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    THE TM MWS thread

    Before you change anything, chrono it on .30’s and get a baseline for joules. The SixG nub and modify tan works well at any FPS. I’ve ran it in my 310fps CASV and in a 400 FPS DMR with great success.
  2. I don’t think that would work because even real Scar H/MK17 mags are proprietary. You need a special magnesium lower to run SR-25 style mags in the real one.
  3. Mine are in bolle glasses frames, but I’m sure he could do goggles with the same mesh. I’m sure he’s a member on here
  4. When I’m playing cqb with a lower face I use hero shark mesh glasses. Outdoors I don’t run a lower so I run actual glasses/goggles with no issues.
  5. Anybody know what the biggest 7.4 I can get in the handguard? I’ve got a little 1200 7.4 in there now, but I’m trying to cram the biggest thing possible I can in there.
  6. Guns... I’d be here all day. Accessories.. cheap PEQ boxes, flip over magnifier, certain rails.
  7. I don’t like them because their gameplay is usually piss poor. They sprint around not taking hits while running and spam people to death. CQB is semi only for a reason. You’re close to each other so there’s no need for 40 rapid fire shots quicker than most AEG’s can manage on auto. They’re the exact opposite of a great sniper. Maximum aggression with next to no skill Snipers are feared in the real world both physically and psychologically because they’re effective. If you get hit but have no clue of where from and no way of fighting back, it crushes moral. In airsoft that is much lessened, but a similar principle. If a sniper plays effectively at his max effective range, his chance of being hit is reduced greatly. He/she has traded firepower for an increased effective range. If he engages enemies <60m then a lot of his advantages are lost unless he’s very well hidden.
  8. Wo1f

    THE TM MWS thread

    Take the nozzle out of the BCG, clean out the insides and wipe it down with silicone oil and a little bit on the piston cup/sealing thingy. Over time it can get a little dry and hurt consistency
  9. @E21A I’ve suggested speedsofters should be waterboard with jizz, so the substance that brought them into the world could do the right thing and take them back out of it. I’ve not been banned yet, so I think you’re good. (Awaits insta ban) @Seth_K but why? They’re either shit and no threat or they’re very good and they serve a purpose. Unless it’s celebrity snipers like flailingdonkey who seem so go out of their way to hurt people, I’ve never encountered any issues with them.
  10. Time Left: 2 days and 16 hours

    • For sale or swap
    • Used

    For sale is my Hapheastus custom GHK AK 105. Comes with 6 mags, 4 of which have been converted to take Co2 from sodastream bottles. Comes with 2 kiwi fill valves to convert the other 2. You’d just need 2 co2 output valves. Selling or swapping for a TM 417 NGRS. There’s a little over £1100 spent and I’m looking for £650 ono gun has adjustable nozzle, a 6.02 tightbore and a maple leaf hop rubber. When your sodastream bottle runs out, simply take it to Argos or anywhere else and exchange them. any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.


  11. But we know some facts. The cylinder isn’t very big, so it’s range/accuracy potential is limited. It’s still by far the best electric mp7, but you’re in TM recoil territory charging £400+
  12. I’ll never understand how they don’t downgrade the rifles to sub 350 FPS when that’s the requirement for virtually every site in the U.K. zero one sold me a Scar H firing 440 FPS, which is technically a section 5
  13. Not a chance at that price.. for that I could buy a TM gbbr mp7 and some mags. Much better gun.
  14. I think the problems with this are most people who turn up to games with sniper rifles aren’t very good or effective to begin with. A team of good snipers could in theory keep the enemy far enough back from the objective that your ‘normal guys’ should have little in the way of resistance. But in reality it would seem in most cases either the skills or the equipment are lacking. The problem with setting rules like that is if you turn up and you're told you cant use your sniper rifle despite it being within the legal limits of the site then you’ll get a lot of disgruntled players that go somewhere else.
  15. Cqb I tend to double/triple tap in the chest because the adrenaline is flowing and everyone is rushing around, a lot of people tend to not register that first hit on a PC when you’ve got the noise of your gear when running. For woodland playing as a DMR, I tend to shoot, see where it goes and correct if required. If they’re behind a bush then I tend to fire 2-3 to account for the leaves/branches getting in the way
  16. Buy a GHK dropper bottle of silicone and some Wyeth dry chain lube. It’s a dry Teflon spray. Silicone should be used for sealing components like o rings, not for metal on metal contact like a rails or BCG’s.
  17. Wo1f

    THE TM MWS thread

    Fantastic post @KoheiN that would explain why the long contact patches hitting the orga barrel I had.
  18. Wo1f

    TM FN5-7

    Time Left: 13 hours and 46 minutes

    • For sale or swap
    • Used

    For sale is my trusty 5-7. It comes with 2 mags and a holster. The gun shoots great and has a nice kick. Selling as I always run my G18c so is surplus to requirements. £100 all in or trade for a vortex red dot. Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask


  19. Playing in a cqb environment (I assume the mill?) to counter a speedsofter if you’re on your own is to outflank or hold a chokepoint. Get in a position where you’re gonna have the drop on them if they come running though spraying. As for them not feeling hits.. no point going for headshots as their mask covers their whole face. Useful for when they star in their Bukakke videos. Aim for their inner thigh or lower neck, remembering to count to 3 after they’ve called hit before ceasing fire. It’s speedsofter etiquette. Or play woodland and you’ll rarely have to encounter them again.
  20. Wo1f

    Oh dear

    So it would seem. I’m sure I’m not too far behind
  21. And that’s why I don’t use public transport
  22. Surely shooting them on approach is an easily readable cue?😂
  23. Wo1f

    Oh dear

    I searched for southwest customs and nothing airsofty popped up
  24. Chat away, but if you’re interfering with the game you need fucking off. Forums and the safe zone are for chatting about stuff. While 99% of airsofters I’ve met have been good guys and girls who’ll happily have a chat with you, you always get that one knobhead who knows everything. if I was marshalling he’d have been made to sit in the safe zone for a game and if he did it again, booted out. Don’t take your hit and you’re gone. out of curiosity (because I’m bored and I want to rant about speedsofters😂) what did he look like?
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