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  1. As stated, it’s possible. You’ll most likely yeet the slide off very quickly though
  2. it’s a lot more than £20 though, I paid £35 total for 3 including delivery From coronavirusland
  3. If you want mags drop me a PM as I’ve got a few I don’t use as I’ve moved over to Co2
  4. Because I like the way it looks. Any AEG can be made to shoot well so what’s inside really doesn’t matter to me.
  5. mots more the fact the seller states it “does catch slightly” Even if the hammer change is legit, it’s still new money for a secondhand gun
  6. Second hand with a wonky hammer or brand new for the same money? https://www.bespokeairsoft.co.uk/taran-tactical-international-tti/jag-precision-x-taran-tactical-international-licensed-jw3-master-gas-blowback-pistol-tti-full-metal-black
  7. the standard barrel is a VSR cut, so any VSR barrel will fit in the standard hop unit. It’s AEG springs they use, not barrels.
  8. E21A

    ASG CO2 Ruger Mk2

    It’s also against PayPal’s terms of service to add a surcharge to sales if using there service.
  9. Either get a crazy jet barrel or de-bridge the standard barrel and use a maple leaf MR hop rubber. Works a treat with the gunsmithy arm and nub
  10. there probably is, but put the stock hop chamber back in with a gunsmithy hop arm and nub
  11. didn’t realise that was actually possible
  12. Get a maxx model hop unit and ZCI barrel. Those prowin style hop units are hot and miss at the best of times.
  13. E21A

    WE Glock 17 Gen 4

    Is the price all in?
  14. Interesting. I did notice regular blasters seemed to disappear for a while then return in new design bottles. Maybe they’ve switched manufacturers?
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