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  1. Sam Pascoe

    Tech advice need

    thanks very much dude
  2. Sam Pascoe

    Tech advice need

    hahah nice try;) in fact i might need to pay someone to install it for me as I'm not confidant at all on opening up the gearbox, so if any of you can do it (well and correctly) ill pay good coin if any of you could do it hit me up please
  3. Sam Pascoe

    Tech advice need

    haha cheers dudes, i checked the motor connectors it was that, but i also bit the bullet and bought a titan gate ill let you all know how it goes!
  4. Sam Pascoe

    Tech advice need

    I need some help with my G&G SRXL, i cant figure out why it is not firing... Some history on the gun: Bought it in april of last year and played three games with it... at the start of november last year i sent it to KOA to have an Rhop installed, (along with a prom my tight bore and purple bucking) and got it back on the 22nd december I've put one mid cap magazine through it and it is no longer firing. Ive tried with to batteries both 1450 11.1 3c lipos (WE) which i was using before. A red light appears on the G&G MOSFET when i they to fire. (i have tested the batteries in other guns and they work fine) Any idea on how i can fix this? Im new to teaching so please dumb it down a little hahah Also, should invest in a TITAN Gate mosfet for the build? MANY THANKS
  5. Sam Pascoe

    Hello all

    welcome to the group
  6. Sam Pascoe

    What's your oldest gun?

    I spent this afternoon bringing my old SRC AK74 krinkov back to life.. bought it in 2007, with 2006 stamped on to it. The gearbox wasn't looking too bad, i gave it a shim and a new set of bearings and its working okay but was heating up after about 200 shots Not bad for something that was mistreated, battle worn and neglected by a 9 year old me.. Whats your oldest gun?
  7. i should have researched, i didn't realise it was a urban site with that many marshals, the £40 fee seems very reasonable for a days airsofting in that manor.. once again my bad. I play at a woodland site with 3 marshals... so i guess my comment is invalid haha. My bad :'D
  8. At Cornwalls Elite Airsoft, the walk on fee is only £20 pounds, after (I believe i could be wrong) 3 Games with in 2 months (like the UKARA) we are given a membership card which gives us 10% off everything at the shop. It has no effect on the green fee. I'm perfectly happy with spending £20 to play. Though, i would pay for a membership if the perks were reasonable. I would not pay £30 for diddly-squat and game days better be great if i was to be paying £40 per visit.
  9. Sam Pascoe

    Mysterious thing for TM HK416D

    you are correct, thank you very much
  10. Sam Pascoe

    Mysterious thing for TM HK416D

    Just installed a new barrel and rubber in my 416, tested it and it all works fine, but after returning to my desk i found plastic clip. I would like to know where it belongs, if it is important and what does it do? many thanks
  11. Sam Pascoe

    Battery for tm hk416

    okay cheers, i just added a deans connector . WE ARE IN ACTION BBYYYY Cheers guys
  12. Sam Pascoe

    Battery for tm hk416

    what batteries are people using in their TM HK416d? i can't find any of the SOPMOD batteries in stock any where, what are some alternatives? Many Thanks
  13. Sam Pascoe

    GBB Or AEG

    i wouldn't personally go for a GBB for my first gun if i were you for reasons people have already said.. If its the recoil/ blow back you'd like, or want a little more realism, have a look at EBB rifles instead, they are fun and you can still use hi caps if thats what you are in to (just make sure you get an extra battery or two)
  14. Sam Pascoe

    Benefits of 8mm bearings?

    jesus thats a good answer! ill make a note of that thank you I'm hoping that they will be okay in my rifle then. thank you
  15. Sam Pascoe

    Benefits of 8mm bearings?

    cheers guys, reason of asking is i sent my srxl to KOA to be rhopped a few months ago, its just been done due to a delay and they installed 8mm bearings and gave the gearbox a service for compensation, so I'm just wondering what that means they have done and what it will mean for me haha