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  1. Picked up a Nuprol hard case and ordered a replacement grip for my MWS. I'm currently deciding on a couple extra parts but need to chase up the replacement stock first.
  2. @ImTriggerHappy meh, you approached the advertiser and attempted to highlight the fact that he may wish to reassess the value. You can't do anymore than you have done and at the end of the day some people will inevitably react in a negative manner when faced with criticism or news that's something isn't worth as much they think it is. End of the day it's a case of best if luck to them. I know I wouldn't pay that sort of money for it and I doubt there are many who would.

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    Just looking to see if anyone has a Tanaka Works Revolver HW which they'd be willing to part with. Preference would be for one of the S&W line although I won't rule out a Colt Python. Length wise I'd like something between 3" - 6.5"


  4. I quite enjoy Fox Green's stuff. Nice to see some footage from Ireland.
  5. @rocketdogbert GBB P90 you say... ah the Stargate SG-1 nostalgia has hit hard 🤣
  6. @RoninHun cheers. Just looking at goodies at the moment and that had caught my eye. Would you say it makes much of a difference?
  7. Does anyone know if the genuine Magpul (think it's Magpul) B.A.D. Lever fits the MWS? Or would I be better off just grabbing the Laylax (which seems to be a little more expensive for some reason)?
  8. Blackhawk Omnivore Considering you can get this brand new from Tactical-Kit for £65 (along with any applicable warranty support) I think the seller is being rather optimistic with their valuation. It's unfortunate that they've ordered the wrong thing in error but I just can't see it going for this much, especially with P&P thrown on top. Perhaps it's just me.
  9. Just picked up a Ferro Concepts Slingster. I'm just trying to track down a stock at the moment but it appears as though it's in high demand.
  10. @GearTech Out of curiosity what's your inspiration? It looks incredible and to be honest it reminds me a bit of some of the uniforms and kit used in Terminator Salvation. Keep up the excellent work! @Lasbrisas17 Good work, I must admit I wouldn't mind a MICH myself but unfortunately my big fat head won't fit airsoft ones 🤣
  11. To be honest this is how I load my mag's. I've got a speed loader with adapter but I've found that the easiest and quickest way of loading is still to use the loader it comes with. I've found speedloaders to be a pain in the arse to be honest. I am curious to hear how that Hurricane loader holds up though. edit: I must admit, I'm still attempting to find somewhere which has the stock I'm after available. Presently waiting for some email responses but I guess I'll just have to be patient for now.
  12. Rough translation: "Piss poor planning, piss poor performance". To be honest I looked at some VFC stuff not long ago and they don't seem particularly great at ensuring supply levels. But I'm slightly off topic now. Regarding the MP7 and lack of magazines... Let alone lack of supply in general... It's incredibly short sighted and will only send potential customers to look for/at other options. Although it'll take a bit of time, Roger is spot on the money. One of the clone companies will pick this up and they'll actually get the stock out the door.
  13. I'd suggest getting in touch with G&G directly to query what their warranty period is, it is entirely possible that it is outside of warranty though. Out of curiosity which retailer is it you're dealing with? If it turns out that it is outside of warranty then it's worth remembering you're not bound to the place you bought it from, if this is the case then it will give you the option of sending it to a technician of your choice.
  14. @Veqtah it's probably a Surefire clone as most real ones are in excess of £100... If not multiple hundreds. If you'd like anyone to have a look at it then feel free to drop a link but most of the clones tend to be spot on for slinging plastic. I'd also take note of Roger's point. A lot of airsoft is a matter of personal preference and it'll take some experimentation to form your own opinions, and to find what works for you.
  15. @Veqtah which flashlight is it you currently own? It might be possible to replace the pressure pad by itself. Admittedly sometimes it's not cost effective to do so. You can get various mounts for flashlights so in theory this shouldn't prove to be an issue. The key thing is obtaining accurate measurements for your light to see what's available. When it comes to brightness there's a wide variation on the market. Unfortunately it doesn't appear as though every company is using the same method/unit when providing a lumens measurement. I'd also argue that you want to be careful what you're going for as it is theoretically possible to get lights with such high luminosity that they could inflict eye damage but fortunately this is highly unlikely to apply to any airsoft brand. Even if they're claiming 1000 lumen output. Protector largely falls down to the type of sight. I run killflash's on some sights and a lexan protector on others. I'd argue the lexan is probably the best option but it'll require some craftsmanship on your part. The plastic pop up ones can be good options but you have to place them right. If you go down the lexan route you could also make one to protect your flashlight too. I'd recommend setting yourself a budget and going from there as it's very easy to spend a heft chunk of change on accessories. As long as you know what it is you're looking for, and can recognise who the quality sellers are, then AliExpress can be a good source. Postage wise a lot of the retailers will offer free postage but I'd suggest only using those which offer the "epacket" option. Be aware that customs may wish to extract their pound of flesh when ordering outside of the UK/EU. Personally I tend to use quite a few items made by a company called "Element Airsoft" but their website can be a bit of a pain to navigate. If you're looking for their stuff on aliexpress then I'd suggest looking here for "element" stuff or their more expensive line up is known as Night-Evolution. If you do decide to buy from aliexpress then pay close attention to the "Sold By: xxx" bit which is on the left hand bar next to product details. Unfortunately it can be a bit of a crap shoot when it comes to airsoft products. This may muddy the water but as a point of reference I still have a cheapo flashlight I got off eBay, which included a mount, that is still going strong although the pressure pad has failed as of last weekend. I also have a T1 Red Dot clone which are relatively cheap too from eBay (if memory serves) which has proven itself. There are some great deals out there but there's a lot of rubbish too. I'd suggest just doing your best on the research front.
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