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  1. Same again tbh they do a similar deal with .25 but .28 are out of stock, I have been using their .25 in my CM16 for years now and never had them shatter or turn to dust.
  2. The title says it all really, what do you after a long day of shooting plastic pellets at the imaginary bad guys. personally it usually involves the ritual burning of the undergarments and a hot shower before falling in to bed. What about you guys
  3. These are what I get, relatively cheap and very nice bb's i have never had any problem with them https://www.bullseyecountrysport.co.uk/asg-airsoft-bulk-buy-cursed-bbs-white-x-12-bags-02g-60000-29406-p.asp
  4. Not a slide but this worked for me and my Glock and it still goes in to the holster https://www.geniestuff.co.uk/scope-rail-for-airsoft-glock-g17-g18-g19-includes-cocking-lever-1126-p.asp
  5. I can only think of 2 things that it could be. 1. The 50o hop rubber is to hard for your FPS (correct me if I am wrong but I seem to remember that your striker has a fps around 350, as a comparison at that fps I run a 30o bucking) When I put a 80o bucking in mine I had similar problems as you that where solved when I put a 75o in 2. The new nub is to big to fit though the hop window, I had this problem and its an easy fix with an knife Hope this helps
  6. Can we get some pictures sounds similar to my problem whats your fps?
  7. Some rather nice bundle deals over on Bespoke Airsoft for example they have a G&G CM16 RAIDER 2.0 along with bb's, batterys, a charger and a hard case for £170 along with some nice pistols or shotguns. Also last I checked code Save10 gives you 10% off which is nice https://www.bespokeairsoft.co.uk/bundle-deals
  8. And after a fevered night fulled by coffee, energy drinks and my own tears I finally finished a few projects and thought to myself "aaaaa yes everything works perfectly and I don't need anything else for a while" 


    I woke up this morning to a message from my old man that contained this link 


    HUMMMMMMMMM thanks dad now i have to come up with 1001 reasons why i should not buy it.






    But I really really want it😂

    1. Rogerborg


      Possibly because when you enter your ballistic information, it will just laugh in a mechanical voice?

  9. Well I have had a roller coaster of a day. 

    First the Bad: I was doing a regular cleaning of the Striker and suddenly PING off goes one of the screws into the depths to my pit room. I took 2 hours, lots of swearing, a dill and pulling up floorboards before I found the f’ing thing. I really need to get a magnetic mat.

    Now the Good: After a little light perusing of the internet I found a series of triggers again for the Striker (no your obsessed) and after invoking many deities over a bloody screw I managed to get this fitted and I quiet like it. So, positives I guess.IMG_20191103_184522.thumb.jpg.a15f8efbc3f76af23d5a4f6dc64156c0.jpg


    1. Rogerborg


      How do parts know to fly off into the darkest, messiest corner?

    2. rocketdogbert


      Why are they in the darkest and messiest? Because that’s where all the detritus of life ends up, that’s why

    3. Solly4568


      You find some fun stuff down there tho. Here is a quick list


      Scraps of paper 

      Rusty tools 

      And enough spilt bbs that I could finally open Sollys second hand bb store (refunds not accepted, any damage caused by my high quality bbs (Nov uses them!!!) Are not my problem)😂

  10. O stop being pedantic in front of the new guy 😂 but at the same time he is getting a custom built RIFLE 😄
  11. Going to throw another tiny AEG in to be annoying 😁 https://www.bespokeairsoft.co.uk/ares-m45x-s-with-efcs-gearbox-black-ar-083e
  12. For mine I had to crack out the lathe to remove enough material from the outer barrel, really annoying but now it just works and looks amazing
  13. Got a bit of an update for you guys, while chilling at home last night I noticed an Alan bolt which you can see in the second to last picture in-between the two contacts. So like any normal person I undid it and nearly ate the back end of the gun😂 turns out that it has a true quick change spring that come out completely after that bolt is removed which I must say is an unexpected bonus
  14. If you change your mind I run an Ares M45 s alongside my Striker and with the stock folded in I barely even notice it on my hip. It allows me to push in hard or hang back and pick them off and I am sure that if you were determined you would be able to sling it in such a way that you could carry it under your arm pit Hope this helps Solly
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