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  1. I like the sounds of that game scenario. Would force players to be a lot more tactical and stealthy instead of rushing around like lunatics emptying a hi-cap in all directions
  2. I stand corrected with regards to the G17. I have never owned an Airsoft Glock so I bow to your superior knowledge regarding the WE G17. I should imagine that it would effect the blowback as the extra weight would alter the balance point of the barrel and therefore would bind up on the slide perhaps??
  3. The OP was talking about the whole barrel moving with the slide and slowing the action down when the weight of the tracer unit is added. A barrel may tilt or have some slight movement but it does not travel back with the slide as the OP thought. In my post, I stated that the barrel stays put as it does on the majority of pistols (I say majority as there is always some weird version out there in the real and airsoft world). In saying that I was talking about the barrel does not cycle with the slide and therefore the tracer unit stays put.
  4. As with a real fire arm, the barrel does not move with the slide. The barrel stays put and the slide recoils back and discharges the cartridge (Obviously not in Airsoft), then comes forwards due to the recoil spring. On the way picking up the next round and securing it in the stationary barrel. Airsoft pistols work exactly the same way. The tracer units attach to the outer barrel and stay in place as the slide blows back. The weight of the tracer unit only affects the weight balance of the overall pistol and makes it slightly front heavy.
  5. RobHedley

    THE TM MWS thread

    Oops, a bit of finger trouble with the typing. I mean't I couldn't find a PTS ring in stock anywhere apart from in Honk Kong last time. However that was about 2 - 3 months ago that I looked.
  6. RobHedley

    THE TM MWS thread

    @itsme Not 100% sure but the lip on the outer barrel does look wider that the TM original from memory. Hopefully it won't as I struggled to find anywhere with stock last of the PTS Ring last time I looked.
  7. @Raytd I have a tan helmet you can have for free if you want it. I got it a while ago as part of a bulk buy of bits I bought. It had the chin strap missing but I have bought a replacement. It is in perfect condition and I haven't worn it. It is similar to this one https://www.socomtactical.net/clothing-and-equipment/helmets-and-headwear/oper8-fast-base-helmet-with-accessories-(tan). If you want it, it's yours.
  8. RobHedley

    THE TM MWS thread

    On another note, I am now the proud recipient of rest of the John Wick Conversion kit that @LVOA-D bought for the upper and lower receiver. Top guy and completely painless transaction. If only all purchases were like this! I will be getting a second MWS and building a DMR with this front end. Cannot wait to start the build. The John Wick AR-15 is actually a Taran Tactical TR-1 Ultralight and plan to build it the same. I have already priced up the BCM Stock, Pistol Grip and foregrip through Brownells!!! What is happening to me!!! Luckily I saw sense when I priced up the same Trijicon Accupoint Scope and it was $1,399 before tax, shipping and import!! I will be getting something different!! At least I haven’t completely lost it!!
  9. RobHedley

    THE TM MWS thread

    I second Dave here. i used BLS Ultimate Heavy 0.4 and about 1 in 5 just split apart as it came out of the end of the barrel. Also left a white residue on my mags, bucking and inner barrel. It may just be this batch or this brand but I wasn't impressed.
  10. Welcome to the forum Raytd. The 2 layers creates a thermal barrier between the cold air (outside the goggles) and the warm air (Inside the goggles next to your hot face). The fogging you get is condesation due to the heat difference at either side of the single lense. The extra layer keeps a layer of air against the outer which reduces the temp difference and in most cases completely reduces fogging. The only ones worth looking at are the makes such as Smiths 'Outside the wire' etc which are very expensive (close to £200!). The cheap ones are Amazon are absolute crude with crappy lenses and even crappier fans. I would not trust those to stop a BB as I don't think they are ANSI rated (at least the ones I looked at).
  11. Always had an interest in Military and Military history. Former RAF pilot (although not for long!!). The main reason for getting into Airsoft though was I wanted to visit the Operation Overlord (D-Day) Tunnels in Portsmouth and the only way of doing it was playing Airsoft so booked myself up. Was completely blown away by Airsoft and got instantly hooked. I now love, as many above, the weapons, the gear, prepping, stripping. Also for me, it has replaced the adrenaline (although not to the same level) that I lost when I retired from racing cars. I also watched YouTube videos, initially Novoristch. I really don't know why there is so much hate for him. He is doing what we all love and getting paid for it. In my opinion he, and the plethora of Airsoft YouTubers out there, are responsible for bringing people into this sport which brings, with a bigger market, more products and lower prices so we all benefit. At the end of the day, who is the biggest idiot? The guy with the YouTube channel that works for himself, can surround himself in the hobby that he loves or the guy working 9 - 5, dreaming of playing Airsoft and flaming anyone that has the audacity to put the effort in to a YouTube channel? Just saying 😉
  12. RobHedley

    THE TM MWS thread

    Yes, so far. It was on an AEG before the MWS and has only been skirmished 3 times on the MWS but so far I haven’t had to tweak it.
  13. RobHedley

    THE TM MWS thread

    Glad to hear after all your problems you still love the MWS. I was looking at getting an ACOG with the doctor sight on it.... I take it you wouldn’t recommend an Airsoft spec one for the MWS? Sight wise I have the Element Holosight (https://www.combatsouth.co.uk/collections/scopes-accessories/products/element-aim-o-551-red-green-dot-black) for £40. Not had a problem with it so far. Regarding tips for the green gas mod, the hardest part is getting the spring back in. I used a wooden kebab Skewer (basically a long thin wooden stick) and after sliding the first part of the spring back into the follower track, I slid the Skewer down the middle of the spring and into the spring track. Then push the spring down the Skewer back in to the mag. Then use your thumb and hold it in place, leaving about 5 turns sticking out. Remove the stick and put the spring guide onto the end. Line up the base plate to get the square base of the spring guide in its slot and press down. Secure with the screws and you are done 👍. I also used the Wooden Skewer to measure down inside the tube down to the top of the valve to make sure I wasn’t going to catch it. I cut my silver tube 1mm above the top of the valve. I put the Skewer down to the top of the valve and makes with a pen so I knew where the top of the valve started and marked it on the outside. Add 1mm up from that mark and cut it with a pipe cutter. hope that helps
  14. RobHedley

    THE TM MWS thread

    Oh, yes I see what you were talking about now. Definitely staying away from Bio's now as a number of them split when shooting them and gunked up my mag and barrel. As @Davegolf said, they are just too soft for the MWS.
  15. RobHedley

    THE TM MWS thread

    I run tracers most Wednesdays in the World War 2 Tunnels down in Portsmouth and never had a problem. I have the ASG B&T Tracer unit with Madbull .2 Tracers and it works perfectly. @Wo1f I was looking at getting some Geoff's tracers as they come in heavier weights. Although down in the tunnels, with no wind etc and short engagement distances .2s are more than adequate.
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