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  1. If you've got a big enough wallet it can be yours 😉 Never mind, it looks more like a bit of re-enactment kit as opposed to a functioning airsoft gun.
  2. Cybergun are responsible for the best available FAMAS release at the moment, if memory serves there are two versions of it and it's reportedly half decent but this is based on remarks I've heard in passing. Ares product the B&T APC-9 which I think Negative Airsoft made a video of work being done to one recently. SRC produce the XM8, I believe one of the forum members (name escapes me, @Asomodai perhaps?) owns one or two. ICS and G&G both still produce various iterations of the SG55x and GHK also produce a GBBR version of the 553. I think there are a
  3. In the unlikely event I received a decent lottery win beyond what I'd invest on adulting, I'd have to say that I'd finish off my British Army kit and my Russian kit. This would include picking up a couple of WE L85's (one SUSAT and polymer handguard config and the other DD rail config), a GHK AKMS and I'd also go so far as to look at either picking up a GHK/TM GBBR M4 to convert into an M16 or go down the route of picking up a WE M16 with M203 (and handguard), gut it and replace the inners with R/A Tech parts for longevity. Beyond that it would be rounding out kit for longer events
  4. I think the main issue with the clip you referenced that the site is using "surrender kills" as a substitute for a "bang kill" but this is an American site so perhaps less said the better on that one. If we work on the assumption that the surrender kill must be taken at that site then logic dictates you have to have the target in your sights. The player in question clearly didn't and seemed to trying to use the "surrender" kill as a substitute for either a grenade or a blunderbuss (but even then I'm sure it would have missed as he was so far off target). I'm yet to encounter "bang
  5. Admittedly when it comes to bulk buying pyro I tend to shop around and email the various retailers to see who will do what (assuming you know what it is you want and can give details (type, quantity etc.)). The last bulk order I placed was through Zero One and I found them to be pretty good. When we get back to playing regularly I'll no doubt be doing another bulk order for smokes and frags so I'd certainly be interested to hear who you go with in the end. As far as posting pyro is concerned, I'm guessing it falls down to what procedures they have in place t
  6. Given the opportunity I'll be picking up the FAL from King Arms as I'd love a reason to put together a Cold War British Forces kit. It would also be good for some Cold War events once we're back at that stage.
  7. Dredd's Lawgiver or Deckard's pistol have to be on the list. Come to think of it I'd also throw in Malcolm Reynold's pistol from Firefly.
  8. @125cc - Thank you for the compliment, it's greatly appreciated. Supply has been an issue for some time but previously retailers would get restocks, varying in size, throughout the year. While this often resulted in products being unavailable for significant lengths of time, it was understandable when considering minimum order requirements set out by some suppliers, stock availability at a supplier/distributor level and other considerations such as how long will item x sit on the shelf as dead money. The majority of airsoft goods come out of South East Asia (be it China
  9. Wishlist. At the moment I'd love to see a return of a decent line of FAL's, specifically an L1A1 SLR. If the Ares was half the price then I'd probably grab it simply due to a lack of options but given the plethora of known issues it's a firm pass. Admittedly I wouldn't mind picking up an M-16A2 but these seem nigh impossible to find, especially with trades. I'd love to see a GPMG/FN Mag but if I'm being completely honest I probably wouldn't buy one myself. I'd like to see a decent Browning Hi-Power but based on the most recent WE Hi-Power Mk.3 I
  10. Finally found an airsoft version of the SA80 Bayonet. It fits my ICS L85A2 with repro Surefire flash hider and in theory I should still be able to fire with it on the rifle although I suspect it will largely live in a sheath. Now I just need to get a surplus MTP sheath for it and the black plastic component (think it's referred to as a bayonet frog?). Once I've sorted out the sheath I guess I'll finally sort out my comm's and a batch of new mag's for my L85.
  11. Maybe this should become a wider discussion regarding films in general and airsoft? One of my personal pet peeves is seeing "spec ops" using Baofeng's in various shows or plate carriers with nothing but air occupying the spot where there should be plates. Are these actors so unfit that they can't even manage some hollow plastic dummy plates or some foam plates? I think my favourite blooper is in Den of Thieves where Gerard Butler is advancing up the line of cars, focused on aiming down sight and clearing... only for the magazine to be missing at one point. I don't under
  12. I can't say I've looked into it as of yet but I'm starting to plug some gaps for certain kits in anticipation. Admittedly I'll still be hedging my bets and waiting to see how thins develop as the rules are relaxed and the inevitable press of bodies occurs amongst the wider public.
  13. Stumbled across this by chance and thought I'd share it: https://www.basingstokegazette.co.uk/news/19178437.police-called-covid-breach-seven-people-travelled-airsoft-game-beggarwood/ I suppose part of me isn't surprised that there haven't been more reports of similar activity over the course of the successive lockdowns but let's all be honest, it's more negative publicity which the hobby simply doesn't need. For a silver lining, at least the author gave a pretty reasonable, unbiased, description of what airsoft is.
  14. @EDcase Admittedly, I previously owned a Tokyo Marui MWS and parted with it, somewhat reluctantly, for a few different reasons. Admittedly I never found that I suffered against AEG's in terms of volume of fire/rate of fire but I'm perhaps in the minority that runs low/real cap's and tends to favour semi-auto (I do use short bursts depending on the circumstances) over full auto. I was curious as to your position and reasoning on the matter, hence the question, I definitely appreciate your thoughts and feedback. Part of the draw for returning to a GBBR for my primary is that I find t
  15. @Adolf Hamster To be honest if it wasn't for looking into the WE L85 then I'd probably just replace my AK's with a single GHK GBBR and keep the rest of my NATO stuff as AEG's. @EDcase Based on your experiences then would you be of the inclination to recommend sticking with AEG's for regular skirmishing and longer duration events? Admittedly the parts availability and variety were points of consideration when looking at the viability of the WE's. I read any article from around 5 years ago last night and while they'd noted various bits of wear over the 15k - 20k BB's it had had
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