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  1. Wondering if any other AFUK'ers looking at the latest Legion Battlesim, from Dusk til Dawn 12 hours overnighter. Combat throughout the night. Looks pretty interesting and my Battlebuddy is up for it too. Anyone else going? 


    1. Robert James

      Robert James

      Oh wow that looks so fun but I would have just started my training 🤪

    2. Keldon


      Sounds like fun, but not having any nv would sure make it suck. 

  2. I used one in my Cyma P90 build. With a ZCI 6.02 barrel and near perfect all guarder air seal stuff it was hitting 334FPS. That was a 260mm barrel. With this G36 it would be closer to 500mm so likely to get over 340FPS.
  3. Bought some other bits. ASG Ultimate M95 AEG spring. I like these as its a weak rated M95, so more like a M92/3? No chance of it being 350 FPS, but can be very close to. Prommy Purple bucking.
  4. Bits for my MG36 build. ASG Ultimate M95 AEG spring. I like these as its a weak rated M95, so more like a M92/3? No chance of it being 350 FPS, but can be very close to. Prommy Purple bucking.
  5. Alas I am trying to buy online so I couldn't trust just photos off of Ebay or Amazon. I am hoping to find someone who has purchased this from a reputable seller and tell me who they were! I am guessing there is nothing off the shelf I could grab? I do not have access to a 3D printer.
  6. Welcome to the JGMP5SD Club. Kinda wish I went with the fixed stock like yours though!
  7. They have now reduced them down to £49. https://proairsoftsupplies.co.uk/en/accessories/magazines/gas-rifle-mags/kwa-kriss-vector-gas-magazine
  8. I have had nothing but good things to say about the AirsoftPro hop unit. It has more hop arm adjustment then most G36 stock units. It's far better at stabilising the hop unit mechanism as its screwed into the front gearbox screw hole and it is better at preventing the inner barrels from twisting. I have one in both my JG SL8 (Which is essentially the same rifle) and my SRC XM8. I have looked for this hole, I see it in my SL8 but not in the G36 which makes me think this could actually be a Gen 3, though it has a Gen 4 hop unit. Its a Golden Bow rather then a JG, which are made by the same factory but maybe slightly different specs. I am thinking a metal cylinder head but plastic piston head. 430 sounds like a fair compromise, I will need to put some barrel spacers in though. Maybe lots of PFTE. I would rather at least have a 9.9V LiFE as my upgraded SL8 likes to lock up on Semi with 7.4v's.
  9. Rats. Just booked coach tickets to go to Bristol for Mothers day weekend and Bristol airsoft aren't skirmishing that particular Friday evening. Unfortunately my Mother likes me and wants me with her on the Sunday!

    1. Asomodai


      @Druid799 Any private games on Saturday the 30th around Bristol? Maybe Friday the 29th in the evening?

