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  1. Indeed it is... was a steal too considering the quality! Down from £100 to £50! Earmor kit is soooo much better than my last set, taking into account the price difference as well (about £15) these feel like much better quality and are easier to use with gloves on which was a big gripe for me with the others. The buttons were tiny and you couldn't really feel them with gloves so I spent ages trying to turn them on/off all the time and you basically needed both hands free to turn them off... It's definitely a yes from me with the earmors 👍
  2. A few bits just in time for B-SIM ALPHA at AP this weekend 😁 5.11 All Hazards Nitro Pentagon Gen-V Jacket Earmor M32H MOD3+ Had to buy some more ear pro as the last ones packed up mid game out of the blue - a testimony to 'buy cheap, buy twice'.
  3. Ahh ok, cheers guys 👍
  4. A friend at work who played paintball a few years back found an old CO2 tank that he never used in his garage and knows I play airsoft so has asked if it's of any use to me. My question is pretty much that... is it? Can it be used to refill CO2 pistol mags or something? Also, would it be 'out of date' as such? Can they go out of date? I've only got an AEG at the moment so I'm clueless about the GBB side of airsoft 😂
  5. Why can't Miss Piggy count to 70? Because every time she gets to 69 she gets a frog in her throat 🐸
  6. Still keeping the Nick Cage gifs going I see...😂
  7. Welcome to the site mate!👍
  8. I saw them when the RAF did their 100th year flight... Never even realised they were the last two! But yeah back to the point... Totally agree with this, how do people not get the idea that if you put a bit of effort in and take a decent few photos it actually looks like you care about the sale at the very least!? Exactly what I was meaning too... if they don't care enough about the photos they can't be that arsed with the sale as a whole!
  9. I can vouch for this. I've got 4 QRS mags that I run with my Avalon and haven't had a single problem since getting them 9-10 months ago.
  10. I run midcaps because I like having to reload at least once in a while, that and not sounding like a huge maraca wherever I go is nice! 😂 Only reason I don't go for low caps is because of the massive advantage everyone else would have if they're all on 100+ round mags... However, I'd be down for a low cap only game if there was enough people behind it cos that'd definitely reduce the pace of the game and force people to pick their shots a bit better!
  11. Too far for me unfortunately! Like Al said, would have been a laugh to shoot the Mrs for a bit😂
  12. Can't wait to see everyone's Christmas hauls posted on here next week... 😂

  13. Lucky you Got my staff party tonight so doubt I'll be on, but if I do randomly appear online at 2am I might be somewhat incoherent... Just checked and I've definitely added you! my name is just "bibbs"
  14. Yeah... I tried solo Sounds good mate, I'm sure I added you guys from this post ages ago but I never managed to actually play back then... I won't be on tonight but should be over the weekend if you are too?
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