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  1. A little update on the crb. I'll be using it for the first time tomorrow and I cant wait!
  2. Finally managed to open this today
  3. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Specna Arms SA-H01 for sale. Works perfectly. Comes with 5 Mags (1 high cap, 4 mid caps), cheap VFG, torch and fake peq box to house the battery, 2 batteries, 2nd spring and original box. Small scuff on the muzzle as well as scratches from the VFG (both pictured).


  4. Hello! I was just wondering if anybody could point out the trigger bar. Cheers! Alex l.
  5. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    G&G CM16 Predator for sale. Works flawlessly. Comes with 1 high cap mag, 2 11.1's, Noveske sound amplifier and original box. Owner before me resprayed the gun olive and then black before i bought it. Could do with a respray. wired to deans.


  6. Specna Arms SA-H01 (416c) Comes with 5 mags (1 high cap and 4 mid caps), cheap vertical grip, torch, 2 7.4v 1500mah lipos. G&G cm16 predator Comes with 1 high cap and 2 11.1v 1300mah lipos. Ares striker as-01 Comes with 1 mag (possibly 2 if I can find the other). May Include scope for the right price but I plan on using it for something else. All are working as they should, the predator and the striker could do with a fresh bit of paint but other than that they are great guns. Reason I want to sell them is a fancy something fresh.
  7. I had this charger and it did the exact same thing on Saturday when I was charging my batteries, all my batteries work fine still though (I think). Definitely going to buy a new charger
  8. Thanks for that! I did search before but obviously I didn't see that thread
  9. Does anybody have any experience with one of this? If so are they good or bad? Wanted to get a taste of sniping and found a good deal on one.
  10. I currently own the 416c they make and I’ve had no issues with it (not yet anyway). Fairly decent build quality and performance for the price you pay.
  11. I don’t think the parcel tape on it for “extra camo” hides the fact that it’s bright green
  12. Alexharris246


    This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Hello! Having just sold my Star L85a2 i've came to the conclusion that i want another L85! If anybody has one for sale drop me a message and we can discuss.


  13. Hello! I've been looking at picking up a tm recoil cqb-r but I can't find much out about them other than a few YouTube videos and reviews online. However with their 416 series of aegs there are plenty of reviews etc so I was just wondering if they are similar performance wise just with different externals?
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