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  1. It might just be me, but those of an Instagram disposition go to the page below and watch the indicated video. I think it’s pretty fucking stupid, considering it’s a marshal doing it as well
  2. No, that’s what I tried them in. FYI, mashed potato is a bad idea Poker chips/ pogs are quite funny, not too many though
  3. If removing a .1mm shim from the gears makes them too loose then you need to adjust your judgement of loose! Lol
  4. Good job I’m as tight as a ducks arse then! 😂
  5. Im going to be putting this to the test over the next couple of months. Always run my m4 on .25 but now switched to .30 (both asg blaster) and going to see if the £3 a bottle is really noticeable. I’m guessing/hoping that better range etc from .3 will mean less shots fired overall, negating the cost increase.
  6. £10 off retail secondhand mk23 with parts missing anyone?
  7. No worries, just PM me.
  8. Theres no harm in getting the hop unit. You’ll probably find there is side to side movement in most hop unit arms, this can be shimmed out using AEG gearbox shims. Its the end/edge of the bucking that the BBs feed in to. Fit the bucking to the barrel and draw it back and forth across some sandpaper a few times and then check it. You don’t want to remove too much. If you do go for these parts i’m happy to help you with this, I’ve done it a few times now.
  9. You want £250 for a gun you admit doesn’t work properly? 🤔
  10. Youll be set with omega nub then. Bah! FPS isn’t the be all and end all. You’ll get better range and accuracy from .3 over .25 anyway. Ive been using a pro win style hop from @ak2m4, been working well for me. I needed to sand the feed lip down on the bucking to get it to feed properly though. It’s easily done. Again, I use zci barrels in all my AEGs, very good for the money.
  11. It is yea. Comes with a nub? Where’s that from? .25 will be ok, .30 will be better. Not much more cost either.
  12. Add an omega nub as well and you’ll be golden, works very well. Make sure you’re using .30 BBs as well. Yellow, or 60°, is a good choice. I tried the 50° (green) for a while but have since switched back.
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