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  1. Thanks guys, some excellent posts here! I have quite a big top box, so I think I will get a SMG of some description, arp9? mp5k and plonk it in there? I can wear my boots and belt ect... on me probably. and then maybe a backpack to hold some smaller stuff
  2. Does anyone get to skirmishes on a motorbike? if so how do you do it?
  3. if you just want to get into skirmishing, I would drop the plate carrier and get a belt with some mag pouches. I personally hate knee pads when running around and 20 quid is quite a lot. so you coud maybe save 60 quid that way and buy some mid caps
  4. I have had a few encounters with cheaters, most often when you catch people unaware (they cant see you) people often dont take it. One moment comes to mind, I ditched my rifle and treck'd all the way behind the enemy (biliricay skirmish is on huge woodland) it was a 15min walk/run. I finally got behind a group, with my gbb pistol; shot two in their back (10meters a way) and then they shout at their mate (dead men talking) the 3rd guy in their group just turns around blasts me and they all carry on. very annoying
  5. Airsoft is a hobby, wether you get enjoyment from dominating the game; or roleplaying it does not really matter as long as you're enjoying it and your fun is within the decorum of the sport, not detrimental to the enjoyment of others. The only people I really dislike in airsoft are those that shout "Call your f*cking hit!!!!" people like that I avoid... mental cases.
  6. I had a look, the pictures dont look very inspiring... lol. What is it like inside? is it bigger than that? goo.gl/kFVvv5
  7. not really, barrel length isnt that important. hopup is where you get range/accuracy
  8. been looking around, these new combat machines with etu's look pretty awesome for 190 quid
  9. asg aug, not an m4, has a scope, has a vertical fore-grip and 150 pound..!
  10. With most fields being swarmed with 80% m4's with a sprinkle of g36's, you have to wonder. Is that because that platform is so well suited to airsoft? or because it is just a popular gun in media. Obviously in airsoft a lot of factors that make a real-steal gun good, are completely omitted. Factors such as: recoil, over heating, calibre, rate of fire.... ect... For me, the only factors a platform can offer over another in terms of airsoft are (weight, ergonomics, barrel length in ratio with gun length). So what platform do you think is best suited to
  11. lol youre going around in circles, I have had a GHK G5 and many people praise them. Personally for me it was utter crap, it had no accuracy and kept jamming, maybe I was just rubbish with it but I really hated it. I think GBBR's are super cool to shoot and workon and generally marvel at...; but to actually play with are just awful, because they keep jamming you can only run 30rnd mags and very fluctuating accuracy (thats my opinion). Really any high end AEG is what you want if you want to actually play the game of airfsoft.... and be somewhat useful to your team. The best are the TM
  12. tavor x95?

    1. Josh95


      only airsoft version I can find is a dubious cheapo umarex one

  13. thats one thing I kind of regret about airsoft, my arms are covered in little brown circles lol. not that noticeable though
  14. I am guessing I will need to play my 3 games again to get another 'ukara' I have one but I guess its expired
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