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  1. May want to adjust the price on the RMR, they only a couple of quid more brand new on eBay
  2. Copying the nemo cylinder too for more volume
  3. Shane the internals were so shite on those, I have an OD frame and it fucking lovely
  4. All TM recoils for being horrendously overpriced??
  5. Been trying out a few different patterns on a new test/demo piece
  6. 🤔 i have a similar wonky chinese clone mp5 and I’ve got a maple leaf rubber in it that fits fine. Have you tried appliying silicon lubricant to the outside of the rubber before inserting (ooo err) into the hop unit. Maple leaf rubber are ribbed ( for her pleasure) on the outside and sometimes catch if fitment is tight.
  7. Why you using a tracer in the day time? 🤔
  8. Where did you buy your hop arm? Can’t find any stocked anywhere
  9. Seems it will be semi only, both nights listed as semi only now. 330fps limit on .2s, not sure if it’ll be checked/enforced though. Booking only as well, so assume there will be a cap on numbers
  10. Even they’re starting to filter in now. Instagram thots more interested in taking selfies and going “live” than actually playing the game and calling their hits.
  11. Agree with this, the lack of awareness of what/who is around you is unreal. Just yesterday my mate (who only uses a sniper) had at least a dozen very near (matter of inches) misses from people just walking in front of him.
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