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  1. Okay, I've searched around and found that there are two batteries to my knowledge that appear to fit in the Ares Vz. 58 Compact. These are: G&P 7.4v 1200mah 30c Firefox 7.4v 1200mah 20c Unfortunately most places I look are out of stock in the UK and to ship from America is either going to take weeks or cost me more than the battery itself in delivery. Does anyone else own an Ares Vz. 58 Compact and use a different battery, just so we can start building a bit of catalogue as to what actually fits. For anyone interested in buying one, on patrol base it states and links a VP Racing 7.4v 1000mah 20c. I bought one, its about 1-2mm too thick to fit. Luckily I still have a use for it with my L85A2. It's such a close fit that it could well be that if I bought another it may just fit and this one happens to be that tiny bit to big.
  2. P_Siddy


    I feel like an 8 year old again!
  3. You do some good reviews. Looking to try and review some of my stuff but im not that great at getting the footage and editing it Subscribed!
  4. The awkward moment you realise your 'CQB' set up is actually longer. I know i can remove the silencer... but it looks cool! Lol
  5. Just bought Hef Legends Ares VZ. 58 Sporter Compact and all the lovely accessorys. Pictures to follow.
  6. All, Revitalising my YouTube channel after seeing many a video from the airsofting community that has motivated me to get back in to putting up content. Big shout out to BulletForMyEnemy for being one of those! I will be continuing with my Gaming footage also. I mainly play Arma 3 with a Mil-Sim unit. Im also looking to venturing into doing some reviews as well as i buy more and more airsoft kit. Follow the link in my signature of here
  7. So, the lesser half and i were in Currys the other day and were looking at GoPro's. "We should get one to make a video of our honeymoon" she said... (save the sniggering, shes talking about the scuba/free diving) "Great idea, lets get one now" i said, (i had already had this idea, but in preperation for married life i willingly accepted it being her idea for the greater good... 'the greater good'.) Once i had convinced her that we didnt need the Hero that was on sale for £94 and that we actually needed the Hero 4 for significantly more, i then came up with some lame excuses about why i needed the headband mount, "because swimming with a selfie stick would be too awkward", when the real reason was because my intentions for this purchase where 90% airsoft related and 10% honeymoon related. I waited until after we had returned home and i had destroyed the packaging and began fiddling to say, "oooo i know, i could take this airsofting with me to test it out, i could even start making videos of it to put on my youtube..." She still hasnt twigged. #winning
  8. Well after 20 minutes ofmscrubbing i managed to get one folk of the muzzle break done... i think i may look for something a little stronger lol
  9. Is it because you're doing a British Army MTP Loadout that you want to make an L129A1? or Do you specifically want a DMR style rifle? or is it just because you like the L129A1?
  10. You'd be better off doing a L119A1 build with an M4. L129A1 won't look right at all and if you're going to spend money trying to do a L129A1 build for it to not look right at the end you will only want to start again anyway?
  11. Brilliant thanks all. I will give it a try bit by bit and see how it turns out. Just really hoping the trades on the MB DD L85 Rail are etched in.
  12. Okay, ive done some reading around on here and found people suggesting 'Fairy Power Spray'. At first this did not click and it was only when i googled it that i found that this is the same shit i use to wash my dishes, oven and bbq with.... i then checked the dates of the posts... not april 1st, check.... i then read through the entire thread of every mention to find someone saying 'he's (or she, lets not be sexist now) pulling your leg'... no one. Does this really work at removing Krylon? And i suppose the only question i havent really seen answered is will it take it back to its original state, trades 'n' all, or will it strip it back to a blank metal? Thanks in advance,
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