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  1. yeah on patrol base it is ridiculous but i have seen it around for under 200
  2. Ok so I just saw this and I thought it would be compact enough to run as a side arm to my striker. Has any body had any experience with these because they seems to shoot well and I can also use it to make fun of the short people one my team 🤣 https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/ares-m45-x-class-ar-pistol-stubby-quick-detach-edition
  3. No click just slides between the two here is a pic of it in full auto mode
  4. When we first took it apart something fell out so I just assumed it was a clip seeing as it was curved and in two pieces. but thanks, would more pictures be better?
  5. ok guys so I am having problems with my armourer works Glock 18c. basically pulling the trigger does nothing, not even the usual click. I took it apart and found this I showed it to a guy on the field and he said that it was missing a clip that would have gone in just under the bright silver thing on the right-hand side. He said that I should get a whole new trigger unit but I am not so sure. Basically what I want to know is do I have to get a new trigger unit or can I just get that clip. And if anyone knows then could you link me to a place where I would be able to find whichever part I need Many thanks Solly
  6. Does anyone know if I can use a maple leaf Autobot hop up bucking with a bridged barrel or does it have to be unbridged 

    1. UKCYukarin


      Has to be unbridged with a decent size window. Along with a concave nub. Maple Leaf Crazy Jets are good.

    2. Steveocee


      Unbridged only but usually it's half an hour with a file. I did one the other evening, difficult to get wrong.

    3. Asomodai


      Unbridged only. Damn fine bucking though

  7. 15% off when you use code EASTER at Redwolf airsoft. This more than takes care of the postage so grab some goodies
  8. Solly4568


    Thanks so much, @ak2m4 for the ZCI AEG inner barrels that were delivered fast and cheaply. Just wondering when will you have the Maple leaf Autobot buckings back in stock. Many thanks
  9. Would that bucking be hard enough because I am looking to get a 70-degree bucking also sorry for my ignorance but what is a bridged or unbridged barrel because I get the feeling that I might be important 😂
  10. Solly4568

    New sniper

    well here is a review for it on this site also for just a little more, you could get an Ares amoeba striker which is what I am currently using and love to pieces
  11. In other news, my stubby mag just got through customs along with a weel hop-up adjuster (which is like a religious experience)and AEG hop up bucking that does not fit because I am an idiot 😭. Does anyone know where to get a hop up bucking that will fit and work in the striker Many thanks
  12. Thanks sorry for not replying sooner I completely forgot, also no I managed to fix the slam firing issue by filing down parts of the trigger unit 😁
  13. does anyone know a good place to get 45 sears, my one is so worn it does not hold the bolt !!
  14. The FPS is a bit low for most sights around the Uk, also what make is the base gun and the sight and the bipod and for how much is the whole package 😁
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