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  1. It's a generic rebranded cheap chinese scope, search '3-9x40 EG scope' on youtube and you'll find loads of hits of the same scope, but with different branding. As @EDcase says, there really is nothing to them in terms of controls - you have adjustment turrets for windage and elevation (remove the caps, you will see the directions to turn on the dial underneath), a rotating ring to adjust the magnification, and a dial to switch on and adjust the power/colour of the illuminated reticle which has the battery underneath the cap. There are millions of these on Aliexpress (again search '3-9x40 EG scope') - you'll be able to work out the operation of the scope from the information pictures they post in the adverts as above.
  2. Speedbird_666


    Great picture. You might want to try again @Stoney1987
  3. You'll have more luck asking 'how long is a piece of string'. This question has been asked ad nauseum, and you didn't even attempt to qualify it with a gun type. At least others start with 'I want an M4/MP5/G36 etc (delete as appropriate) what do you recommend?' So yeah, spoonfeeding.
  4. So to recap: Never played airsoft. Wants to open a site. Makes a 'What Am bestest Gnu' thread. Wonders why people question it. Got it. JG G36.
  5. Anybody ordered from Brownells lately? Just wondering what their shipping is like from the US to the UK. Took a punt on a one of the new MOE PR stocks - not in a particular rush for it, but i'm guessing the wait time will be several weeks?
  6. Two options if google-fu does not provide an answer: 1) Go to screwfix - buy this and measure the remaining screw - use said measurements on eBay to order another. or 2) If you have some kind of dedicated Fastener store near you, take the remaining screw - show them - they'll have a rummage around and let you have another for a few pence (that's what my Local shop does for me anyway)
  7. And another account nuked. Oh well, the quiet time was nice. Another idea - limit new registrations to a 2 hour window per day? Say...6-8PM. A legit user will wait, and the overseas spammers will be more likely be offline at that point.
  8. £30 for the Chrono. £50-60 for the gun. (Brand new ICS M4s were being sold on here £90-£100 last year)
  9. If it's the EFCS (not the sportlines) - it's almost certainly made by Ares. There will be a barrel nut to undo (much like an M4) and then the barrel can be pulled off the receiver. unlike an airsoft M4, it uses several (8?) splines to locate into said receiver. The various length outer barrels seem simple enough to get from HK vendors. Edit - eh? That's a new one on me. Got any pics?
  10. I designed one a few years back, and printed a prototype to test airflow - but preferred a goggle-mounted fan solution so never developed it any further V2 was to be fully enclosed with an integrated battery to go in a counterweight pouch.
  11. I've seen users post short vids (measured in seconds rather than minutes) when troubleshooting a problem (i.e. rough sounding or misfiring gearbox etc.) but anything longer I would suggest hosting on YouTube and linking on here instead.
  12. Coincidentally - the last registered forum user was also on the 18th Jan - @Jedi_Master indicated that @proffrink suspended new registrations until a new spam solution could be implemented. I wonder if that is related to your issue?
  13. Account > My Attachments. 100Mb is the allocated amount per user. Not aware of an upload limit - but unless you have large PDFs or similar I don't see why your upload would be anything other than Kbs rather than Mbs, especially if you follow Mr McSpoons example and optimise the images beforehand.
  14. Here we have a 'Not a trader - honest!' advert for a JG G36c that's £20-30 more than retail:
  15. Have new registrations been suspended @proffrink & @Jedi_Master? No new members in the last 20 hours - testing on a different browser, I can't see a button to register.
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