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  1. @Asomodai How are the motors from AK2M4? I realise they're a lot cheaper but how are they compared to the ASG Ultimate Infinity series of motors?
  2. @Asomodai - I read it as "yes, I'm having an attempt at profiteering". 😂
  3. @Jaimie - Have you played any games yet? If not I'd strongly recommend renting until you obtain your UKARA (assuming you're 18+). The reasoning behind this is so that you can give the hobby a decent try prior to any investment beyond the cost of a few rental sessions. I'd also suggest sitting down with pen and paper (or other chosen implement) and actually working out a budget along with a list of what equipment it needs to cover. Bear in mind that what type of site you intend to frequent will have a bearing on what sort of equipment is most suitable. You say you've found a "decent mask with built in eye pro", out of curiosity what are/have you picked up?
  4. @The broadsman - Thank you, good to know. I'll have to see what fairs operate within travel distance for me as I'm a little limited on the distances I can cover. Do you have any idea what sort of price they fetch? Just so I can brace myself 😂
  5. To address your question about functioning as a slower moving player using an AR I'd argue it's a case of using brains over brawn, so to speak anyway. There are a lot of us on here who will take it relatively slow and easy compared to those who like to run off like a gazelle with a firework up its bum. If you want to approach it at a slower pace it should be more than possible at most sites but it's adapting your play style accordingly and being aware of your limitations. You need to be much more calculating in your actions and when assessing your "next" move. In relation to your gun, as a starting point it might be worth looking at changing out the barrel for a high quality tight bore inner barrel of appropriate length, a good quality hop rubber and nub (perhaps similar to what Frizzle is running) and then test it. If at all possible try get to a range which allows airsoft guns to try gain an accurate bearing on your current set up and then perform testing after you've changed the inner barrel and hop rubber/nub. Once you have those results I'd look at your next options. When it comes to improving your own reactions there is only one thing you can do and that is practice with firing drills. Unfortunately there are very few sites which offer practical shooting facilities so you'll have to seek a solution on this one for yourself. There are upgrades which can be done to a gun to shave time off trigger response and to increase RoF but it depends how much money you want to sink into your gun and your technical capabilities as you may be better off sending it to a decent tech.
  6. @TheFull9 - Cheers, I'll have to get on FB (as much as it pains me) and see what I can find. I know it's very unlikely but who knows, I may get lucky.
  7. @TheFull9 I do indeed, hence the rocking horse excrement comment.
  8. Hi all, At the moment I'm looking at a couple of options for my L85A2, originally I had it set up in what is referred to as the "Afghan spec" but I have ran into an issue with my repro ACOG (no surprise eh?) and as such I'm assessing a few different options. My first pick would be to try and locate the Brügger & Thomet SA80 rail, however, I suspect that this will be akin to tracking down rocking horse poo along and if I am successful I suspect a second mortgage would be required to cover the expenditure. Admittedly if I could find one for a half decent price it would be top of my wishlist and an ASAP purchase. Alternatively I'd like to find a decent repro ACOG which can actually be zeroed and which will hold said zero while also accepting a red dot mount. I'd also go for the right model ACOG but with a red dot as opposed to a magnified optic. My final option would be to swap out to a repro Elcan Specter. If anyone can actually vouch for a good quality optic or provide some assistance in resolving this issue I'd be truly grateful. I imagine like most people airsoft optics just seem to be a complete crap shoot. While I admit repro sights are never going to be as good as the real thing (I'm not that naive) you'd think for the cost of some of these products that they'd at least provide something half decent. I accept the fact that most repro sights drain batteries like a man who has just crossed a desert and walking straight into the first pub but there really needs to be some give. Anyway, any help is appreciated. I'm going back to my digging to see what I can find.
  9. Try contacting them through Facebook, you may get a quicker reply.
  10. To be honest it'll be my first time using smoke etc due to attending a new site. Hopefully if the guys I play with enjoy it then we'll be able to look at some actual bulk orders. New purchases: Cleaning brush for my Camelbak and a Russian tourniquet and bandage to go on my AK's stock.
  11. @Prisce I picked it all up from Zero One Airsoft. There was a very minor discount on the 10 pack of EG67's but the service was excellent and they delivered for a reasonable price (think it was £8.50 next day). Realised I had a mild brain fart, didn't spot Mike's name in the tag, apoologies @Prisce
  12. @MikeMarden I must admit, that's on my wishlist for when I actually get a group together who want to do milsim. A few supplies.
  13. @paradoxum Very nice looking set up, it looks as though a lot of time, thought and effort have gone into it. Just out of curiosity, how long have you been in the game? I must admit I've got a game on Saturday and I'm contemplating pulling all the pouches off of my plate carrier and running my chest rig over the blank carrier.
  14. @Jaypeg89 It might be worth posting a link to the pistol for further reference so people can be of more assistance.
  15. @Druid799 If I go the TAG route I might have to make it to your neck of the woods
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