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  1. As per title, does the Army R85A2 rail fit the ICS L85A2? I'm guessing that I'd have to use the same adaptor as required for the G&G version of the DD rail? Anyone know?
  2. I'm trying not to be noticed in case someone thinks it's my round.
  3. Just got it! Ended up paying £145 for it. No idea if that was good or not..... Looks to be in okay nick though, and seems to fire fine. Looking forward to trying it out properly.
  4. No idea if they're any good or not, as I haven't tried them, but have you seen the Cybergun M249? At about £250 it might be a lighter, cheaper option for you. EDIT: Never mind, just noticed that you want the full stock.
  5. How much would you expect to pay for a S/H ICS L85A2 (not been used for some years) and including three mags? External condition looks ok, and am hoping to be able to test before purchase. Anything I should look out for?
  6. I've been looking at them on Gunfire's website as well. Good to know what they're like quality-wise.
  7. Have you tried wearing it in a game yet?
  8. I haven't tried it myself, but have heard good things about Diver Dave's Repel. I believe there are a few other products that have the same/similar effect. Here is a test of a similar product that I saw on YouTube. Might be worth a try:
  9. This Facebook group might be worth trying as well: https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=airfix modelling club
  10. Interesting idea. What's the system called?
  11. That's interesting. All our boxed 5.56 (both live and blank) comes on stripper clips (usually black plastic). We had British Radway Green ammo a while back, but I've no idea where it's from at present.
  12. Just curious, but when you get issued boxed 5.56, is it also packed on stripper clips? Ours is, and it makes reloading mags a sight quicker than loading individual rounds.
  13. Loose? Not in my experience, but having a couple of extra boxes of ammo in your daysack, so you can refill the mags is quite a common occurrence on our exercises.
  14. I've got a short action Remington stock. I can measure any relevant dimensions for you if like?
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