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  1. Thanks a lot for this. It was declared as an air weapon, but I'm expecting to not make much progress with the claim. Shit happens.
  2. Basically in a bit of a faff - I sent off a Cyma AK to a user on here, they received it and found the whole back end of it sheered off (the receiver) during transit. I've got the before and after pictures - paid quite a bit for the insured postage, if I made a claim would they simply dismiss it because it's a prohibited item.? Thanks all.
  3. It's a Double Eagle, under the name Blackviper as well.
  4. The Koer has a better hop up unit, it uses a rotary-type unit. It's also compatible with Airsoftpro's upgrade parts for the A&K SVD.
  5. Just use 144a gas, no need to over complicate things.
  6. Sorry for the huge picture!
  7. Welcome to the forums! Where do you play at?
  8. Welcome to the forums, you'll get along fine here then.
  9. It still isn't as good as a Combat Machine, or I'd go for a Cyma AK rather than the M4's.
  10. Hello all, just looking for an appraisal for on of my guns, I've got two Top Techs, one of them is sat here doing nothing, so, time to go. This is the gun; http://www.greekairsoft.gr/eshop/product.php?id_product=650 The gearbox has been done up, as it shoots stupid-fast compared to my other Top Tech, also has a Lonex hop-up, Prommy tightbore, purple bucking and nub. At the moment the wires have been stripped in the stock, so they'll need soldering back on. Maybe a chance to fit a mosfet? Will come with a high-cap magazine, a red dot sight and a battery (maybe). I'm thinking for a project gun - £110 posted Fixed up - £160 Any advice is appreciated (No pictures at the moment but will be soon)
  11. Bulky, handguard is weirdly short, heavy, overpriced, temperamental fire-selector and the optional rail-system is expensive. Top tech money for Combat Machine quality, was disappointed with it, but I only paid like £130 for mine.
  12. New year more idiots - £20 nbb pistol for £60 http://forums.zeroin.co.uk/showthread.php?283825-SRC-green-gas-pistol-%A360-O-N-O
  13. When using a community forum to advertise, it's mandatory that rules are ignored entirely. 😊
  14. It's a rebranded Cyma. Cyma M4's aren't very good.
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