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  1. Is it a 'Lee-Armalite' or an 'AR No.1' ?
  2. What needs to be filed on the WE's slide?
  3. Click on his profile picture, then click on 'message'.
  4. Is this the sequel to Snakes On a Plane?
  5. What about one of the Webley MkVI revolvers (I think there are a couple of companies making them)? Can't get much more classic than that. Double action trigger too.
  6. Thanks. It is mainly just for the collection, and the odd bit of plinking, but I'd still like it to work.
  7. I saw one of these for sale on a local dealer's website yesterday, and I'm sorely tempted as it was under £300. Is that a good price? It certainly seems to look the part, but I don't know about the reliability/durability, or availability of spares, mags etc. Has anyone here got one? What do you reckon to it? Is it still a worthwhile purchase (I gather that the model is a few years old now)?
  8. These guys look more like 1980's Bundeswehr rather than rebels. I've no idea what the idea with the meat and leek is though, maybe he's sick of the ration packs?
  9. Haven't got one, but have the somewhat similar Montane Extreme smock. Great bit of kit for the winter. What's your ghillie like? Is it based on a BDU jacket or similar? I don't think I'd want the pertex of the smock being the outer layer if there was a risk of tears or abrasion.
  10. Very interesting video from T-Rex Arms. Well worth a watch. Try comparing the videos on the two Instagram channels as well. Liku's Instagram, where you can see him with airsof. https://instagram.com/liku_tactical?igshid=lk81ui5c25lt T-Rex arms Instagram: https://instagram.com/trexarms?igshid=xdwwbwtj5wkt
  11. It doesn't hang flat as such, but it doesn't really have much in the way of stiffening at the opening either. I suppose it might be possible to put some wire in to stiffen it up. It's this model: https://1157store.co.uk/product/mil-tec-multitarn-empty-shell-molle-pouch/
  12. That might be an idea. I've got a leg panel lying around that I could try attaching my current dump pouch to. That's definitely the quickest way to do it, but I've refrained from doing it too often due to worries about losing or damaging the mags.
  13. Hi guys, I'm considering finding another solution for a dump pouch (at present I'm using a cheap miltech one mounted on my belt), as I have difficulty reaching it quickly enough when changing mags. I was thinking about some sort of dangler dump pouch that I could have under the mag pouches on the front. Is there such a thing? Is it a decent solution? One problem might be that I'm using a Warrior DCS PC with Osprey mag pouches (which hang 4-5cm under the bottom of the vest), so any pouch is going to have to have quite a long velcro mounting tab? Any suggestions or ideas?
  14. I was considering an assault vest recently too. I was looking at this one: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Marauder-British-Military-Assault-Vest-MOLLE-British-Multicam-MTP-UK-made/262548037029
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