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  1. Bud seriously what planet are you from ? Your asking 350 for a USED bundle that anyone could get new for less ? You way over priced your kit and now you’ve done it with your guns .
  2. As per usual about as subtle as a size 10 to the bollox with a good run up first ! 😖 BUT do agree with you when it comes to kit you do get the full gamete of gear that’s based of one design , from the original costing hundreds of pounds right down to the out and out shit for a tenner ! 😳 but you do get some that are very good value for the small cost you have to pay for them in the middle . Yes the designs have been blatantly stolen from the original designers but it comes down to supply and demand , if airsofter A wants chest rig B but can’t afford or isn’t prepared to pay the asking price for the real one but Wang in China can knock one out for peanuts then he gets the money simple as that ! The real one may be good and strong enough to abseil down to Hades , kill death him self and then evac back ? but what Airsofter actually ‘needs’ that level of reliability and quality of manufacture ? Even if the kit will last for yrs quite frankly most S’ofters haven’t the attention span to warrant that sort of longevity (me included !) from there kit ! Magpul had the right idea when they had there Airsoft range , you want the magpul kit because all the cool kids have it but it’s fecking expensive so you had magpul ‘light’ think it was an excellent idea .👍
  3. How about go back to your home site have a look around at what the other players are using , have a chat with them and then make your own mind up about what you want to buy ? time and time again new players go on to all of the Airsoft groups out there and ask “what am bestest gun?!”😲 and “tell me where to buy am bestest gun ?!” 🤦‍♂️ You are not going to find your answer on here (or any other forum) one mans perfect gun is another’s pile of shit ! And it’s the same with kit one player will tell you “xyz is the best Camo ever !” And the next guy will say “no it’s not ! It useless!” Your asking for a personal opinion on a subjective topic so you will NEVER get the right answer for you from someone else 😳 Here’s my point exactly , this chaps opinion is totally opposite to mine , I really like 8Fields kit (been using it for a couple of yrs now no problems at all) as to viper and bulldog ? Viper I would piss on if it was on fire and bulldog I think is grossly over priced Chinese knock off kit . polar opposite to each other but who’s right ? So put on your big boy trousers and make up your own mind , savvy ? And remember when asking for someone’s ‘opinion’ on anything , “an opinion is like an arsehole , everyone has one and there frequently full of shit !”
  4. Yellow glasses will help a bit over clear or tinted .
  5. Fecking speed S’ofter ! Unless your weighed down with 20kgs of pointless kit then you ain’t no airsofter to me !😳 Have to admit any of the 5.11 bags are my Achilles heal’s , I love them . Yes there heavy even before you put anything in them but f**k me they DO feel totally bombproof and you just know it won’t let you down. So I good sir concur money well spent ! 👍
  6. So basically it’s a larger bolt action MK23 ? 😳
  7. If you do a forum search you’ll find a LOT of info on the Jing Gong and the snow wolf AUGs .
  8. I swear to Christ if I ever see you again I’m going to beat you to death with a frozen cucumber (so I can eat the murder weapon after I’ve finished😉) Bartsuard ! 🤬
  9. Yup totally agree bud , it’s like BMW running a festival but not bringing any cars ! 😳 Z1 are an Airsoft retailer FFS ! Really can’t get my head round there reasoning for not brining there inventory to the site as before , they said “oh you can still buy on-line and we’ll deliver the same day !” Thats no fecking use you don’t impulse buy a gun online as easily as you do when its sat there in front of you screaming “buy me you lazy cockwomble !” ! 🤦‍♂️
  10. Sorry left the LiFe bit out of the 9.9v description !🤦‍♂️ Been running LiPo/LiFe batteries for years now never really had any problems till this yr , just been looking at my batteries and the newer ones do look different to my older ones so I’m now wondering are CS using cheaper batteries and that’s the problem ?
  11. Just been charging batteries for the NAE and yet another component shop 9.9v batt has died on me so that’s 3 in under a year ? And this one is barely 3mths old ! Not impressed at all . i use an turnegy accucell 6 , error message cell number error comes up , and as I bought it from hobby king im confident it’s not a cheap knock off .
  12. You’ll have to go real not Airsoft if you want a L handed polymer holster (I had to) have a look on American EBay where I get mine from for a lot less than most uk retailers .
  13. I did post a complaint about no shop this yr on zeroin and they gave it some bollox about the guys putting it together have enough work already ! AND ? As you say there’s loads of impulse buying (I’m as guilty as the next !) and i went in the shop just before it closed on Sunday and it looked like a a Viking horde had been through it ! There was practically nothing left so you can’t say it’s not financially viable can you ?
  14. Just had an email asking for players booked on to the others to switch teams as delta and bravo haven’t enough players ! Tuff shit cup cake , sucks to be you ! Bwahahaha !🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  15. As long as it is the actual ICS adapter (there are several different makes on the market) then it’ll fit fine , I had one on my ICS .
  16. And a couple of us on here as well , in a non judgmental or deliberately nasty offensive way of course ? 😉
  17. Can’t comment on the KJW but I’ve got two JG 1911’s that are old , and I mean REALLY old as in the one was in the very first batch to arrive in the UK when Airsoft Scotland were the first retailers to sell them over here and the other was in either the 2nd or 3rd delivery , and there both still going strong (one does have a crack in the slide after a then team mate dropped it a couple of wks after I bought it !) yes there not as good as a TM for range and accuracy , but it’s a pistol ! Mags hold gas fine (changed all the seals for better quality ones) AND I stay on top of keeping them clean and lubed when I use them .
  18. I like to have my long guns in individual bags or cases if I can , mainly so I can keep all there bits’n’bobs together with them and a hard case or bag will hopefully stop some oaf damaging them when they barge past in the safezone and knock them over !😡 but I don’t go in for the pick’n’pluck or cut to gun shape foam , just normal egg crate works fine for me . As to the quality and price of said carriers ? I buy the cheapest I can find that’ll do the job , I wouldn’t spend the amount something like a new peli case would cost , saying that I do own an old battered square Peli box that I put my radio/ammo/tool kit/etc (it was given to me by a mate) so I can see the attraction of them but not for me , way too expensive . BUT if you do want one get it ! it’s your money after all , just don’t try and make out you ‘need’ one (like some I have come across over the yrs) you play Airsoft your NOT going on an op so you don’t ‘need’ a gun case you can use use as a fall out bunker in the event of a nuclear war ! 🤦‍♂️ just be honest and say you wanted it ! No one else’s business what you swap your beer tokens for is it ? 😉👍
  19. Don’t blame you at all , that almost looks positively orgasmic EXCEPT for the sight in the first pic , looks like a £5 one From ‘bbgunzsisbestest.com’ ! (I know it’s probably not) but just looks so out on top of that gorgeous looking gun ! 😳
  20. Cameltoe ? I think not , more like hippofoot , cameltoes fat ugly sister ! 🤢
  21. You must play at VERY different sites to most players bud , all the sites I go too surplus gear accounts for a good 60-70% of the gear players are wearing !
  22. Mite be an idea to ease up on the emojis , they get very old VERY quickly ! 😉
  23. I call your link and raise you a steaming pile of horse shit ! As this seems to be most experienced players opinion of said STD stain in the link !😉
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