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  1. @Tackle - Unfortunately there's no shortage of chancers and rip off merchants in airsoft, just like in many walks of life.
  2. Out of curiosity is the Amoeba stock? You may want to detail what is included attachment wise. Also you may want to reconsider your pricing as these can easily be had for £150 - £175 brand new. The shotgun looks as though it's a Cyma. You may wish to clarify if it's entirely plastic or if it's metal (obviously some parts will be polymer). edit: I'd also suggest confirming the manufacturer for the LVOA and what has been altered internally (if anything) beyond the addition of a Gate Titan. It's also wise to disclose if the work was done professionally and if you have supporting documentation. Best of luck with you sale.
  3. As has already been stated, one of the biggest factors is the ability and willingness of those running the game day to adjust things as time progresses to try and provide the best experience for everyone there. Unfortunately this isn't always easy as people often want to play with their mates (understandable) and can often be unwilling to be split up, even if it is in the interests of improving the day for all involved. On a player level I think the biggest factors are being able to recognise how games are progressing and exercising that bit of judgement when it comes to their own conduct. Marshals and event organisers are far from omniscient and players need to accept a degree of responsibility too. Pummelling the opposing team consistently and to such a degree that you end up spawn camping is a perfect example of things going wrong. While this should be addressed by the staff quickly, it doesn't take much for those dishing out the pounding to say "hey guys, lets fall back a bit and give them some breathing room so that we can actually get some engagements going". I don't know about you guys but I don't find any enjoyment in spawn camping or being spawn camped. It's easy enough to pick apart flaws in site design, layouts or game types but if you see glaring issues then it's up to you to give feedback in an appropriate manner in the hope that in the longer term those involved in the running of the site will find solutions. In the mean time it takes a degree of cooperation between the players and the site staff to find interim solutions. No group is innocent within the airsoft community when it comes down to it; there are bad apples in every bunch. It costs nothing to show a bit of consideration and to conduct yourself in an appropriate fashion. Responding with infantile statements such as "get good" or other such puerile statements only serves to illustrate one of two things: either you are completely lacking in maturity or you're simply selfish to such a degree that it borders on narcissism. Yes, we all like to approach the hobby in different ways and play our own way but a certain degree of give and take isn't an unreasonable expectation, especially when it comes to the more experienced and more mature community members.
  4. I've ordered up a couple of Tasmanian Tiger triple magazine pouches in Pencott Green Zone, a replacement Thermos mug for my all important first brew of the day and I've also placed an order for a smooth top cover for my AKS-74N. I need to track down a few more pieces of Pencott GZ but it's out of stock in a lot of places, fortunately I'm not in a great hurry.
  5. Barrel length. I had a look at the product specification for the Krytac PDW and (assuming you haven't already done so) swapping over from the standard 155mm 6.05mm barrel to a high quality tight bore barrel may help but this will also effect the FPS. The hop unit is your biggest factor when it comes to range and as such it might be worth looking at replacing the hop rubber for a higher quality bucking along with a better nub (if necessary). Although 155mm is short there are ways of improving effective range but in this instance some with a more familiar with the technical side will be in a better position. I'd just like to reiterate that barre length doesn't necessitate range or accuracy, the bigger factor is having a good quality hop set up which is correctly dialled in. Tokyo Marui P90. Tokyo Marui's reputation is well earned and a lot of this stems from the build quality and the high quality control standards. I'm not sure what the compatibility situation is like for the Stanag Mag adaptor so this might be worth researching further. Admittedly I'm in the camp where a P90 rocking Stanag magazines is an abomination but it's players choice and I understand why some players pursue this option. L85. There are picattiny rail mounts available for the top of the receiver, at least for the ICS variant. The iron sights are actually pretty good but I'd suggest handling one if you get the opportunity to do so. My reference to rails was more focused on the RIS system from Daniel Defence (airsoft version made by Madbull if memory serves). AUG Trigger. The AUG trigger is a dual stage trigger, at approximately half pull it fires in semi and at full depression it will fire in full auto. The trigger system definitely requires discipline and semi only sites tend to disallow this (if they're aware of it) to prevent any risk of people slipping into full auto. There is a modification which can be performed to enforce semi-auto. - See additional information from Asomodai in relation to the TM AUG trigger. MOSFETs. There are various MOSFETs which can be fitted but these aren't always effective at resolving the "spongy" feel often reported.
