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  1. FreeFrag.UK

    Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Xmas

    This sums up my current crisis. Admittedly I'm sort of at the point of "screw it" but in the same breath I can't play next week so what's the rush?
  2. The D.Eagle they produce is under licence from CyberGun as it has full trades. Apparently it's quite well made and avoids the known issue with the TM D.Eagle slides cracking.
  3. Hi all, I'm looking at picking up a new pistol and I'm torn between a WE D.Eagle or one of WE's Biohazard range, in particular the Barry Burton. I'm curious to hear opinions on the two options as I'm unsure at present. Part of my uncertainty stems from telling myself that my next pistol would be the ASG Cz.75 but I've been struggling to find green gas magazines for it. So please weigh in, give me your opinions and words of wisdom.
  4. FreeFrag.UK

    most realistic L85 aeg

    I suspect the only one which will fit your parameters would be the WE GBB L85. This is based on the fact you stressed that you're more interested in prioritising "operation" as opposed to the "aesthetics".
  5. FreeFrag.UK

    Genuine Kevlar Mk6 helmet

  6. FreeFrag.UK

    Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Xmas

    Anyone know if Airsoft World do anything for Black Friday or Cyber Monday?
  7. FreeFrag.UK

    Macks airsoft dreamers of the week thread

    I must admit, I spotted the post and it didn't half leave me scratching my head. A lot of hostility from the seller when people are simply offering advice/assistance but at the end of the day (like you said) it's up to him what he advertises at.
  8. FreeFrag.UK

    Tokyo Marui electric MP5 SD with 14 mags

    Just as a quick suggestion... it may be worth adding a broad location, such as your town/city, given you're expecting potential buyers to travel for this item. Best of luck with your sale.
  9. FreeFrag.UK

    An interesting sidearm...

    I wish I could find one of these. If it's the one I'm thinking of anyway.
  10. FreeFrag.UK

    Hate it with a passion.

    Current hate has to be the difficulty of finding and obtaining genuine surplus kit from certain countries. Absolute nightmare.
  11. FreeFrag.UK

    What are you looking for in Airsoft?

    Higher quality bullpups. And less hate for bullpups. 😂 RoF in keeping with real life counterparts. (Similar to Druid's suggestion with uniform RoF) Better designed retail websites with better filters. Better product availability. Standardised internals (such as gearbox dimensions, spring guide dimensions etc.)
  12. FreeFrag.UK

    Loadout Visualiser?

    I must admit I remember that thread and it really was a case of "erm... what? Really?!?".
  13. FreeFrag.UK

    L85 82 or L86 A2

    While the Bren was manufactured as an LMG it was used in a very different manner when compared to the likes of the Mg34/42 or other high capacity machine guns of the era. It's commented on in numerous books how the Bren was incredibly accurate and allowed your average rifle platoon to put their fire out much further, thus being similar to the L86LSW. While in theory I'm sure you can suppress with the L86 the sustained fire ability pales in comparison to an FN Minimi and various other LMG's. However, I'm sure there are those far more qualified on this forum than I to comment on such things.
  14. I've had a nosey but I've not turned up anything myself. I was looking for a holster which would accommodate my ASG CZ P-09 with a light attached. Specifically a Surefire CX2 Clone. I have tried a universal drop leg holster previously but due to the prominence of the mag release I found that it had a tendency to drop mag's. Side note: bonus points if it'll take a P226 with the same light but this is far from essential.
  15. FreeFrag.UK

    G36c a good starter aeg?

    It's very hard to attain a high quality finish over a two tone finish, especially when dealing with Polymer guns (someone correct me here if I'm wrong). There's an example in the classifieds at the moment of a two tone S&T G36C which has been resprayed and you can see that the finish on it is very poor with paint bubbling noticeably. Now you can argue that the chaps not painted it correctly, be it down to technique or poor quality paint, but at the end of the day it can still be an absolute pain to go over and achieve a decent finish, or even an acceptable and enduring finish. It is of course your decision at the end of the day. Out of curiosity what was the date of your first game? How many games have you played so far? How much is the site fee for the game itself and what's the rental fee? In the interest of being transparent and honest, if renting will consume your entire budget I'd suggest that it's very likely airsoft will not be a sustainable hobby for you. Admittedly the buy in can be steep but bear in mind you'll have to buy various accessories/peripherals in addition to whichever gun you end up buying. You're going to be investing in at least one battery (maybe two?), a decent charger, a carry case (ok, soft bags aren't hugely expensive), magazines (if you don't want to run hi-caps)... I'm also assuming you have some decent eye protection (you really don't want to cheap out here, you only get one set of eyes) and some lower face protection (dentist bills will cost you a lot more), as these are other cost considerations if you're relying on stuff provided through rental. I'm not trying to put you off, I'm just trying to be frank, so please don't take this as an attack or anything along those lines. I'm just trying to help out and make you fully aware.