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  1. Umarex owns the rights to H&K Trademarks for Airsoft and Rimfire stuff. It means that they can in theory pursue any retailer selling H&K Trademarked Airsoft guns that they did not 'produce'* themselves. It's also why anything other than officially licensed Glocks are not available with most retailers in the US - the outline of the very pistol itself was also copyrighted - so manufacturers produced 'G type' guns that sort of look like a glock if you squint a bit from a distance. Tokyo Marui stuck the H&K logos on their guns anyway...because they can - there very little in the way of copyright enforcement in Japan and TM only really produces guns for their home market. Rest of world is dealt with by wholesalers and intermediaries that, depending on which the retailer uses, will keep or remove the trademarks. *Umarex produce nothing themselves, instead using S&T, Ares and VFC as OEMs to produce their H&K models with trademarks applied, and pass the juicy markup for doing so onto the consumer.
  2. Did you not open the box to check? I mean If I received a £500+ gun I would be closely inspecting it and using Distance Selling rules if it was anything less than perfect to send the fecker back. Anyway - I would send the entire receiver to be cerakoted if you want a 'factory finish'. Otherwise - break out the krylon/halfords camo and DEVGRU/CAG paint the thing for cool kid points.
  3. I'll have you know that I was victorious! - Gonk's SnotHunters defeated the evil forces of the Black Assassins when Snotgrass the Green (notice a theme here?) caused catastrophic damage with his longbow whilst Gonk and his cohorts rushed in to the fray with their melee weapons. Seriously though - my son loved it. Being able to create characters and a simple, but scalable, set of rules meant that the games were fast and more importantly - fun. It might not suit more advanced players, but for kids and their (non gamer) parents it's a pretty good place to start, especially with the YT videos that the author posted. I've ordered a rolled Terrain mat and my son has started scribbling ideas for scenery. He's been watching loads of YT vids on making various ruined buildings and rocks etc. As someone that does a bit of model making (of the static but mostly the RC Plane kind) I've got a few XPS foam sheets to hack up, roll tin foil over, texture/seal and then paint.
  4. @SamK ICS guns do not come with batteries and chargers as standard. Having bought several guns off @HuttArmouries, I can say that £125 posted is a stonking good deal for what is a very decent gun and he will ship to you very quickly indeed.
  5. Already did this morning - he's sent me various files including a PDF version of the book, which is handy to print off the templates.
  6. The Weekend Warriors rule book arrived yesterday - my son is proper excited reading through it and he's started thinking about his warband and the scenario that we play. First game is this evening.
  7. Bought two guns this week - one Airsoft, one not...😁
  8. I have an Ender V2. I printed a new PSU cover and replaced the fan with a Noctua (there are plenty of files on thingiverse). Never had a problem with cooling thereafter and it was much quieter. Cost the grand sum of £15 at the time IIRC. The printers do wear out though - my V2 worked happily for over a year before it started struggling with print quality. Gave it a full re-build (replacing the bowden tube, print head fans and nozzle), bought some new filament (mine was getting old) and it's been working alright still 8 or so months later - although I don't use it nearly as much as my energy bill is now just over £400 a month...😩 It's a very decent printer with a little bit of work. BL/CR Touch and a PEI bed do also help with the user experience.
  9. Pretty sure S&T is the OEM for the Specna G36s. The also OEM some of the 'sportline' H&K licensed guns for Umarex along with the ARX-160. No ETU in Specna guns - it's shit marketing talk for 'microswitch trigger'. Full breakdown of the Specna G36 internals can be found here WE (yes that WE) make an AEG G36 that looks pretty nice available here for £170 - bog standard V3 internals but better plastics and construction compared to JG et al.
  10. Trirock operate as an Amazon Seller in the UK - whilst more expensive, some of the product range is available is fulfilled in the UK and next day if you are a Prime customer. https://www.amazon.co.uk/s?i=merchant-items&me=A1U4QU6OMEB9GE&marketplaceID=A1F83G8C2ARO7P&qid=1673688995&ref=sr_pg_1 TBH, I'm in the market for a 7in MLOK NSR Rail - I am tempted to take a punt at ordering from them directly.
  11. I might try a 5kg bag out. Been quite enjoying Geoffs recently but could do with restocking my stash.
  12. Great info - thanks! Perhaps a Dungeon Crawler style game with a more defined board would work - he loves traditional board games too so it might just bridge that gap.
  13. Thanks - worth a punt for a fiver! I'll order it when I get home from work later. I've also just found 'Weekend Warriors' designed specifically for kids: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Weekend-Warriors-Ultimate-Tabletop-Skirmish/dp/B09K1XCSPY
  14. Ok - figured I ask here as the Airsoft demographic will likely cross-over to gaming My youngest son (aged 10) is obsessed with the idea of playing table top games like 40K et al. Problem is - he (and I to be frank) gets frustrated by often extensive rules that seem to bog down the gameplay. We have the 40k Recruit edition, but spend more time looking in the rule book scratching heads than actually playing. Not having grown up with Table Top gaming myself, nor find it especially interesting (I rather shoot people with plastic BBs but I do like the modelling/painting aspect) I'm struggling a bit - but as a Dad I have to take it for the team. Does anyone know of a simple skirmish ruleset that we can use to keep the gameplay flowing with a handful of miniatures (to keep costs under control)? My son want to make his own scenery (he's pretty artistic and imaginative and I'd enjoy making it too). Not fussed if it's Sci-Fi or Fantasy. Cheers.
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