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  1. Couple of springs to get my P-90 down into UK limits (the testing label says 340 fps on 0.2's... erm... yea...). I've also ordered a sling attachment point from ant-supplies for it too.
  2. Thank you once again for the replies and update @EvilMonkee I was actually looking at Grey Shop for sourcing the uniform and spotted the body armour too. I'm not sure if they're the best source for the uniform. I know they wouldn't be strictly accurate but I intend to carry on with my regular boots, given they're tried and tested. I think I need to sit down and cobble together a purchase a list at this stage once finalising some research. Admittedly I'm eyeing up an AKS-74U given I read this was issued to both vehicle crews and some Spestnaz although it's my understanding the latte
  3. TBH I enjoy themed games and organised events far more than your average dust up although the latter can be enjoyable and good to get that between event fix. As far as Soviet stuff goes I tended to hit a wall when searching for the harder to find bits and pieces which I was looking for although there are always workarounds I suppose. I'm just a bit of a stickler for detail as I enjoy the kit building aspect which a major factor in my original question so that I can better assess the viability of a British kit. Given representation sounds quite balanced it would seem per
  4. @Stratton Oakmont Appreciate the info, cheers. Definitely opens up options. Part of me was considering saying "sod it" and picking up an M249 Mk1 but from the little bit I can recall off of the top of my head these were first used by SAS patrols in Desert Storm.
  5. @EvilMonkee - Unfortunately I don't use social media, however, I'll pick your brains nonetheless as it would be rude not to. Out of curiosity how do you find the faction split for Cold War events at Gunman, in terms of player population. Is there any consistent shortage for one side or the other? From what I've on the grape vine the Cold War events seems to be quite popular so I can't imagine it being a huge issue. To be honest I could more readily jump into a Soviet kit just by virtue of having an AKMS and an AK-74 but I'm somewhat more keen to pursue the NATO angle at
  6. It's entirely possible but the only ones I know of which LCT supposedly have in the works at the moment are a series of MP5's. My understanding is that the KA L1A1's are more or less like rocking horse poo these days? The sterling is certainly an option but it's admittedly a bit of an unknown to me in terms of reliability etc. Admittedly I love my SMG's. Haha, while the Gustav sounds awesome it's somewhat limited in use
  7. Hi All, I'm currently looking at throwing together a British Cold War loadout and I was weighing up options in terms of weapons. Ideally I'm looking for a good quality L1A1 but I'm acutely aware that the Ares is the only version widely available. Is it possible to turn the Ares into a good performer? Are there other options to consider from other manufacturers? I've looked and the only one I came across was King Arms but sadly these are very rare. Are there other viable platforms or other systems worth considering? From what I've read the Sterling was given
  8. Thought I'd poke my nose in this morning to see if there had been any developments or improvements, sadly not. To be honest I think it's a shame as this is one of, if not, the last bastions for airsoft discussions in an organised and easily navigable format. As a further aside, I'd also argue that the lack of action or response from the antagonist in this instance speaks a lot, at least in respect to their attitudes towards the wider community.
  9. Same. Hopefully this is gone/resolved come next week.
  10. While I have no issue with ad's it becomes an issue when it impacts the usability and accessibility of the forum.
  11. Sadly it appears as though I can't nuke the advert without losing the forum for some reason. It's a pain in the arse as it's not far of being blinding... let alone the fact that I can't stand Nobritsch. Normally I use the dark theme to aid in readability but as it stands I guess I'll be reducing my visits until this is resolved as it's rather uncomfortable on the eyes.
  12. Q: Can anyone recommend a set of long reach allen key sets? I've had a brief look and while I've seen some which maybe suitable, I'd certainly appreciate a recommendation.
  13. @Neptune - It does indeed appear to be a Model 607 I've seen. Admittedly I like the look of it as it's something very different to what I've seen in use elsewhere. Despite it seeing very limited usage (from what I read last night it was more or less a prototype that just saw limited trials) it at least makes it an option. I had spotted the Cyma although I've not read a lot about it and I've not found it available in the UK. I was going to order it from TG the other week, however, I have reservations due to reported shipping issues. As a further side note (apologies if t
  14. Admittedly I've been considering a Vietnam themed load out (due to lack of a decent SLR) but unfortunately I've not been able to track down a decent M16A1. I've seen a CAR-15 variant which is very short along with a sliding stock (not the usual buffer tube design seen on later rifles) but I've not come across any information on whether it saw action in the wild. I suppose it's something I'll have to do a lot more research on before sticking my hand in my pocket. @EDcase and @MandalShArK - both excellent kits. Admittedly I'm a sucker for the original M60.
  15. Well this is not the development I was hoping for. I was (evidently naively) hoping that we may see some resumption of stable delivery service from those involved with shipping from Taiwan Gun (is Gunfire in the same boat?) by now but evidently this isn't the case. Unfortunately I can see this getting worse once the "transition" measures that are still in place are no longer in effect. Hopefully you guys can get your orders sorted, it's beyond a joke that UPS' level of professionalism is akin to a newspaper delivery boy who decides to dump their papers due to it being w
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