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  1. FreeFrag.UK

    Any one have knowledge of ICS CXP MARS

    If memory serves fire-support are the main retailer for ICS in the UK. When it comes to batteries ICS alter the guns to meet UK legal spec so they typically recommend 7.4v Li-Po's but this may be different for the Mars.
  2. FreeFrag.UK

    Blanks and where to buy them

    Hey all, Might be the wrong section of the forums but can anyone recommend suppliers for .209 primers and 9mm blanks for BFG's. Many thanks.
  3. FreeFrag.UK

    Any uk supplyer g&g spares?

    As Roger said, it would be useful knowing what was damaged as we may be able to point you in the direction for alternative replacement parts. Other than that I can only suggest contacting Patrol Base, I believe that stock a lot of G&G products. Alternatively contact G&G directly.
  4. FreeFrag.UK

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Ordered a new hop up rubber and barrel for my P226. Would have liked a better hop unit to go with it but it seems to be slim pickings.
  5. FreeFrag.UK

    Hate it with a passion.

    Glocks - I agree that they are good pistols with solid ergonomics but they're the, more or less, the pistol equivalent to an M4 with how common they are. Mesh eye pro (a personal thing, just don't like the risk factor with it). Arranging purchases only to be informed it's been sold after the negotiation has begun (ie. "I'll have it if you have provide a shooting video"). Lack of communication during games. Overshooting. The blind hatred for bullpup's... I know they have their flaws but I love them.
  6. FreeFrag.UK

    Xl impact grenade help

    When it's colder I tend to run mine on Abbey Predator Red but when it's hotter I run it on Abbey Green as I found that it would randomly detonate by itself under warmer/hotter weather conditions due to the extra pressure of the red gas.
  7. FreeFrag.UK

    Xl impact grenade help

    This might be useful as a reference point: link.
  8. FreeFrag.UK

    Movie pistols - Which are the greatest and why?

    I've heard that KSC aren't very well made and are prone to breakages. Unfortunately I don't know anyone with any actual first hand experience so it's based off feedback when posing the question on other airsoft forums.
  9. FreeFrag.UK

    Movie pistols - Which are the greatest and why?

    I must admit, I keep looking at getting an M92 and sooner or later I've no doubt I'll pick one up. I just wish there was a decent version of the modified M93R which Robocop uses in the original 1987 film. Admittedly I wouldn't say no to Stetchkin APS either.
  10. FreeFrag.UK

    MP5 aeg Owners/Fans

    ICS MP5's tend to be available from fire-support.co.uk I've got an ICS MP5A5 and love it. It's served me very well so far. Can't comment on the others.
  11. FreeFrag.UK

    AEG or GBBR, that old chestnut!

    If you're looking for an AK or even something a little different like a PP-19-01 or AS Val then I'd recommend browsing LCT's options on fire-support. Also if you have the coin to spare you could always contact fire-support prior to purchase and ask them to modify it prior to posting.
  12. FreeFrag.UK

    Helmets...choices, choices

    I measure in at 62cm and as such I struggled to find one that fits but this one fits perfectly and is very comfortable, except mines in tan which is sold out at present. Admittedly it's not the cheapest helmet on the market but I really can't fault it.
  13. FreeFrag.UK

    RIF Brands

    It's my understanding that the early stuff produced by Ares was hit and miss which is a stigma some still recognise, even if it is unfounded. I've got my eye on a couple of Ares guns but they're seemingly impossible to get a hold of. Ares is a solid brand with some excellent guns but a number of people will inevitably listen to opinions even if they're unsupported. I wouldn't pay any attention to it, at the end of the day it's what works for you and if you're happy with them that's all that matters. As Druid said... Screw 'em.
  14. FreeFrag.UK

    Russian 6b71m Helmet with digi Flora cover

    What size helmet is this? Do you know the head circumference range it is suitable for?