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  1. Whilst not strictly Airsoft related - I got an Airbrush setup for my Birthday which I'll be using it to paint some of my spare RIFs.
  2. So much to unpack here. But I can't be arsed. This is an Airsoft forum - can we keep 'Left' and 'Right' politics out of it?
  3. Agreed. My back garden is technically just about within 50ft of the centre of a public highway, but completely out of sight of the public using said highway. In fact it would be impossible for anyone other than my direct neighbours either side from seeing me with an airsoft gun (and they are cool with it anyway) as my terraced house in the way of my garden and the highway. I checked the laws regarding this exact issue with my local RFD when I joined an Airgun club earlier this year as I was worried about the 50ft rule myself.
  4. Sure about that?....not even a Nerf dart? The law is about endangering users of a public highway, pretty sure it doesn't stop you using an Airgun/RIF/Nerf Gun/Supersoaker/whatever - so long as you don't hurt, interrupt or endanger anyone in doing so. From the Home Office guide to Air Weapon Safety It is an offence to fire an air weapon without lawful authority or excuse within 50 feet (15 metres) of the centre of a public road in such a way as to cause a road user to be injured, interrupted or endangered.
  5. Firstly, welcome to the Forums. P90 and speed reloads are words not normally featured positively in the same sentence. However - if I was in your situation I would likely be looking at Novritsch SSR90 pouches. Not tested them myself, but they are reasonably priced and probably worth a shot.
  6. This just showed up on FB: Can't say I'm at all shocked. Seems like par for the course for the AI500.
  7. So I picked up a very cheap brand new ICS MP5 off these here forums - just because I've never owned an MP5 in the last 16 or so years I've been playing: (Needed a 2 minute solder job on the torch wiring and is now working lovely) Been buying bits of kit off AliExpress lately - namely a Spiritus 'Thing 2' clone for my cheapo Viper VX chest rig which arrived a couple of weeks ago, and yesterday a zipper top for the front rig pouch, a velcro admin pouch and a velcro vented pad. Gotta say, everything I've been ordering from AliExpress lately has been arriving in about 10 days, and the quality of the kit is more than good enough for LARPsoft or BBWarz.
  8. Oh dear - I was wrong. He wants £175 for his chest rig and has since re-listed it. I'll stick with my AliExpress knockoff thanks.
  9. I though it was quite interesting until the vocalist opened his mouth. Couldn't listen to much more after that - just not my cup of tea at all.
  10. Problem I find with Viper inserts is re-indexing magazines - I'm only speaking from M4 mag experience so YMMV, but it was such a ballache that I 3D printed insert to sit inside the elastic loops.
  11. I struggle to 'connect' with the really heavy stuff more and more as I get older. I've been listening to a lot of Chevelle at the moment, a very underrated band IMO.
  12. Well, if that's the all-in price for everything listed, that's a pretty good deal (under half retail price). I just think that the advert is worded poorly. I've asked the seller for clarification. Don't get me wrong - 90% of LARPsofters or BBWarz players would be happy enough with a Viper or AliExpress knockoffs for a fraction of the price, but some get a chubby at the thought of gucci real-steel kit and are willing to pay the cost, which is fair enough. If I had £90 burning a hole in my pocket to spunk on some kit (which I don't sadly 😭) - I would be tempted.
  13. Congratulations - this Advert has now shown up on Macks! With that in mind, could you clarify if: A) the £90 is the all-in price for everything pictured, or B) you are genuinely trying to sell each component at current retail prices, or C) the prices you've listed in the description are purely to highlight how much you paid in the first place to entice the prospective buyer? Ta Muchly
  14. Does the Pistol Grip include the base plate?
  15. Perhaps I was a tad harsh - but this isn't reddit - incorrect information needs to be stomped on quickly and firmly. And the subject has been covered ad nauseam - I couldn't be arsed to type out the same old bollocks about it. Next time I'll try to slightly nicer about it. 😉
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