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  1. 1. Could we get pictures of the other side, the one with the cocking indicator 2. Try removing the stock there are 2 screws. One in front of the magazine and the other is behind the trigger guard. They can be removed using the larger of the two Allen keys in the grip. 3. The pin can get stuck in there so I would try to bash it out using a screw diver along with a small hammer. Do this as a last resort. If you do manage to get the pin out then I would advise getting an upgraded pin from these guys. https://www.bespokeairsoft.co.uk/parts/sniper-parts/bespoke-airsoft-ed1-strong-body-pin-for-ares-striker-smooth-operation It has a screw on it that means it wont slip out during the middle of a game and jam your rifle
  2. i got it off Ebay but it is all fixed thankfully after about 2 hours and a lot of sand paper
  3. hey guys i just got a Lycan 90o sear and the pegs that come with the gun don't appear to go though the hole in the sear. Should I send it back or is this common mistake with an easy fix
  4. Hi @rocketdogbert Just a quick update I managed to fix the pistol by installing a new hammer unit thanks for you help Solly
  5. OK boys, the 60o hop up rubber and it is perfect. It worked perfectly over the weekend and i am now getting around 120-130 meter shots. One question though, does anyone know where to get a 90o cylinder because that is really the only thing that my gun is missing 🙂
  6. What it says on the tin. Use this area for any stories related to Airsoft that keeps you up at night. Could be kit related or just people in general. For me it was a guy a while ago shooting his rifle at a friend IN THE SAFE ZONE. Genuinely scared the s*** out of me to think people can be that stupid. But hey I bet there are many stories on here that are much worse than mine. So lets here them
  7. DAMMM I have never seen so many scammers. I SUMMON THE POWER OF THE MODS 🤣

    1. sonofsammo


      Scammers or spammers?
      Both are evil.....

    2. Solly4568


      they were scammers who where spamming, so i am guessing like the 7th circle of hell 

  8. Forget @StayOnTarget i want one to put on my bolt action. and maybe a pistol or two 😂
  9. Thank you for using my proper pronouns 😂 Try this http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/Accessories_Silencers_GK_Tactical_130_x_35mm_Suppressor_14mm_CW_CCW.htm also God dam the lofty heights of 4 inches. like dammmm boy😮🙂
  10. Yeah I'm just realizing that and I just hope I have the same range that I had for a few shots with the 75 as I was getting well over 100m
  11. So I have nearly finished upgrading my rifle, so here is a picture Now the only problem is that the hop up is not engaging enough, and I think that it might be because I put a hop up bucking in my gun that is too hard as it works with all the upgrade parts and the OG hop rubber. So I have ordered a 60o Bucking which should hopefully work better than the 75o one that is currently in there. Fingers crossed.
  12. It is done. I have finally finished my Ares Striker. It has a CPSB bolt, Spiral outer barrel, maple leaf inner barrel. G&K supressor. Maple leaf bucking
  13. What method would you recommend and how long did it take you Thanks
  14. Do you guys know if there is any way to get the spiral outer barrel for the AS01 on a rifle when it has the action army hop up chamber installed? because I am starting to think that I will need to get a refund
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