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  1. Isn't it lovely when your gun shoots lasers until you hit the field, then shots go everywhere but where you aim.


    Nonetheless it got me a couple of otherwise impossible hits :D

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    2. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      May I ask what loadout you was using today


      fires lasers then shoots all over the place...


      Hmmm Stormtrooper jokes inbound...


      IT's not my fault that i can't shoot straight its the blaster's fault - sad  stormtrooper | Meme Generator

    3. Skara


      Specna M4, G&G 0.25s..

      But as mentioned before, the barrel has two nasty scratches on the inside, 2/3cms from the crown. No clue how they have been made, but I was planning on changing the barrel anyway.

    4. Shamal



      I've come to the conclusion that I am cursed.

      I can't seem to have a decent performer in my arse


      I think some of that post got lost mate. What was the rest?


  2. Unfortunately not an option, I'm keeping the AAP as a sidearm. Plus running HPA here is tricky, I don't have a compressor, scuba shops aren't keen on filling HPA and I'd like to keep my scuba cylinders for diving
  3. So, gun is on its way, had a quick talk to my tech this morning because he wanted to show me the Perun optical he installed.. I don't know if he messed up the installation or calibration, but it looked lame, as if it couldn't properly read the trigger position. Should I drop €150 on a Titan at this point?
  4. The key to sniping is in movement and field craft. Find a load bearing kit that works for you, don't look at YouTube because 90% of the "sniper loadout" videos are full of shit. I've tried all sorts and now I'm settling on a simple chest rig. In theory you'll be scalping people from 100 metres, in practice you end up using your secondary way more than you rifle. So you may want to invest in a mk23 (best airsoft gun, period). Stupid range, stupid quiet, you can do everything with it bar magdumping rentals (which, btw, is the whole point of airsoft). Ghillies
  5. Ares AM009. With the money I've spent on that thing I could've easily bought a MTW. Fucks sake I still have nightmares about it when I crack open a new gun You see? The problem is in the E.
  6. Has to be pistol calibre though, I already have 2 (well one is still somewhere between Poland and Italy) tricked out M4s.
  7. Title's kinda self explanatory. I was looking at my ARP-9 the other day, great little gun, nice trigger response, nice ROF (around 22 RPS in its stock configuration), compact size and somewhat lightweight. But it has a few niggles, namely the hop chamber being a bit meh, the stock bushings being brass, the gearbox (as with all G&Gs) lacking a QC spring and having the screws on the other side and the magazines. Most of these cons aren't really an issue, bar the last one. The available magazine really kill the gun's potential.. The stock high cap sucks, can'
  8. if micron counting isn't your thing, go TM. If you want a gun that just works, go TM. If you want to spend your money wisely (idk if someone already told you, but monies don't grow on trees), go TM. If you want a 1:1 scale replica of the real thing to be used as a paperweight, fuck off.
  9. Yeah, doesn't look too shoddy. I'll see if I can fit it to the ARP-9 tonight to see what it looks like, but it'll probably go on my new specna whenever it is delivered.
  10. My super expensive €20 Geissele knockoff from AliExpress just arrived. ('kin hell now it doesn't show images but links ffs) https://i.imgur.com/0uGdCS9.jpg https://i.imgur.com/MQ7dt3E.jpg https://i.imgur.com/kcPp95r.jpg
  11. as in E.S. Custom, the Italian guy? Fucking avoid him like the plague.
  12. Maybe one of the AW offerings? Like this https://www.armorerworks.com/airsoft/hx2401-pistol.html
  13. King arms pdw yay or nay?

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    2. Skara


      Alright let me make a thread.

    3. AK47frizzle


      I still have my review posted in that section. Great gun imo for £160 when I got it.

    4. Skara


      What got me interested is the fact that it's stupid light and that takes regular mp5 mags.


      Aight making the thread.

  14. You still won't hit anything, but at least you'll look cool
  15. My fingers keep slipping. I think I have just ordered a Specna C-08 from gunfire, whoops
  16. Buying it tomorrow after posting the Ares. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a thread on the arp9 to make
  17. Specna cut it short and named it "half tan". You get a black body but the rest is tan lmao. I'm gonna go with that version I think, so if I install the stubby stock and aliexpress handguard it'll turn into full black (and then slap my pink furniture on, because yes). Or even directly go for full black, so if I decide to keep the stock handguard it will look ok. Aaaaaaaah decisions! Fuck that, going full black.
  18. Somehow managed to sell the HB, a bit disappointed but still made €100 that will go in this project (it's half a base rifle). I've had my eye on that Double Eagle 904G for a while, until I discovered the receiver is actually proprietary (the rear is carved to only accept the dedicated HB stock). There is a version with the standard buffer tube connector but it's out of stock at the moment. Anyway, back to the impossible task of making me happy. https://gunfire.com/en/products/rra-sa-c08-core-tm-carbine-replica-full-tan-1152221427.html
  19. Great job Graham! @L3wisDwould you mind taking a look at my last message (about the PP scam) and see if you can pin it somewhere?
  20. Idk if I should make a dedicated thread, but there is a quite simple scam going around these days (especially in WhatsApp/Telegram groups). Basically the buyer comes up with a screenshot from PayPal in which PP asks for a code. In the meantime the buyer receives said code from PP via SMS. DON'T give that code to the buyer, it's basically a payment request from the buyer, he'll take the money and disappear, nothing you can do really as it seems to be registering as a F&F transfer. Posting because I'm seeing this shit coming up at least twice a day in the te
  21. Yep, although the model I'm interested in (907E, same as yours but with a regular buffer tube) is now out of stock -.-
  22. NEVER pay by F&F unless it's someone you can find and kneecap easily.
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