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  1. It has been a while and coming back to a new site layout, it is looking good!
  2. Winning £10 of the suremen challenge!
  3. Airsoft Clones, do I buy a cheap gun that could break or splash out and get the real 'airsoft' thing which I would be so narked at if it broke, and also so many prettiful airsoft guns to choose from!
  4. Had to read Craig's twice, "a wee patch" what Craig really, you disgus..., oh right a small patch!
  5. - 5x 68Rd Mid Caps, HK Markings, - Black Dump Pouch, - TAG triple Mag Chest Rig EDIT: -Spring Eject Bipod
  6. Yes it is although I wish I had got to use it more, one mag of BB's and then it broke on me, that was four weeks ago!
  7. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/51/dscf3810j.jpg/ As promised, no mag in the MEU, still waiting on it!
  8. Paint is drying at the moment but I should have some pics up later of my M15!
  9. -WE M.E.U, although it is at the shop with my other gun because the mag needs fixing!
  10. -M16/M4 Weaver Base Rail -Viper Single Point Bungee Sling (O/Drab) -M100 Stainless Spring
  11. Loving the MEU, hopefully going to pick one up soon, but that Deasert Eagle is UGLY!!!
  12. Actually being able to complete a peice of Physics Homework and going shooting on the 29th! WOOP, WOOP!
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