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  1. When I was flying quads and planes, I used a sealed 'Garden' battery from halfords. Much cheaper and safer to leave in the car than a large capacity LiPo. It would be fine for your needs. But I personally prefer just to take a fuck tonne of LiPos and leave the chargers at home: I have to pack enough for 4 people - two batteries each for swapping at Lunch time and a couple spare in case a battery gets damaged or dies unexpectedly.
  2. Well, four of the grub screws go here - the screw in from the front to lock the rail to the delta ring.
  3. Yeh - that's a big part of it I think. I think I'm starting to see guns more as tools rather then collectors items these days. If my £150 budget blaster can hold it's own in a normal skirmish day, why pay more I suppose? Don't get me wrong, I totally understand the allure of having a gun the feel more real with bolt stops and recoil etc. I get why people want Titans and other fancy electronics. But I'm struggling to justify the cost, even though I'm in a very fortunate position right now and got my permission slip signed by my long-suffering wife. Maybe it's just Lockdo
  4. @AlphaBear It's a slippery slope though - first it will be 'just' a spring, then new gears, a Titan and then a plethora of Prommy parts. Forget Covid, TM Upgrade-itus is real and symptoms start as soon as you open the damned box - your bank balance will have a 99.9% mortality rate. And just as soon as finished with one gun...you will hear a calling....'buy a TM SCAR'....then it all starts again.....😜 Nail on head I think. I also feel guilty for thinking about spending so much money. That is, until I found this in UK stock: Y
  5. TDLR summary: - Got Promoted at work today - Got an unexpected bonus - My Missus said 'why don't you use £500 for a new airsoft toy' (seriously - no joke) - First time said permission has been granted to purchase anything over £100 in nearly a decade for 'toys' (her words). - Should be jumping and down with joy at the thought of buying a higher-end blaster (all of my modest collection are sub-£150 cheapos, but they work great TBH) So I start looking, and things go downhill from there: - TM NGRS - a chance to finally join the master race!
  6. Rather than create a new thread, I though I should necro-post on this one with my thoughts. I picked one of these up from the princely sum of £85 thanks to Patrol Base's January sales, making it the cheapest AEG I've ever purchased either new or second hand. The intention was a cheap'n'cheerful loaner or 'backup to my backup' gun. I've got to say, so far I'm really quite impressed. There's nothing I really disagree with in @mightyjebus excellent write up. Other than the loose stock on the buffer tube (solved with velcro), there are no wobbles or creaks. The
  7. Yeh. I keep looking at the SD6 Blue Edition, but I've heard a couple of stories about the sliding stock shearing off/breaking - it seems they used aluminum/pot metal for the stock rails. Not heard anything bad about the Solid/UMP-stocked versions though.
  8. @Erby19 Something like this?: https://www.ak2m4.co.uk/external-parts/outer-barrels/xt-outer-barrel-aeg-set
  9. The 'woke' crowd will argue it's unethical to even use the word 'Midget', let alone sticking a flare up his arse and sending him forth with a minigun. But I want to see this show. It sounds hilarious.
  10. Cool. But i get the impression there are a lot of 'Friday afternoons' in the Specna Edge factory.
  11. Yeh, Travis Haley is pretty supportive of Airsoft. Plays with his sons.
  12. Yeh. I wouldn't trust one as a main/only/first gun. I've got one and I've had to replace a good few internals (Cylinder, Piston Head, Semi Cutoff Lever, Bearings, motor/grip). This was just to get it working to an acceptable standard. There were also no shims or grease on the gears out of the box. I fully expect the GB shell to die at some point - it's the thinnest/lightest/most poorly made I've come across. I would easily recommend any of the newer CYMA guns over the Edge series.
  13. For a first gun? Seriously? With all their QC issues? Yeh, good luck with that.
  14. You might be better off cutting your losses, selling what you have, and buying something new. It's all well an good if you have a higher-end gun to fix up. But if it's a Cyma, well, they are not that expensive brand new (~£150 from a UK retailer). You could end up sinking an awful lot of money in parts and labour with a Tech. You could probably get £50 for it as a boneyard gun to offset some of the cost of buying something new. There are some great guns for around £90-£150 to get you started again.
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