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  1. Immortal

    firearms ban after prison

    IMHO he shouldn't be allowed to play Airsoft; kids and women often attend. He claims he didn't know the age of the victim however the sexual predator mentality is still wrong regardless of age. A lack of knowledge is no defence. He's actively groomed someone, that's just plain wrong at any age. He doesn't sound innocent, he just sounds like he doesn't like the fact he got caught. Paedo's have a known trait of proclaimed innocence and denial of wrong doing. They see no wrong in their actions and that's why they can do it, a normal person can not.
  2. Immortal

    Which BB's?

    For me it's a combo of what the chrono says (I check for fps & joules), hop lift and also what fires most accurately at the distance I'd engage. Ak74u - 0.3 Geoffs Glocks - .25 Nuprol RZR VSR - .43 Geoffs Derringer - .28 Nuprol RZR I don't mind multiple weights of BB as it's perfromance that counts imho. Chances are very low of carrying all these RIFs at once so most likely 2 weights at any one time. I find these weights most accurate whilst maintaining a decent enough speed and range. These are betwen 280 & 340 fps with the specified weights (one exception is the derringer being a fun gun and I haven't chrono'd or fielded it yet).
  3. Immortal

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    LOL Something like that...
  4. Immortal

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    I've bought a years worth of airsoft shopping for a semi defunct event.... .... UK v USA is now just UK v UK... lol 🤣
  5. Immortal

    What does airsoft cost?

    Sod that, I don't use the NHS so it makes no difference. Not that any of this is anything "I want to do or have" so it's a moot point.
  6. Immortal

    Joule Creep

    Interesting topic and info. Thank you for the read 👍
  7. Immortal

    AK magazines

    I run 4 AK gas mags in fastmag pouches on my belt. Not an issue at all....
  8. Immortal


    There's another brand (... insert brain here...) that makes the same style fan goggles like above that accept Revision lenses.
  9. Immortal

    Battle Belt fittings?

    I have two mags on the front at 2 and 10 o'clock, then a pistol holster on each side at 3 & 9, then two more mags at 5 & 7 and a multi use pouch at 6 with a radio and dump patch attached (dump pouch just for carrying consumables). The PTT is weaved inside the belt and up the left harness strap. Much prefer a battle belt setup than a vest. Nothing against vests apart from in prone I end up flapping about like a seal and I don't need armour for a bit of pew pew. I have run kevlar vests before but that's just for shits n giggles (it's just fun bouncing off stuff like walls when running and gunning). Regarding fitting: My belt is very padded and rigid so it holds it's shape under load without cutting in (Brand: Defcon5 - Italian Gucci belt... LOL). It probably adds 2 inches to my normal waist size. I'm a 35-36" waist, the molle section stops an inch before the buckles either side. The larger one offered has more molle loops too (the reason I went for it as it happens and I was unsure of sizing too).
  10. Immortal

    Imitation Loadouts vs Personal Loadouts

    USA Bijans don't budge at all.
  11. Immortal

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Tropentarn BDU & Bush Hat.
  12. Immortal


    No they won't. War in that region and war in general worldwide has and always will happen. Historians wouldn't have anything to write about without war. Its created and shaped everything. The word History means His Story, it's written by the winners. The losers are silenced. People really need to accept the nature of our species. It's why we do it so easily.
  13. Immortal

    GBB or AEG

    Get an AEG and save up about £750 for a decent GBBR + mags. When you've got them you'll then want a Springer. lol
  14. Immortal

    Remington files for bankruptcy

    Remington's going bust?! That's a shame, I like my "Fuzz Away"...
  15. Immortal

    Best smoke colour

    Not sure about colours, I've used a few and all are farely simiar if from the same product range. I like the enola ring pull ones. I find their effectiveness mostly depends on the wind, a light cross wind is preferable for me. I have a habit of lobbing one only for it to hit a tree and come back to me. LOL Monkey Magic style disappearing act...