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  1. Hi, I just took out the cylinder of my striker to lube it and it won't go back in - there is no resistance on the spring when it goes in, it just hits metal on the last 2 inches or so and stops. The sear is pressed in all the way as most of the cylinder goes in - please help!
  2. Sorry- I forgot to update my profile and no longer have my amoeba, I'll take a look into TM recoils then?
  3. Hi all, I have had a really good look around but was wanting some advice - I need a gun that completely stock had the best range and acuracy, other factors like reciol, realism, externals really don't matter to me. £600-£700 budget, and must be new
  4. Hey everyone, I am debating what sidearm to use. It will be used as a sniper backup, and a support gunners backup for CQB. It also needs to stand on its own for CQB games. I've narrowed it down to this, and my budget is £160. Any help or past experiences would be greatly appreciated. KWA MP9 WE MP7 MPK5 (various brands) Scorpion Vz.61 Thanks!
  5. Okay, this will sound incredibly stupid. Being a dumb idiot, I thought it would be nice to see a G17 gen 4 slide on a G17 gen 3 lower. I don't know why, they are even identical. Now the slide is jammed in place, and can slide about 3-5 mm side to side. But otherwise it won't budge Help would be appreciated! (Both are WE)
  6. Okay will take a look.Thanks
  7. To be honest I would probably prefer 1 day ones to start off with. I enjoy skirmishes I just wanted to try and use actual tactics rather than just everyone rushing as they do in skirmishes! I looked at joining a team too but looks like they are 16+
  8. I'm in the East Midlands.
  9. Hi guys, just wondering if there are any milsim events that accept u16 year olds? Would really like to get into it and having researched a bit I can't seem to find any that are not 16+ Cheers.
  10. Yes was a really good fair, some good bargains there, great people there too.
  11. Hello, welcome to the forums, and welcome to Airsoft! Take a look at this post:http://www.airsoft-forums.co.uk/index.php/topic/12854-new-player-guides-info/#entry84005
  12. Just wondering if any folks on here going to Midlands Airsoft fair this Saturday... Should be good
  13. From Derby I can reccomend Craftys Airsoft wild park I went there last Sunday it's a great site with fantastic marshalls - the bottom of my guns motor fell out and they set me up with a rental to see me through the last few games. Here's the link: www.craftysairsoft.co.uk PS I have a Honey Badger and I have to say its a great gun it's just more high matinence than most other guns - as I found d out on Sunday!
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