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  1. Immortal

    Chronoed my rifles yesterday with .20 bbs.

    Indeed, it's about all you can do to safeguard players. I remember one bloke at a place I used to play when I started laughing to his mate. He'd had his pistol run through the chrono on green gas and then switched to black gas and heavy ammo. Left a huge welt on my melon. I was unaware what he was saying at the time so didn't think much of it (first ever game). Didn't help that the same place also ran a chrono that was 100fps out so people turned up with 450fps pistols etc and got the green light to play. They knew what the score was but went with the moody chrono. Marshals son and his mates where allowed to run riot. Got a DMR to the face at 6m. Same little pleb shot my mates mesh face mask and it was only just stopped by a whisker. Again flouncing the MED. Never been back there. EDIT: This place didn't use their own ammo... players discretion.
  2. Immortal

    Why is everything always out of stock

    Drop shoppings become even bigger now. Seem's to be the way everyone's doing it to keep prices unusually low. Loads of eBay sellers use them, even the chinese sellers have an agent here to distribute their stuff. It's how it turns up real quick even though they're based in the Far East. As for stuff being out of stock, everyones said it already. Shops don't buy much stock as its dead weight in a market that's fickle. There's a few brands like TM that are generally in abundance but misc rifs and parts may have a tiny market that only a handful of players may buy and buy only once. I've been after a little WE Colt25 and the only place I found them was Wolf Armouries who have been sold out since December. I should check as I gave up looking EDIT: Damn they have one but only in black and no mags....
  3. Immortal

    Could this show airsoft in a bad light?

    I don't know him or yourself or many others on here bar a few but I certainly do not consider that the right thing to do regardless.
  4. Immortal

    Could this show airsoft in a bad light?

    Decent people don't create bogus accounts just to Troll someone
  5. Immortal

    Could this show airsoft in a bad light?

    People can be very strange, all that effort just to slag someone off. Fruit-Loopy... he'll be going through your trash next.
  6. Immortal

    What attachments fit on what rail?

    Other words to look for are "Weaver" & "Picatinny" rail.
  7. Immortal

    Chronoed my rifles yesterday with .20 bbs.

    AH I stand corrected. Thank you. 👍 Either way I stay within the limits.
  8. Immortal

    Chronoed my rifles yesterday with .20 bbs.

    There are charts for reference (not 100% accurate) that will tell you the joules the different weights are running at powerwise but you need to chrono with those weights to check. Saying that some chronos have weight options too. All but one site I've played make you chrono with their own ammo to stop people loading up to trick the testing. Part of me likes this but part of me doesn't as I don't like putting unknown branded BBs in my rifs but it is what it is and it stops fowl play (sort of). Again there's nothing to stop people tweaking post chono but it's a gentlemens game and if it seems a little off you can always ask a marshal to check. I've never asked a martial to check a players fps but I have in terms of MED that some players flounce. As most sites are 350 max and the law is 370 fps (full auto) there's room for slight variance (and most sites have a + variance). <DELETED INCORRECT INFO - BRAIN FART DETECTED> Personally I will chrono at home with the weight I intend to use and check it matches the joules of the sites I play. Then I'll chrono with 0.2 and see if it's still within the fps limits the sites state. I do both joules and fps as some do one or the other or both. Sounds a little confusing but it makes sense with a chart but perhaps not in my description
  9. Immortal

    KWA Kriss Vector Owners Club

    Cool, kind of star wars snow trooper. Another CA styled grip plate? (I spot these now )
  10. Immortal

    WE MRE’s

    We always munch on Skittles and shout "Taste the Rainbow!" when we tap someone...
  11. Immortal

    Is making a Royal Marine Loadout Right?

    Best to take all your badges off so you can't be identified when you're breaking the Geneva Airsoft Convention IMHO.
  12. Immortal

    WE MRE’s

    I used to love these until I took one out a brand new previously unopened packet and found a pube embedded in the cherry. 🤮
  13. Immortal

    Keep an eye out for shattering ASG Blasters (again).

    It may be different on the receiving end. 😉
  14. Immortal


    I used to use HK and China based shops for a different hobby but stopped. They would say out of stock even though it wasn't on the page, or they'd delay the date saying more stock coming once purchased via a ticket system. If I cancelled they would only offer a partial refund (WTF!). Then it escalates to a paypal dispute, that's the last I bothered using them as it becomes a scam and a chore to get the money back. I prefer to pay a little more these days... it's not worth the hassle anymore.
  15. Immortal

    Could this show airsoft in a bad light?

    AI BBs ... sounds like expensive ammo. Who could afford to play anymore?!