  6. I'll try fill in what I can but unfortunately it'll be from memory/third hand knowledge. The new iteration of the G&G FN2000 has their electronic trigger control, from memory their original one was well received and well regarded. G&G tends to make good to excellent quality products. I couldn't say what the internals are like as far as parts compatibility is concerned as I'm not sure what type of gearbox is used. The Tavor 21 is quite well regarded but this is reliant on getting the right one, unfortunately I can't recall the recommended one out of the Tavor's but most are poor quality. The P90 is probably the safest bet and the most well documented out of the three you've highlighted. One of the forum members ( @Asomodai) produced a thread detailing a comprehensive re-build of a Cyma P-90. Be aware that with a P90 hi-cap's are a complete waste of time. The ICS L85 is also a very strong contender if you're after a bullpup but like all bullpup's it has it's own set of quirks. If you want to add a rail system the L85 system quickly increases in price, assuming you can find the rail in stock. The Ares version is considered by many to have the best externals but these can be hard to get a hold of, retail for higher prices and are renowned for being an absolute sod to work on. Although the same can be said for virtually all airsoft guns, bullpup's in particular are known for having a wide variety of quirks. These quirks stem from design choices unique to bullpup's due to restrictions stemming from the internal layouts/space of each platform. One of the most common quirks between each bullpup are reports of "spongy" triggers but I can't say this is something I've ever really noticed. I'll concede that on the trigger front I accept and expect a certain level of required depression so perhaps this is why I've overlooked this particular quirk. I wouldn't get too fixated on barrel length either, while the biggest draw to a bullpup (at least in the real world) is having a longer barrel in a more compact package, as real steel ballistics do not apply. If you want go down the tech rabbit hole you'd be looking to assess the optimum barrel length for your gun based on air cylinder to barrel volume ratios. Longer barrels in airsoft do not guarantee greater accuracy nor do they guarantee greater range, in fact if you have a barrel that is too long then this will negatively impact performance. Hopefully the above is of some help, unfortunately my personal experience is limited to the ICS L85A2 and the Classic Army AUG A1. I have been fortunate enough to handle and fire a variety of other bullpups but that is far as my experiences go. One thing I really liked about the P90 was how compact it is along with the sight being in a good position due to the raised position. A final point I'd raise would be that a lot of people do not get on with bullpups due to how they handle and their (re)loading process. To run a bullpup effectively it will take a bit of time to get used to the reload methodology. The reloading process is another area which is often highlighted as an area of criticism in the airsoft community but this falls down to platform familiarity.
  7. You may wish to correct your advert to represent the fact that this is the "SV" model, not the "F1". I would also suggest either reconsidering your price given the cost of these new versus what you are attempting to charge. It may also be worth redrafting the advert in a more presentable way so that it is clear exactly what is included, whether or not the internals are stock and the overall condition of the gun. Best of luck with your sale.
  8. I've got one of the large Nuprol hard cases with the egg shell which I used to take my rifles/SMGs to and fro. it tends to hold two (depending on what I'm taking) which gives me a back up in the event anything goes wrong. I also have a second hard case which I picked up for cheap, it's also filled with egg shell but the foam is thin compared to the Nuprol case. I did consider picking up a couple of Plano cases but when I saw how much they went for here compared to the States I decided against. I have a couple of Plano pistol cases which I got on the cheap for my P226 and my HK45, I really can't fault them and at the price I got them for (think they were £13 each) they were a bargain. Finally, I've got a soft case which is allegedly a rifle case but unless you're running something with a folding stock forget it. Joys of a China special. I tend to look at it from the view that I've invested into my kit and as such it's worth treating right and looking after. While I don't expect it to fall to bits from a bit of abuse (it's not a gentle hobby and I rarely imitate shrubberies ) I'd rather reduce the risk of a fault occurring where possible.
