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  1. Will power is for 🐈 real men have the tensile strength of a piece of wet big roll and give in immediately ! that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it ! 😇
  2. Thermos flask and a super soaker , you fill the thermos with boiling water , you then pour that in to the super soaker and it’s an Airsoft flamethrower ! 😉
  3. Go to boots and buy a bandage ? There only like £1.40 or something like that . don’t over think it . 👍
  4. Druid799

    5.11 3-in-1 parka

    Age and condition mate ? Cheers .
  5. Ooohh check out all the silver spoon in the mouth brigade ! When I was a lad this was what I had to play with AND me dad had to work a 25hr day down the pit to get the extra money to be able to afford it !
  6. I heard from a reliable source who doesn’t want to be named , they ran out of bananas and the IT Dept quite . But you didn’t hear it from me , savvy ? 🤫
  7. What he said ! I’ve got a TM P90 and I’ve never come across anyone who likes the hi-caps ! I run a mix of MAG and Silverback mids in mine and I’ve never had a problem with the ammo feeding. Had a Cyma Galil for a while , cracking good gun but the mags can be a right ball ache to source for it especially mids , AND seeing as I hate hi-caps with a passion that was a bit of a problem ? 😉
  8. In a word , bollox . I’ve been playing for a very long time and I’d say this sweeping statement pretty much covers every model of airsoft gun there’s ever been . You get good and bad with everything ! @RostokMcSpoons I’ve got a pair of AUG’s one standard length and one short para I’ve also got an L85AFV and my youngest has got a Tavor and there all great guns to play with (only takes seconds to get your mind in the right place to change your reloading to behind instead of to the front of the trigger assembly) the para and the AFV are absolutely awesome in CQB due too the short length but still hold their own with no trouble at all in woodland due them both still having reasonable sized inner barrels compared to some supposed ‘outdoor guns’ . In the end bud comes down too if you want it get it . 👍
  9. Yup that’s ya problem , the catch isn’t engaging hence the dust cover is popping off . you need to get the edge of it in to the slot , give it a bit of brute force and ignorance and it should go in I’ve had it happen with a few AK’s over the years as well . Try pushing the button in as you slide the dust cover on at the same time as well .
  10. Now normally I’m definitely not a “guns done !” sort of player as I’m always want to change this’n’that with my guns , but after getting an ‘old school’ red dot from these very forums(very BIG shout out to @kistofurryfor it) I honestly can say I’m really happy with it now and can’t see anything I want different on it . Now that’s nice .
  11. You sure it’s his flashmag you can hear ???? Nudge nudge wink wink , ya know what ah mean ?…🤤
  12. Seriously how long have I been extracting the urine from all and sundry on here and you STILL think I ment it in a nasty way ? Mr Borg I despair 😉
  13. I do like the idea of flash mags only down side I find is if your behind cover and priming your mag from a distance it does look if your ‘lobbing off’ an invisible friend ! 😳
  14. Now if you done this in the beginning instead of instantly jumping on T’internet and asking “someone please spoon feed me !” You’d have been able to sit back with a smug look on your face and think I sorted this my self , instead of us lot thinking “ahh bless he thinks his airsoft gun is made by the REAL gun manufacturer , bless his cotton socks !” “bwahahahahaha ! What a pillock !” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 👍
  15. WoW ! This REALLY does set a whole new level of “nope didn’t read any of the forum user advise or instructions when it comes to posting or sales !” 🤦‍♂️
  16. Getting some sauce material is the right thing to do , if you look at the pic I’ve posted all the staining from use is focused around the magwell and pistol grip .
  17. Wasn’t having a go at you bud , just if you post up a picture to show of something you’ve done your not going to get everyone kissing your arse over it . You are getting negative as well as positive feedback , hence I said what I saw wrong with it from my point of view . got pic here for you demonstrating what I mean about the weathering affecting specific areas .
  18. I’ll be honest mate doesn’t look ‘used’ to me , just looks like a really crappy staining job . Having used a real wood furniture’ed gun I’d say you’ve got the worn sections going in too many different directions and just too randomly placed on the stock to replicate wear through use over time . when you look at any old wooden bodied guns the wear’n’tear is near always in specific areas and generally only going in one or two directions . Just my two pennies worth . 👍
  19. Yup only thing I’d say is use one of the better quality brands as your donor. remembered about this YouTube as well .
  20. You can convert a ‘normal’ one to fit a TM recoil , basically you have Make the inside bigger by Dremeling the shit out of it so it’ll fit over the TM gearbox .
  21. Would appear being off sick from work really does set off the ‘idle hands’ syndrome , been playing around with the 177 AGAIN ! 🤦‍♂️
  22. I’ve got a TM recoil Socom that’s 13yrs old and a recoil AK74su that’s 11yr old both running fine and both never been opened up and only ‘upgrade’ to either was changing the batt connector to a deans . so for me that tells me all I need to know about the brand .
  23. Could well be glass as glass ball bearing do appear from time to time .
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