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  1. I love arranging a trade... especially when they completely disappear off the face of the planet... if mummy has said no, just fucking tell me... 

    1. Rogerborg


      Fantasists.  Fantasists everywhere. :(

  2. Anyone here in the know on photography?

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. BibbsOnTour


      Yeah, he's far more in the know than me😂

    3. P13


      I have been offered a mint Lumix G5 for £100, so I will more than likely go with this. Thank you both for your help though I appreciate it. 

      This should do me until I find out whether or not I stick the hobby. 

    4. AndyDynamic


      Just to chime in here, if you do progress and want some bigger hardware/lenses - I use MPB.com and go for their used kit. I got a 24-105mm Canon lens, used and it was in mint condition.


      Currently using a Canon 7D, but am looking to grab a used 5D MKIII at some point.

  3. P13

    WE G17 Custom

    Nice build this mate, good skills
  4. Best site in the UK for a weekend of Airsoft ? 


    Or best eat site in the UK with hotel reasonably close 

    1. Careless


      this place has to be up there with the best in the uk , they also hold an event every august  , 3 teams with over 2500 players in total , http://groundzeroairsoft.com/      https://www.airsoftfestival.com/

    2. P13


      Played Ground Zero, and it is very good to be fair. 


      Im looking at a weekend in September 

  5. I use the pantera arm and nub in my vsr with tnt rubber and barrel, works very well but unsure if the same combo is available for the SRS
  6. Man I would love this
  7. Really good evening at absolute last night... one of the best game days I’ve had there. 


    Night game was epic

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    2. P13


      Think it was about 40 in the end, good numbers considering the last minute idea

    3. Lasbrisas17


      Do they do night games?? interested as want to use night vision as much as possible. 

    4. P13


      This was a last minute game, but I think they will be doing a few more 

  8. Actually gonna get out for a shoot... Absolute Airsoft friday night... VSR and the new pistols gonna get a run out.

  9. Personally, i like the WE Tech glocks. Absolute beauties.
  10. who can recommend some Saturday sites down south? 


    Looking to play the 5th May ideally 

  11. Bad day... ordered a new pistol and forgot my ukara had run out

    1. rocketdogbert


      Oooops, what did you order?

    2. P13


      WE WET G17

    3. Rogerborg


      Computer says no?  Sad for you, good for the hobby though if retailers are actually checking.

  12. Glock G17 maple leaf hop unit and a CJ barrel, nine ball rubber
  13. Anyone know of any places with g17 laylax gas routers, can’t seem to find them anywhere 

    1. AK47frizzle




      These? I bought a pair off skirmshop a week ago, but their website doesn't seem to be responding atm, so I can't link it.

      nvm here it is: https://www.skirmshop.co.uk/enhanced-magazine-lip-seal-for-tokyo-marui-g17-g18.html

    2. P13


      That’s them! Skirmshop had no stock when I looked. Thanks man, appreciate that

  14. Range tested my vsr after a little tinker... hitting a man at 100m... happy as a pig in shit with that

    1. Lasbrisas17


      Good shit, looking forward to getting my bad boi out soon.

    2. P13


      Yeah I am buzzing to get out again now

  15. anyone know if patrol base ship out on Saturdays? 

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