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  1. Ahh that sounds awesome, I'll keep an eye on that then!
  2. Vengeance is the one on the decommissioned cargo ship isn't it? I saw that ages ago but haven't heard much since... Is it nearing completion then? I haven't been there before but have heard good things... If you do get round to going give me a shout if you fancy teaming up! 😁
  3. I was meant to post about this last night after I saw the notification at work but didn't have time!
  4. Got this off my pal, my first GBB so it was more just to have and get used to the workings of one... What do you guys reckon I paid for it/should have paid for it looking at the condition of it?
  5. Not a lot but certainly a step in the right direction! Best keep our eyes on their page in the coming weeks!
  6. Patrol Store is brilliant for this sort of stuff! They provide kit for real coppers and security personnel alike so it's all of decent quality too plus the guy who runs it is a top bloke.
  7. DAG Event was brilliant... There was even an attack dog on the loose in the last game


    1. clumpyedge


      pretty sure those sliders arent on the approved PPE list 🤣

    2. BibbsOnTour


      after running through long grass in them and multiple near misses with turned ankles I can vouch for that statement too!😂

  8. A few bits from the DAG charity raffle at the weekend 😜
  9. Anyone else attending the DAG charity event tomorrow at AP?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Prisce


      I wish. I have other plans. Haven’t been at all yet this year. And it’s looking increasingly unlikely that I’ll get to go again anytime soon.

    3. BibbsOnTour


      Give me a shout if/when you guys do get round to going again!

    4. Albiscuit


      I knew nothing about the event but was away with work so wouldn’t have made it!! 

      Hopefully bag a few games in July there as I likely won’t get to play in August and September 

  10. I was looking to join up around the time I was in college, so I was researching all the fitness requirements etc. and was speaking to one of my family friends who's already in and said pretty much exactly this. Said that I'd seen fairly rotund fellas on the beat and he basically just said yeah once you're in you don't necessarily have to maintain it... But obviously that'll affect their ability to perform some roles as you say.
  11. Scoutthedoggie & the fact that I used to get lost in a dream world whilst building load outs for hours as a kid! I remember adding up the total cost of the royal marines commando loadout i made after I'd 'perfected it' (definitely wasn't accurate thinking back) and I'm sure it was well over £5k including the multiple choices of guns for it because I couldn't pick what role I wanted so a choice of L85A2, HK417 and a M40A5 did the job instead😂 might have even been this exact video😂
  12. The application of controlled aggression 👌 😂
  13. I second this, some of you guys need to chill a bit! However, this has been a fantastic read. Thank you to all involved... and now... deep breaths and count to 10 😂
  14. Hi new to airsoft, I'm Bibbs Have a look at this video, might be handy... Can learn a bit of Italian at the same time!
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