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  1. Make/brand: Krytac Any accessories included: 5 mid caps, 2 high caps, 3 7.4v lipos, OPSMEN 301 fast torch, 1-4x Elcan spectre sight and a hand stop. Pictures: yes Not really looking for a sale just curious about its value. Cheers.
  2. I just made it say (sold) haha
  3. Most nunchuck style lipos will fit
  4. It’s my first year at NAE and i was looking forward to having the opportunity to maybe pick something new up but after seeing the big marquee won’t be there I was extremely disappointed
  5. I think i might send it off and see if anyone else can fix it as taking them apart stresses me out as all the parts are so small and i have big hands 😂. Could you recommend anyone? The slide couldn't be forced forward, i had to remove the mag and get the slide off by pulling the slide back and use force to get the slide off sideways.
  6. It does have the same fault as previous but it doesn't happen as frequent. I can rack the slide a few times before the issue occurs whereas before it happened after the slide was pulled back once and i am located in Lincolnshire.
  7. Hello all! I've been having a few issues with my tm glock. First of all the slide kept getting stuck half way so i researched the issue and everyone was saying its the trigger bar so i replaced the trigger bar. However this has not fixed the issue and when reassembling the small spring in the hammer assembly (Pictures for reference) shot out and flew across the room and out the window. The glock still fires however the slide does not slide far enough back to pick up the next bb. Could the spring that shot out be linked to this or is it another issue? Cheers, Alex.
  8. A little update on the crb. I'll be using it for the first time tomorrow and I cant wait!
  9. Finally managed to open this today
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