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  1. Your right my apologies I'll fix that right away . That will probably help out alot thank you .
  2. I already no all the legal stuff that's I'm asking for game ideas and stuff like that . Sorry if I sound rude in either of my post that is not my intentions
  3. Yea the land we play on we have Access to and marked off boundaries and checked on our laws in our state and city and we are all within legal boundaries . We usually play team deathmatch, capture the flag and medic . But we were thinking of trying other games . Any ideas ?
  4. so my group that i play with are planning a weekend event . We have everything taking care of legal wise, we have a big piece of land to play on. mostly woods but there is some open areas and hills , lots of brush though. can anyone give my any ideas on game types or scenarios we can play .This is where we will be playing when we do plan it. .
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