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  1. FreeFrag.UK

    Help finding UGL

    Thank you for the replies, assistance and information. Combat Airsoft got it sorted for me. Now to mercilessly shotgun my opponents.
  2. FreeFrag.UK

    Help finding UGL

    Hey all, I'm trying to track down an M320 UGL which will accept 40mm, as such this excludes the Marui. Does anyone know where I can pick one up? I think S&T make them...
  3. FreeFrag.UK

    UBACS with wicking

    I'm intending to use it for other physical activities but to be honest after having a look around I'll probably just get a surplus one. Thank you for your reply and your advice, it's greatly appreciated.
  4. FreeFrag.UK

    UBACS with wicking

    Hey all, Just looking for some recommendations for a UBACS with wicking. I was considering picking up a surplus one but I'd ideally like to find a decent one which doesn't break the bank that could be used as an everyday item of clothing.
  5. FreeFrag.UK

    AK magazines

    As stated previously, the best thing to do is experiment and find out what works for you. Everyone is different and what works for one doesn't necessarily work for another.
  6. Does anyone know where to secure replacement base pads/plates for ASG CZ P-09 magazines? I've dropped two mag's (one my error, the other fell out of a new mag holder) and as a result the plastic plate at the bottom of the magazines has cracked. I've had a look on Google and I can't find any UK retailers which are stocking them or have them in stock. Can anyone advise me of the best place to pick up spares which aren't extortionate? Or if there is an aftermarket option which will better protect the magazines when dropped without breaking (or at least less likely to break). Many thanks on this.
  7. FreeFrag.UK

    Armed Police - Yes or No

    I think that we have a reasonably well balanced system at present. The main issue at present, and a continuing problem, is the cuts to police numbers but that's another topic.
  8. FreeFrag.UK

    begginer looking for buying advice

    1) There are plenty of good retailers, it largely depends on which platform and manufacturer you're looking at purchasing. There's a section of this forum dedicated to discussing airsoft (and associated) retailers. 2) As the other posters have suggested, I'd reinforce the point of renting for awhile before starting to make purchases (this allows you to get a feel for it and talk to people within your local community). Also if you're 18 or over then I'd suggest waiting for you to obtain your UKARA. Make sure to read up on the associated VCRA legislation and UKARA. Starting out though the main things you'll want are a decent pair of boots which offer ankle support (military surplus is a good place to look) and don't skimp on the eye/face protection. You only get one pair of eyes and if you don't wear decent/high quality eye protection there can be significant consequences. 3) Rent for awhile first. Work out a budget but remember to factor in the extras you'll need (magazines, battery(ies), charger etc). Once you've established a budget you can go from there. The G&G CM16 series is tough to beat for beginner/budget M4's (as Gepard said). Cyma produce some quality AK's but I can't remember which ones really shine off the top of my head. 4) Make sure you do your leg work. There are plenty of places to find information but if you get stuck or have questions which you can't find the answer to (please make sure to look first) then ask away, the airsoft community tends to be very welcoming and helpful but make sure to do your reading first. Look up which sites are local to you and look at getting in a couple of rental sessions to see if you enjoy it, I can't recommend this highly enough. Besides all that, welcome.
  9. FreeFrag.UK

    What gun?

    Off the top of my head (and I'm sure someone can confirm or clarify) to the best of my knowledge there isn't really a good version of the FAMAS (although Marui do make two variants of memory serves). This is due to the internals never really receiving much of an update. As for the rest (and I'd have to look at pricing): * G36 - There are a few good versions out there. ICS produce some really nice ones and G&G produce a quality G36C. I know Marui do a couple but I think these would be far out your range. * Aug A3 - The only one I know that is worth considering is the Marui although I suspect there are others. This isn't really a platform I've looked at. * M4 - a huge array of options are out there. ICS and G&G produce some very nice models along with an array of other manufacturers. I'm sure someone can go into detail on the M4. * P90 - I think Marui make a couple but beyond that I'm not sure. I know CYMA do but I'm not sure what they're like, someone else may know. *M16 (guessing you meant 16) - there will lots out there but again ICS and G&G should have a quality option in your price range or if you can stretch perhaps something better in their higher spec options. I hope this has helped a bit. In honesty the M4/M16 is a platform I've no interest in but I've gone back to ICS and G&G as they offer great products and guys at my site run them. I've seen a fair few G36C's and used them on a few occasions. I think it's a great platform for CQC and Field.
  10. FreeFrag.UK

    What gun?

    As a suggestion, have a look at the various platforms (not the brands) and see which one(s) jump out at you. Is there a particular gun which leaps out at you? Are there a few? I'd try look at throwing together a top 3 or top 5 platforms which jump out at you. Once you've established which platforms appeal I'd then post the list into this thread, hopefully this way people can narrow down suggestions of manufacturer. One thing I would add is that it is definitely worth saving up a bit extra cash towards whichever one you go for (if the suggestions fall outside of your budget).
  11. FreeFrag.UK

    Full size rifles and CQB

    One of the chaps at my last session was running a full size G3 with solid stock and he seemed to do alright, granted there were areas which were more difficult than others but he still managed. A lot of it is down to adapting to the situation but there are those which will inevitably be more appropriate for certain situations.
  12. FreeFrag.UK

    What gun?

    This to be honest. While there are those branda which are better out of the box, in many cases it's simply down to what's going on inside. On a side note, is your allotted budget entirely for your AEG? Or do you have to include mag's, battery(ies) and charger into the same budget?
  13. FreeFrag.UK

    ICS L85A2 parts advice

    May I ask why you would recommend against the madbull barrel? Regarding the re-wire, would I be correct in assuming that would putting together a replacement custom wiring loom? Do you have recommendations on the MosFet front for the L85A2? Given the potential FPS loss from spring age, would you suggest a new spring?
  14. FreeFrag.UK

    ICS L85A2 parts advice

    It is an earlier model with the 3k motor in it. At present the FPS with hop off and spring in highest tension with .2's is 310fps average. Battery wise I'm running a decent 7.4 Li-Po but this seems to be lacking. I'm contemplating changing it to a 9.9v Li-Fe. I'm not sure how/where is get a custom hop arm. I'm still learning a lot of this at present. Barrel wise I've ordered the madbull 6.01 510mm tight bore. Again, I'm a bit stumped on where to begin with custom parts :/
  15. FreeFrag.UK

    ICS L85A2 parts advice

    Hi all, Looking at doing a bit of work on my L85A2 by ICS. My intention was to follow the build from the review on these forums but unfortunately I've discovered several parts used are now discontinued. As a result of this I'm looking for suggestions for alternative parts of comparable performance and quality. Please see below: Systema Hop rubber - discontinued Big Out H Nub - Hop nub - unavailable from fire support so will have to look at alternative or elsewhere. Systema High torque motor - discontinued Systema V2 Cylinder head - discontinued Systema V2 Aluminium piston head - discontinued Any help and/or advice would be greatly appreciated. Also if anyone has additional recommendations or suggestions would be welcome. I'm looking at possibly re-shimming the gearbox. I'm not sure if this is needed but I figured it's a chance to do some general maintenance. The only other think I was looking at was the possibility of a MOSFET but space is at a bit of a premium and I've heard the above upgrades/changes improve response dramatically so may not be necessary.