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  1. Yea, first stuff I tried. It’s good for the price, but in my opinion krylon is better.
  2. Krylon is the best stuff to use in my experience. I’ve tried various paints and krylon is better in every way.
  3. Bin off the wife, split the money you save between airsoft and hookers/cocaine and live happily ever after
  4. Stti mk23 is cheap Taiwangun do cheap aps pistols
  5. No. The guarded polymer is horrible much like the TM stuff, hard and scratchy
  6. Is that budget for just the gun? Consider you’ll also need batteries, charger, mags etc Dont forget decent eyepro and boots too.
  7. Few glock bits from KY airsoft, some with semi trades.
  8. I know hexmags work, but depending on what weight BB you’re using you’ll need stronger springs
  9. I suffer from this, very much. Already got the next lined up, just waiting on re stock
  10. He tried to delete the appraisal thread cos it didn’t go his way
  11. Posted I appraisals, gets honest advice. Ignores and has hissy fit. Overpriced anyway. Yep, you belong here.
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