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  1. So are the pictures of the actual one your selling ?
  2. Taiwan Gun now sell plate carriers for bigger built players , just because someone’s a big lumbering ox of a guy why shouldn’t he get to have the Gucci kit as well ? 👍
  3. Are you really this fucking clueless ? How many times does it need to be said age has nothing to do with it ? it’s not exactly rocket science that this full on fast paced style of play attracts younger players is it ! But equally you see plenty of young players at most ‘normal’ skirmish days who quite frankly have difficulty walking from one end of the site to the other in one go without getting breathless there that unfit , plus there’s just as many older players who are very fit by any standards . So if you do get a team of very fit very win at all costs orientated players on site then yea there going to cause everyone else there to have a crap day , or are you the type who’d turn up at a family football tournament with a proper team and be proud of the fact you’d hammered all the dads and kids there ? There’s an extreme distance between the two scenarios but there still basically the same thing .
  4. Nope not really to be honest it’s got f**k all to do with damn kids , etc , etc just someone who thinks there’s definitely a place for all forms of Airsoft , just some don’t mix due to the vast difference in game style . Never been about age . 👍
  5. Well aren’t you the clever wit ? Well half of one anyway.
  6. What’s custom about the mags ?
  7. Well if we’re Going down this route then there’s only one way to go and that’s CLASH !🤣
  8. When you come down to it in Airsoft what do you really ‘need’ bar an AEG and a couple of hi-caps ? Nothing really . What do you WANT is the question. Shower grenades/moscarts/showershells/ what ever you want to call them are just like pretty much every other ‘non standard’ weapon in Airsoft , you only get to use them literally once in a blue moon BUT when you do get to use it (properly that is) then it does put a bloody huge grin on your face ! Me personally I always say if you can carry XYZ bit of kit without any detrimental effect to how you can play then carry it , but if it’s effecting how you play because it’s too heavy/awkward to carry ? Then don’t carry dumbass !😂 So me I’d say simple as that really .👍
  9. Hadn’t heard of golden bow before , I’d known for a while about golden eagle (the M16A2 I bought last yr was in a GE marked box but all the paper inside was JG !😂) , Snow wolf is re-branded jing gong as well .
  10. Which is perfectly acceptable at least then your giving the members a starting point , it’s just the vagaries of “what gun” that’s the dullfuckery point .👍
  11. I had an AGM for a good while was a cracking little gun was very happy with it , only sold it when I needed the dosh for a new project . id say that manufacturer list is a bit out of date , some of the ones it’s slating have definitely improved , and it’s got golden eagle on the shit list , there just Jing Gong gun’s under a different name ! As others have said look for what you like , find the Airsoft version THEN come to the forum and ask for opinions on it hopefully you’ll get what you need . Biggest pointless boneheaded question of all in Airsoft is “what gun shall I buy ?” How the f**k can someone who has never met a person or even know that person decided what’s the best gun for them to get ? ! 🤦‍♂️
  12. For me that’s exactly what a good marshaling team will do , there not just there to catch cheaters or for H&S they should be keeping the game flowing not favouring one team or the other just keep it going . Andy the boss of UCAP is a good example of it , he’ll point you in the right direction to move to gain a wee bit of a step up , I’ve even seen him take a grenade from one team and drop it near some players from the other side to get a game back on track if its stalled for what ever reason , you keep the game moving and you have happy customers. Again spot on mate , you can ‘gently’ direct players in the right direction with out being mr shoutyhead and getting everyone’s back up in the process screaming orders at them ! 😡 We’ve all seen them , either there an ‘all the gear no idea’ type OR the guy with surplus kit and his beer gut hanging halfway to his knees but both screaming orders from the back ! 🤦‍♂️ A suggestion goes a hell of a lot further when your dealing with paying customers than an order will . 👍
  13. That’s when the MP5/mp7/Glock full auto comes out ! 😰😂😂😂
  14. Mite of been better posted in the reviews section ?
  15. Another good reason to wear full face (but not one of the ones with a huge lens on it) protects your face’n’teeth AND cuts out the skin reflection ! 👍
  16. You are correct good sir , TM haven’t made a fixed upper for the M4 recoils but it is possible to do , there’s been a couple of documented builds on different forums over the yrs . I actually built one my self a good while ago , basically I cut away the lower side rail on the carrying handle , drilled and tapped a couple of holes in the base corresponding to ris rail gaps thread locked a couple of pieces of threaded rod in to the holes then epoxy putty in the rail gaps pushed the the rods in to the putty , filled all the side gaps in then sanded and painted then in a Blackhawk down themed camo and then age it a bit .👍
  17. I’m with you on the weight thing , not bothered at all humping a heavy gun around . if a gun is heavy in the real world then I want the ‘toy’ to have some heft to it as well , t’is the whole point of a RIF looking like a real gun after all , I’d be VERY disappointed if you pick up the Airsoft one and it ways rock all compared to the real one , for me any way it becomes a case of well what’s the point ?
  18. Nope , does sweet F’all for me .
  19. You do realise that’s just a bog standard Elcan scope , so you could build your own ?
  20. Did play an Xmas game in the obligatory Santa suit was very amusing to hear a team mate shouting “Santa ! The reds are trying to flank you from the left ! Get the elf and the nun over there pronto !” 😳 🤣🤣🤣
  21. Or if there like the prick that was selling an omnivore holster on here for what it cost him to get it from the US they just say “oh it’s broken !” AND refund the money when your winning bid hasn’t reached what they wanted but they hadn’t set a minimum price !😡
  22. Can’t think of any others reason someone would pay £500 for a Matalan puffer jacket ! 🤣🤣
  23. Really not getting it are you ? wasn’t a case getting out played , it was a case of a small group of players using the game day as a cardio training session for them selves and screw the rest there ! If you do want to bring skill in to it then once there speed of foot and speed of gun fire was negated by the moving objectives single shot games they were about as noticeable as beer fart in a thunderstorm , and I ‘think’ they pissed off early (don’t remember seeing them later in the day) so nope not a question of out skilled by any stretch .👍 Given a hard time ? Only when they try lording it over the simple people of ‘normal’ land ?😉
  24. I take it ‘£23.50 ALL IN’ was a bit too subtle for you ? 😳 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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