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  1. Most smart/intelligent chargers require you to plug in both the balance connector and the mini-tamiya connector. If you look at the picture I posted earlier in the thread, you'll see the batteries are connected via the main power connector to the charger (I use deans connectors which are red as opposed the white/translucent mini-tamiya connectors) and the balance plug is connected to a break-out balance board that's also connected to the charger. Check out this video (7:30 onwards shows the balance charging of a LiPo)
  2. Yeh, good point. Something like this off can be had off eBay for less than £3 posted: You would need to swap the pins over though to change the polarity. Stupid Airsoft standards. Only takes a minute to do with a Bic Biro:
  3. I covered that in my last post: https://www.hobbyrc.co.uk/skyrc-s65-65w-6a-ac-balance-charger
  4. Here you go: https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-nano-tech-1400mah-3s-15-25c-lipo-airsoft-pack-1.html?queryID=e73d148b7cf99f064f8a620a7f81de38&objectID=31051&indexName=hbk_live_magento_en_us_products
  5. Have we done this one yet?: You won't find this gun in the UK! You will find it in Poland though.... TaiwanGun: Base gun £153 'A5' Stock £16 Knockoff CTR Stock £10 Kublai PMags £8 each Vert Grip £7 Total: £202 This guy wants £240 (No Offers! Collection only) - So those H&K stickers must be totally worth the extra £38...
  6. Good reviews on YouTube. I've not heard anything bad about them in the RC community. I've got one on order, so will be able to give a better review when it arrives. Mine is actually intended to be used a field charger for when I go RC flying, using a 12v Leisure battery as a power source. They are available from UK retailers too, but they never stay in stock for very long. Hopefully that's a positive indication. I know a few guys with SkyRC S65s, less flashy (monochrome screen) but apparently solid performers. AC powered so no external supply needed, just plug into th
  7. I would ordinarily recommend Turnigy NanoTech from Hobbyking, but the UK warehouse is low on stock at the moment. The biggest thin nunchuck they have is 1400mah but with a 15C rating. They have 1300mah with a 25C rating. Both are 2s (don't run 3s in a Nuprol). But they are super cheap, less than £7, so buying 2 or 3 won't break the bank. I've been using NanoTechs for years in airsoft and RC.
  8. Yeh, mines on a slow boat from China at the moment along with some other RC gear I ordered. The unit only costs £21 and has got a colour IPS display and more functions than than the average Airsoft player will ever need. I've just received a ToolkitRC ADP100 power supply for £15 that plugs straight into the Q6 Nano. The whole setup is about a 8-9 quid more expensive than a basic (genuine) Imax B6 WITHOUT a power supply, but can supply double the wattage if needs be. Only limiting factor is that the Q6 Nano can only handle up to 4S LiPo's instead of the B6s 6S, but it'
  9. Your point hasn't been lost on me. My point is that there are dozens, if not hundreds of ex-forces dudes worldwide that are posting this kind of stuff on social media day in, day out. Times have moved on, even if you have not. You don't know the background of this particular guy either, he could be ex-Slovakian 5th Special Forces regiment for all we know. Your point about taking pictures is an odd one. Take the photo yourself then you are a knob for posting it? But if the camera is in someone else's hands, and you post the pics (like the SAS dude) it's ok? Or are they all walting b
  10. I would be interested to hear your thoughts on it when it arrives, perhaps a short review? I'm not expecting the rail to be super rigid or strong, but it's probably good enough for BBwarz/LARPsoft.
  11. I've been eyeing one of those for a few weeks now, I'm tempted to order one out of curiosity. Yeah, it's plastic, but I'm starting to prefer lighter guns with plastic rails/receivers these days.
  12. What rail did you buy from Amazon? What raider do you have (an original or a 2.0?) Original: 2.0: Both should use standard AEG barrel threading so unless the Amazon rail is proper borked I don't know why it shouldn't fit. I wouldn't spend too much on a rail for a budget blaster such as the Raider, and if you have a 2.0 I wouldn't bother changing at all. Personally, I would spend £16 shipped for one of these and call it done if you REALLY want to swap out the rail: Fireclub Keymod Rail
  13. Oh, I completely agree. But by the logic of some in this thread, any attempt to show their service on social media results in them becoming ‘Walting bellends’. And Obi Wan has proven that he’s anything but, IMO.
  14. Jesus, even Obi Wan Nairobi has an Instagram account now. Is he a Walt?
  15. Oh, I know. But the dude has deployed to hot and sandy countries looking through his Instagram: If he's got the stones to deploy to a warzone, work as a medic in said warzone, then as far as I'm concerned - he can wear whatever the fuck he wants. The only bellends are in this thread judging him based on a single photo.
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