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  1. WOOOOO HOOO Airsoft this weekend and I am pumped, cant wait to get out there again 😁

    1. SSPKali


      Haircut Saturday, Airsoft Sunday...living the dream! 😁

    2. Albiscuit


      Haha me too. Cannot wait

  2. That sounds like there is no hop being applied to the rubber/BB. Try using the allen key to turn the grub screw on the top rail to see if the hop will engage. This should fix it but if not come back and we can trouble shoot it together
  3. Na man it can't be that, think about it you bolt still goes in to the hop unit even if it takes some doing. You not bending metal like that every time. I had a similar problem for a while, put the whole thing back together without the new sear and see if the works, if it does, take a file and drag it across the sides of the sear which is what helped with mine. Don't mill out you bolt they all have a gap like that
  4. I had one and it worked perfectly for around 5 months of throws. They are great when they work but you do have to throw them quite hard to get them to go off
  5. I have an Ares M45s as well and it took me a while to find good batteries . I currently use 1000mAh . 9.9v LiFe batteries. It takes a bit of fiddling but you can get all the cables to lie flat and collapse the stock all the way. They also last for ages and are perfect for this. But you would have to get a decent charger otherwise you will end up destroying them within a few charges. These are the exact ones https://www.vapextech.co.uk/99v-1000mah-lifepo4-battery-vapextech-crane-20c-airsoft-1leg/ Hope this helps Solly
  6. Hummm after having a look around I don't think you can buy the parts outright. But I think that if you where to contact Bespoke Airsoft they might be able to help you with that. They are producing a line of kneecappers and Mad Max guns and they might still have some spare parts. It's always worth a try. Hope this helps
  7. Another package arrived today and for the first time in a while it wasn't Airsoft related. I decided to take up Axe throwing during this lock down and I have to say there is nothing more satisfying than lobbing an axe around your garden.


    1. Musica


      I think people would still call the police if I was throwing axes in my garden. 

    2. Albiscuit



      That axe would go through my fence and kill the noisy neighbour kids....




      Where do I get one? 😛  

  8. I had a similar problem to you where running my vector mags on my belt rig was impossible, so I went out and I bought one of these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/British-Army-MTP-Osprey-Set-Hip-Belt-Yoke-Ensemble-Utility-UGL-SA80-Webbing-232/153833801338?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&var=453870996230&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 its light and easily holds heavy vector mags without any twisting thanks to the yoke system. Its just another to think about Hope this helps
  9. Yeah, I used the Piston for ages until I got one of the bespoke airsoft ones. Works well with a good air seal and smooth pull. The spring guide is also very nice and I am still using it but a word to the wise, if you where to get it I would put some lock tight on to the threads of the spring guide as it has an annoying habit of unscrewing and messing up the cylinder. Hope this helps
  10. Yeah I am also getting these emails for every notification
  11. These guys are a small company out in the states who do specialised 3D printed parts for quite a few GBBRs. I ordered 4 feed lips and 2 base plates for my vector mags and they arrived within the week with a hand written note saying that he had included a few extras, I now have 6 feed lips and 4 base plates along with some slightly strange American sweets. The parts work and I actually prefer the printed base plate to the original. Overall 10/10 absolutely perfect
  12. Day 8 of lock down and i have to say I am (sort of) getting things done. 

    I have finally got my striker working to full capacity again and I am starting to consider sanding/sand blowing the outer barrel to create a "Silver Sable" kind of gun. Although I haven't been able to use it yet I am liking the British Army belt rig and it is a lot more comfortable than jerry rigged pile of trash that I was using before. Also who ever designed the detachable out barrel on the Ares M-45 is quite possibly insane, I needed another 3 pairs of hands just to put it all back together again!

    Sorry for all the ramblings but I have done all my jobs and now I am board🙃

    1. KingZi


      How bout work on the Kriss Vector, kited it out?

    2. Solly4568


      Actually I just got the extra feed lips and base plates for the mags and they work like a charm, I am thinking of getting a red dot sight somewhere down the line but for now, I really like the iron sights

  13. Hissses in Negative Airsoft Back on topic, I have got myself a British Army belt rig along with some extra pouches so I will be spending my lockdown messing with that and praying for it all to go away so I can go shoot some fools
  14. Started buying a few things again got myself a British army belt rig and pouches for vector/M-45 mags Feed lips and base plates for the vector Rocket valve for the vector to bring it back up to 350 FPS Some more .43s for the striker O and 25 cans of green gas because I seem incapable of buying in small quantities
  15. Mate I hate to break it to you(I don't) but this thread is over 6 years old and possibly it is a problem that he has forgotten about. Just some food for thought 😆
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