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  1. Just about my fave album of all time. It ties with Mob Rules.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMazSD2skwk
  3. Irish still? Well learned men who use the pen, have writ thy praises high, Of the sweet Poteen from Ireland green, distilled with wheat and rye, So away with your pills, it will cure all ills, be you pagan, christian or jew, So take off your coat, and grease your throat with that rare old mountain dew!
  4. Grade 1 Surplus Assault Boots. Can't fault them. I also have a pair of Grade 1 Surplus Goretex Lined 'Pro' Boots for when it's colder and there's snow
  5. I know that, In archery you only have the equivalent of the foresight. Your Anchor point at full draw becomes your rear sight in effect making consistency double important.
  6. Grouping is everything rifles, archery, whatever. If you are making a tight group then your position is consistent. After you have established a tight grouping every time you shoot you can move on to making adjustments to the sights to bring the group on to the aiming point. It is doubly important in archery where you aren't just pointing the sights at a target but the way you draw and hold the string, support the bow and release all effect the aim.
  7. El Ten Eleven - Ian Mackey was right Duoe that sound like a whole band. Fantastic twin neck guitar / bass playing and lots of looping.
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