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  1. Warrior’s large in plate carriers is bloody outrageous! Could fit 2 people in a large 😂 Go with medium.
  2. Bucking is ready to go but isn’t quite a flat hop, has a contact patch rather than the usual bump like other buckings, the nub is concave so wraps around the BB. Im using 50 at the moment, will switch over to 60 in the summer most likely.
  3. Wouldn’t go with a hard bucking personally, this country is warm enough to warrant it. Consider a maple leaf macaron and omega nub. It’s the setup I have in my G&G ( plus Prowin hop) and I don’t struggle with range.
  4. Thanks, you’ve just found me my next sniper sidearm! 👍🏻
  5. Thas cos they don’t actually make anything, it’s made by the cheapest Chinese sweat shop possible, hence it’s all shit
  6. My thoughts too, pretty sure I’d get banned 😂
  7. 10/11 Some size 10 are a bit on the narrow side for me.
  8. Not really fussed to be honest, as long as they last well. Bought a cheap pair that haven’t even lasted a year of purely airsoft use. Thanks. Have seen some kombat ones I like the look of but not really heard of them before, so unsure of what quality will be like.
  9. Any suggestions of alternative brands around £60-80?
  10. Thats a shame, magnums used to be THE boots to have!
  11. I’m in the market for some new boots and these are in my price range, has anybody here used them? Interested to to know how long they’ve lasted of so. Any other recommendations in this price range I should consider?
  12. Theres always one 🙄😂
  13. I just wanna know who XXX is? I wonder 🤔🤔
  14. Search bespoke airsoft on YouTube, there a video on it and how to correct
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