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  1. Same here mate, there are still a couple I'm looking at but in the same breath I'm of the inclination to leave it... but then again... And I completely agree that it isn't something which could be reasonably expected to continue.
  2. @L3wisD - I had a stock notification too as I was looking at possibly grabbing a TM M9A1 but it received a similar return to the previous price. I'm guessing that it's simply a case that any new stock is going back to the old price. It still sucks to get the notification email though.
  3. I can honestly say that I'm beginning to wonder if Tezza is actually a bot. So far his/her/its posts are incredibly reminiscent of a bot I encountered on another forum I'm part of.
  4. To be honest I can't help but view it at as a bone yard gun simply due to the vast amount of unknowns.
  5. @Tezza - Now might be a good time to pick up your chips and cash out buddy.
  6. MP9 Going to add this one into the thread. The seller is looking for £250.00 for an MP9 with a PEQ-15 replica of some description and a foregrip. While this in and of itself isn't necessarily an issue it appears as though the gun doesn't have the CQB bolt fitted (my understanding is that it frequently chrono's above your average UK site allowance without it) and the gun hasn't been touched in 8 years, according to the seller's advert, even going so far as to state it has never been fired within that time period nor did the seller test it at point of purchase. Let's be honest, there's a good chance every single seal has dried out and probably perished by this stage with the added bonus that the gun itself won't have had any maintenance performed over that period either. The seller claims it is in "good condition" which I would agree with in terms of the externals but internally this is potentially a thing of nightmares. On a side note, I wish I could remember how to embed ad's.
  7. I've got to be honest, I couldn't agree more with this. While forum activity will inevitably vary from person to person with many taking breaks or only contributing sporadically, it doesn't sit right with me either. The reasons given by Rocket are some of the reasons I've wondered whether or not this person is actually a retailer/site exploiting the forum as a means to supplement and support their primary business. At least when it comes to points 1 & 3.
  8. My head went to Billy Connolly in the Boondock Saints films with this remark 😂 YouTube
  9. To be honest I don't think that just because something is expensive guarantees that it is high, or even good, quality. I think a lot of it falls down to researching what you're investing in. A good example of this would be to use the MP5 platform. If memory serves last year Umarex carried out a licensed release of an MP5K variant over in the USA and many people automatically assumed that VFC were the OEM, however, it is reported that it is just a H&K licensed CYMA. Now there's nothing wrong with CYMA, they actually make some great MP5's, but due to the release coming from Umarex buyers were paying a premium for the Umarex "brand" and for the licensed H&K markings. Unfortunately there are more and more companies within airsoft adopting exploitative practices where they are rebranding or buying distribution exclusivity to drive up the price. ASG has done this to some extent although they aren't bad when compared to many of the others out there, Nuprol being some of the biggest thieving tossers in Europe. While I think there are definite examples of "you get what you pay for" within airsoft, I also feel as though there are many examples where this simply doesn't hold true. There are so many companies which fail in terms of the most basic quality control levels that it is simply astounding and these issues are further exacerbated by frequent occurrences of bad customer service. Just as a quick note. Credit where credit is due to ASG, they have brought platforms such as the Cz Scorpion Evo and the Cz Bren 805 to the market, both of which are excellent guns and the Scorpion has received a number of design revisions which is beyond rare in the world of airsoft.
  10. I've owned a couple of ICS MP5's and still own one to this day. They're a solid platform although they can be a bit fussy when it comes to magazines (I run plastic King Arms mid-caps) and the gearboxes (unless it's changed recently) were very standard without any quality of life features such as a Quick Change Spring system. It would take a lot to get me to part with my ICS MP5 though. Admittedly a big contributing factor for this is due to it running the old style receiver which ICS have unfortunately discontinued but there are few manufacturers who still make the old "SEF" type receiver.
  11. While I can't defend the lack of a MOSFET, the reason behind the FPS is due to the guns being made purely for the Japanese market. Tokyo Marui don't actually export any of their guns, this is done by independent exporters which may go someway to explaining the pricing but this is pure speculation as I don't have Japanese prices to compare it to. As a final point, while they may only push out around 290fps they frequently out range and out shoot much higher FPS competitors simply due to product quality and their quality control standards. For me the biggest let down with Tokyo Marui is that they haven't revisited and updated their old guns. I suspect they would see increased sales for older model NGRS systems such as their AK74-M and G36 line if they were updated to include the stop on empty feature which the NGRS is known for.
  12. Out of curiosity why did you keep the E&L over the LCT? I'm assuming that you found the quality superior given the E&L is the one you opted to keep? It was my understanding that the LCT was closer to RS spec due to the thickness of steel used by E&L being significantly more, at least when it comes to this sort of thing.
  13. @albert12 - I'd strongly advise making sure you read content properly before replying. The barrel question is in reference to the TAG 40mm grenades, not a normal airsoft gun.
  14. Hi Albert, When it comes to the "Share a Bargain" thread it is more focused on sharing information regarding promotional offers and sales. To use your example, in this particular case you would provide the information you have done with a link to the website/promotional offer you used. The best thing to do is to have a scroll back through this thread to see the format and what sort of posts people have made. I would also recommend looking at the original post for this thread as this is an excellent example of the kind of posts seen here. When you get the opportunity I would highly recommend heading over to the New Player area to make an introduction thread. Welcome to the forum and hopefully we'll see more content from you as time goes on.
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