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  1. Immortal


    No, no... Pineapple is clearly the way forward. I can die happy now. (if I wasn't immortal)
  2. Immortal


    lol... all I got from this thread is that more is known about the common Gammon steak than Arcturus.
  3. Immortal

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Not quite airsoft, I got a couple of US Army challenge coins... just thought they were cool. lol A Sniper coin and a heads'n'tails coin. As you do....
  4. Immortal

    Chipped Coat Fix for aluminum and steel?

    Have a look at this thread:
  5. MK23. I think if you're going to be a sneaky sniper then it would suit the role better.
  6. Immortal


    It's the excitement of new stuff arriving... 👍
  7. Immortal


    It's not 9.45 yet. lol
  8. Immortal

    CQB Help

    If you get the ARP9 I'd opt for a drum mag and forget the stick ones. You'll be forever reloading the midcaps and the hicap ones with a wheel aren't great (more time spinning the wheel than shooting). WIth a Drum mag the ARP9 shines and you have BBs on tap. If you do want the whole swapping mags on empty scenario then I'd opt for the 556 version. The mags are cheaper and are easier to slam home/reliable. More choice of pouches too and if you get another AR styled rifle then your 556 mags are cross compatible (the ARP9 are bespoke). FWI (roughly): 5 x APR9 mags = £100 5 x Stanag 556 mags = £20
  9. Immortal

    FRV Tailoring not responding to messages

    There may be reasons but perhaps no excuses. People have accidents, illness, systems crash, family pass, break-ins, etc. Who know's, all conjecture. Some things to consider...
  10. Immortal

    Newbie tech question - ARP556

    I'd get the Arp. Great little gun. Either version (although the 556 has the benefits of accepting stanag mags).
  11. Immortal

    Question regarding classifieds

    Ask the site for your UKARA number. That's all you need.
  12. Immortal

    Rough Guide To A U.S Vietnam Era Loadout

    Tiger camo arrived, turned out not to be a match for my existing trousers (which are a little too big anyway). It was listed as MFH, but was actually MMB. Luckily I ordered the trousers as well so it's a set regardless! FInally... I've also got a G&P XM177E2 coming, does anyone know a source for the old M16 era scope that fits the top handle? An airsoft version... I think they were made by Colt or at least they did one too. Looks like this:
  13. Immortal

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Been eyeing a G&P XM177 E2 for a while... deciding eyeing it wasn't good enough anymore.
  14. They're all ArmaLites; AR = ArmaLite Rifle.
  15. No. It's not rare, just rarely stocked.