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  1. E21A

    AK sling - where to buy?

    Yea I was more looking for recommendations of places that are reputable and sell decent quality. Thanks for your help though. I’m not too bothered about scratching etc, it’s an AK after all, it’s supposed to look tatty. 😂
  2. E21A

    Please spoon feed me !

    Subtle, not
  3. E21A

    Please spoon feed me !

    Not really, your just asking a bigger audience. Besides, on a forum such as this you can just ignore any question you don’t want to answer
  4. E21A

    Please spoon feed me !

    Would you respond that way if someone asked you such a question in person though?
  5. Looking for places to buy an appropriate sling for my LCT AKM, any suggestions?
  6. E21A

    Holy crap.......

    I want his job!
  7. E21A

    Do g&G gr16 mags no work with g&G wild hog???

    If they are mid caps then try breaking them in. Fill with a few BBs (10-15) the release them. Then increase to 25-30 BBs and so on until you’re at full capacity. Worth a try.
  8. E21A

    Do g&G gr16 mags no work with g&G wild hog???

    What weight BBs?
  9. E21A

    A Farewell To BBs

    Please tell me you’re taking the piss. Also so if you’re worried about the cost of loosing a few BBs on a mag change I think you may be in the wrong sport 😂
  10. E21A

    Re-spraying my gun now I have my UKARA?

    Should I modify my post?
  11. E21A

    Re-spraying my gun now I have my UKARA?

    Technically it falls under manufacturing, however, no is really going to care or even know.... unless you post about it on a public forum of course 😉😂
  12. E21A

    Good skirmish AEG

    But the CM16 and some mid caps, spend the rest on strippers and cocaine
  13. I’m worn out just reading that!
  14. E21A

    Do you get scared?

    Not sure I’d call it scared, but some version of “oh fuck!” Last man standing on the infected game at the mall, in the concrete room inside the small wooden shed thing 😳
  15. E21A

    Lipo charging

    I have the same batteries and always just leave mine as is until the next skirmish. That’s never more than 2 weeks for me though.