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  1. Managed to finally get my hands on a KWA Kriss Vector from @KingZi and with some help from @rocketdogbert both absolutely stand up guys. And good god is it fun snappy and cool but goddam is it heavy 😂, I think I am going to have to start hitting the gym again just to be able to run it for a game🤣. Also, it looks sexy as hell
  2. If it's still under warranty I would send it back and get them to do it properly. But if not I would give the upgraded hop unit a go with the ML bucking to see if that makes a difference Aaa yeah thanks mate 👍
  3. In regard to the double feeding is he still using the standard hop up bucking? I know that I have had some serious problems with those in the past especially with the upgraded hop unit. Now on to problem at hand I may be wrong but I don't think you can put VSR barrels in with the standard hop unit but don't hold me to that. Depending on the FPS that it is putting out I would put in a Maple Leaf Deception bucking at around 60 to 70° In my own striker which is running dead 500 FPS I have a 65° bucking along with a panther concave nub and a Maple leaf dual bore barrel and that gives me accurate shots out to 100m. Hope this helps
  4. I personally would have to go with the 1911 from the original terminator. Just a silver 1911 with a stupidly big laser. Perfection. I would probably knock one up if @KingZi hadn't already helped to lighten my wallet 😆 maybe a future project 🤔
  5. I have found my least favourite thing. Having a lovely new toy at home just begging to be played with and knowing that you won't be home till Saterday 😓😰😭. God dam you education🤣

    1. rocketdogbert


      Education? SATURDAY 😂😂😂😂


      j/k bud, enjoy 👍🏻 

  6. Just one observation that I have made while using the cylinder ring is that you seem to get a lot less grease on the hop rubber because the bolt is no longer dragging along the inside of the receiver and at the rate that the strikers go through buckings, anything that extends their life is a good thing
  7. PICK ONE you can either a pistol or an M4 please for the love of God don't make a Frankenstein combination of the two. Please.
  8. Here you go mate sorry it took so long but those are all the measurement that I could get 😀
  9. So far I have not needed to do any on mine they are super reliable because dirt can't get in to it at all because the only hole in the design is blocked by the blank. So it just pull the pin and run like hell😋
  10. Ok got you, I will have to crack out my electric callipers on the weekend. I would also recommend an acetone bath to smooth it if you are using PLA because that should get it nice and smooth
  11. So I had to sand the ring itself so it could fit on the cylinder and then I sanded the interior of the receiver to keep it smooth and dam does it look good. I also found a replacement screw for the centre body screw because mine had shredded itself so now I have silver body screws as well😋 What do you want measuring, I know that you do a bit of 3d printing and coming from a guy who owns a 3d printer I don't think that you would be able to get the same level of smoothness and precision for the ring. They have to CNC theirs from some frictionless plastic to get it to work. But hey it's worth a try. I will be able to measure it accurately on Friday when I get home 😁
  12. Just a little follow up from the cylinder ring. If you are thinking of getting this be warned about the sheer level of sanding you will need to do to get it to bloody work. I think I spent around 3 hours with sandpaper and my own tears to get it working perfectly. But dear god is it worth it. It is quite possibly the best quality life change I have done to the Striker, the bolt literally falls back down into the breach, I love how it is now but dear lord did it take a long time to get it working properly 😭😂
  13. Thanks to @E21A I decided to break out the (thining) wallet and buy myself a cylinder ring for my striker. I placed the order with a whole £6 more for tracked express shipping to the UK. Now I am a dumbass and did not realise that this was only on backorder until I placed the order. When I emailed them about when it might be in stock they responded quickly, gave me all the facts and it really is true what they say about the Canadians because they could not stop apologising😀. I just received my parcel and I could not be happier, top guys. 10/10 would recommend
  14. I can 100% endorse these, I have the timed variant and over the 200 odd blanks I have put through it (9mm and .209 primer) it has never failed or faulted once. It is also alway hilarious throwing it around a corner, it hit the ground, the enemy screaming dud before it goes off under their ass😂nothing is more satisfying😋 They are the best for the money in my opinion
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