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  1. FreeFrag.UK

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    @Compulsive Reload Please tell me that you're going to be using these bad boys akimbo? 🤣
  2. FreeFrag.UK

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    I was on the knifes edge with the JG in fairness but I opted for piece of mind... time will tell if it was worth it. I greatly appreciated your assistance and no doubt I'll be picking your brains when it comes to sticking a MOSFET in and doing an overhaul at some point, haha. If possible can you bounce the details over relating to the safe bar modification? On a sidenote I'm really looking forward to fielding this and putting some shots down range.
  3. FreeFrag.UK

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    It's rare I post in this thread but given the encouragement from @Druid799 and with a lot of wisdom and advice from @Iceni I have ordered this little beauty: I also added in some mid-cap's, a three point sling, new hop rubber and tight bore inner barrel... just for good measure XD
  4. FreeFrag.UK

    Steyr Aug A1 build questions and advice

    @Iceni Thank you for the brilliant response, once again you've covered just about everything I could hope for. I've got a few more questions if you'll indulge me? First of all, do you run a sling on your Aug A1? If so do you have any advice? I quite like three-point slings (not the most popular I know) and I was considering getting one to go with the Aug but I can't tell if this could present really handling issues? Secondly, I keep going back to the Classic Army as my port of call but I honestly can't figure out if the extra cash is worth it. I realise this is something you may not be able to weigh in on but I'm of the mind that Classic Army tend to produce pretty solid guns with good internals. As far as I can tell the ASG version of the A1 which comes with the trades and is the "military" version doesn't actually come with the QC Spring System so it would seem logical to go with what is probably higher build quality? Finally, how do you find the scope on the APS A1? I'm assuming this is comparable to the JG? It's a feature which I do intend to use and as such I'm wondering if I'm better off hedging my best (so to speak) and going for the CA? The opinion question... This is something which I'm hung up on... The trades... I really can't decide whether or not it's a deal breaker for me not having the trades... I don't actually think any of my guns have the real trades and I was just wondering where you land on this and if you know if it's possible to get real trades added down the line? Thank you so much for your help.
  5. FreeFrag.UK

    Steyr Aug A1 build questions and advice

    @Iceni Just to quickly pick your brains, would you recommend avoiding or going for any particular silent cylinder heads?
  6. FreeFrag.UK

    Steyr Aug A1 build questions and advice

    @Iceni Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and wisdom relating to the Aug, it's very insightful to say the least. Out of curiosity I've noticed some Classic Army Proline Aug A1's still available, do you know if the extra money worth it? I've done some further research and found that the one wielded by Karl uses the 16" barrel, I had a brief look around but couldn't see a 16" outer barrel for the AUG, do you know where I might be able to find one or a way of achieving this barrel length? As a final question, do you know if all airsoft versions of the AUG are slightly longer than their real steel counterparts? Once again, thank you for sharing your knowledge and I definitely plan on getting one. I have an L85A2 at present which I love but it has a couple of quirks (like all bullpups) and despite my love of bullpups I only own the one so the AUG leapt out at me as my next bullpup. Edit: I've also seen another manufacturer referred to as "army", I don't know if this means anything to anyone?
  7. Hi all, I've just completed one of my builds and as such I'm now contemplating my next possible venture. I did have a look for this but have come up dry, I suspect due to what I'm looking for being quite specific. I'm looking at the possibility of assembling a Steyr Aug A1 to match that used in everyone's favourite Christmas film... Die Hard. I realise that there are numerous quality issues with the various Aug's on the market but I'm looking at picking up the JG Aug A1 in Olive Drab. My big questions surrounding this particular model fall down to; Is the overall length the same as that in the film? I ask this as I'm aware of at least three different barrel lengths for the Aug ranging from 14" to 20". I know that it's almost impossible to tell scale from a film and photo's so I'm hoping someone can clear this up for me as the length of the A1 in the film looks ideal for my needs. How terrible is the 1.5x optic? Is it serviceable? Is the JG a reasonable platform out of the box or is it advisable to gut it rebuild immediately? Is there a better option? I was going to place this in the technical area as I suspect some of this ventures into that realm but I'm hoping that the knowledge of the community can assist with this pursuit. Many thanks, Frag
  8. FreeFrag.UK

