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  1. FreeFrag.UK

    [Advice] AK47/AKm (7.62mm) Mag Pouches

    I've never heard of the Grey Shop so I'll definitely give it a nosey and see what I can find. I have looked on Google but it's a bit of a mine field. To be honest I didn't even think to check Taiwan Gun simply due to the horrendous postal fees and the fact that I'm entirely likely to spend more on postage than the cost of the items. I'll take it into consideration as a last resort though, hopefully I can find an alternative.
  2. Hey all, I've been having a look around for mag pouches which will accept 7.62mm metal AK47/AKM magazines. Unfortunately I've not had much look locating any which state they are compatible. Ideally I'm looking for a "triple" or "triple duo" mag pouch which will comfortably carry them to affix to my current rig. Thanks in advance.
  3. FreeFrag.UK

    Mercia Airsoft

    So I went out on a limb and placed my order. I contacted Mercia initially to check whether or not the items I was after were in stock in the quantity I was after. I was advised that they had just sold the last of them that morning but I was provided with an anticipated date for replenishment of stock. I went ahead and placed my order after this conversation through the website due to my initial customer service experience. Well suffice to say I've not had to wait long, my new toys have arrived today via a courier. They were well packaged with a Mercia Airsoft patch and a flyer for Alpha-55 Airsoft offering £5 off a game day there. Overall my first experience with Mercia has been very good and I will happily give my custom to them again based off this initial experience.
  4. FreeFrag.UK

    40 Mike Gas Shell - 150 BB's in 0.3sec

    I've been having a bit of back and forth with a YouTuber regarding the 40 Mike and said YouTuber has also carried out an interview with the owner (Carlton Chong). During the interview (I'm yet to listen to it yet so this is based off what the YouTuber has relayed) Carlton made the claim that they never envisioned the 40 Mike for CQC usage but they maintain that it is "safe" for CQC usage. This would seem to contradict their actions where they are now advising that the 40 Mike only be deployed at a minimum of 10 meters. The YouTuber also volunteered to be shot by a 40 Mike at approximately 10 meters claiming that that was the "close up shot" and he states that being hit by it "sucked" but states that he has come back from "CQB way worse off". This for me missed the point massively. First of all 10 meters is the recommended MED which has now been released by Airsoft Innovations, secondly the 40 Mike is being deployed on YouTube frequently below this recommended distance and finally 10 meters is hardly the range people are talking about when it comes to the 40 Mike and CQC. Another defence for the company and it's advertising/marketing fell to the fact that it is only a very small company and it is made up entirely of engineers. This combined with the local weather when the marketing video was shot were cited as two of the main contributing factors for the video displaying it's usage in CQC. There are more elements used to try and justify the way this has been marketed but I'd argue that a significant amount of the justification relies upon people looking for a reasons to believe that it has been marketed this way in error. I'd suggest that (based off what has been relayed) the company is hoping for consumer gullibility. You can claim that the video is a result of when the video what shot but when their static marketing from the website uses these statements: I feel as though these two highlighted statements say it all. The first one proclaims the severity of the hit and how many times you can strike the target in a single trigger pull. The second statement is even more disgusting as it boasts about offering the "most joules per trigger pull" and how much energy is behind the impact which your target will suffer. Most the community who are defending this item are focused entirely on the FPS because so many people fail to comprehend the difference between velocity and the actual force behind the projectile. Do I think that this could be a good product? Yes. I think that it has a place in outdoor engagements from 15 meters and beyond as an indirect fire weapon where it would probably perform very well but as it stands we all know this item will get abused given the opportunity. I can't help but view this item as being incredibly irresponsible from the ground up. The question is, will the company accept responsibility when this item does result in someone being injured? I doubt it. I have a feeling their response would be that of any other company where they will absolve themselves by stating "we said that it isn't to be used below 10 meters".
  5. FreeFrag.UK

    40 Mike Gas Shell - 150 BB's in 0.3sec

    I'd be curious to see a video of this used at 75ft - 100ft but as everyone has stated this doesn't belong in CQC. I don't see what purpose this device is intended for, other than to deliberately inflict injuries and pain. It isn't exactly going to be offering any real suppression at outdoor sights as it's a one pump chump which is out done by any rifle in sustained fire, let alone an actual LMG/GPMG. I wonder what discussion in the board room led to the development and creation of this product...
  6. FreeFrag.UK

    Mercia Airsoft

    I had a search and couldn't find this retailer mentioned when searching both manually and with the forum search engine. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with purchases from Mercia Airsoft as they appear to have in stock a couple of items I'm interested in come payday. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  7. FreeFrag.UK

    Airsoft tech training

    Hey all, I'm not sure if this is in the right place but it's the nearest one I could see to my query. I was just wondering if there are any training services for aspiring airsoft technicians? I do have some experience on the mechanical/engineering front but it's been so long since I've done anything within that realm that I'd be hesitant to jump into things blind. Despite the wealth of YouTube videos, and similar video resources, I've always been more comfortable with either paper reference as I find these far easier for reference. The idea of undergoing some form of specialist training also appeals greatly, hence my query. Many thanks.
  8. FreeFrag.UK

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    I just picked up an Osprey MTP battle belt and yoke.
  9. FreeFrag.UK

    camoraids.com any good?

