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  1. BibbsOnTour

    Cars not guns

    The sportier springs in mine are a killer on your back if you don't take care! First time I went down their in it when I got out the car I felt like id already done a few games running about cos my back was pretty rough 😂 I'll make a note that if I go to either of these sites to get a mate to take me instead 😂
  2. BibbsOnTour

    Cars not guns

    I feel your pain! My BMW isn't lowered or anything, just on standard M-Sport springs but getting it down the lane to Skirmish Billericay is a slow process
  3. BibbsOnTour

    The end of The Mall, Reading :(

    about 150 from me but as robert said, well worth it
  4. BibbsOnTour

    Followers on some aeg midcap magazines.

    One of these things in one of my midcaps for my avalon just disappeared one day... Literally only after having it for a week or so. Didn't see it fall our or anything and the mag still feeds ok so no idea what happened to it.
  5. I was unsure on whether or not to call it a rail as I felt if I didn't call it a rail it'd make me sound stupid but now I sound stupid because I did
  6. Something about the look of the FAMAS I just love. What's it like for getting attachments on? That top rail looks interesting to mount things on...
  7. BibbsOnTour

    Female who’s just had my first CQB game!

    My other half said to me she wanted to come along for a game or two before I even suggested it to her! Very lucky me
  8. It is a fair bit when you look at other stuff on the market however they are really good value when you look at the quality of them. They're a nice mid way in the market between the cheap surplus ones and the Crye level milsimmer stuff in between sizes is the story of my life Yeah they're quite a bit too but as Mr. Adolf Hamster says, can't buy a new pair of eyes! They do fit quite tight to my face though and I wear a mesh mask, so far, touch wood, haven't had one slip through.
  9. I've been looking at getting the LBX Assaulter top & bottoms which they do in a bunch of colours so would assume there will be something you're looking for there. Read & watched a few reviews on them and they sound like they would fit our build quite well (I'm in the same boat as you and I feel your pain in trying to get something that fits all the way down) They're about £70 for the bottoms so not the cheapest but at the same time not quite cryes price As for goggles I'm not too sure as I use ESS Crossbows at the moment which are ballistic glasses however if you're open to suggestions, they're great and never had them fog at all!
  10. BibbsOnTour

    Vest/Plate Carrier Identification (Far Cry again)

    Just looks like a generic plate carrier in DPM camo. You can get these from most online stores ranging from about £50 all the way to like £400 depending on where you shop and what brands you're looking at The pouches in the top picture on the left and the bottom picture are MOLLE attachments which are modular so most of the time you buy them as you wish and attach wherever tickles your fancy. Alternatively, you can get a chest rig which has all the pouches on already, usually you can get these much cheaper in the first place and also considering also you don't have to buy the pouches as well, but obviously they're not customizable like a plate carrier is.
  11. BibbsOnTour

    Female who’s just had my first CQB game!

    Ahh that'll be the one you want then Good good
  12. BibbsOnTour

    Female who’s just had my first CQB game!

    You can get different types of lipo so perhaps he can switch your one for one that fits better. Do you have a case or bag that you can take the gun down there in too?
  13. BibbsOnTour

    What brand!

    That's a fair statement I reckon start cheaper like Cam said and get the combat machine because its a good place to start and still a solid gun which you can upgrade like you say and it's only gonna set you back about 1700 SKR
  14. BibbsOnTour

    What brand!

    What is your price range?