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    Nice and light, belt with shoulder yolks. Lots of mags pouches for the MWS!!
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  1. RobHedley

    THE TM MWS thread

    Most definitely buddy. Sorry to see you leave Airsoft. Hopefully we will see you back here soon.
  2. RobHedley

    THE TM MWS thread

    Well I have a nice project to work on!! As per my post a while ago I bought the front end of the Angry Gun John Wick conversion set that @LVOA-D had bought to replace his upper that he broke. Well about a week ago, I received an email from him stating he was giving up Airsoft and did I want to buy the rest of the kit plus the donor MWS. Well I jumped at the chance. For the same price of a new MWS I got an unused MWS, the John Wick/Tarran Tactical kit, Prometheus Barrel, TM Tracer Unit plus extras such as SixG Nub, Modify Tan bucking, tools etc. I am going to build it into a DMR. As can be seen it is essentially in kit form so I will be l learning a lot about the inner workings of the MWS in intimate detail!! At least I have my other MWS to use as a reference 😳
  3. Holy shit balls!!! That is literally round the corner from me and I have driven past that place so many times!! How have I missed this? Looks like I am going to be heading down when their new showroom opens up. Leave your wallet in the Car Rob ..........but.........what if...... NO, leave it in the car........... I will just take it in just in case.............. I am not addicted......... I can stop myself from spending ........ I am in control......... ooh look............I need that! Damn it!
  4. How did I miss this thread!!! Not too far from me. Fair play to @Seth_Erebor for sorting this out. Hopefully I am not too late to the party and it hasn't died of death! Would love to know about any more dates when this is on again. Just watched a video of a test game and it looks epic. Count me in (if I am not too late)
  5. I have a pair of Bolle Tracker which are full seal but are very prone to fogging........ Having had a BB rattle around the inside of a lens on a pair of Bolle Glasses like you ask about I will only go full seal from now on (Luckily no damage apart from a new pair of underpants following a soiling incident!). I have just bought a pair of Revision Desert Locust Fan Goggles as I was fed with fogging. I have yet to try them out in a Skirmish but they are a cool as f... https://www.tactical-kit.co.uk/revision-desert-locust-fan-goggle-deluxe-kit-15383-p.asp
  6. I second what @sonofsammo says about the CZ SP01 Shadow. I have one that I have run on GG without fault. I mainly run it on C02 now as I have a ready supply of C02 bulbs. It means I can run it all year round no matter what the weather is and it shoots consistently. I also have a couple of TM Hi-Capas which as everyone says are faultless. As with most things in life, buy cheap buy twice. The majority of the time there is a reason why something is cheaper and with something as technical as a pistol or rifle that will be parts quality and consistency.
  7. RobHedley

    THE TM MWS thread

    I have the Hurricane (WarMag) speed loader an I know what you mean. Mine hasn't broken yet but it feels like it is about to every time you use it. They supply you with 2 winding handles when it arrives which shows they must have problems with them snapping. My one bit of advice is instead of windong it with the handle itself, I grab the middle part of the winder mech like a dial and push it round with my thumb as low as possible on the winding handle. I assume that is what broke on yours @Yukarin? I may look at getting the TM Speedloader XL although I have to say the tube and plunger supplied do actually work.
  8. RobHedley

    Short Film

    Sounds good to me.... I am in!!! One thing to consider is are you after a certain uniform and primary weapon. Although a large proportion of RIF are M4/AR15 based if you don't stipulate what you need then you could have a rather eclectic mix (unless that is what you want). Also regarding uniform. Will there be a primary colour/camo pattern that you are after??
  9. 1. Get interested in Airsoft 2. Spend 3 months as a member of a site to get my defence for purchasing a RIF 3. Spend hour upon hour researching what is the best RIF within my budget 4. Blow 100s of pounds on brand new, shiny fantastic RIF that you are immensely proud of and is obviously the best rifle in the world. 5. Anally keep afore mentioned rife clean and immaculate. 6. Finally scoop up a load of damaged and dirty BBs off the floor and feed them through your pride a joy then complain about crap it fires and that xxxxxx manufacturer is shit and no one ever again should buy them. ......joking for anyone who does this and takes offence😎
  10. I have an ASG CZ SP-01 Shadow and it rocks! Always getting man handled by other Airsofters admiring. The Pistol that is is, not me 😨. Also was playing at the Prison down in Portsmouth and there were 3 guys there with them. Maybe Combat South are the only guys who have sold them?? Unless you are talking about the Shadow 2 but I haven't even seen one of those in a shop.
  11. RobHedley

    THE TM MWS thread

    ............. well thats good then!! 🤣🤣
  12. RobHedley

    THE TM MWS thread

    Are you looking for the inner and outer Barrel and the hand guard etc? I have an TM inner barrel (I have 2 in fact) and a hand guard plus fittings. I can't help you with the outer though.
  13. I like the sounds of that game scenario. Would force players to be a lot more tactical and stealthy instead of rushing around like lunatics emptying a hi-cap in all directions
  14. I stand corrected with regards to the G17. I have never owned an Airsoft Glock so I bow to your superior knowledge regarding the WE G17. I should imagine that it would effect the blowback as the extra weight would alter the balance point of the barrel and therefore would bind up on the slide perhaps??
  15. The OP was talking about the whole barrel moving with the slide and slowing the action down when the weight of the tracer unit is added. A barrel may tilt or have some slight movement but it does not travel back with the slide as the OP thought. In my post, I stated that the barrel stays put as it does on the majority of pistols (I say majority as there is always some weird version out there in the real and airsoft world). In saying that I was talking about the barrel does not cycle with the slide and therefore the tracer unit stays put.
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