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  1. Fixed the striker. 

    Had a heart attack on Sunday after the striker started slam firing, quickly bought an upgraded locking pin as I had read that slam firing can be caused by the combo of the old locking pin and new C.P.B.S. Got the pin fitted, it managed to get a shot off and all that came out the end was fragments of bb from my last shot, turns out the bb fragmenting had prevented the sears from engaging so the parts where useless (but shiny 😂) and would have needed to be replaced eventually. Still happy my baby is working again😁  

  2. Personly I use a Pelli 1750 rifle hard case that can fit at least 4 rifles it and I use it to get my stuff to and from the site and has not failed me once
  3. Moses wept. I just fitted the C.P.S.B bolt in the striker along with the spring that gave me 500fps in the old bolt but now the air seal is so good it is giving me 600fps. Oops. time to get a weaker spring🤣 

    1. Skara



      Chronoed mine today, with a SP100 it gave me 99.5 m/s (measured with .20s) with a .06 m/s deviation in 20 shots.

      I call it a pretty good airseal for stock stuff bar the steel cylinder :P

  4. yeah but that might involve some actual effort and a willingness to not be a massive dick 😮
  5. Solly4568

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    make it sound like the foam finger from dead space 2, Bang pew pew
  6. Solly4568

    WE P226 MK25 red dot mounting

    You can buy a rail segment that replaces the rear iron sight, i have one on my Glock. Or failing that liberal application of super glue has never failed me before 🤣
  7. Solly4568

    Ares Amoeba Striker AS-01/AS-02 Owners Thread

    look what just came 😮
  8. Solly4568

    Ares Amoeba Striker AS-01/AS-02 Owners Thread

    does anybody know if the shortened striker mags fit in m4 pouches
  9. Solly4568

    This gun, or this gun?

    get the CM16 R8-l, I have it and it comes with a sight out of the box and looks cool af (sorry first gun biased) but really it is an amazing gun
  10. Good god I think I have found the best ad banner ever, it was for Russomilitare and the banner just cracked me up with a tank going off a big jump with fireworks going off all around it 🤣

  11. Hi world This is my first review so please go gentle I have had this rifle for a few months now and I think that I can finally write down my thoughts on it. when I first got it, it was only shooting at 295fps due to the fact that I had ordered it from some part of Asia but even without the proper FPS it was consistently hitting a man-sized target at 40m about 9/10 time, I proptly realised that I was an idiot and ordered an m145 spring. This bought the FPS up to 495FPS and I have to say that I was impressed with how easy it was to upgrade. You only have to remove one pin, pull the bolt out, undo the top of the bolt and replace the spring. Now with that FPS boost, I could consistently hit a 70m target if the wind wasn't a factor ( I only had .25 😭) First Game Day I rocked up on my first game day with a bolt action with no idea of what I was doing, with an unzeroed scope and without the hop up being properly set and to put it simply I could not hit the broad side of the barn and I think that I only got around 10 kills for the whole day. BUT I don't think that it was the rifles fault and more likely an incredibly incompetent owner Second Game Day This time I was better prepared, with a bottle of .4, a shimmed scope and after I had practised a little on my brother in the back garden (we have a big back garden) I did much better and was hitting almost every shot I fired (even when the little s**** did not call them 🤣) I had also improved the bolt pull as the bolt scraped on the interior of the gun revealing the copper colour underneath. I decided to speed up this proses by removing everything from the bolt and wet sanding off the black covering which not only gave the gun a unique look but it also improved the pull to no end. Pros Cheap A very good rifle out of the box, not the best you could get but you get what you pay for ridiculously easy to upgrade ( It takes AEG springs) Short bolt pull Cons I have had a few problems with this gun mainly cause by the load indicator which can prevent the rifle from firing but it is an easy fix ( all you have to do is knock out a small pin and pull out the indicator) does not have aimbot 😮 I have now ordered a C.P.S.B bolt and an AA hop up unit. I will keep you all posted on its performance after the upgrades Peace out
  12. Solly4568

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    C.P.S.B stainless bold for the Ares amoeba striker and lovely £20 scope of Amazon that has arrived and works like a charm currently eyeing up a stainless steel bolt pull handle to compleat the look 🤔
  13. Solly4568

    The "Post Your Pet" Thread

    My beautiful two girls
  14. Solly4568

    rainbow8 no two tone ?

    A slide might get in but I am not sure I SUMMON THE GODS OF AF-UK TO TELL US THE ANSWERS 😁 sorry always wanted to do that
  15. Solly4568

    rainbow8 no two tone ?

    You don't (admin gods correct if wrong) but it is my understanding that it will probably not get through customs without them calling you up and asking for some kind of defence if it wasn't already on the box