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  1. Whoa, that is cool. I mean I know it wouldn't stack up against modern stuff (although it uses a V3 GB?), but when I saw that on DenTrinity what must be 20+ years ago, i thought it was the coolest thing ever. I would never own a P90 now, but back then I would of had one in a heartbeat. Because I was young and liked watching Stargate.
  2. On hot days, a little backpack with bottles of water and playing consumables (bag of BB's to bomb-up, Grenades etc) left at convenient spot on the playing field to be used in between games until I get back to the safe zone. Bear in mind strapping the 3L of water onto your back is the same as adding a 3kg weight - which you'll have to lug around with you. But if you are doing Milsims, Battlesims or all-day skirmishes where breaks are fewer and further between, it's the most practical way of doing it I suppose.
  3. Yeh - I went with the 340FPS version - but you're right, it was just a cut-down spring - it was well done though and the gun is shooting a consistent 345fps. I reckon they ear-mark a certain number of them per consignment and downgrade ready for those who order as it's a popular model. Mine shipped really quickly after ordering - so I doubt they took it apart between ordering and sending.
  4. @ThisKillaDTThere might be a Tippmann M4 owners group on Facebook, might be joining one and running it past them? You can't be the only one that's had this problem.
  5. Delivery time is about 10 days give or take. Make sure you add your UKARA number to the order comments. TaiwanGun has a separate listing for the 340FPS version: https://www.taiwangun.com/en/electric/cm-045a-340-fps-cyma?from=listing&campaign-id=19
  6. On a serious note though @AlphaBear - if you've downed (well) over a grand on your gun (no judgement - honest), it would be a bit of an injustice to stick a £60 cheapo scope on the gun. Nothing against VisionKing (the one I had was excellent) et al, but with a build such as yours needs (NEEDS!) to be finished off properly. I reckon the Vortex will help do that (no joke). But if you do buy one, post up some pics? I get a chubby looking at real steel gear on ridiculously over-priced toy guns (joking....or am I?).
  7. Jesus fucking H Christ. I totally get it now. No, a cheapo scope just won't do. Go for the Vortex. In for a penny n'all that. Personally, I would rather spend the 200 notes on a nice bottle of spiced rum, a line or two of coke, capped off with a blowie from the Albanian hooker that lives down the street. At least the next day I would left with only fuzzy memories of my bad spending decision(s). And possibly herpes.😜 (P.S. I'm only pulling your leg BTW)
  8. What gun were you planning to hang this penis extens...*ahem*...I mean scope on, out of interest? Please don't say a TM NGRS....
  9. LMAO...I have to admit, I am a fan of Mr Herrera and his vids on the 'tube.
  10. No problem. I hope you like it. 😜
  11. Bearing in mind £130 will barely get you a Combat Machine in the UK, the gun is stonking value for money. Is it as nicely made as an LCT? - No, It's less than half the price, but on the other hand it's more than good enough for BB LARPwarz and a great canvas to build something very cool. I Krylon'd mine (shock! Horror!!) because...umm...it seemed like a good idea at the time. I mean, who needs resale value, right? My gun had a bit of stock wobble (cured with a bit of card on the back of the receiver in the hinge) . Upper hand guard was missing a small self-tapping screw into the wood. Fire selector kept coming loose until I used green Loctite (which is gonna be fun to remove). Small niggles, but easily fixed and I've had worse on far more expensive guns. I tested the gun with an SHS Hi-Speed motor, 20-22 RPS on a 7.4v LiPo. But the wiring isn't cut out for the amps and the fuse blew within a few seconds of testing. And it ate batteries. I would recommend no more than a 16TPA (SHS or Rocket Hi-Torque is Ideal). I will probably re-wire at some point with something like a WARFET - but it's not a priority at all. The gun points extremely well and from an ergonomic point of view fits me perfectly. The balance is a bit front-heavy but that's the nature of most AKs. I find it very satisfying to pick up and fondle - more so than M4's of which I own (and have owned) many. But on the other hand it could shit itself the very first time I use it - at which point I could be coming back here to describe what a pile of wank it is instead.
  12. I have one. Not played with it yet, will be used on Sunday for my first post-lockdown skirmish. The new internals are pretty good - I've no plans to replace anything inside the GB until it breaks. Stock motor is torquey but a little slow (11-12 RPS on 7.4v LiPo). I have: - Replaced the hop rubber and nub (had a TM spare) - Removed the fuse and added deans connector - Changed the fire selector for this one - Re-shimmed and re-greased (to be fair it was decent enough on both counts out of the box) - Rocket 16TPA Hi-Torque I'm very happy with it so far. Can't comment on longevity yet though. Pics of the internals.
  13. Am I missing something? Couldn't you just screw the buffer tube back into the receiver, forcing the bolt forward past the receiver split line?
  14. HobbyKing (confusingly) sell both the genuine and knock-off versions. The knock-offs will be marked as 'copy' on their website, with the SkyRC logo removed and considerably cheaper. If yours is from Hobbyking, marked SkyRC, ordered from an SKU that's for the non-copy version and with a SkyRC hologram, I'm sure you'll be absolutely fine, particularly if it's the V2. Before the Imax B6 was readily available in the UK, J Perkins distribution imported and marketed them as the 'JP EnErG Pro LiPro Plus 5' which I had for a year or so - back in 2008 (hence my 'old tech' comments). Mine stopped recognising 3S LiPos - with balance connection errors. I binned it. Most Overlander stuff is rebranded SkyRC stuff - which is no bad thing.
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