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  1. Are you a smoker? I went from 69 to 83 kilos in the space of three or four months when I stopped smoking.
  2. What make/model are the multicam trousers?
  3. Thanks for the reply. Yes, that's what I was worried about. Might be best to give it a miss then.
  4. Saw this for sale today, and am a bit tempted. Looks the part and under £100, I think it's an older model though, so I'm not sure about availability of spares, and how easy it would be to find a replacement mag? Not sure if I fancy it, if it's only going to be a wall hanger. Anyone got any experience with this model?
  5. An easy rule of thumb for calories burned while running/walking, is your weight in kilogrammes per kilometre covered.
  6. This could be a great scenario for an airsoft game though. Do you have any friends who would also want to wear a gorilla suit while playing? You could do the whole 'Planet of the Apes' thing.
  7. If it's a gift, don't forget to declare it as such, and try to keep the value under DKK 360, so your friend won't have to pay import VAT plus the crazy handling charges.
  8. Anyone know of if any other mags fit the MP001? A mate of mine has one without the mag, that he's wanting rid of, and I was wondering if it'd be worth getting as a project, but I can't seem to find any spare mags for sale locally.....
  9. What would you guys reckon to be a fair price for an 'as new' ARES L85 AFV carbine including SUSAT? I've seen one for sale locally, and am considering getting it.
  10. The lack of replies suggests that no-one here knows.... In that case, does anyone have an Army R85A2 and can show me how the rail fits on to the rifle, so I can compare it to the DD model?
  11. Warrior DCS is a decent bet in my opinion. Edit: Not sure what your criteria for affordable is, I think I got my DCS for about £100 on special offer.
  12. As per title, does the Army R85A2 rail fit the ICS L85A2? I'm guessing that I'd have to use the same adaptor as required for the G&G version of the DD rail? Anyone know?
  13. I'm trying not to be noticed in case someone thinks it's my round.
  14. Just got it! Ended up paying £145 for it. No idea if that was good or not..... Looks to be in okay nick though, and seems to fire fine. Looking forward to trying it out properly.
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