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  1. E21A

    UKARA registered address

    Exactly what I did. Was a no go, hence the questions being if it’s possible to make work address the ukara address. I’ll speak to my local site owner tomorrow.
  2. E21A

    UKARA registered address

    I’ve experienced the exact opposite, placed order and received a call not long after saying they won’t deliver to a non ukara address
  3. E21A


    Yea but mostly due to air leaks as I’ve not spent enough time putting it back together properly. Mind you the best performer I own is completely standard (except for deans obvs) and will be staying that way! 😂
  4. A mate suggested they’ve probably been owned by Novritsch! 😂
  5. 3 for £10 or 10 for £5 🤔🤔🤔
  6. E21A

    Revision Anti Fog Wipes Brand New x 3

    Might want to rethink the price, you can get 10 for £5 posted
  7. E21A

    Ordering RIF

    🤔 gives me an idea that. *goes to make new thread*
  8. E21A

    UKARA registered address

    Does this need to be your home address? My UKARA is due for renewal in a couple of months, just wondering if it’s possible to put a work address as the registered address to make deliveries of RIFs easier, has anyone done/tried this?
  9. E21A

    Ordering RIF

    Surely the rules of ukara stating it be delivered to the address registered would over rule this? If you were thinking of giving different address to finance company to get it delivered somewhere more convenient?
  10. E21A

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Inspect them beforehand I were you. Let me know how they are? I may have received some from a bad batch.
  11. E21A

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Wouldnt put those 6mm ammo ones anywhere near my guns tbh!
  12. E21A

    Large Events in the UK

    Such a thing does (or did) exist. An island of the coast of Croatia
  13. E21A

    The frames on TM Glocks

    TM v VFC v WE (stippled)
  14. E21A

    40mm green gas shells

    Tag rounds 😉
  15. E21A

    The frames on TM Glocks

    No worries, I have several brands of glock an the TM frame is by far the worst. It’s very hard plastic.