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  1. Got my second upper built up ICS based L119a1
  2. Pic spam Not really sure what’s going on with my face in this one
  3. Likely to be, Chris has a small 'obsession' Nice warm day at MAW (even got my forum patch in pic )
  4. Might be worth contacting blackscorpionsnld (Dutch team you might have heard of) as they've attended a good few events in the uk
  5. I've heard of teams getting letters made up from game providers to cover them through any border controls on their way to and from events. But no personal experience
  6. Plenty of Stirling games planned for this year, all details on their site http://www.stirlingairsoft.com/events/ Unfortunately Teir 1 no longer run 'open' events, they are now invite only There are other providers who's names escape me
  7. And then we wonder why girls won't play
  8. From the small pic you've posted, I'd say you're looking for Oakley M-frames, or maybe some Revisions
  9. I'm in Melton, don't worry everyone starts somewhere (again) Last one? Is it closing?
  10. Towers has gone now as well (least I think it has)
  11. Welcome back I guess Whereabouts in Leicestershire you based?
  12. There's an eyes rolling : rolleyes : (no spaces)
  13. Mine are initialled/numbered incase I drop one (which I have done) so I can get it back (which I nearly didn't )
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