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  1. Immortal

    THE TM MWS thread

    I'll take a ganders at the Vortex range 👍 Thanks for the headsup.
  2. Immortal

    THE TM MWS thread

    Is that the one million dollars (£800'ish) jobby? Bit more than my pockets hold...
  3. Immortal

    THE TM MWS thread

    Can't decide on a scope/RDS/Holo for my MWS. I have got an ACOG which is nice but unfortunately the optics are set for 100m so anything closer is a little blurry. Plus my eyes aren't what they used to be so the fibre optic crosshair is a little fuzzy. Put reading specs on and it's sharp as a razor but no way am I looking like a grandpa playing a game with them on...lol Any recommendations, it's a fairly stock looking M4A1 with a Hera CQR stock. Looking for either a sweet adjustable ACOG or maybe something I haven't considered.... jusy nothing silly money though. 👍
  4. This Dreamer paid a tenner, I reckon I could have got it for £9.99 elsewehere...
  5. IF samoon still sell them I'd recommend a TNT TR Hop unit and barrel set. It's a good upgrade for the GHK AK. The stock hop works fine but is a weak spot being plastic and they can shatter with a misfeed. And it will at some point. (The TNT hop may require a little filing to fit properly...) I made on Saturday a new nub for mine to lift a slightly heavier weight BB. It's made from an HSS drill bit (donor material). Domed ontop for the rotary wheel to slide on easy and flat underneath on the bucking. Essentially it's just a longer harder nub. It lifts 0.32 dead straight with almost no hop applied... lol
  6. You'll be fine with green (or propane) gas for most of the year. You could try a bit of red in the cold & damp months... I've got a standard nozzle, a 1 joule nozzle and an adjustable nozzle. The standard one I have MAY be just the one classed as the low fps nizzle for this country as I've seen some reviews on the tube running a "standard nozzle" that runs way hotter than mine. The 1 joule nozzle is fine. The adjustable one is a pile of poop IME and is a bit ghetto consisting of a screw you either wind in or out to change the fps and it's quite inconsistent on FPS I have found. I am talking from having the smallest AK they do so I can't say what the bigger models perform like but as a guess - not that different.
  7. Clearcoat... comes in gloss and matt finishes. It won't last long on a pistol though. It may prolong the contact points of wear a little longer but not by much. It'll start to wear and flake, just ends up looking worse than normal wear IMHO. Cerakote finishes last an age as far as a finish goes but costs a lot too (compared to a rattle can job) and in the case of traditional firearms; many are blued. The latter is not something you really see in airsoft due to a lack of Steel. Perhaps consider some sort of soft lining for the holster as a compromise.
  8. Well he certainly knows how to sweet talk you into selling... lol Sounds like he's ranting at himself against his inner Cuckoo.
  9. Immortal

    THE TM MWS thread

    It's the Easter weekend... 👍 Everyone needs a break sometimes.
  10. Black Hawk Down (got two RIFs that were props in this, 2 XM177 E2's misc use) Green Zone (Got 3 RIFs that were props in this; 1 sniper rifle and two Blackops rifles) 3 Kings (my brothers have 2 RIFs from this, M16's used by the 3 kings) The Hurt Locker has some good scenes too (no rifs from this ...lol ).
  11. Shootings - shooting. You can empty them into a cardboard box at your feet if you want but shooting a distance is more fun. Just make sure you can control where they go! And consider your neighbours if you have any. I don't often shoot at home but when I do it's normally in the hall with a pistol but if in the garden with a rifle I don't when there's other people in their gardens. I know they won't know what they're seeing even if they aren't smart enough to tell I'm not using real rounds. They'll just see a gun, not consider the BBs and get all shitty or worse. And even if they did know I'm plinking BBs they'd probably still think they have a valid opinion as most people do (but really don't. lol ) In fact if I shoot in the garden I sit indoors and shoot out the double doors so nobody can really see but the prinicipal still stands.
  12. And if you're precious about your teeth consider a lower face mask. Mine look like a Victorian graveyard but I'd rather keep them as relics than lose them.
  13. I've never met any at any games and the people I do talk to generally talk purely about airsoft related stuff.
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