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  1. I'm currently dealing with Samoon in relation to a fault with my order. I have ordered a muzzle brake, foregrip, gooseneck and extended charging handle. There are definite issues with 2 of the 4 items and I've highlighted a potential third issue but I've requested further information to determine if it's an actual fault or not. With the exception of the grub screws on the charging handle clarification was sought on product spec's for each product prior to ordering to try ensure that they would be fit for purpose. The locating bolt on the gooseneck is too large and as such doesn't fit despite being advertised as for picatinny rails. The 24mm thread on the muzzle brake is damaged/poor so it won't fit and when attempting to use the supplied adaptor for fitment it will not accept the locking pin to secure it as the grooves/indentations are about 2/3rds of the size they should be in order to fit. The grub screws for the charging handle are identical in length when one should be slightly longer than the other, at least in the real product (this is the one I've requested clarification on). I've offered to supply them with photo's supporting my fault claims and I've been nothing but polite with them but so far the replies received boil down to "we've never had a fault before so the fault lies with you" and similar responses, escalating to patronising/insulting. So far I'm very unimpressed and I can see this escalating to a PayPal dispute. I made it clear from the outset that I was looking for an amicable solution but the service has been stand offish and unprofessional so far.
  2. Updated/Altered with corrected info and fresh images. Not really sure why I've ended up with duplicated random images. Would really appreciate some feedback on these.
  3. Didn't you ask about this company over in the retailer section? It's very rare for any company to improve or change unless it is subject to a drastic restructure/change in management/change in ownership. There are plenty of retailers out there and no doubt whatever you seek will be available somewhere else. It also wouldn't surprise me if you find the same products for less elsewhere. If you're unsure then check through the retailer section as a lot of companies have passed through at some point or another. As with all things the individual's experience will vary on a case by case basis and you're best reading whatever reviews are available to establish consistency in what you can likely expect from a business. Companies such as JustBB rely on people approaching them who have little to no experience in the hobby and those who overlook/fail to do research ahead of time. I would also suggest that you avoid making multiple posts covering the same subject across multiple/inappropriate sections of the forum. They'll only end up getting squashed by the moderators due to duplication/inappropriate content/<insert applicable reason here>. If you have questions about particular pieces of equipment/gear the "Guns, Gear & Loadouts" section of the forum contains a wealth of knowledge and the review sections are also worth looking at. At the end of the day it's your money and it's up to you what you do with it, however, I would suggest doing your research prior to posting. There are numerous sticky threads across the forum which are worth reading as many contain great information for getting started and assisting you in getting the most out of the forum.
  4. To be honest I love the iconic armouries displayed in various action films such as Lethal Weapon, Die Hard and Commando (just as a few easy examples). One of my favourite sidearms though is probably the Custom Colt Mk IV Series 80 used by Keanu in Street Kings and it's something I'd love to put together but it's a bit beyond my level of skill insofar as customisation goes. I also like Tom Selleck's sidearm from the Jesse Stone series which is a Smith & Wesson SW1911SC (Gunsite). As far as sci-fi entries goes I think Korben's gun from The Fifth Element is fantastic and I'm a sucker for Deckard's gun in Blade Runner. I'm sure there are others but unfortunately the cogs aren't turning today. I tend to prefer real firearms but the popularity of race guns as a result of the John Wick films aren't really my thing. I suspect part of my big love for the 1911 is that (while it may not be represented in airsoft particularly well) it's a very open to customisation.
  5. I'm not sure what the capacity will be (personally I prefer low cap's) but the G36 mag's were announced/shown off at the same event as the new EPM's.
  6. Slightly tangential I know but can these really be called mid-caps given the capacity of them? I must admit, I'm looking forward to their re-release of the G36 EPM's.
  7. @Lasbrisas17 Great looking bit of kit. I was considering grabbing one of the Klesh-2 lights, any recommendations on which model? Would I be best getting it off the Zenitco ebay store?
  8. As far as I'm aware your two biggest organisers in the UK are Sterling and Gunman Airsoft, beyond those two you'll be looking at small organisers. It might be worth looking for dedicated UK milsim groups on Facebook but unfortunately I can't think of much else. I realise it's a less than ideal solution, however, it might be worth considering reserving some annual leave/holiday time from work to facilitate attending some events throughout the year.
  9. @sonofsammo It sounds as though the Chiappa has definitely left an impression on you. I spotted it on one of the YouTube videos from shot show and was fence sitting. What's hooked you to the point of definite purchase? I was considering trying to do a run to the show on Sunday to see if I could snag a vortex optic for a decent price, were the discounts anything to write home about?
  10. Wish I could make it or knew someone going, could really do with a vortex red dot.
  11. @MandalShArK - I blame good old Karl and his obsessive attempt to slaughter My McClane for my purchase of an AUG 😂 I don't regret it in the slightest though, I absolutely love my AUG.
  12. Admittedly I keep getting tempted by a Thompson lately, mostly due to the series of books I'm currently reading. I'd love to replicate fictional loadouts from various films, or even real ones I've discovered through films but until I get rid of the three guns I'm currently trying to sell I can't justify it unfortunately.
  13. Slightly off topic I guess but does anyone have an effective solution for carrying an independent launcher?
  14. Nobritsch was the big impact I saw as the cretin fired it in a safe zone and in addition to that he was using it at point blank (well within 6 feet if memory serves) a hell of a lot. To be honest I think the Master Mike is a far better design and more effective due to the increased spread. The original was far too precise.
  15. If you ever have a query about whether or not a site allows x then the best thing is to query it directly with the site so they can make a ruling. I can't see a standard shower shell being on the banned equipment list but you never know. Regarding the Master Mike, I guess it falls victim to the controversy raised by its predecessor's piss poor marketing and numerous videos displaying its misuse. As with any piece of hardware being brought to the field you have to consider the worst case scenario and weigh up the associated risk factors. Just out of curiosity did you make the site fully aware that it was the Master Mike and not the 40 Mike you were querying the use of? Only reason I ask is due to the Master Mike receiving far less press and being far lower profile which will largely be the result of the lack of controversy and lack of user abuse videos circulating. I don't know how true it is but I have heard that the best option on the shower shell/moscart front is to look at the lower capacity Madbull (24 round if memory serves).I had read/heard that they offer comparatively better range than a standard shower shell but in reality the question is how much of an improvement is there in the capability. Finally I know Madbull have a CO2 moscart shell one the market but again I have no idea as to performance etc. Apologies this isn't more helpful. I admittedly have a launcher and some moscarts (think they're 72 round Nuprols) but I can't recall what the range is like as it's been so long since I bothered with them. As an additional note moscart shells can be very temperamental and they require heavy maintenance.
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