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  1. BibbsOnTour

    The last AFUK Mall event

    did make me laugh when I first saw it
  2. BibbsOnTour

    The last AFUK Mall event

    Was it you with the lobster? Would love to see that video, need to start recording my gameplay when i eventually get a lid Tracers are brilliant, I definitely need one for indoor games! And yeah was great to meet those of you that I did and sorry to not go to the pub after had to get home to feed the dogs and myself as I went out today too
  3. BibbsOnTour

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    5.11 Rush LBD Internal knee pads because the last ones were really cheap and fell down whenever I was running for anything more than short bursts Thermals for when I'm out for a run or outdoor games in the coming months Some walking socks, light and heavy ones for all my needs A camelbak and a neck gaiter cos a shemagh is too damn hot to wear over my face! Very interesting stuff...
  4. Just paid, I'll see you there! My friend is still on the fence but I'll do my best to persuade!
  5. Sounds great! I reckon I'll have to come along to this. Will try to convince my mate to go too
  6. BibbsOnTour

    The last AFUK Mall event

    Can't wait! Will be my first weekend of solid airsoft both days! See you all there
  7. BibbsOnTour

    The Mall - Closing Date

    Let's hope so! Fingers crossed it's more east of London this time too!
  8. BibbsOnTour

    Newbie - down south

    awh, i got my hopes up there for a minute
  9. BibbsOnTour

    The Mall - Closing Date

    I might be wrong but I would assume due to where it is it's probably gonna be ripped down and used for a new development or something... Same
  10. BibbsOnTour

    The Mall - Closing Date

    That doesn't surprise me in the slightest!
  11. BibbsOnTour

    The Mall - Closing Date

    I've only been once prior and it was brilliant! Still haven't got a clue how to navigate it though so you won't be alone!
  12. BibbsOnTour

    The Mall - Closing Date

    Hi all, For those who haven't seen it already The Mall (Reading) has posted their closing date on Facebook. It's Sunday 28th October (5 weekends away - too soon ) From what I can see, there may be a few more slots left in the remaining weekends to play so if you can't make it to the AFUK game get snapping up those slots quickly!!
  13. BibbsOnTour

    Take a quiet moment to think .

    Yeah I see loads of people who've bought surplus fatigues that still have insignia on them...
  14. BibbsOnTour

    Take a quiet moment to think .

    @Druid799 @Tackle @Seven thank you guys for your service first of all! It's nice to see someone post something like this on here because it does remind a lot of us to take a step back every now and then and think about the not so airsoft side of what we're doing and the sacrifices our older generations have made for us. As for the walt/stolen valour side of the conversation I think that, from my perspective, I can understand the frustration that people who have served or are currently serving etc. feel because it goes without saying that it's a massive sacrifice to be in the armed forces and for someone who hasn't made the sacrifice to try and brand themselves as part of that organisation would be infuriating. But like you guys say sometimes it is taken too far like in that picture for example it's clear he's not trying to impersonate but just looks up to them as we all do! However, I think in some cases civvies do impersonate without realising the lack of respect it can show for those who have served/are serving. I for one when I was looking to start airsoft when i was a few years younger was planning on building a Royal Marine Commando 'loadout' because I've always looked up to them (now starting training to get the fitness level needed to eventually head off to CTCRM 😁) and at the time didnt know how frowned upon it was to wear the green beret without having earned it but soon found out after doing some reading on forums! So I think in many cases it can be put down to a lack of knowledge in those who might be wearing a beret or badge/patch they haven't the right to wear, because personally, I don't think it's made as clear over here that it's not politically correct to do so as it is in the USA...
  15. Cheers for this, been considering going as others have said it's alright. See you at the AFUK mall game!