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  1. Immortal

    WE G18C Slide Sticking, Please Help!

    Because rocketdogbert is a fountain of knowledge for glocks and is trying to help you.... just a wild guess.
  2. That's a bummer if it is, was planning to go back there sometime this summer.
  3. Immortal

    Packs in game?

    I like to occasionally carry one; Viper Panther Day Pack 17.5ltr Compact but big enough for a days gaming; snacks, ammo, gas, etc... Not a brand I'd normally buy but the pack is very good.
  4. Immortal

    do you train?

    The only shooting I do at home is with pornhub.
  5. Immortal

    Bolt vs TM vs Nuprol SOPMODs

  6. Immortal

    petition on knife law changes

    Teeth? Finger nails? Cheese wire? Karate chop to the kneck? Heavy boots? Timber? Household chemicals? Cars? Pollution? Stress? NHS? Bricks? Hammers? Bad jokes? They must all be banned. All potential killers. Think of all the snowflakes trembling under their duvets reading that list. FFS.... May aswell ban me too...
  7. Immortal

    petition on knife law changes

    This won't change crime at all. Criminals don't care about law. It just penalises the people that do.
  8. Immortal

    Loadouts - what and why?

    I like certain camos based on effectiveness and personal taste. The country of origin makes no difference to me. The rest of the kit is dependant on what rif I decide to use - a lot of it is olive drab as it works with anything. I use belts and set one up for each rif. It can take time to get them how I want them so it's easier to do each one bespoke. Then it's just a case of grabbing the preset I want to use for that game.
  9. Immortal

    Joule Creep

    0.2 @ 350 fps may or may not be hot with a heavier BB (but maybe too slow to bother using), it depends how eficient the rif is and it doesn't matter if it's air, green gas nor co2. One rif may be wasting 50% of the propellant pushing a 0.2 BB registering legal whereas another rif may waste nothing at all but chrono the same with a 0.2 BB and also be legal. The one initially wasting 50% of the propellant may then be hot with a heavy BB as it can use the excess propellant previously wasted to push a heavy BB faster than the one that wasn't wasting propellant which will simply slow down with a heavy BB. They chrono the same at 0.2 but not with a heavier BB. That is the pickle and where the joule creep kicks in...
  10. Immortal

    Airsoft Argument

    I'd be impressed if you disarmed me (as long as my rif didn't sustain damage or break my fingers). Also if there's no bang rule, I don't care how close you shot me as long as it wasn't with a sniper/DMR and a crutch or face shot. If the above happened I'd be more annoyed I allowed you to get that close.
  11. Immortal

    Joule Creep

    I agree; game sites should know, specify, measure and inform. However I also think a player should, more so if they alter their rif and/or ammo weights. I know it is too much to hope every single player does their homework, I get that. Nothing in this world is ideal. Sites definitely should though 100%. I appreciate that whilst it is not a new power unit, it does appear to be a new measurement of power in this sport specifically. Given time perhaps that will change. Unless this is talked about and made public in searches it will not change for either party. And to be fair there are hundreds of threads on the web discussing and explaining joule creep. Some are explained incorrectly but the essence is correct. I know brand new players yet to play that have taken on board this way of measuring power. They simply accept that as normal and adjust accordingly - even if they have had to return to a shop to check it as they may not own a chrono or have access to one elsewhere easily. If people are to deviate from stock rifs and 0.2 then perhaps they should consider how this will effect power. It also doesn't help that most retailers specs are absolute nonsense so they should step up too rather than looking to just make sales from bogus specs. I do think people should know what they're pewing down the field even if it is the game site that informs them (of which they should). I don't think it wise to guess how the fps/joules translate with ammo weights. It isn't something that can be guessed due to the varying factors envolved in why some rifs creep more than others. Nobody needs to guess anyway, as long as it's chrono'd and checked against a chart, the info is clear. If a site says 500fps on 0.2 then that is what they allow. It doesn't make it right though. A lack of knowledge is no defence (and I don't mean you old bean, I mean the site ).
  12. Tricky; For front line action: GHK AK74U. For long range: VSR. For speed and giggles: gimme a glock or better still, two.
  13. Immortal

    Joule Creep

    Joule creep isn't really necessary to understand mathematically but it does make perfect sense as far as a chrono result goes. The charts are accurate enough to know if your shooting hot or not. Plenty of good simple explanations given above so I won't bother to repeat. It should be the players responsibility to know their joule rating with their intended ammo weight IMHO. Sites should also understand this if they respect their customers wellbeing and enforce it. It's a game with a little pain but not intended to maim. (lol... sounds like a shitty song line...). It's a little dissapointing when people don't care about what they're potentially inflicting on others.
  14. How could you know that you've "never not noticed a hit" if you didn't notice the hit?! lol
  15. Immortal

    What types of guns are legal

    Water pistols and spud guns