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  1. The hampster is spot on , and if I saw you in the car park I’d run you over for even suggesting such heresy ! 😱
  2. I use one of these on my Sopmod and on my 416 and did have one on my socom for a good while too . https://www.opticsplanet.com/blackhawk-ar-15-m4-storm-sling-adapter-black-71sa05bk.html and before you ask no I didn’t get them from here (can’t actually remember where I got them from to be honest !) I’ve got one of these ones on the sopmod and a QD one on the 416 .
  3. You’ve been lucky mate there’s some horrible first hand stories on some of the other forums .
  4. Yea I love the “only needs an x,y,z to fix it there really cheap and easy to pick up “ in that case why the f**k haven’t you done it then ! ?
  5. Would definitely buy from a 3rd party , they do have some very unique stuff (straight MP5 mags for starters !😍) but just would NEVER buy direct from them .🤬
  6. Spot on 100% , obviously I’m attracted to the item first but once I’ve read whats been written and how it’s been written (any txt speak/yo bro/it’s awesome/etc instant disconnect!) in the ad and what kind of forum profile the person has THEN I’ll decide if I’m going to contact or not . Only time I’m tempted to break these rules with a buy is if it’s something I know I probably won’t get another chance at again .
  7. Well gentlemen would appear there’s a lifeline for everyone interested in this weird ass looking gun . WE stand at an airsoft show in Taiwan .😉
  8. Batteries ? No value at all . the gun ? I’d put money on its a Jing Gong krinkov. Value ? Wouldn’t go over £50-55 for it with a full history , with a sketchy history ? £40-45 tops .
  9. Be warned though even if it’s the only place you can get one it may not be worth the risk buying from Evike as there record with international sales is on a par with Special Airsoft Supplies in the uk. Absolutely shocking after sales service ! basically once you’ve paid your money it really is in the lap of the Gods wether you get what you ordered OR anything at all and if you do have a problem they really don’t give a toss as your outside the US .😡
  10. Oh I say Mr Mikey ! Such pornographic words ! 😱 I’ve had an attack of the vapors ! 🥴
  11. Bit more detail in the title mite benefit you with an answer , ‘need help’ is vague as f**k to say the least ? 😉
  12. Don’t think you’ll get them too work in a TM recoil H , I remember mine being noticeably different in size and shape of a real mag so don’t see there being any difference with the polymer ones ?
  13. Compulsion ? I’d say no it’s not a compulsion . Is it an addiction ? now that I would say it is . Ask anyone that works in the field and they’ll tell you there’s varying levels of addiction , from the ‘occasional’ every now and again “oh no I can stop whenever I want!” user right up to the totally life consuming nothing else matters to them but feeding the ‘need’ addict and I’m sure if we’re being honest we ALL fit in there somewhere and we all know guys above and below us on the addiction scale .
  14. I’ll be honest I equally dislike the fat sack of shit my self BUT unfortunately I have two teenage sons that won’t stop growing and a bank balance that dissuades me from have morals when new kit is needed , if what I want is £29.99 in sports direct (last pair of karrimor boots I bought) and £45 in millets then I have to put my moral indignation to one side I’m afraid to say . Sad but a fact of life .
  15. I just use my normal M4 ‘type’ shingles more than deep enough that my MP5 mags don’t fall out , and i make sure when I’m bombing up pre-game that all my mags are facing the same way in the pouches and in the same orientation (when loaded there magwell end down) then when changing mags I flip them around the opposite way so I know it’s an empty without having to look .👍
  16. I’ve met the gympy in the flesh as it were and I freely admit I did a man wee and almost creamed my under crackers over it ! 😍
  17. Comment of the yr so far ! 😂 up there with everyone’s favorite ? marshal to player “can you describe the player who wasn’t taking there hits ?” Player to marshal “ yea I can they were wearing a camouflage uniform and I think they had a black gun with a sticky out magazine !” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👍
  18. I have , expect loads of HPA rigs set at stupid RPS and running 350fps + and kids with M4’s with a drum mag that’ll keep hosing you until basically they can’t hit you anymore ! Oh and if you get the drop on one of these verminous little shits don’t expect them to take the hit that has less than 10bbs in it ! 🤦‍♂️
  19. Looks like a dog ruff ICS I sold last yr at the NAE for £70 ! 😳
  20. Think it all went tits up when Adidas bought them .😡
  21. New loadout on its way ! 🤦‍♂️ JG MP5SD6 Cyma 226 AEP 2 X Gotham PD patches .
  22. As the Borg said , ‘gently’ run a round file around inside it , then I’d recommend some fine wet’n’dry to ‘polish’ it too remove any imperfections left by the file .👍
  23. Unfortunately i can also concure with tackle , I’ve had 2 pairs from a friend who gets them through work for free and yes to put it bluntly they were crap , I’ve got a pair of Desert ones that have got to be a good 20yrs old and the quality is poles apart .
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