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  1. Not if you’ve got a brain between your ears. Plus if you’re willing to drop that sort of money on a RIF you’ll probably want to build it yourself.
  2. Think these need to go in here too
  3. Yea, because every wants/ can afford to pay 3x what they need to to get a decent gun!
  4. It’s so it’s supported in your shoulder while you’re blind firing an entire high cap over the top of a barricade, duh!
  5. Are you open to offers on this? As they are only £220 brand new
  6. Chirst! You must like having your pants pulled down!
  7. If it worked when you took it in to the tech then take it back to them.
  8. Guessing this is your first time opening a gearbox? If so, it’s likely you’ve put something back wrong or forgotten to do something. Is the spring the only only thing you’ve changed?
  9. What’s the gun? There a thread in the spring guide there, guessing ( like the stock) screws on to the back of the gun. If so, that screw will hold the spring guide straight. What im trying to say is it’s very unlikely that the spring actually looks like it does it the photo, once the gun is fully assembled
  10. Is there a screw that holds on the buffer tube or anything like that?
  11. It will be, it’s just a chopped down version. Also, in my opinion, utterly pointless
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