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  1. Randomtrashy uses them and recommends then on his videos
  2. They do good games there. And not finding respawn point is normal give it a few games and you will be fine.
  3. dont get lost going to hotel 429 nearly everyone does
  4. found a new gun, g&g gc16 sr cqb.

    Problem is im away for 2 weeks so cant get it. didnt plan that well :lol:

  5. had the same problem Just glued it back
  6. to be honest i think i will stay clear of this place kinda weird that i found they have 3 addresses and seems to me that it will be dissolved from what company check shows. i might use their price and see if someone can price match or get near to it.
  7. where did you think i found them from? mars? simple yes they are fine would of been nice.
  8. hi all, i dont now if this is the right section i found this shop (link below) while i was looking for the tm 416d and this place came out cheaper than the others. any one used them before or heard about them? http://www.justcauseairsoft.co.uk/index.php?route=common/home
  9. the tm that i want has to have converter don't want to mod it while its in warranty so the converter is a must
  10. hi all, one of my lipos batteries have decided to die so i am looking at new one or two. at the moment i have a double battery setup which is perfect for my crane stock. the battery is a 2600mAh 7.4V now i am looking at at batteries and i want to change my gun for a tm 416d but by the looks of it people run a single battery setuo due to the wiring harness needed to convert it to lipos. other situation is i want to get a few more games in and then start looking at milsim. should i be looking at a high mAh or do i buy a few batteries and run and swap through the game? thanks
  11. hi billericay has a varied game play domination, capture the flag, cqb and fall back never played at the other site but watched youtube and it is more simulated they have vehicles on their site.
  12. want to get the tm 416d but cant find a place that has it on the shelve to look at

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    2. clumpyedge


      you could play at their site and so a same day collection...

    3. oddjob


      they have a site? i must have a sheltered life

    4. clumpyedge


      yeah its Urban Assault (they have a group page on facebook) its an old RAF station but you can buy whatever you want and collect it on the day

  13. hello good to see another that is in Essex i use billericay skirmish when i get a chance to go that is i normal sit in the rear corner
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