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  1. Hey fellas, Just wanted to reach out here to say thanks to those who got in touch and say sorry to anyone here if they were baited into this dirty scammer. His account has been marked, which means he cannot re-use the email, I've also followed up with 3 other accounts he has created and i'll continue to monitor over the coming days. The adverts are gone and I've reached out to all his recent private conversations to let them know to stop any further communication and contact PayPal if they'd recently paid. Unfortunately it's not possible for me to monitor every pr
  2. Been crazy busy since New Years but I'm back here! Facebook has been hammering groups again (Uh-Oh!)

    On better news, UKAPU just had their annual game at Bravo1, such an awesome site. Worth the 4 hour trip each way for sure.

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    2. Druid799


      To be fair a lot of sales groups got shut down due to utter bell ends trying to sell RIFs and making a fecking derisible attempt if any at hiding it , you know the ones “gun sales aren’t allowed but does anyone know where’s the best place I can sell my puss green combat machine with 3 mags and a battery for 4 shillings and sixpence ? “ type posts ? 🤦‍♂️

    3. Gtech


      It's sure a distance Bibbs, but just like playing with the AFUK at the Mall, it's full of the players with the right mindset.

      No complaining, happy to shoot each other up close and a lot of banter. You can tell most the players in the room had been playing several years, the egos weren't there and it was back to games of honour.

      Oh and I forgot to mention, I'm now the South East rep! Woop! Plenty of work to happen in UKAPU 2019, it's going to be a busy one! 

    4. BibbsOnTour


      Sounds good, might have to make the trek next year then!


      And congrats on representing us South Easteners! :D

  3. Yeah, it was good fun - just not quite what Steve had planned! Did allow for some fun, smaller battles and was the first time I played at DogTag. I went back again recently because the site itself looked great (Had the camera at the UKvUSA event so wasn't playing).
  4. Oh completely agree there, considering the whole legion rule was something me and Mike had spoke about long before KM even attended an event. 🤔 The safety stuff is a bit of the drama/social monster that works - even if it looks bad. Having played against him a lot of times, I don't think he gets any more headshots than most - it's just he edits out the other shots. Likewise, the fact of scope overlays means you can make shots look a lot more like a purposely aimed headshots. But meh, I'm the other side of the Thames now so it's not something I'm overly updated on. I do
  5. haha yeah, I'm the one with no hair and run Airsoft Nation Andy (bearded guy - TheChairsofterShow Podcast) and Carlo (Blue Suit - The FloperatorPodcast) both have their audio versions up and running, I think you'd get most the jokes on audio - there might be a few bits that go off key without video but we tried to ensure it's transferred as well as we could. It was a good laugh and an extremely fun way to end the year, you've got to be able to laugh at yourself as well as others in the good and bad situations - after all it is just a game. There's already talks from comp
  6. No it's not legal to convert an IF into a RIF....regardless, it's always illegal. HOWEVER, if you have a form of defence, you can use that in front of a judge (should worse case scenario and you be in the dock). Of course, that's all dependant on why you're there whether he considers it a valid excuse.
  7. Thanks for the Shout out! I do think you'll find a lot of the FB Airsofters will be very resistant to forums, it's just a totally different workflow from what they're used to. Forums aren't an instant messenger like FB, we typically also put more words down than entire threads of Facebook posts You've also got the issue on how you fit in 100 gun category-brand-groups into a forum structure, if you look at Arnies Airsoft in it's top days, those sub-niches were usually pointless and hard to find for most posters.
  8. I thought I'd share it here as I know a few forum members watched it and enjoyed the show. As a last Christmas Live show, I teamed up with 2 other Airsoft Podcasters and we hosted the Unpopular Airsoft Awards. A comedy spin with plenty of laughs and light hearted banter. If you fancy a laugh and want to shrug off all the politics and drama - this is the show for you.
  9. Been writing a script for a collaboration Airsoft Awards video - it's going to be really funny...

    ...Most Controversial Player, Overhyped Product and Worst Event of the Year.

    Some peeps going to be triggered! :D 

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    2. Robert James
    3. Jedi_Master


      That was someone who definitely was easily triggered


    4. Druid799


      Eh hem ? 😂😂👍


  10. That's a cheap attempt to win AFUK's - 'most liked content of the day'
  11. Okay, this might be a little bit gimmicky for some, but Popular Airsoft run the Player's Choice Awards each year. Ultimately it's where players vote for their favourites in 25 categories and the winning nominees get a trophy and recognition towards doing something positive for the community/industry. Well, the nomination stage just opened and is valid for 1 month...I wonder can we get AFUK into the Finals? The category specifically I'm thinking is Best Online Community. I also wrote a Blog post about the awards, outline the categories and explain why I feel it's important to the Airsoft
  12. Charging now, thought it was 12:00 so glad I checked here tonight! Bike battery buggered so off to Halfords at 9am and then heading straight over to you
  13. Fucker you had me going! I was about to screencap my PMs haha. Well Played Sir, Well Played 😜 Yeah...ermm...sorry about that! Admin has removed the comment 🤪
  14. Excited for this now, just read last night that all events are fully booked with only limited walk-on spaces.
  15. Hey guys, seems the @gtech tag didn't come up Yes I've spent several hours chatting to @ACA about how a speedball/speedsoft/speedqb could be the route into airsoft being seen as a sport in the eyes of the Sports England if, and when Airsoft gets a Governing Body (yes, we've tried this before in 2006!). Now, I know a lot of people across the community don't want to play, or try speedsoft - but in my eyes it's another string on the bow when it comes to fighting future legislation and another avenue that is currently underdeveloped in this industry. ACA is just trying to get some inf
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