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  1. It's the force it takes to rack it. Unfortunately I have some issues with my left arm which can make it difficult to support heavier guns (I'd have a PKM by now otherwise), to support guns past a certain point and I also found it acts up when trying to rack spring shotguns.
  2. I must admit, I love the look of the TM Spas 12. I've considered one but unfortunately I struggle with spring shotguns.
  3. I've got OD equipment simply because it tends to match up very well with a wide array of camo on the clothing front.
  4. I've been keeping an eye out for various parts and I've been keeping an eye out for a specific model of AK from LCT which has been around for a while. Unfortunately despite an advertised restock at Fire-Support, along with a few other retailers in the UK obtaining LCT stock, these still aren't available. It seems that Nuprol are essentially choking supply, unless of course LCT are simply failing to meet demand. Personally I find it deeply disappointing. I understand the mark up although the evident profiteering from some companies is distasteful to put it mildly. I guess I'll be looking to obtain an E&L when I'm ready which in turn will force me to pick up yet another set of magazines (it's my understanding E&L don't like LCT mag's.
  5. @Asomodai Which is the best Tavor to go for at the moment? Admittedly for £75 you can't really argue although I wonder about the plastic quality as I recall reading about people having allergic reactions to one manufacturers iteration. For the life of me I can't recall which manufacturer unfortunately, just that it was a cheap one.
  6. @DrAlexanderTobacco - That's great! Thank you, I'll definitely have a looksie although I'll have to have a look at legislation as I'm sure there's plenty that applies.
  7. Slightly off topic but RC related, I've looked at RC planes a number of times but trying to figure out how to break into the scene is a little daunting. Not that I have the time between work, airsoft and other obligations. 😂
  8. @PopRocket123 - Out of curiosity which KWC is that? It it CO2 powered? I've become a massive fan of my 1911's since picking up my Mauri Series '70 and I got to considering a CO2 pistol in lieu of the cooler weather due to people contesting hits from my Marui pistols (not just my 1911). Admittedly this is more of a player issue than anything else.
  9. As others have stated it really depends on budget allocation and what platforms he likes/are suitable. The G&G CM16 has a good reputation for a reason but as @Rogerborg has highlighted, there are other options which are just as good (if not better). @Adolf Hamster and @Tackle also raise valid points about there being many more viable options available in the event you/he wants to break away from the herd.
  10. Like most it's a case of get home and unpack all my gear. Magazines will be emptied, guns are double checked to ensure that they're clear, batteries and gas are packed away safely. Any other pieces of equipment/gear will be wiped down and hung up/stored and clothes get thrown in the wash. All this is usually capped off with a nice hot shower. After dragging my arse out the shower it'll be a run to the shop and a take away on the way home under most circumstances. Following this it'll usually consist of sticking on a film and putting feet up with a drink which inevitably turns into snoring on the sofa. The day after I'll typically clean my guns and double check everything is working as it should. Rinse and repeat as need.

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    LCT AKMS - Black polymer furniture version. (inc. box and all original contents). 6 x LCT LCK47 70 round metal magazine. LCT Upper and Lower wooden hand guard including additional mock gas tube. LCT PBS-01 Suppressor. Clone AKM RIS system (as seen in Hurt Locker). Internals are all stock without any modifications or alterations. This is a beautiful example of an AKMS and you'd be hard pressed to find better than LCT. I am only selling as it no longer fits with the project it was bought for and has since been replaced with an alternative LCT AK variant. £325.00 ONO.


    Preston, Lancashire - GB

  12. @PureSilver - As far as availability goes I saw them being restocked through Fire-Support on average every 3 - 6 months depending on stock levels up until a month or so before the Nuprol news broke. The price side of things is a fair observation. The quality (admittedly their QC has dipped recently) out shines the other AK's on the market and as Emilia noted, Fire-Support are being somewhat more reasonable in comparison to certain retailers which shall remain nameless. Admittedly it's not outside the realm of possibility to attribute some of the increase in price to instability within the economy as opposed to purely blaming Nuprol but the timing is somewhat coincidental. To be honest the price increase would bother me a whole lot less if there were signs of stock availability improving significantly. Admittedly one unknown aspect of this will relate to retailers and the orders they are placing.
  13. Perhaps it is just coincidence but since Nuprol took over stock availability for LCT in the UK has been significantly worse than before and, as highlighted emilia, the prices have risen sharply. I wouldn't mind so much if Nuprol had really improved availability and injected more competition into the market but unfortunately this isn't the case.
  14. Out of curiosity what was so bad about the BET compared to the normal Evo?
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