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  1. Bloody hell, you actually bought one? I would be interested to hear what you think of it. My non-recoil Lonex shooters are/were decent guns - I still own one and regret selling the other.
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    Selling this gun. I really wanted to love this, but frankly as cool as it looks (I was tempted to keep it as a wall-hanger), it's just not my cup of tea from a practical standpoint. Built like a tank, all steel etc - It's just too heavy for my RSI-ridden hands to carry all day. It's E&Ls copy of the Rifle Dynamics RD710 with a buffer tube, B5 Systems style AR stock, shortened SBR front end, railed gas tube and keymod lower handguard Had some minor 'out of the box' issues (like most E&Ls) but have been rectified - namely earwax for gearbox grease, a main spring that was way too short (see Negative Airsoft's E&L Video about that) and a dodgy QD spring guide. All sorted and shooting OK, chronos at 335FPS. Wired to Deans. Cosmetically good, some superficial marks from storage. Comes with: 1x PMAG style Mid Cap 3x E&L Metal Mid Caps Mock one-piece recoil booster (standard birdcage flash hider also included, not pictured) Keymod Mini Foregrip Price includes Postage (PF48) and PayPal fees.


  3. Looking pretty slick, did you solder up the deans on your gun yourself in the end?
  4. Lonex BAW system - can be had for £200. It's a genuine 'recoil' system, but doesn't have a bolt-stop mechanism. No Idea how good it actually is - but I've had a couple non-recoil Lonex AEGs and they are decent shooters.
  5. Some interesting reading on dying UCP camo here. The OP of the topic states that the due will wash out fairly quickly (10 washes). I very nearly dropped you a message @Asomodai to buy them off you. If you choose not to go down the dye route, let me know.
  6. Patrolbase had stock, most models have now sold out, but this one is still available: https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/specna-arms-sa-e23-edge-2-0-tm?pv=15519 In theory, great value for money. Having been burned by Edge 1.0 though, I'll reserve judgement until there are more reviews for 2.0.
  7. Just you wait - £1200 is cheap compared to a lot of Systema PTW builds. An HAO-based build will be well over two grand, maybe closer to three with gucci real-steel bits hanging off it. Than there's GBLS DAS, which is £1500-£1800 for the base gun.
  8. Just bought: 2x SHS High-Torques Perun ETU++ Some Hop rubbers Some AEG Springs V3 Trigger Switch. Now £140 lighter in the pocket. I could buy a brand new gun for that.....*sigh*.....
  9. Pretty sure its a first gen version if it was originally front wired. The newer ones (2015 onwards) are rear wired out of the factory along with a sprinkling of other changes. I quite fancy one. No idea why though.
  10. I think you are mistaken. I have both Plastic and Metal receiver ICS M4s. You can tell the plastic receivers a mile off by the extra material around the rear receiver pin that encroaches into the upper receiver. The carry handle, rail system, outer barrel and upper rail may be metal, but the upper and lower receiver are not. Stating otherwise is misrepresenting what you are trying to sell.
  11. Yes, but they are just...ok. Had some problems ordering stuff from them, their stock levels were not updated properly on the website. A bit of toing and froing and then a cancelled order. Had two other orders and there was small issues with both (wrong size on one, wrong colour on the other). All rectified in the end, just a bit annoying. BUT this was a few years ago now, and for the money Bulldog stuff is pretty good. I couldn't fault the quality of the chest rig I had and I'm still using the ECU2 Trousers as my go-to kit, I've had them since 2012. If you u
  12. Funnily enough, my son's Specna Edge's Gate X-ASR has just developed an identical issue to you. The gun is well shimmed, stock gears, SHS Hi-torque motor. Never really gets hot, and only uses 7.4v LiPos. It'll fire a few a few shots, stop and blink red/green for a 3-4 seconds. Try shooting again and the same happens. Google-fu indicates that it could be a due to being a bit of a shit mosfet. Gate themselves say if it happens to contact customer support. I've bought a Gate Nano-ASR instead - so if it goes bad I can just pull it off and replace it with a spare from my kit
  13. What’s the sizing on a Warq helmet? I’ve been tempted for those reasons, but I have a mahoosive head.
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