  9. You may want to rethink your price on this one. I can get all of the above for £410 (rounded to the nearest pound) brand new and with associated warranties where applicable. I'd also query the product details you've supplied as the Streamlight you've posted lacks the "S" after the 1 which would typically be printed on the side of the light, if it's just a standard TLR-1 then this could further impact your price given it is a cheaper model than the TLR-1S.
  10. To be honest you've already had some truly exceptional advice given within this thread and I'd only be echoing a lot of what has already been said. Truth be told you have saved up a starting budget which puts you in a very strong position but in the same breath the budget at your disposal is a double edged sword. Personally I think it's a commendable achievement showing such focus on your goal and I'd also argue that you've shown sound logic in waiting until you're 18 and obtaining your UKARA, by doing so you've shown that you have patience and that you were willing to take the time to experience the hobby before making on significant investment. If you haven't done so already I'd strongly recommend trying as many types of site as you're able in order to try form a more rounded experience. This may assist in discerning a stronger direction in relation to how you wish to approach the hobby and it may also help identify what sort of kit will fit your personal requirements. As @Druid799 put it, everyone will have varying opinions on all the questions you've asked and inevitably these will all be shaped by a mixture of factors. The unfortunate reality is that many opinions (especially in airsoft) are not shaped by experience but often by third hand opinions picked up from an array of sources and often taken for gospel. One thing I will say is that there are many people on this forum with a staggering amount of experience in airsoft and there are many members who also have very relevant personal experiences when it comes to associated gear. One area often overlooked, due to draw of that Krytac being haloed by a shop's spotlights, is appropriate protective equipment. You don't want to skimp on the quality of eye protection although it can be a bit of minefield when finding what works for you and also finding something which doesn't fog up. I'd also advise something to protect your teeth, dentist bills can quickly mount if you're unfortunate enough to suffer any damage to them. It would be wise not to overlook footwear either, this is an active hobby and most injuries tend to be related to feet and ankles, so try to ensure you're wearing something that offers good support for your feet and ankles. This is perhaps a little more subjective but I'd also recommend a good pair of knee pads (hell these can just be ones for skateboarding) and a pair of gloves such as Mechanix (these aren't particularly expensive). The gloves will save some damage to your hands if you do down and can offer other advantages. I would argue that when it comes to gear you'd be hard pressed to go wrong with surplus kit. This can be a bit of a quagmire to navigate with many retailers/ebay shops and a variety of sources claiming to offer "genuine" surplus kit which is often a knock off. I'd be of the inclination to find a reputable military surplus if you opt to go down this route although many bargains can be found on ebay if you have a keen eye. Surplus equipment from the UK military will inevitably be cheaper due to its availability but with a bit of research, and some legwork, you can always hunt down more exotic clothing/gear if you so wish. When picking your clothing and equipment I'd recommend working out what you actually need as opposed to want. I'd also give serious consideration to what will fit your style of play and how you actually approach airsoft on a personal level. As an example there are many people who opt to wear plate carriers when a chest rig would be far more suitable. Admittedly another point of consideration is a simple question of "what is your goal". If you want to run an impression kit or a kit inspired by a military/police unit then you'll probably find yourself purchasing more kit than someone taking a more personalised approach. There are a lot of good retailers out there for clothing and kit which won't break the bank while offering good quality for reasonable prices but like many things it's knowing where to look. Guns are another messy subject and one which is potentially even more treacherous when it comes to sifting the useful from the outright fictitious. I cannot stretch this enough when it comes to guns, find what works for you. I've seen people running full size battle rifles in some very tight spaces at CQB sites and I've seen people running nothing but pistols and/or shotguns at woodland sites. While some guns will inevitably be better for certain situations as long as you can identify and accept potential challenges while being happy with your choice and enjoying the game then that's by far the most important thing. There are manufacturers out there who do offer significantly better products than others but this isn't necessarily true for the entire product produced by said manufacturer. In addition to this every manufacturer possesses their own strengths and weaknesses. To complicate this further it's not uncommon for each platform to have their own quirks or issues (LCT AK's are known for having "weak" motors). If you're going down the