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  1. P13

    Sniping BB Weights

    Just ordered some of these to try in my TM Gspec. Shooting 500fps with standard hopunit with ap cnc arm and nine ball rubber
  2. P13

    The "Share A Bargain" Thread

    her code doesnt work though
  3. Time Left: 3 days and 14 hours

    • Wanted
    • Used or new

    Looking for a sling pin/mount, airsoft pro trigger unit, AA hop up and 2 spare TM magazines Am in the process of upgrading my gspec so will listen to anything on parts if they are available.

    100.00 GBP

  4. I’m sure someone who selling a scope on here from Reading... where did he go? 

    1. Duff



      Looks like it's already sold mate.

    2. P13


      Ah man, would have took that, thanks to Duff

  5. Where’s the classifieds? I need a sling pin for a g spec VSR

  6. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • Wanted
    • Used or new

    As above, my man @ak2m4 is out of stock and all over places pull your pants down on price and postage

    7.00 GBP

  7. P13

    New TM G17 Magazine Leaking

    This is because your a clever fella and I’m a struggle and grunt kind of guy
  8. P13

    New TM G17 Magazine Leaking

    Huge pain in the arse to get the o ring in though ha
  9. P13

    G Spec or Standard VSR 10

    I’ve got an autobot 70 maple leaf rubber, and the plan is to change it all eventually but I will run stock for a little while oh and I done use Facebook
  10. P13

    G Spec or Standard VSR 10

    How is the range with stock? The plan was to run .28’s or .36’s will it not be able to hop these weights?
  11. P13

    G Spec or Standard VSR 10

    So I’m going for a g spec Tokyo Marui, eventual plans will be to upgrade everything. But going to run stock for a little while, just do a couple of cheaper mods around air seal. Can the stock TM handle more powerful springs straight out the box in peoples experience?
  12. P13

    G Spec or Standard VSR 10

    I’ve found a TM G spec second hand but mint for a similar price to the JG so hopefully the guy replies and I can pick this up. Then I can gradually build on this
  13. P13

    G Spec or Standard VSR 10

    Spent a lot of time looking at the Cyma to be fair, but read a lot of places that the JG is of superior quality. Out of the box, I read the JG will give slight more longevity than the Cyma, despite only being a little bit more expensive
  14. P13

    328fps limit for CQB

    No more than 328 fps with .2g bbs
  15. So I’m planning of buying myself a sniper rifle, looking at the JG VSR as I am on a fairly tight budget and seeing as I am going to eventually upgrade all the internals I can’t see the point in buying a TM. Done me a lot of reading on these and the JG seems to get some quite good reviews, the only thing I couldn’t really make my mind up with is... do I go for the G Spec (300mm Barrel) or the standard (430mm Barrel) as it’s a sniper and range is the key I’m leaning towards the standard as being the better, but the GSPEC offers more in terms of manouvorabilty and mobility. Also better aesthetics on the GSPEC. is the extra 130mm barrel really going to add that much more in terms of distance? Or accuracy? interested to see people’s opinions here