    2. Druid799


      Sorry bud not that I’ve heard off 😢 

  10. I haven't got the F2000 at home, but will hopefully have it home soon. Will send a pic when I can.
  11. I fashioned something out of an old bit of belt, which loops under the F2000 and through the slots which holds well enough then attach a single point to the ring.
  12. I bought the exact same sling and didn't fit my F2000. Didn't even fit the P90 that it also said it would fit. Had to modify it to fit the P90. I am in the same position as you.
  13. Hello all. I have just got my G36E through the post from San Marino. So thought I would post this thread up. Again another long term project, but one I am keen to get started on. Picked this up for the princely sum of 105 euros. It is currently firing at 280FPS on .2's. I suspect it is a Gen 4 JG as it has the two piece Hop unit that is not TM spec. The inner barrel is only 263mm long where it should be 509. This doesn't matter much as its still a Nylon Fibre body and I think the bushings will be metal. Either way it will be ripped apart anyway to be turned into a relatively high ROF/low stress build. I intend to run this on 9.9V LiFE batteries. The eye relief on the scope is pretty awful, but I don't plan to aim that much with this. The only thing I really need to convert this into an mG36 is the C style twin drum mag, but I would also like to make it perform like an LMG. At somepoint I may also get the AG36 grenade launcher attachment for extra front heavy action. The aim is for 330-340FPS. Parts purchased: AirsoftPRO G36 Hop Unit AirsoftPRO G36 Long Air Nozzle UFC V3 Spring Guide ASG Ultimate M95 Spring. Prometheus Purple Bucking. Parts needed: ZCI inner barrel (Length to be determined, not sure whether to go for a standard 509mm barrel or go for something shorter so I can hop heavier bb's) SHS/RA 16:1 gearset Basic Mosfet Non ported Cylinder Decent Cylinder Head Decent Piston Decent Piston Head C-Style Drum mag High Torque Motor. Probably SLD.
  14. Just got my new JG G36 through the post. Pretty sure it is a Gen4 as it has the JG Hop unit that has the feed tube on the Hop unit. The barrel length is only 263mm where it should be 509mm! Pretty happy to have it though for my MG36 project! Nice Nylon fibre body.
  15. Mustn't work because I can see this post!
  16. Hello all. I am looking at recording some of my gameplay for the site reviews. Looking at a basic camera setup and came across the SJ4000 as a good pick for the casual airsofter. There are plenty of inferior copies out there, can anyone tell me where they got their one from? I want to mount it on my Airframe helmet on the front mount, can anyone recommend a mount? If someone can recommend a picatinny mount that would be great for some gun footage too. Cheers
  17. Time Left: 4 days and 11 hours

    • Wanted
    • Used

    Hello all. I am looking for some boneyard rifles to fix up with my large cache of spares. Hit me up, M4, G36, AK and/or oddball.


    - GB

  18. Time Left: 4 days and 10 hours

    • Wanted
    • Used or new

    Hello all. I am after a G&G CM16 MOD0 in tan. I have missed out on a new one for £125 from PB and a second hand one in great condition for £87 and kicking myself. Only want one in good or unused condition. Hit me up if you have one.


    - GB

  19. No real problems. Had some work done and bought a pistol and pretty satisfied with both! Jon in there is very knowledgeable and friendly to boot.
  20. It's not a neo so not worth it. Best Cheapest one to go for is an SHS/RA High Torque motor (Long) in the green case. 22TPA preferable, but 16TPA is fine as well.
  21. Of course, if it was my hard earned money, i'd get the CYMA, get an upgraded ZCI barrel for £22, Laylax prommy purple hop rubber for £10 and a high torque neo motor for £25 and have a far far better P90 then the Cybergun. Takes about 10 minutes to change the barrel and hop rubber and 10 minutes to change the motor.
  22. I understand. I am averse to M4's myself. I started out with a Famas, but realised quickly it would need to be upgraded to compete at range though it was utterly reliable. So I picked up an ICS APE to carry me through until that point. So at this price point and because of its inherently poor reliability because its not a particularly mature design like an M4, I would suggest getting the Cybergun. The components aren't that much better and I personally don't think its worth almost double the CYMA, but you will have less chance of getting a dud as it's put together slightly better. Don't get me wrong, you might get a great CYMA, but as you are averse to upgrading I would suggest getting the one least likely to be terrible. However if you can get a second hand TM P90 jump on it, will be a much better rifle.
  23. As it's a starter rifle I would suggest not getting a P90 as neither of them are that great out of the box. The mags are a pain to use and arent great. You can get better for the money. Such as a JG G36, CYMA AK or G&G M4.
  24. I dont recall exactly what was different. Some V2 stuff will fit instead of V6. I believe the cutoff lever is especially weak in the King Arms, weaker then the Cyma and should be replaced. The ultragrade model uses 9mm bearings where the normal version uses 6mm.
  25. Ah real steel! Doubt I could afford it, but i'll keep an eye out. Thanks! I guess I could get a prototype made out of steel one! http://www.zib-militaria.de/epages/61431412.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/61431412/Products/90474
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