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  1. RobHedley

    THE TM MWS thread

    This..... without a doubt!
  2. RobHedley

    THE TM MWS thread

    Hey guys, So I have ordered a replacement nozzle to replace the broken one and thought I would take the opportunity of fitting an RA-Tech NPAS whilst it was all in bits. However, I cannot find anywhere in the UK that has them in stock. I have searched and searched. Anyone got one they want part with? Or anyone know were there is stock that I cannot find (I own an IT company so I have no excuses for crap searching!!) Also I assume the WE one doesn't fit as there are loads of them around (Before anyone shoots me down, everytime I search for TM MWS NPAS I get lots of results for the WE and they rank above most of the MWS specific results so just wanting to verify they don't fit 😁)
  3. RobHedley

    THE TM MWS thread

    Hey guys, The piston, more specifically the nozzle on the piston, seems to have taken a hit (possible double feed) and dented the front edge of the nozzle just enough to cause it to occasionally not seat properly. Looking to replace it. Is it best to stick with an oem TM part or is there an equivalent alternative? Looking to fit an NPAS at the same time as this is on my DMR. Thanks for the help in advance
  4. Having been on the receiving end of a 'Living Immortal God' with a lightweight impenetrable shield (He sprinted past me with it!), I would be the first to say no to the Shield....... However, firstly if it allows you to play the sport we all love and allows you to feel more of a part of your team then go for it. I am sure the vast majority of field owner when presented with the fact as you have, would happily allow its use. Yes, it would need to be included in the briefing so that everyone is aware but I can't see a problem with that. Secondly, the fact that you are not just saying that you need a Shield because of your health but are also looking to make it fair and can be compromised, I take my hat off to you. I love the idea of a Shield that has the face made up of layered Cardboard. Like anything ballistic, a number of shots in the same location, it will become compromised and allow shots through. I think that as long as not everyone has one, it add an extra feature to the game, like a juggernaut type of game. With enough fire power or with outflanking you can take the holder out. I would love to see what you come up with. I understand why some people say about that we shouldn't use them as they are Pistol Calibre proof only etc, so we shouldn't allow them. However, at the end of the day, we run around with a 'BB Accelerating Tool' made to look like a real weapon, we shoot at people and are shot by people that have Springfield bolt actions, Sci-Fi weapons, AR-15s, AKs, MP5s, Pistols that can shoot as well as high powered rifles whilst we are all dressed up in a mismatch of camo, hoodies etc etc etc. Come on guys, nothing is Airsoft is real world so why try to say 'well in the real world, this wouldn't happen' because we are not in the real world and if it improves the game and the fun then why not. The amount of times I have had someone tell me that my Osprey pouches shouldn't be paired with my generic pouches on my battle belt because that is not how they are used in the real world!!! Hey, they are there to keep my mags off the floor and they look like they are doing a pretty good job to me 😜
  5. RobHedley

    What Gun?

    I have the C02 version of the ASG CZ P09 and it is fantastic. I have run it on both CO2 and Green Gas and it hasn't missed a beat (Don't put CO2 in the green gas only version). The green gas only version as listed above would be a good buy. Accurate, reliable and it can get through about 2.5 mags before you have to re-gas (Unlike the majority of 1911 that struggle to make it through one mag of BBs on a full gas charge)
  6. Having seen the images of what he had...... I went and had a look at BBGunsForLess as mentioned in another post about this. It could almost be an advertising stunt for them. This is the front page of their website!!!!!
  7. It is very loud in comparison to firing without and has quite a sharp crack when fired. I should do a video of it really. Ha ha, I have a M249 that has just gone through a full rebuild so I should fit it to that. It would definitely keeps heads down!! The thing is that bloody long that it feels like if you were stood 50m away from someone the end of it would be breaking minimum engagement distance!! There's my call sign sorted right there!!
  8. I bought my first Airsoft gun when I had played my required games but hadn't received my UKARA number. I was absolutely desperate to get my hands on one and bought it secondhand off this very Forum. The guy was giving up and didn't even mention my UKARA number but I had taken a copy of my completed and signed form just in case. The UKARA number is, as the full name states the UK Airsoft RETAILERS Association, and is intended for retailers and Sites. There are a large number of private sellers that will insist on you having a valid UKARA number but it is not a legal requirement. It is so they can cover themselves. Some private seller don't ask or may even take something else as proof that you will be actually playing Airsoft with it as appose to running round some housing estate scaring the crap out of everyone. Speak to the seller and see if they will take another form of proof that you are an actual Airsoft player (such as posting on this forum)
  9. What a muppet. The fastest route to getting a full metal present from the Police!!! Now that definitely does not sound like an Airsoft rifle!! Possibly blank fire or even real steel!!
  10. Cheers for the responses guys. @proffrink I have just tried the forum on Edge and it doesn't do it. Obviously something with Chrome. Regarding the Stripe load, it was happening on every page I visited. I will go through and check what ad blockers I have on this machine (Work laptop and possibly the worst thing I have ever developed on!!)
  11. Is it just me that is getting a delay everytime I change to another page. It looks like there is a delay in loading 'Stripe.com' payment gateway. I have also seen it wait for google click ads as well but that is less so but may be linked to the stripe load. When changing from one page to another it can take between 20 to 40 seconds for the page to become responsive. The image below shows the message in the bottom left corner whilst the page is blocked.
  12. Make/brand: ThunderC#NT Sound Amplifier This is a weird one. This is a sound amplifier in the form of a silencer. It is full aluminium and extremely well made. I got it as part of a job lot that I bought when I first started Airsoft. The guy I got it off told me it was 1 of 2 made so just wanting to see if it is worth anything. I have no use for it as I use GBBRs and they make enough noise. Any accessories included: Nope Pictures:
  13. Just watched the Airsoft Mike review of the Double Bell KAR98 and it definitely would look good hanging on the wall.
  14. As @Skara said, there are lots of topics on this subject on the forum but as is always the way, everyone has a different opinion. As I am here and desperately trying not to have to finish the work I am currently doing, I will give you my 2 pence worth. There are essentially 4 types of eye protection: Mesh Goggles - Not advised but a few people swear by them. I have no experience of these apart from my first rental game. Glasses - Always get a reputable make such as Bolle etc and ensure they have a real safety rating. Some ebay purchases have been stated to be the correct rating but upon testing have shattered on the first shot. My back up pair is a pair of Bolle Tracker which are essentially full seal and I have taken hits right in the lense whilst playing CQB and there is barely a mark. Goggles - Full seal so no chance of a BB sneaking in the side but can also be prone to fogging. There are a plethora of methods to prevent but I struggled until I bought a pair of Fan Goggles. These can be expensive as the majority of fan goggles are produced for the Military. My set which included a clear, yellow and smoke lens cost £160. Full Face - Such as Dye masks. These range from cheap to expensive with the premium being the top end Paintball Masks such as Dye etc. Again I have no expereince of these but stay away from Mesh lens versions as they tend to be the cheap imports that would struggle to stop an enthusiastic Bee. Hope that helps.
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