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  1. My GHK AK74UN, and a bit of misc Russian stuff just because... (actually Bayonet is East German but hey ho...) And this is how I like to dress it up most games....
  2. @Tackle You're a bad tempered psycho who needs serious help... lol
  3. Look after your boots and they will look after you. If you see a scratch in the leather then I use a block of beeswax and brush it on with a hotgun then buff it smooth. I always polish them too. Not to mirror but a decent coating. They never leak.
  4. As above, I bought an AK47 bayonet from a Seller on eBay. He was in the UK but I couldn't buy it due to the rules. But he could sell them on the .com to a wider audience but as he was located in the UK and I was I could still not buy it. (I bought it privately to circumvent the block). They have some funny rules. Also worth noting your rights are governed by your country. My brother had an issue with a USA seller. Both were right in accordance to their countries eBay rules. But my brother as the Buyer found his rules trumped the Seller via the buyer protection which was lacking in the USA rules. SO a Seller in another country may say no (rightfully) but if your countries Buyer eBay rules say yes you win overall. Also some items get pulled because another Seller doesn't like the competition so they report you to keep their listing as the only option. Wording is also key as mentioned above and a disclaimer may help stating what it is and what it can or can't be used for.
  5. Immortal

    THE TM MWS thread

    Swap shoulders, it hangs back instead of in the way. I use a two point; I pinched a pin and sling loop off another M4 to use on the A-sight. It's annoying the fitting is there and they didn't add the sling loop. Economy on a premium rif. lol
  6. I just got the rifle version today
  7. lol Breachers make grown men scream like infants.
  8. Always double tap, always. 👍
  9. There was indeed. It was good to meet you btw. AFUK patches are a good way to spot members in the crowds. 👍
  10. The stench of Bunker 51 has made me never go there ever again. It took 3 days to get rid of it - multiple showers and clean clothes made no difference! Gross... otherwise a fun site on the novelty scale - being an old bunker makes it cool.
  11. I played last weekend and it chucked it down on & off all day. Great fun!
  12. I've had plenty of pimped Crosman Ratcatcher rifles in my time so for fun I took a punt on one of these: ASG Tactical Sniper Gas Rifle Nothing special, I simply wanted to have something to mess about with just to see what I can get it to do.
  13. Films I've watched recently: Braven (2018) - Good film - Organised crime, Cocaine cartel type film Running with the Devil (2019) - Good film - Organised crime, Cocaine cartel type film A Score to Settle (2019) - Average - Gangster revenge Dark Phoenix (2019) - Entertaining/Average - just another Xmen film The Dead Don't Die (2019) - Average - Bill Murray Zombie spoof film Doom Annihilation (2019) - Average - Scifi horror Glass (2019) - Good film - Links other films and characters from his previous movies. Scifi real world super heroes Watching next: In the Shadow of the Moon (2019)
  14. I liked the JW3, not as good as the previous 2 but entertaining. I thought the dogs were novel. I liked the amusing body armour issue at the end, the ninja gang leader was comical. Very obvious a lot was blue/green screened. One thing that annoys me is that all this killing happens blatantly in front of the public yet nobody ever reacts. I mean take the train station, JW knifes the bloke in front of loads of people and throws the body behind him whilst talking to the bald ninja - nobody reacts, I find that unrealistic. OK maybe the odd one could be so subtle to be ignored but there's so many public kills and no reaction. Not a single police response in any of the films! Music was better in the first 2 films as well. Not so much in the 3rd. I thought it felt like someone else had directed the other 2. Look's like there will be a 4th going by the ending, I hope they remove the comedy aspect and go back to grit. EDIT: Major Dog fight scenes were over choreographed...
  15. Unless you're dueling with another Sniper, a gun hit is very rare IME. It's a sure sign you're probably too close and not exploiting your extra range (if the RIF is decent). Chest rigs aren't gonna be much use, a shoulder holster is great for a pistol and mags for the rifle and maybe a small pouch or two on your belt (and use your pockets - you don't need pouches for the sake of pouches). It's, for me, the one role that has the most minimal amount of kit required (it's a game so not like your gonna be out there for days in theory - perhaps a milsim I suppose maybe the exception although I've still not heard of any players doing so... actually I can think of one but rare nonetheless). On the rare occasion you may need another rif, a pistol is generally enough unless you get into a major fix. It is very tricky to run two rifs as a primary but not impossible. It's easier to have another player with you for such encounters. I run with a team mate who spots for me on occasions and takes out those who get close (like when a big push is on and enemy numbers are high). Just my 50p's worth.
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