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  1. I'm modelling a reasonably accurate V2 GB (+/- 0.1mm) in F360 to use for an own-design receiver project. Took a few 1mm test prints to get the footprint measurements dialed-in Progress so far - I won't need all the details (not bothering with bushings and screw holes etc.) but I will model the trigger hole, rear pin hole, grip frame slot/holes, and the selector area on the other side.
  2. That's what I'm hoping. I'm bored of actually playing airsoft - I have more fun tinkering with guns etc these days. But I have two teenage sons who love playing, so I want to mix things up a bit and try new things.
  3. Yeh - it's a CQB monthly pistol/shottie only night. I don't need AEG range/accuracy, just need to chuck BB's in the general direction I'm pointing.
  4. Right-o, some polarising reports there. I think I'll take a punt on a CYMA springer. It's more for curiosity really. If I like playing with a shotgun I'll consider something more elaborate (i.e. TM Breacher) in future.
  5. Thanks - I'll have a look into those. Interesting - I've not heard of that as an issue before.
  6. In the 16-odd years I've been playing airsoft, I've never actually played with a shotgun before. However a site within reasonable travel distance is doing monthly pistol/shotgun evenings and I quite fancy a go. Don't want to spend too much, so was looking at CYMA tri-shot springers (CM.350 et al) as a starting point. Are they any good? Otherwise, what am bestest cheap (sub-£100) shotties?
  7. How do they compare to the likes of SHS/Rocket etc Mr Borg? I see they work out about £5-7 cheaper than UK prices with 10 day shipping. I might take a punt on one.
  8. Result. I would be inclined to reduce the size of your powerbank to drop some weight - it's a bit overkill for two tiny fans pulling ~0.06A each. You would be looking at ~120mAh, which would take even a cheap £2 Poundland 2200mAh Powerbank 16 or so hours to discharge.
  9. Welcome to the forum! Unfortunately you picked a bit of a shit charger - sorry. You won't find anyone recommending a 'dumb' charger such as the A450 on here. A charger with an LCD screen will tell you the cell voltage(s) of your packs and will help you with troubleshooting battery issues. If you can send the charger back - do it. You can buy one of these for a few quid more (assuming you paid ~£30 retail) and it is an excellent bit of kit.
  10. Mk2 Drop stock with integrated buffer tube threads:
  11. Find a magnet and attach it a rod or something with some gaffer tape. Saved me a couple times when a spring or screw dropped into the murky depths of my shed floor. Otherwise, buy a mixed box set of grub screws from Amazon or Ebay. I bet it'll be something like an M2 or M2.5.
  12. When you try too hard to get the 'battleworn' look
  13. This. I have several BCM style grips - I run them all angled-forward.
  14. That's a really good idea! Do you print the threading or tap it after printing? What thread is the buffer tube?
  15. Looks like a Modify GB shell
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