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  1. This is my first time logging in since... I don’t even know, but years. I used to be a moderator on here, now I don’t even recognise the layout 😅 Anyway, I’ve been looking to off load all my old gear for a few years now, got far too much to list it all on a forum sale section, so I’ve found a swap and sell event this Sunday at Level 2 Airsoft in Manchester. But its been so long since I was actually involved in anything airsofty that I don’t know the going rates of anything anymore... I don’t want to flog everything for pence, but I do want to get rid of as
  2. The ICS L85s are actually built like tanks on the inside, the internals are super solid and I personally tested a totally stock gearbox and motor with an M150 spring and it managed to pull it. Semi lock up was definitely on the cards and the rof on auto was slower than your nan on the stairs, but the point is, the gearbox is built better than most. However, I would at least experiment with pistons as you're probably going to strip a few running at 11.1V, once you find one that lasts I think you'll be fine though. The ICS L85s have a quite complex trigger mechanism that has quite a bi
  3. Yes, very different. Firesupport is a shop and one of the main UKARA retailers, they helped develop UKARA as a system. They also run two sites, that I know of; Free Fire Zone and Urban Assault. Skirmish Airsoft is a company based out of their woodland site near Mansfield, but they also have The Stan, and Wentworth CQB - though Wentworth is closing soon. They have an online shop that I forget the name of, and the sites all have onsite shops, but on top of that they're also rapidly expanding and the business' owners both also have hands in Zombie Infection which is obviously an events co
  4. It must have an auto sear if it's select fire? Just take it out, and you're left with a G17 mechanism, no? Glocks are pretty straight forward but the SA mech is one of the very limited few that aren't a direct clone of the TM, so most of the guides you'll find won't be fully relevant, but they should at least give you enough understanding on how it works to be able to figure out what you need to remove to glue in order to get what you want done.
  5. I'm there on the regular, well I was, and they do allow HPA. Never actually heard of anywhere that doesn't. Nothing really to heads up you on, though I'd say that having a good pistol is pretty important as they sometimes impose stupid as fuck rules regarding where you can and can't use primaries to try and discourage camping and keep the pace of the games a bit more fluid - supposedly pistols are less effective at holding areas down (which I thoroughly disagree with, but that's a whole other debate) but the fact that not everyone has one, or when it's cold not all of them are particula
  6. I'm a regular at all of Skirmish's sites - CQB, The Stan, Woodland is a little further out for me as I'm about 10 minutes from The Stan but I'm probably there most often because there's no booking limit lol.
  7. I'm looking at getting a helmet set up and just want some inspiration and pointers from those who have built up some more technical looking helmet set ups. I want a FAST helmet type thing, with an NVG mount for a GoPro, the option to add ear defenders for comms and some way to mount a battery pack on the back for the camera. I've seen set ups like this from countless people but when it comes to physically obtaining it for myself I don't really know where to start. Which helmets allow for this? I know there are a lot of polymer style helmets, I know there's FAST, Crye Airframe... But
  8. Range is dictated by BB weight, hop and power - that's joules rather than fps. BBs are generally the most stable flying between 280 and 320fps, this isn't something I can prove, it's just something I've noticed through experience (I've been playing around 7 years). So to get the most out of your gun, you want to be using the heaviest ammo you can that will give you an fps reading in that bracket, whilst still being light enough for your hop to actually send it flying level, of course. Why heavy ammo? The added weight makes it less susceptible to air resistance, it might start off slower th
  9. Got a mate after some TM G18 mags, anyone got a link for me?

  10. I'm still a little hung up on the fact the BBs have to be plastic, to me this screams that the new bill was written by someone who doesn't ask many questions before just throwing the law down. What about bio BBs? Are they no longer allowed? And what about heavier weights? I always assumed that to increase the weight of a 6mm ball without actually making it bigger, denser material was added to the mix - i.e. Not plastic. Not fully plastic anyway.
  11. Currently creaming myself over Tremonti's new single:
  12. Bit late but those are my regular haunts too =]
  13. When l used to shoot air rifles a lot l used to find that having one eye zoomed in at around 5x power where the other one was at 1x would severely screw up my eyes after a while. l always close an eye when using magnified optics so that l don't have each eye at a different zoom level because it hurts my brain trying to adjust for it lol.
  14. Got myself a WE MP5 Apache. Traded for my SCAR. Mechanical GBBR burst trigger is awesome.
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