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    G&G CM16 R8-L, WE Glock 17, ASG storm 360 and a banana because who needs a knife
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    Old CCF combats, Tactical recon vest and large boots
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  1. Solly4568

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Just got 48000 cursed BBs from bullseye country sport. Should keep me happy for 5 minutes 😂
  2. Solly4568

    Minimum age in airsoft

    Yeah it depends on the person. I think that marshals should ask people under 12 a load of questions before being allowed to play to see if they 1 know the rules and 2 are going to be sensible during the day
  3. Solly4568

    Minimum age in airsoft

    o no, he was not scary at all. one minute I was pew pewing casually and the next a massive guy in a predator mask, dual wielding m4 pistols appears behind me and I suddenly need new underwear😂 also, can you say thanks to him for helping me find my grenade 😀
  4. Solly4568

    Minimum age in airsoft

    where you the bonkers guy running around with a predator mask dual welding m4s like a mad man
  5. Solly4568

    Minimum age in airsoft

    Yeah any younger and it becomes a pain but at the same time, I have found that many of the new kids enjoy being taken under the wing by an older veteran to have them explain the rules and play with them because at the end of the day we all just want to grow the sport and have fun
  6. Solly4568

    Minimum age in airsoft

    that is what it really boils down to because if they are running around like headless chickens and not properly playing the game then it spoils the whole day. I just have nightmares about a 5-year-old with a Tommy gun wandering into the save zone and accidentally mowing everyone down Just imagine the headlines😂
  7. Solly4568

    Minimum age in airsoft

    So I was playing at my local field this weekend and a father (who was awesome) had bought his two very young kids (7-8) along and it got me thinking about if there was a minimum age for play and if not do you think there should be. I would also like to say that I personly have no problem with younger people getting into the sport and I wish my father had done the same for me and the two kids where very well behaved but I think that younger kids would be more prone to making mistakes with airsoft guns which the sport does not need
  8. Good god I love my ASG 360 grenade it makes such a good sound as it detonated that scares the shit out of people 😋

  9. Solly4568

    Trying not to destroy my gun

    O right sorry easy mistake
  10. Solly4568

    Trying not to destroy my gun

    nope, you are wrong each Tokyo Marui hop up chamber comes with a miniature Jedi that helps you bb fly for miles. The magic dust method was used in the older versions 😂 but in all seriousness thanks guys for the replies it helps me a lot, not having my gun blow up in the middle of a game al Qaeda style 😊
  11. Solly4568

    Trying not to destroy my gun

    Thanks for all of the ideas I have already put in a tight bore barrel and a new hop up bucking but the ideas about the seals is great. also, I agree with @Rogerborg on the fact that Tokyo Marui's are unnatural and should not work 😂 ( doesn't stop me from trying to get some😂) Thanks Solly
  12. Solly4568

    Trying not to destroy my gun

    I have a question that has probably been answered but I am stupid and can't find it 😂 So I want to put a slightly upgraded spring in my CM16 that should bring the FPS up to 355 from 330 by putting in an M110 spring into it. Will this just destroy it or will it be improved. (also if anyone could point me in the direction of a good guide I would be forever thankful) Many thanks Solly
  13. Solly4568

    Flat trigger on a CM16 r8-l

    As the title suggests I would like to know if there is anything stopping me from putting a flat trigger on my CM16 and if not how would I and what sort of flat trigger would you recommend Many thanks Solly
  14. Solly4568

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    First @AK47frizzle that is one of the sickest things I have seen in a while Also, I have upgraded from high caps to 5 midcaps so I can get my tactical reload on and a ripoff of the Orion Sidewinder speed loader because I am cheap AF along with a sling, dump pouch ( for even more tactical reloads) and a 50 round mag from my Glock because that was needed 😂
  15. Is it strange to carry my heavy hard case down two flights of stairs, fill and gas my mags, charge my batterys and to get fully kitted out in combats and everything, only to unload a few hundred rounds in to a log heap because I am pissed at the world 


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    2. Duff


      Oh... then why are you pissed at the world? No people around you, sounds like bliss....

    3. Prisce


      Slightly strange. Leave the combats back inside and carry on. Or if your that pissed, go for a run.. seriously!

    4. Solly4568


      Yeah I could go for a run but nothing compares to the stress relief that come from dumping rounds into old school stuff