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  1. More SE Tour Reviews! Gunman Camp Bravo! 



    The last SW Tour Review is up. Portishead Black ops. 


  3. SW(!) Tour Review of Bristol Airsoft's Courthouse is now up! 


  4. As long as I can catch my train in time... I am taking the SE Tour reviews to the South West for 4 games in 4 days at 4 different sites! Starting tonight in Gloucester and then Bristol thereafter!

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    2. clumpyedge


      Be interesting to hear the strikeforce one considering its prior rep

    3. Lozart


      @clumpyedge it was....ok when I went. They'd just introduced the burst of full auto thing and it was getting badly abused. Other than that I had a laugh. Some of the worst bruises I've ever had mind (and that includes all those times of playing at The Mall)

    4. Asomodai


      Sadly I cant go to the 4th skirmish as it's full. So finishing up the third skirmish and going home!

  5. Annoyed about how the ZCI and SHS motors are just not quite short enough for most short motor direct replacements. 


    Learnt how to do my first pinion gear removal to lengthen the flattish part of the pinion and reinstall gear to be shorter. Wasnt too hard though it's difficult to not cut into the pinion too much when flattening out a new section.


    Now my M249 actually sounds reasonable!







    1. EDcase


      So you extended the flat lower down the shaft then cut off the top extruding part?

    2. Asomodai


      @EDcase Yes. I cut off the extruding part to prevent the small possibility of it fouling on the cutoff lever. 

    3. Rogerborg


      Ah, airsoft "standards. I guess it's fortunate that you had to (and could) shorten it, rather than having the opposite problem.

  6. SE Tour Review of Dogtag! A must visit.


  7. Latest SE Tour Review is up! Red 1 Oblivion. 


  8. My cake day haul from the missus! 


    It's been good!



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    2. Zarrin


      Happy Bday dude - nice PSO style scope, is that for an AK or have you joined the SVD master race?

    3. Asomodai


      @Zarrin SvD? Pfft. SVU superiority buddy! It's the hammerite finish one rather then black as well!


      Cheers guys 🙂

    4. Zarrin


      Hehe, trust you to go for what is essentially the bullpup version of an SVD 😜

  9. Anyone off to play Airsoft in the South East and London on the 25th/26th? Would be good to meet up and natter. 

    1. MrWilson


      I might be if invited. I could use a break from sorting this site out ;)

    2. Cr0-Magnon


      Got a site in mind?

    3. Asomodai


      At the moment I am looking at Airsoft Billericay as I can get to it fairly easy on Public Transport and they have spaces. 


      Nice long distance site with lots of cover. 


      I have been looking at other sites that still have spaces which I can get to the closest main railway station, but would need to rely on Uber (If one is around early Sunday) Or a lift. 


      Dogtag near Gatwick, Dragons Lair near Ongar, Incursion Dorking (Has very limited spaces left), Gunman Eversley is available both Saturday and Sunday. AWA Herts and Doomsday in Swanley are also open. 


      Whichever we choose we need to jump on it!

  10.  My XM8 is now Negative Airsoft Famous! 


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    2. Asomodai


      @ak2m4 Get them to anodise it. A lovely gold finish that you can only see in the bottom of the magwell. :)

    3. Rogerborg


      That's doubly disappointing then, as CYMA can churn out perfectly decent stuff.  Maybe just getting to the end of life on those moulds.


      Wouldn't it be a laugh (sadly, not for you) if CYMA were fobbing off their bad castings on Dytac. It'd have a certain ruthless logic to it - use the best stuff in your own gear, and put the junk out under someone else's brand.

    4. Asomodai


      @Rogerborg and Dytac charge twice the price! 😉

  11. After a few months absence, the SE Tour reviews are back! Reporting back from Gunman Tuddenham! 


  12. Throwing in the towel and sending my trio of naughty V3 gearbox rifles to Luke at Negative Airsoft. Spent all day teching and only got one or two of my problem rifles shooting ok again. 


    I hate feeding issues. 

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    2. ak2m4


      you gave it a good shot mate, feeding issues get us all at some point 

    3. Asomodai


      @Zarrin they all have new tappet springs as none of them have had more then 1 skirmish!


      @ak2m4 think I'll need to order more stuff. Might as well if someone who knows what they are doing are taking these in 🙂

    4. Willyg1981


      I was reading a post on another forum regarding a feeding issue , couldn’t remember exactly what tupe

      of gb but someone commented that it could be the lips on the mags , He also suffered from the same problem and after doing some tweaking got it working , I’m not saying it is this but it was his thinking outside the gear box that fixed it ,...pun intended ;) 

  13. The SE Tour Reviews will be drawing to a close probably permanently in the Autumn. I will be taking a year off of Airsoft for personal reasons. 


