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  1. Been writing a script for a collaboration Airsoft Awards video - it's going to be really funny...

    ...Most Controversial Player, Overhyped Product and Worst Event of the Year.

    Some peeps going to be triggered! :D 

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    2. Robert James

      Robert James

      is @Duff being considered? 

    3. Jedi_Master


      That was someone who definitely was easily triggered


    4. Druid799


      Eh hem ? 😂😂👍


  2. That's a cheap attempt to win AFUK's - 'most liked content of the day'
  3. Okay, this might be a little bit gimmicky for some, but Popular Airsoft run the Player's Choice Awards each year. Ultimately it's where players vote for their favourites in 25 categories and the winning nominees get a trophy and recognition towards doing something positive for the community/industry. Well, the nomination stage just opened and is valid for 1 month...I wonder can we get AFUK into the Finals? The category specifically I'm thinking is Best Online Community. I also wrote a Blog post about the awards, outline the categories and explain why I feel it's important to the Airsoft Industry. Next week I'm going to put up my 2019 Nomination Predictions But, this post is about seeing whether we can group together and vote - it only takes 5minutes. Best bit, they will be announcing a raffle in January for all entries (last year it was more than £2000 of prizes) Here's the Nomination Page - Category (11) 😅
  4. Gtech

    The last AFUK Mall event

    Charging now, thought it was 12:00 so glad I checked here tonight! Bike battery buggered so off to Halfords at 9am and then heading straight over to you
  5. Gtech

    The last AFUK Mall event

    Fucker you had me going! I was about to screencap my PMs haha. Well Played Sir, Well Played 😜 Yeah...ermm...sorry about that! Admin has removed the comment 🤪
  6. Gtech

    The last AFUK Mall event

    Excited for this now, just read last night that all events are fully booked with only limited walk-on spaces.
  7. Gtech

    Airsoft Questionnaire

    Hey guys, seems the @gtech tag didn't come up Yes I've spent several hours chatting to @ACA about how a speedball/speedsoft/speedqb could be the route into airsoft being seen as a sport in the eyes of the Sports England if, and when Airsoft gets a Governing Body (yes, we've tried this before in 2006!). Now, I know a lot of people across the community don't want to play, or try speedsoft - but in my eyes it's another string on the bow when it comes to fighting future legislation and another avenue that is currently underdeveloped in this industry. ACA is just trying to get some information and find player opinion's before going down this route. I just want to try and improve the industry and feel that this competitive aspect (beyond skirmishing, milsims, hunteering) could just be a possibility for a % of the community. He could of used polls and feedback from the forum, but it wouldn't help him across other airsoft communities. A form helps keep the answers together, whether that was done via SurveyMonkey, Zoho Forms or Google Docs. Of course it's entirely your choice to complete it or not, but I can say it's going out with the best of intentions behind it.
  8. Gtech

    The last AFUK Mall event

    Just paid
  9. Gtech

    The last AFUK Mall event

    Count me in (dates permitting). Great work organising this so fast
  10. Gtech

    The end of The Mall, Reading :(

    I'm down for that!
  11. Gtech

    Im unsure and new =(

    If you're concerned, you could give your neighbours a heads up
  12. Gtech

    Testing BBs

    Loving this, I've passed it onto a BB brand who might be interested in passing some your way. For science of course
  13. Gtech

    Im unsure and new =(

    As long as you're buying from an airsoft shop, yes - it's just swapped or painted parts that meet a specific colour and cover 51% of the IF. Normally it's Bright Green, Blue or Orange.
  14. Gtech

    Im unsure and new =(

    You can use it before you gain a defence yes. You can buy a two-tone and use it straight away or wait until you have the defence and buy a realistic one. Two-Tones legally are defined as IF - Imitation Firearms Black/Military based guns are called RIF - Realistic Imitation Firearms. What you can't do, is buy a Two-Tone, and spray paint it black without a defence. Doing this means you're manufacturing a RIF, which is illegal - and since you don't have a defence. You'd be in a bad place. I always recommend borrowing equipment or hiring it if you're a beginner. Get to the range and ask other players to feel and hold their rifle, perhaps the AK stock isn't comfortable but a MP5 fits perfectly? You won't know if you buy before you try. Finally, it's probably obvious but worth saying that buying a two-tone will decrease it's sale potential in the future if you decide to sell it. You will notice that the paint always comes off eventually by scratches or wear and tear.
  15. Yeah, exactly - they register as a site, then confirm events and have the chair of the society sign off on the attendance. It's a club membership essentially, the group would likely have insurance to cover them the same way that reenactment societies do. I've notice UKARA are accepting reenactment societies recently as well, I presume they're in the same situation having issues proving their defence. It's a solution for sure, my concern is how easy it is to falsify - which in turn reveals another loophole and potential lack of responsibility under the VCRA. Of course, it would be the chair of the society who gets the blame - since they've become the auditor in the paper-trail.