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  1. @Darkmikey22 - I must admit I'm very jealous of the PKP although I doubt it would be something I'd use. What do you think of it so far? Assuming you've had chance to field it. Regarding your collection of British forces inspired guns, which L85 are you running?
  2. Kombat Spartan Plate Carrier (I think that's what it was) - completely useless and impractical for my use but fortunately it was cheap. I tried it for a couple weeks and threw it in the cupboard. Nuprol Helmet - should have fit in theory but in practice this wasn't the case. Mag clamps/couplers - tried a variety of these which have usually culminated in either fitment issues (mag's not fitting correctly). Repro/replica slings - had a few and eventually picked up a genuine sling. Universal holsters - I've had quite a few of these and there is not a lot I can say, beyond the dictionary definition being somewhat different to that applied to holsters. Admittedly the difference in pistol designs can be significant which no doubt compounds the issue. Eotech holosight replicas - Simply awful. On the other hand I've had some solid replica red dot sights but I'll go down the Vortex route at some point. I think that about sums it up. Admittedly all of the above has been a culmination of trial and error along with some being a result of poor product spec publication. I'd probably say that I've been quite lucky as I've not really experienced any buyers remorse or regrets with the majority of my purchases. Admittedly in hindsight there are some things I'd probably do differently, knowing what I now know, but I've mostly gone my own way and done as much leg work as I can. As others have said, I'm not sure I'd use the term regret.
  3. Based off the information that's circulated so far it appears to have quite a significant number of proprietary parts, which is fairness was probably to be expected. The unfortunate reality is that this immediately effects your sales potential, at least to those more technically inclined or those who seek upgrades at some point. Finally the price is a bit of a kick in the teeth. Admittedly it offers something which isn't currently available on the market, an actual 1:1 scale MP7 (allegedly) in AEG format but at that price you're placing yourself in a position where you have to offer something which the competition doesn't. For some the allure of the MP7 in AEG format will be enough but fo many they'll be looking at what's out there and this is where the MP7 starts to lose ground. As @Rogerborg said, I'll wait for a knock off or alternatively look at something else on my wishlist once I'm ready.
  4. I might have to swap to using Geoffs. Given I run indoor CQC mostly I guess I'll just load up on the normal ones. Although the G&G ones look like a solid option in the test results? Any recommendations for where to buy Geoff's? I'd be after 0.28's.
  5. Just out of curiosity, does anyone know of any high quality 0.28g tracer BB's?
  6. @ImTriggerHappy - I can't say I know, or encounter, many who do wear helmets in CQC due to the negatives. I agree that the overwhelming majority wear them for cosmetic appearance but your tone is rather disingenuous. Am I foolish enough to think mine will protect me from a fall, such as that you'd experience on a push bike? Not in the slightest. Do I think that it'll provide that bit of protection to save me a hospital trip in the event I whack my head on a support beam or if someone lobs a TRMR round a corner without looking? Almost certainly. Admittedly this year a rated helmet is on my list of purchases.
  7. As far as a helmet for a larger noggin' goes - Airframe this is the best solution I found, short of going for a real lid. @Eddie The Headshot - I wear one for protection, due to medical reasons. I suspect the majority of people wear them for the "tacticool" (I loathe this term) look. @Seven more or less summed it up nicely. On a sidenote at sites which allow TAG rounds and events which allow them I personally think they should be a mandatory requirement. @ImTriggerHappy - As Seven has stated, some is better than none, for me personally I play a lot of CQC and it's more the danger of taking catching my head on a low crawlspace/cut through. I realise that if I want any serious protection I'll need something actually rated for it but for just catching a door frame I've found my current one to be more than sufficient for the task.
  8. I'd hazard a guess and say the little Acetech tracer unit, think it's called the Acetech Lighter S.
  9. Tokyo Marui G36K low/mid-cap recommendations - I'm looking for recommendations for compatible low cap's (will consider mid) for the TM G36K. In particular I was looking at the 45 round Ares lo-cap's, can anyone confirm if these are fully compatible? @Game Cam - This may be outside of your budget but the warranty offered for the sight is second to none and it is rated for real firearms (to the best of my knowledge). Also if retaining zero is a point of consideration then you won't go wrong with the Vortex - Crossfire Red Dot.
  10. I've been trying to access my messages but it just flags up as "Error 502". Just thought i'd throw this one into the mix.
  11. I've experienced this on a number of listings in the past.
  12. @BigStew - Seems a little contradictory based off of the above the statements but cheers for the info.
  13. Bit of a necro but does anyone know if these will fit a Tokyo Marui?
  14. @Burny I'd strongly recommend making sure that the eye protection you currently have is sufficient for airsoft. You only get one pair of eyes and it's not worth taking any risks, as such I'd double check. If you've ordered the sight elsewhere I'd recommend getting a sight protector for it, although there maybe better places to pick one up from. Even though the sight is a fraction of the price, you're far better off doing what you can to avoid the glass taking a hit.
  15. Currently suffering a brain fart, is it recommended to clean & lubricate a pistol (in this case a TM) prior to first use? I feel a bit embarrassed asking but I figure better a bit of embarrassment than destroying my new pistol. Been a long day and the old brain tissue isn't working.
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