    I hope we as a country are in a position to play before then! 

  14. Admit it, which one of you finally snapped? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-kent-52379200

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    2. Albiscuit


      All of mine are imitations no real ones in my gaff, not me!

    3. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      Can't be me - only four imitation firearms found


      fucking twat though, nice flat but fuck all common sense

    4. Albiscuit


      I saw a video of him firing what seems to be a dessert eagle out the window. It’s loud and shells are ejected. Had Glocks and a machine gun from all accounts.

      Something was real though, Even a sound hog doesn’t sound like a real gun

  15. BFG Stuff. Primers etc. What are these things and what do I need to use them? Been given a bunch of these things but have no idea how they work, or what they work in. 


    Anyone help?


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    2. EDcase


      Yeah, DON'T order a SWAT VTG on their website.

      Luckily my payment failed because when I emailed for another way to pay I got no answer.

      Then I found THIS and THIS

      Phew, glad I missed that one


      Small as they look, the .209s are quite loud and I wouldn't want to throw anything louder at people.  They're also incredibly cheap, working out to about 10p per throw.

      So yeah, I'd highly recommend the Dynatex.


      Be aware the rules at most sites is to only throw underarm and not above waist height as they would cause injury if thrown properly and land on someone.

      That's where the cardboard pyro MK5's have an advantage.

    3. heroshark


      As much as most sites don't allow 12g it's nice to be able to use them. They are great fun for shits and giggles. 

    4. Albiscuit


      BFGs are best for CQB really, woodland not so much unless its timed, but then you have the big risk of losing it in the undergrowth/mud etc . so personally @Asomodai I would suggest not getting one if you havent used and have no desire to field one. I know you dont like CQB much.


      Bring the smaller ones to our next game, I will take them off your hands ;)  

  16. Spent from 9AM til 8PM modifying this blasted M16. V2 Gearboxes can do one!

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    2. Asomodai


      @rocketdogbert Luckily its working fairly well now. Managed to put through about 2000 rounds without missing a beast. Air seal is slightly funky still with the hop unit and bucking, but brings the FPS down to 330 from 340 so perfectly skirmishable. 
      @Adolf Hamster That was the annoying aspect of it. If I have to open the gearbox again I am going to have to just replace the shell with a Quick Spring Change system. If someone can just make a quick change Version 3 gearbox, where the trigger isn't a bugger to keep in and the motor can be swapped out like a version 2 then I would be a happy chappy. 

    3. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      v3's aint so bad.


      i drilled a tiny hole and installed a little screw to hold the trigger in mine, takes a massive amount of annoyance out of the process.

    4. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      Agreed - they should make a v3 with a one piece not 2 piece floppy trigger

      they could call it a v2.5 - Oh no, that is the elongated SR25 v2 box


      well they could make a v2 with a motor cage to set angle/height easy

      Oh no, they did that yonks ago on the bastid Elephant HK33 abortion box...


      France-Airsoft > [ Both Elephant ] M15 (hk33)


      well I meant a V3 with a one piece trigger not a V2 with G36 motor cage

      see here - yup it actually exists/existed....



      Until they make a v3.2 or something then guess we will have to live with them qwirks that both boxes have

  17. Finished the Gearbox upgrade of the €80 S&T Tavor. 



    Still got a way to go though :(

  18. Bah I really screwed up with my barrel size for the sniper rifle. Anyone want to buy a practically unused day old Maple Leaf VSR 510mm Crazy jet barrel? 😄

  19. My Parcel from SurplusStore has gone missing. Was apparently signed for today at 1:30pm with my last name (CoronaVirus rules). But I didn't get a knock at the door or notification. My work desk windows looks out at the front of the house. Didn't see anyone drop anything off, or take anything from my door for that matter. 



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    2. ak2m4


      Really they opened the parcel!! What the hell is wrong with people, greed.  She no doubt thought "hey free shit" then realised you knew exactly where it was.  You should have reminded her it's illegal to open post that isn't addressed to you

    3. Asomodai


      @ak2m4 No Harm this time around. I try not to make enemies of neighbours and I doubt she'll try again. 

    4. Albiscuit


      Probably thought WTF is this stuff and best to give it to you. If it had been something normal you likely never would have seen them. 


      I bought a RIF once and the seller put the wrong house number on the package, luckily they were not in and it went to the collection office and I managed to get to it before they did. I can only imagine their faces if it had got to them and they opened it :D  They wouldnt have known who it was for either so I got very lucky. But I still laugh at some little old lady opening up an M4.

