a Skirmish.
  25. Site Name: EAG Dorking Contact details: 07502206421 Website Address: http://www.eliteactiongames.co.uk/ Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/EAG.Admin/ Site Address: Henfold Ln, Dorking RH5 4RW My battle buddy and I popped along to EAG Dorking yesterday. We hadn't heard much about the site before, in fact I didn't realise it was still running until recently! From what reviews I had seen, they seemed positive. Very varied medium/large sized woodland site. Varied CQB sections. Short, Medium and Long engagement distances. Some up and downs along with quite a lot of flat sections. Water features include a stream/river and large puddles. Good: Playing area variety: The site is split into two sections either side of the safe zone, one side is mostly long range with little undergrowth (Though under tall trees) with various barricades and low buildings. There is a decent fort section next to the safe zone which adds good variety with areas to hide and surprise. The second section is more natural woodland, lots of minor elevation, a bridge section, some fantastic pillboxs and Vietnam style village with towers. Probably the best village section I have come across. There is more happening to the site and they are clearing more space for even more buildings for the future. Marshaling: The Marshalling was pretty good, they place responsibility on players for the most part, but they do intervene when things become obviously bogged down. They are encouraging of whatever team they are following. Clientele: The other players were great, even the younger ones were a credit to the site (And probably their parents). There was one small incident with a player mouthing off at a marshal, but other then that everyone else were on point and hit taking was excellent for the most part. (And for me being a bullpup fan I saw 3 SA80's and an AUG along with my FAMAS. Great Bullpup to non bullpup ratio.) Safe Zone: Everything was under cover with plenty of space, it could do with a bit of updating as its sagging in places, but otherwise you felt safe and everyone was pretty friendly. There was a site dog as well. Raffle: Love this. Everybody who pays the walk on fee gets a lunch token with a number. After safety briefing, everyone gets a chance at winning a RIF, this week was a WE M9 pistol. With only 40-50 people there is a good chance of winning and helps justify the cost of the site (£30 walk on). Toilets: Were fairly good, raised cabin style. Real ceramic rather then a hole in the ground. Pistol game: The site offered a pistol/shotgun game in the fort just before lunch which was great fun. I would like to see more sites do this. Average: Parking: A fair amount of parking is available. Bad: Lack of mandatory chrono: The Marshals have a chrono available for people to use, but is entirely voluntary. the Marshal claims that they would be able to tell if someone is running hot by looking at distances peoples RIFS are shooting. They justify this by saying that people can readjust FPS after chrono. I can see their point but I don't necessarily agree with it. I think we should have a baseline to work from at least. It takes just one BB to blind someone and checking the FPS after is not going to help. To their credit, I did see people get pulled out for chrono who were suspected of being over the limit. Underpowered DMR: DMR's are allowed but not over 350FPS. I think this is partially a consequence of not having a mandatory chrono. Food: The food was a bit underwhelming, it is part of the fee, but there wasn't much to it. Cooked onsite sausage baps. Could do with some extra options not just at lunch but throughout the day. Shop: Was quite small and consequently had little available. Conclusion: A very good site for the most part. Probably the best overall playing area we have been to (NOTE: Superceded by Airsoft Plantation in Essex), definitely on par with Apocalypse in terms of building quality, but this has better natural ground variation to boot. Marshaling was good. Raffle is a fantastic idea and something i'd like to see on sites more often. If they can get the additional bits sorted like the shop and food then this would be a top top site.