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  1. E21A

    Overpriced clothing

    FACK!!! 😳😳😳 Money sure doesn’t buy taste does it!?
  2. £35 used or £22 new. Can be had for less as well. 🤔🤔🤔
  3. Move had this twice in quick succession, one past each side! Scared the shit out of me! 😂
  4. E21A

    G&G GR14

    Agreed. G&G dicked around with manuals and most retailers didn’t really have a clue. Ive put circa 10,000 BBs through mine on a 11.1 30/60c Lipo, not had a single problem thus far.
  5. E21A

    G&G GR14

    I meant hate for ETU/MOSFET combo
  6. E21A

    G&G GR14

    I can feel the undeserved hatred from here! 😂😂
  7. What was you problems with the warrior kit? Not or having a dig, genuine interest
  8. My plate carrier isn’t much more than a inch thick, and a lot of that is meshing to allow air flow. Not or sure how less coverage causes more obstruction?
  9. I imagine that considering that covers more than a PC does that it would actually be hotter, not cooler, to play in. Edit: would also imagine as it covers the ‘pivot point’ between top and bottom halves of your body that it would restrict movement more as well.
  10. E21A

    Displaying RIFs securely

    Are they really tall then? 😂 Lock on on the door of the room they are in?
  11. I take your point there, but that could be true of gun hits, or if hit on the boot or belt or any others piece of kit. I don’t think this a PC issue, it’s a general issue
  12. Well generally speaking if you didn’t feel a hit you won’t move, therefore will get hit again and again until you do.
  13. Sorry, forgot you’re the all knowing god of Airsoft. Apologies