  20. So many months on, I am still considering buying my first AK. E&L Gen2's. What High Cap Mags are compatible with them?

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    2. Yukarin


      An E&L for 210? Please do share, I want an AK too.

    3. GAMBLE


      @Asomodai 👋

      I have to E&L AK’s 1st Gen, I believe, got them both 2nd hand!  


      This is what I bought and used for my AKM, check the pic, mine plays up from time to time, but still works and with other AK models! 👍

      (Works in my DBoy AKMS/ CYMA RPK.... must try it in AKS-74U?)! 🤔


      Also used a drum mag, but not so much! 🤔

      Hope this helps? 😎👍


    4. EvilMonkee


      Yeh but GBBR >>>>>>>>> AEG

  21. A belated last SE Tour Review for a while. Took sometime to write up but it's now ready! Dragons Lair Airsoft! 



    1. Albiscuit


      So you FINALLY got to visit :) 

    2. Asomodai


      Yeah! I did enjoy myself :D

  22. Ugh. Nothing to do tomorrow. Anyone going airsofting in the London area i can hook up with?

    1. rocketdogbert


      MPA at Hockley are having a boot fair, might be some bargains 🤷🏼‍♂️

    2. Asomodai


      Ta mate

       Bit of a nightmare getting there due to the train closures though! 😞

    3. rocketdogbert


      Ahh bugger yeah

  23. My TM M9 U.S is making a quiet popping a second after I fire. Is this mags or the pistol? I presume I need to lube or clean something. Any ideas?

    1. Steveocee


      I had something very similar recently with my G18C, needed just a touch of lube around the loading nozzle and return spring and a bit of "movement" to settle it in. Maybe worth a try. I hadn't lubed/maintained my G18 for a year prior to this.

  24. Newbie Suppressor question. Many suppressors for Airsoft call themselves "Fake Suppressors" Is this because they don't actually suppress sound or because they are not used on real firearms?

    Reason I ask is that I want to get a suppressor for my bolt action to help dampen the sound somewhat. The only suppressor I own is just an empty metal case and I am unsure if this is what is meant by a "Fake" supressor" Do any suppressors work?

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    2. AK47frizzle


      Foam filled "suppressors" do reduce the sound. The air that comes out makes a noise and masking that helps a bit. If you fire your empty gun with and without holding your finger over the barrel, i'm sure you'll be able to tell.

    3. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      oil filter is supposed to work on actual firearms

      so on that basis if anything is REALLY going to work

      it will be one of those bastards

      (google oil filter suppressor)


      most suppressors just change or slightly dampen the sound

      they are like farts, some are more quiet than others


      and love is like a fart...

      if you try to force it too much - it will probably be shit


      you could a piston brake or silicone pad over sorbo can lower the piston slap...



       often wondered about all those baffles/padding etc...

      but it must work of a sort coz going the other way...


      Don't buy a daft sound hog or FireHawk tip to become a loud annoying player on the field...

      Just cover/tape up a M4/M16 flash hider to make a massive CRACK for no costs at all

      So in theory going the other way some sort of "venting" or "slots" as well as the dampening material inside should perhaps dissipate the dulled sound ???


      NB: this is just a theory based upon the M4 CRACK you get if you cover the flash hider

      (try it - really makes a loud crack)

      So if an enclosed hider amplifies then maybe - just maybe a vented sponge might just might be a little more effective too perhaps

      Dunno - but I did wonder about all this crap coz most of it just changes the sound of the air, yet most of us still have grindy AEG's making the most sound


      The padding deffo does "something" though

      if you unscrew one them cw/ccw suppressors, pull out the spring/padding

      it makes a friggin' amplified CRACK too...

      just wondered if a cheapo slotted or swiss cheesed one would maybe be more effective ???


      ignore almost all of this coz I'm just talking crap coz I'm bored atm

    4. Skara


      You want to dampen the sound?

      Unless you have an airbrake I suggest to glue/pressure fit a rubber door stop onto the cylinder head, so that it dampens the impact of the piston head. An alternative would be to use a big fat o-ring in place of the door stop.


      Did it on my Striker and it killed the sound so much I can easily run without a suppressor and still be quiet as hell.


      On a suppressor there are a few things you can do.

      Scotchbrite disks in place of foam and plastic/rubber baffles.

      A fart flap helps a lot in lowering the sound but it needs to be done right otherwise it'll just throw your shots way off.


      Also, something that most 'softers don't care about is a correct volume ratio for the bb weight.

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