route of more "exotic" options then expect to encounter these more often. This isn't intended to put you off but it's better to go into it with your eyes open. For the sake of a couple examples @Asomodai produced an excellent blog/diary on the forum in relation to a P90 build he put together from a Cyma P90. The gun itself was under £100 (if memory serves) and he dedicated time to rebuilding the internals to turn it into a great performer which rivals many more expensive guns. This isn't to say that the stock Cyma P90 isn't a good gun (I know two guys at my local CQB site who swear by them) but it goes to show what can be done with a little bit of know how. For my second example I'll refer to myself and @Druid799, I was looking at picking up a Steyr AUG and after doing some research and then asking for feedback from the community I decided to take the plunge. As a result of my query to the community Druid opted to bite the bullet himself. We both went for different manufacturers and different models. I went for the Classic Army version which was more costly and a bit of a pain to find while Druid went for a JG (if memory serves). We've both had great experiences with these guns despite their difference in cost and we've both given positive feedback in relation to these guns. My point being, just because something costs more it doesn't mean it's going to be any better. Admittedly there are differences in relation to the internals, features and quality but we've both found solid guns which we're both happy with (hopefully this isn't too presumptuous @Druid799 😂). When it comes to picking a gun I'd recommend trying to handle, feel and experience as many as possible. The best way of doing this is by interacting with your local community (most of us love talking about our kit) as many will often be happy enough to give you their feedback and there are many who will allow you to handle their guns although I wouldn't advise doing this mid-game While it may look "operator" to run an HK416 with handstop, flash light, PEQ box, holosight, magnifier and the kitchen sink, it's worth remembering that most of this stuff simply isn't needed for airsoft and it will only serve to weigh the gun down resulting in more strain and thus fatiguing you quicker. Obviously if you're doing an impression then you'll have to weigh up the pro's and con's on this one. Personally I like a red dot, flash light and foregrip but this is what works for me and I find the light useful for CQB and buildings. If you've made it this far then hopefully you've found some of the above helpful. I appreciate it's a bit of a long winded piece but I wanted to try and cover each of your questions as completely as possible. In the event you want to pick my brains feel free to message me, I quite like my exotics myself although I don't have as many exotics as I'd like. I think @Asomodai is the forerunner in this field on here.
  11. I must admit, I tried a GHK one thinking that it would a safe bet... Marui 1 : 0 GHK 😂
  12. @bapexxx - Cheers for the heads up, to be honest I was hoping to get my hands on one in time to install it before Saturday but this maybe wishful thinking, haha. I'll definitely look up their website as I believe RA-Tech do a couple accessories/parts I was interested in.
  13. @DopeYourScope - No idea unfortunately, I'm going off of descriptions. I'll have to see if I can find more on RA-Tech's site (if I can find it). Hopefully I can find a retailer with the NPAS available in the UK. On a side note thank you to the chaps who responded to my queries regarding MWS viability and milsim events, as a result I'm going to keep it and run it. Admittedly I was very torn on the prospect of selling it so now I'm looking forward to exploring the platform to a much more extensive degree.
  14. I was looking at putting in an order for an NPAS and I just wanted to clarify something. When I was looking I spotted ones which are supposedly for the MWS and WE GBBR's but I've also seen ones advertised as specific MWS versions. Are they both the same or does the MWS need a specific one? Apologies if this has already been touched upon.
  15. @RossF - My main concern is in relation to how much extra you're adding to carry weight/extra encumbrance from the added weight of carrying sufficient gas to survive the course of a full event. I understand that a fair amount of kit is required for the longer events but I was concerned about the added weight/loss of space. On reflection it's perhaps a bit daft but I was looking at it from the perspective of "with an AEG I only need BB's" whereas with a GBBR I'll need plenty of gas and BB's to ensure I've got enough for the duration. @Wo1f - Appreciate the heads up and advice, to be honest cold shouldn't be an issue as the cold would likely aggravate other issues so it would only be events during warmer months. @DopeYourScope - To be honest the issue isn't any sensation or feeling of being outgunned but it's good to hear the feedback in relation to GBBR performance at these events. It's also encouraging to hear about their longevity in the field too. I can't say I'm a particularly trigger happy player, I'd much rather use one shot as opposed to many. @Shizbazki - I can't say I've ever really looked at the MWS as a full auto spray and pray kind of gun but I imagine there must be some out there who do, haha. Out of curiosity how many mag's do you run for longer events?
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