    Hard Rifle Cases

    Hi all, I realise that this has no doubt been asked before and I apologise if I've overlooked any previous threads. I was looking for recommendations on hard rifle cases, preferably with pick and pluck inserts. From my searching it seems as though the main contender would be the cases offered by Nuprol and the reviews appear very positive. Can anyone offer any alternative options worth considering? Perhaps recommendations for retailers too? I did look at Amazon for genuine cases but I've found their search tools to be a bit lacklustre and the quality of customer service received from them recently has me wondering what they're playing at. Just to finish off, I know this is a little premature but I'd just like to wish everyone here at AF-UK a happy new year.
  9. FreeFrag.UK

    Impression kits driving gun purchases.

    I realise that it's very rarely used these days, if at all. The load out I was hoping to put together wasn't a current load out but one from just prior to it falling out of use. My understanding is that some units, such as VDV, were using it during the second Chechen war.
  10. FreeFrag.UK

    Anyone know if the asg storm 360 impact is any good?

    I've seen them used a couple of times effectively at indoor CQB sites but sooner or later it seems as though most people swap to BFG's. From personal experience my motivation to move over to BFG's was due to the time it takes to reload the alternatives out there combined with the lack of a timed option for anything other than a BFG or disposable pyro.
  11. FreeFrag.UK

    Impression kits driving gun purchases.

    Some of my kits are inspired by real world counter parts but then I'll also happily throw on a pair of jeans, t-shirt and my carrier/rig. At the moment I've got an AKMS which I'm toying with the idea of getting wood furniture for but then I'm also trying to work out what the latest Russian loadout would be to accompany said kit. I was going to run it with a railed hand guard originally but I've been led to believe I was given some poor information. I've found researching Russian stuff to be a big pain in the backside so at present my AKMS comes out with the jeans, t-shirt and tan plate carrier.
  12. FreeFrag.UK

    Need opinions

    To be honest going with the intent of looking to be as "tactical" as possible in combination with high performance doesn't really help clue us in any further. At the moment we have your "objective" when it comes to your loadout, a site location (this only helps those already familiar with the site) and your weapons. Based off the little information you've given so far I can only suggest the following; Wear clothing appropriate for your site and weather conditions at the time. Don't overlook the value of a good pair of boots. Try on your equipment ahead of time to make sure it fits, is comfortable and works for you. Given you're evidently running a sniper orientated loadout I'd strongly advise making sure your sight is zeroed in and your hop is set up correctly. As a point of observation I'm also going to assume that you're new to the hobby. Just be aware that unless your sniper rifle is heavily upgraded it will not perform like those used by numerous popular airsofters across YouTube. It costs a significant amount of time and money to attain performance levels similar to that achieved by the rifles in use by the various YouTube snipers. As another point of awareness, expect your learning curve with a sniper rifle to be incredibly steep, read vertical. It takes many hours of practice and practical application to achieve the shots you see on YouTube and don't be fooled, a lot of what you see is rarely taken from a single round of gameplay. To end on a slightly brighter and more cheerful note, welcome to the hobby. Hopefully you find your feet and stick around. There is a wealth of information out there regarding most areas of airsoft, it pays to do your research ahead of time but don't be afraid to ask if you get stuck.
  13. FreeFrag.UK

    Member rants and One Tigris

    Have you attempted to work out what you should actually be paying when it comes to the associated fees? From personal experience I've found that some of the fees issued seem to have been worked out using a blindfold, darts and a dartboard.
  14. FreeFrag.UK

    For sale airsoft bundle

    Sent you a PM in relation to the P90.
  15. FreeFrag.UK

    TAG Grenades; Shells or Launcher?

    I'll apologise if this has already been mention but I'd check that your site allows TAG rounds. There are a fair number which won't allow their use.