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  1. To be fair I service my mags regularly and always put a fresh bulb in them with oil if they going to be stored more than a week without use. I find co2 just works, even in the cold. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Horses for courses I suppose
  2. Funny how I’ve found the exact opposite, green gas mags have been fucking worse than useless for me.
  3. E21A


    Consider trying Dogtag airsoft, it’s not far from driver wood and is (in my opinion) a much better site.
  4. E21A


    Welcome. is it just driver wood you’ve played?
  5. Personally I use .48 longbows
  6. It’s a bit of an odd one this, ive ordered such things many times and been fine. However I got some magazines from the Far East on one occasion and had to make a bloody firearms declaration!
  7. Think that’s gotta be a typo, sure it was up for less than that before. Edit: they’re $220 brand new https://shop.jkarmy.com/poseidon-p18-evo-mod1-cerakote-grey-metal-slide-airsoft-gbb-pistol-tan-frame-model-18c-11146.html
  8. The price is a typo right?
  9. I think the plastic we spray all over the countryside might be more of a problem 😂
  10. Modifying the selector plate is the only “proper” way
  11. There is a video on YouTube explaining installation. It can be a bit of a bitch to get right, but once it’s done it works really well and stays in place.
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