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  1. Wasn’t thinking of any thing that complex , trousers and shirt on both done up , mark the shirt were it tucks in at a comfortable position for bending and what not , take them off stitch too the marks and do it up as if it were still two separate items ?
  2. Druid799

    My top war films

    Jarhead , a very boring war film? Very true . The real gulf war ? just as boring as the film ! 😂😂😂
  3. Have you thought about just using a set of BDU’s and sewing the shirt to the trousers to basically make your own combat onesie ?
  4. This my friend is no different to any other Airsoft gun , so comes down to why not ? Non of the guns we use ‘need’ to look like a real what ever do they ? all you need is a tube , a feed system and some form of propulsion , but where’s the fun in that ? Yes it’s probably too big , too heavy AND it’s bloody expensive for what it is must when you see one being carried by so 6st soaking wet kid who thinks he’s the America sniper with it it will make you smile ! 😁 👍 Edit ; Ahh now you’ve hit the nail on the head right here , we all agree it’s a sniper rifle ? how many players actually play a ‘proper’ sniper role ? As in find your spot Camo your self in AND STAY THERE AND STOP MOVING AROUND? That’s what the real one was built for not running around the gamezone dressed in a full guile suit acting like a demented stormtrooper shooting at any thing that moves ! 🤦‍♂️ 🤣🤣🤣
  5. Unfortunately the way you’ve asked your question I think it'll get you nowhere fast , is just way too vague all you'll get are players personal choice which’ll be of no real use to you unless they happen to be your doppelgänger 😱 , remember one mans perfect rig is another’s worst possible ! What I’d say you need to do is next game your at just wander around the safezone looking at what the other players are using and when you see something you like just ask them about it I’m sure most will be more than happy to tell you about it (matter of fact you probably won’t be able to shut them up on the subject ! 😳) hope this helps .👍
  6. So you my friend are shit’outa’luck then , no new days for yooooooouuuuuu ! 😂😂
  7. My problem is the guns I use the most are TM recoil so on those mags you’ve got two pieces of metal sticking up that are perfect for damaging if dropped ! 😫
  8. Ahh right , in this case be prepared to be disappointed to various levels no matter what you buy ! 😳 😂😂😂😂😂
  9. With such a vague request mate your going to need one of these for the list of possible’s it’ll be that long ! 😳
  10. You’ve said you just don’t get why ? but isn’t this just the essence of the sport though , wanting to try something different ? He’s done some research him self , has said whole point to be able to flick it up or down , he’s not coming across as a trolling kid , It’s what he wants to do so we should try and help him . Put it in perspective (from my point of view anyway) your helmet for instance as epic as it looks (and it does btw) I’d hate to know how much you’ve sunk into it plus I think your going to have real neck problems wearing it for any prolonged length of time unless your wearing it for hrs every day during training to build up your neck muscles to support it , I know this from experience . But if you asked for some advice on what ever I’m sure everyone would try to help . 👍
  11. I always carry mine on a leg panel on my Left leg or ‘dangler’ straps off my trouser belt on the same leg so it’s always same place and can do very fast mag dumps when needed (don’t like dropping mags , seen it cause too many problems in the past) so I always go for full set pouches not roll up types .
  12. 100% agree , my son has used them for a good while now with no worries from me , like most on here I’ll take proper dum ass risks my self but risk my kids in any way ? So yup I’m happy with them ! 👍
  13. Beat me too it ! 🤬 🤣🤣🤣
  14. Well that’s easily solved , next time you go upstairs in the house , open the bedroom window sit on the windowsill facing in to the room , then fall backwards out of the window . Fall from that hight shouldn’t kill you but you should pick up a good enough brain trauma that EVERY game day will be your first ! 👍
  15. Bloody hell thats a bit steep ! I never pay more that 20 for one ! To be honest bud I always change the visor on any HK mask , you just can’t guarantee the quality so I’d rather change it soon as I get it just to be on the safe side . But that’s not saying everything is poop I’ve got a couple of pairs of FMA fan goggles and I’m more than happy with them . Bit more trust in a recognised brand .👍
  16. I always use shoei visors as they were the only ones I ever used on my bike . Once you cut it down it’s surprisingly flexible and will fit no problem . i just lay the original over the new one trace around the cut it out with my dremel . You can’t see much on the inside as the visor is bolted to the out side and then the rim is bolted on top of that .
  17. Ok fair enough you started out down this route and stuck with it (can’t argue with that) and there must be others who’ve also followed this way but honestly how many players have you personally met or you can 100% believe also did so over the years ? (The phrase ‘lots of’ etc etc is frequently used when there’s no real evidence to support an argument) I can’t say I’ve ever met anyone who has said so . Now I know there hardly going to be jumping around shouting about it but in all these yrs no one ? BUT other side of the coin , I could tell you how many new players I've met who at there first game were absolutely adamant they were going to play and stick with X,Y&Z as there gun/role/game style/etc then at lunch time or the next game day said they hated it and wished they’d listened to everyone else’s experience ? Ultimately it’s Sean’s decision on how he wants to play , but he’s come on to a public’ish forum and basically asked for everyone’s opinion and help on his decided route in to the game and the community answer on the whole has been pretty much “don’t do it it’s a mistake !” .
  18. Just buy a motorcycle helmet visor in the colour you want and cut it to shape . what I did with this helmet .
  19. Sean your starting to look like a half term special mate , your jumping around posting up random shit you’ve grabbed from the net (the gas mag for instance, it clearly says it only works with two brands of gun) and making it look like your just a kid on school holidays , people are going to start taking the piss soon bud . Take a breath do some research on what you can ; A ; afford to spend on your start up kit (be realistic not hopeful) B ; what you can actually find in stock of what you want . Google is your friend . C ; what you want . THEN come back and I’m sure everyone on here will help you as much as they can . As I’m sure you can appreciate as this is basically the last good working forum on the net the ‘what am bestest gunz’ type posts are two a penny and soon get ripped a new one . 👍
  20. Ok if you are set on the whole ‘choose your shot/30rd mag change like a real gun’ route then again don’t get a gas gun as you are going to need to drop a huge amount of money just to get started , just buy a bog standard M4 and a box of ’real cap’ magazines that only hold 30bbs and see how it turns out . Better to drop £140 on your start than near £700 wouldn’t you think ? BUT ultimately it’s your decision on how you want to go .👍
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