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  1. Cheaters gonna cheat, even if you hurt them.

    Blasted a dude in the face with the striker from around 15 metres (gun shoots 0.99J with .20s and I was using 30s, add a bit of joule creep), saw tooth fragments coming out of his mouth, he shrugged it off and kept playing.

    Next time I'm gonna load .40s and see if he still doesn't call it when I go through his whole throat.

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    2. ImTriggerHappy


      Im calling bullshit on that.


      No player is going to ignore a hit that breaks a tooth.

    3. Skara


      At the national finals I got a tooth shot out, but since it was an implant I didn't feel any pain.

      But hey, free to not believe it.

    4. Immortal


      I'm not saying you did or didn't but having shatterered a canine tooth myself it's not something you can shrug off easily. I had to pull the tooth fragment out which was hanging from a nerve and it was no easy task. I have a high pain threshold and I can say it was not something I could ignore no matter how fast I ripped it out.

  2. Skara

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Why such a slow gear ratio AND a slow motor?
  3. Heya, Just bought a prommy blue bucking and a couple of flat nubs for my arp, and I noticed that the hop arm doesn't push down enough to have any sort of effect 😕 (using the stock G&G rotary chamber).. is there anything I'm missing?
  4. Skara

    Hop up arms not long enough?

    What do you mean by angling the barrel? I also found the same problem with a Retro Arms CNC'd hop chamber and a Modify flat bucking + nub. It's me being either completely retarded or extremely unlucky with my purchases 😕
  5. Skara

    Hop up arms not long enough?

    Already trimmed. It does the same with the standard tubular nub that comes with G&G greens. Fully dialed in yet it only applies barely enough hop to lift .25s.. I will update this post tomorrow with a couple of sketches so you guy get an idea (cba to take down the hop again)
  6. Skara

    Hop up arms not long enough?

    The nubs are prommy bridge type ones, these http://www.tacticalcustom.com/it/gommini-hop-up/2993-prometheus-pressore-flat-hop-up-tensioner-bridge-type-0005322.html Flat with a small trench in the middle, 2 in the pack, one blue (softer) and one black (harder). I heard the blue buckings were shit, but I wanted to try them out anyway..
  7. That moment when you have some spare Euros to waste on airsoft stuff, but your local shops don't have anything interesting :(

  8. Skara

    Getting the hump .

    And this, honestly, is why we're sinking faster than the fucking titanic. Not in the mood to write a wall of text to explain right now.. I'll just leave it here: we're giving more credit to a bunch of code lines rather than real flesh and a soul. As for the "£700 SWAT loadout" meme. It's ok to show your kit and you should be happy about it, but the purpose of that thread wasn't exactly clear. Did he want to boast having dumped money on it? Was that a help request instead? Nobody knows and probably never will unless the dude comes here to explain. But he should accept critics as they are what makes you improve. Skara out.
  9. Skara

    Getting the hump .

    Lol this thread I remember when I started my chairsofting career (as in posting stuff on forums) I got shat on on the italian forum for having posted a couple of terribad loadouts (literally worse than the £700 swat kit, trust me, you don't want to know anything about them), it was in 2010, I hardly played any skirmish and I was eager to show what sort of cheap crap I ran. guess what, now I'm still here harassing you guys, and at this point I think Brexit is just your way to tell me "fuck off ya wanker we don't want anything to do with you" Kids per se aren't the problem. Kids that have been raised in a bubble are. Also the whole politically correct bullshit we're fed 24/7 (no, I'm not turning it into a political rant of any sort, just that we can't be harsh to someone anymore without getting pulled to court for verbal offences) /rant Btw I'm almost 28 (15th of July) so I'm not THAT old either, my parents didn't raise me in a bubble and I'm somewhat still alive with an almost fully functional brain.
  10. Skara

    Lipo fail

    I guess it depends on how quickly you discharge them. If it's a slow process they only swell up. On the other hand, if it's fast enough...
  11. Skara

    Gc16 predator won't fire full auto

    There we go. If I'm right the German law restricts full auto capable airsoft guns to 0.5 Joules, so in order to achieve higher muzzle energy they're forced to lock their rifs to semi only. The easiest way is to cut a tiny square off the selector plate to prevent it from disengaging the cutoff. Replace the selector plate and you're golden
  12. Skara

    Gc16 predator won't fire full auto

    Price is somewhat irrelevant, maybe he just wanted to get rid of the whole thing. Ask him about the gun history (where he got it, if it's been serviced or not, any info he has)
  13. Skara

