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  1. I watched the film "Glass" earlier; the Beast gets shot by a bloke with an SRS Covert at the end. 😎 First film I've seen one in.
  2. Immortal

    THE TM MWS thread

    Have you tried putting a blob of silicon on the valve?
  3. No idea to be fair, I've not been there before. They do have a home team which is often a point of contention so for all I know the player being defended could have been a home team player - I really don't know. However I do know regardless he shouldn't be getting physical with the customers - he should be defusing not agitating/assaulting. I'll not return there. Personally I had no issue but I didn't enjoy the layout or games, they didn't flow. Anyway back to SRS chat.
  4. Had a similar outing on Sunday too. Wind was whipping about and changing directions. I did try to make some changes on the fly but as the wind was sketchy it was difficult to get a baseline. Still for a first outing it was a good test. I stripped the rifle the following day as I think the bucking wasn't quite perfect and it seems a lot better now (accuracy etc). Seemed alright at home and played up on the day - typical! It was also a site I'd not played at before (meh...) which didn't add to the day, they don't give anytime for setting up which is fine but most places I go allow players to do their own thing a little if needed rather than having Marhsals start shooting at you when you've clearly ducked out the game for a reason - even after one had asked why I was not playing. In fact one Marhsal assaulted a player on my team so I'll not be returning there anytime soon. Two players were having a light arguement over hit calling and the Marshal grabbed one player and went to pin him to a tree shouting insults in his face! Never seen that before. Not impressed... I'll find out for sure next game how my rebuild holdsup. One thing I would say is it was amazingly quiet and a pleasure to shoot ignoring issues of the day.
  5. I tried the WD40 version PTFE, amazing difference isn't it. I've done the same with my VSR too. I also used the Muc-off disc brake cleaner on the VSR trigger set too and dry lubed that. I'll do the same with the SRS trigger once it's had a bit of use. Sooo much better than wet stuff.
  6. If what you've got is working just stick with it. Are you testing by taking the rifle out your house to fire off a few> only asking as it'll be warmer than it will be once you've run around the woods for a while... although I'd of thought a 60 will be OK. One way to truly find out. Play. If it isn't so good once it cools down then try a softer one and repeat. Not the most technical response I'm afraid.
  7. As others have pointed out; softer the better in this country due to the cooler climate. 50/60 buckings seem to suit our part of the planet, the people using harder buckings appear to come from warm US states (for example) etc. They're rock hard come autumn/winter over here. Currently trying out the Maple Leaf MR 50 bucking... my other rifle has a Tan Modify 60 bucking.
  8. 3D printed ext part (need to find some button head screw or print some washers).
  9. Okey dokey, pig in a pokey... SO I've installed the following on my SRS A1 Covert 16"= W.A.S.P adjustable weight piston with full airbrake and heavy steel outer tube (heaviest of 3 supplied). 3 preload spring guide washers that come with the above piston. Rapax APS2 Style Spring (2+ Joule) Maple Leaf "The Last" hop unit. Maple Leaf 410mm Crazy Jet barrel. Maple Leaf "Maximum Range" 50 deg bucking. Chrono on 0.43 = 340fps (2fps deviation going lower not higher) Hopping perfectly in my limited range of 30m (so not a true test of accuracy etc but bang on the money where I was targeting) Obviously none of it has bedded in properly yet but very pleased with the results. This spring is very easy to cock even with the preload. In the end I bought and mounted a VISIONKING 1.25-5x26mm - very happy with the choice, eye relief, clarity, etc... Interestingly (although limited to the range I can shoot in the garden) I didn't have to dial it in! Crazy... it was just exactly where I dialed the hop by coincidence. I did the hop before I looked through the scope. No doubt on site it may need a click or two I'm sure. All in all I can't wait to try the rif out this weekend coming. I'll report back my results. Currently 3D printing something to meld the suppressor to the foregrip. I'll get a photo once mounted. Had an issue with the suppressor I bought, it doesn't want to screw on the whole way (Grrrrrrrrr). I may buy a 14mm ccw tap and rework the threads on it at a later date. It screws on enough to work but is fugly hence the model I'm running right now to fix it - it should work well enough for now. EDIT: Oh and the Match Knob is a very nice ergo upgrade.
  10. In that case; WE Apaches. I have the MP5 SD & MP5K - both great shooters. The SD is about the same size as an M4 though! The K is tiny. And the MAC11 if you want a big smile. G18 whilst not an SMG is as good as.
  11. I've always found the ML CJ barrels good; in both pistols and my VSR. I wonder if some of the bashing ML CJ get is more down to poor setup/maintenance and cheap/wrong weight ammo. (Have they dialed everything in properly...?) And finally the one thing they probably don't consider is: they're a crap shot. lol (not meant at anyone on here, I mean people's comments generally!) Edit: Also they may fit a ML CJ and think it's poor but it could be the bucking, nub, hop or all of it.
  12. Funny, it looks just like my Sony TV control... Seriously, it does.
  13. Cool, I wasn't sure if the mags came with them installed as the one that came with the rif needed it to be installed. Yes, spares are a good thing. 👍 The Suppressor, Mags, dicks and knob (lol... what a phallic list) came from the banner at the top; Fire Support. I didn't get the DTSS as the covert comes with a standard CCW thread so I simply went for one I can print baffles for that's a good size (and it's a lot cheaper!). Spring, barrel and hopup came from skirmshop.co.uk I haven't done that for the SRS yet but for the VSR I did the heat shrink route, worked very well. 👍 Good tip.
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