    Picked up a pair of the Earmor M32's from them the other month. Communication was excellent with prompt dispatch and speedy delivery. I also had a couple of general queries which they were very helpful with, definitely recommended.
  10. FreeFrag.UK

    Gun picture thread

    I've seen a lot of people comment on the weight but I've found that it's the most comfortable rifle I own. For me I find the weight works with my body as it sits into my shoulder nicely, as opposed to front heavy guns. The only thing I would suggest would be grabbing a genuine SA80 sling from a surplus or eBay as it's great for when it's not in use. I have the single point sling on my osprey too which is also very handy but a pain to fit on the molle.
  11. Just out of curiosity, why is it the VTG gets recommended over the Dynatex? I heard of the VTG prior to the Dynatex and I was told that it's the go to as I'm after a BFG on a timed fuse. To be honest more needs to be done about retailers and these sorts of practices. If I recall correctly they shouldn't even be taking any money prior to dispatch according to some of the selling regulations.
  12. FreeFrag.UK

    Photos from the field

    Holding an objective with my ICS MP5A5.
  13. Tried emailing SWAT the other day to inquire about stock as I was planning to place an order tomorrow but no reply. I called them today to ask if they had stock of the olive drab version of the VTG available as I was planning to place an order for a pair and collect them after work using the collection option as this shows up when accessing the site from my mobile. Apparently this is no longer an option and it's Hermes only. I was also informed that they don't have any of the olive drab or tan in stock at present and are unsure when they will receive the next batch. It's a shame as I'm all for supporting the little guy but in this instance I think I'll just pick up a couple of the Dynatex timed delay BFG's.
  14. FreeFrag.UK

    Which ak74u? CYMA LCT or ICS

    Like many I'd suggest waiting for your UKARA, however, if you can't wait then I'd suggest picking up the Cyma as a two tone. The main issue with grabbing a two tone is that you're left with a gun covered in very bright paint with virtually no resale value and in most cases it's simply not worth buying the replacement externals to get rid of the two tone once you have your UKARA. If you're able to hang fire and save up while waiting I'd strongly recommend the LCT as the go to for Eastern Bloc (AK's etc.) weaponry. Regarding the prices, in most cases you get what you pay for. LCT is, in my opinion, exceptionally well priced for the quality of product you receive.
  15. FreeFrag.UK

    Custom setups

    Just to throw in my 2 pence. As it stands your original post, and therefore concept, along with many of your replies have failed to successfully outline any form of a coherent business idea. This falls down to a mixture of factors but the main culprit for this downfall lies with poor English skills. If you intend to pitch a business, especially a professional business, which relies heavily on customer interaction and high quality customer service then English language skills are an absolute necessity. Thus far this appears to be an area of weakness. Outside of offering pre-made set ups for load bearing equipment how do you intend to sustain your business? Would you sell the equipment individually through your shop/website? In which case how do you intend utilise the information gaps you're so eager to take advantage of and abuse? Surely as soon as a prospective client views your webstore or visits your shop this would defeat the idea before it even gets off the ground? Or would you artificially inflate the prices of all instore items? In which case you'd very quickly put yourself out of business simply by overcharging in all areas. You mention a perceived gap in the market later in the thread when it comes to those who have not long entered into the hobby and the more seasoned players. Without any statistical data I'd be inclined to argue that this "gap" which you've perceived simply doesn't exist. Your business idea seems to rely entirely upon a client being uninformed but if someone is going to pursue airsoft as a hobby they will quickly be fed vast amounts of information by one of the most helpful communities I've ever seen in a hobby/sport. Hell a couple of weeks ago there was a lad at my local field who was tweaking a pistol load out but he was struggling to find comfortable locations for his pouches. As a direct result of this he walked away with referrals to a handful of sources for quality battle belts and also suggestions for alternative pouch locations before making any purchases to see if relocating worked prior to spending more cash. As many have already clearly stated, load bearing equipment set ups are tailored to the individual but achieving a comfortable set up takes time and experimentation. This is an area which your proposed "service" cannot address. I've no doubt that there are those in the market you might be able to prey upon but the upshot of this is that you will only add to the notion that airsoft is a prohibitively expensive hobby/sport for the majority of people.