    Gc16 predator won't fire full auto

    Absolutely not, G&G ETUs are not programmable (unlike the Ares EFCS or a Titan) You can switch between full auto and 3 round burst by holding the trigger in semi for around 10 seconds, but that's it. And it should have cycled 3 times instead of one. The previous owner may have cut the selector plate to lock it in semi. But as Nariea stated, the gun hasn't been touched (unless, of course, the seller lied to our Danish friend).
  14. Skara

    Lipo fail

    Discharged one intentionally (let's just say it was for science rather than pure boredom), connected it to a pretty power hungry light bulb. Good tiny fireworks show indeed xD Was an old battery anyway, although her sister has served me until late autumn as a drum mag's power source and is still in great shape after 8 years
  15. Skara

    Gc16 predator won't fire full auto

    If you don't have any experience in teching, hand the gun to a tech (if I'm right it won't be expensive as v2 selector plates are cheaper than dirt) or to a friend that has some experience. I wouldn't do it myself if I didn't have any experience, as AEGs can appear rather complex to work onto. No need to be sorry mate, we all started somewhere
  16. Skara

    Gc16 predator won't fire full auto

    Easy, the selector plate doesn't go back enough. In mechanical systems the SP doesn't keep the cutoff lever disengaged, I fear it's the same with the ETU systems as the unit itself only replaces the trigger contacts with a microswitch.. May also be a busted ETU (not unusual since they're absolute crap)
  17. I love when it rains and all your teammates decide it's not worth it.

    Then the rain stops and everyone is complaining that we're not playing.


    Like, how about you grow up a pair and get out of bed?




    Fucking chairsofters..

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    2. Skara


      I totally agree, bad weather days always provide the most fun. No idea why though.

      Maybe it's because we get only 6 to 10 people, the ones that play together all the time, so we're ultra chilled and just want to have a good time.

    3. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      i think it's because if you're dedicated enough to the sport to stay out in shitty weather then you're more likely to be the type to play properly.

    4. RMDavis


      Totally agree with the above comments. It was raining on and off Saturday and I had one of the best days 'pewing' in a long time! Surrounded by a bunch of like minded people (decent players that took their hits) End of the day, we're all running around at the weekend playing 'army' why does bad weather have to stop that? Combat clothing etc drys out very quickly! 

  18. Please do, we need something to laugh about in our helpless lonely lives 😢
  19. Well the post per se doesn't make much sense to be fair. You basically listed all your kit (which is fine) along with prices (which, imo, is NOT fine). Also there is a nice dedicated thread for kit boasting
  20. Clean backgrounds are Paleolithic stuff mate, didn't you know?
  21. Skara

    Which rif? Performance differences?

    Scorpion, no doubt. G&G ETUs are a bit hit and miss, some work flawlessly, others get binned pretty quickly. Scorpion also works fine outdoors despite being a small gun p.s. Check out the G&G ARP9, great cqb gun but has some potential for field games
  22. Skara

    De-Railed discussions / Rants etc

    Ye I've seen live examples, the family I mentioned tried to enforce veganism to their house cats, but it didn't really work out as they lived in a farm full of mice. That was the first time I witnessed God's perfect killing machines doing their jobs and it was amazing They had quite weird animals tho, there was this huge pig named Gorgo which behaved like a dog 😕 super gentle with the kids, super playful 😕
  23. Skara

    De-Railed discussions / Rants etc

    Lel vegans, had a terrible experience a few years ago. As a scout chief, I try to give the boys a clean, unbiased point of view on how the world is currently working so that they can develop their own thoughts They wanted to know more about vegans so we got in contact with a family who ran an animal shelter and decided to spend a few days with them. what a terrible mistake.. We found out they were the worst kind of vegan, they couldn't stand our presence just because they knew we eat meat. turned out the wife was switching sex after giving birth to 2 children, the man wanted to strip naked and live in the forest. Literally every vegan stereotype was present in those 2 individuals. when we got home we bought a whole pig and roasted it to cleanse us from that filth xD on the other hand I know a couple of vegan girls, actually pretty cute, and they don't give a shit if someone eats meat EDIT: for the record, those 2 girls actually like meat, if you know what I mean 😏
  24. Skara

    What has changed?

    A lot has changed. Guns: a lot more electronic components inside, tracers, trigger boards, mosfets, all available at decent prices. You can get some absolute performers for dirt cheap. 10 years ago you needed to rob a bank to get a good gun. Human factor: people are easily pissed off these days, mainly because YouTube (imo). All those "duhh chitur xposd/klikb8 titel" videos only made the problem worse. I mean, 10 years ago cheaters were dealt with in much better ways. Now they feel entitled to cheat just to get subs on yt/ig.. Also all the cod kids now are old enough to buy rifs
  25. Skara

    De-Railed discussions / Rants etc

    The heck did I just read?