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    G&G CM16 R8-L, WE Glock 17, ASG storm 360 and a banana because who needs a knife
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    Old CCF combats, Tactical recon vest and large boots
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  1. Is it strange to carry my heavy hard case down two flights of stairs, fill and gas my mags, charge my batterys and to get fully kitted out in combats and everything, only to unload a few hundred rounds in to a log heap because I am pissed at the world 


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    2. Duff


      Oh... then why are you pissed at the world? No people around you, sounds like bliss....

    3. Prisce


      Slightly strange. Leave the combats back inside and carry on. Or if your that pissed, go for a run.. seriously!

    4. Solly4568


      Yeah I could go for a run but nothing compares to the stress relief that come from dumping rounds into old school stuff 

  2. Solly4568

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Longer tight bore barrels (zci) for the r8-l and my bros raider L. Why do I always order stuff while I am away and can’t fit them when they arrive 😭 . And managed to find a peli hard case that fits 2 rifles, my glock and everything else I could need for a good day of airsoft 😀
  3. Solly4568

    Quick Questions & Simple Answers.

    Okay boys I have a question. (It is probably really stupid but I don’t want to buy the wrong thing) if I have a gun with CCW threads then do I need a suppressor with CW threads or CCW threads. Many thanks Solly
  4. Solly4568

    Pouch for extended Glock magazine

    I have had the same problem but I fixed it by raping the flap that normally goes over the mag around the extended mag and then clipping it back in to place. Seems to work well as I haven't lost the bloody thing yet😂🤣
  5. Solly4568

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    a big as extended mag for my G17 (now looks sick) I managed to resist the drum mag. I am also looking at this. I know that i don't need it but i sure as hell want it 😊 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Archives-Custom-Slide-S-Type-for-Marui-WE-G17-Airsoft-GBB-Gold-Barrel/113131320599?epid=1639846725&hash=item1a5726f517:g:pXEAAOSwIBJabEEW
  6. Solly4568

    First time upgrading my gun (SA-B02)

    Personally I would go for a prommy purple bucking but that is just personal preference
  7. Solly4568

    What I believe to be a WE gen 3 Glock 17

    yeah i got it from a mate who needed money bad, so I buy it from him and put 2 mags through it before it jams and the slide become stuck nothing a bit of silicone oil count fix thankfully otherwise i would have been pissed as i love Glocks
  8. Solly4568

    What I believe to be a WE gen 3 Glock 17

    Sweet I got it for 30
  9. Ok so I have had my WE gen 3 Glock 17 for a while now. It is completely stock with light cosmetic damage caused by the last owner who did not know the next thing about GBB guns and who I believe never oiled it 😮. I have no interest in selling it as I love it it bits but I would like to know what it is worth It is shooting around 315 FPS with a fresh mag from a new bottle of WE green gas Thanks
  10. Solly4568

    Best inner barrels

    yeah but they are always out of stock 😭
  11. Solly4568

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    As is it flys like a dream and was my first moment teching 😀
  12. Solly4568

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    prommy purple bucking now shoots like a laser that is £12 well spent
  13. Solly4568

    Best inner barrels

    Ok, so i have been looking around the forum and there does not appear to be anything on the best inner barrels that was written recently so which inner barrels would you guys recommend and why Much thanks Solly
  14. Solly4568

    Questions about DMR’s

    at my site they are limited to 450 and bolt actions to 500 so i get that it is not much of a step up but still dam