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  1. Hi there and welcome. Yeah, it's tricky to discern much difference - you could always give them a call and let them point out the differences. (Of course it looks like one is in stock, and one isn't - you might find one has replaced the other in Specna's product list)
  2. The camera is level, it's the house that's on the piss - it got hit by that magnitude 7 earthquake! Press F to pay respect
  3. I may have been lucky, but running around the woods I've been fine with just a camo baseball cap. Occasionally it gets snagged on a branch and comes off (which halts my start-of-round-run-to-get-shot-first), but it's enough protection from getting scraped or scratched, and does enough to soften the BB impacts. I use a Tigris One mesh mask with the ear impact protection. It's pretty good. And although I've already got tinnitus, I've only had one pyro go off near enough to worry about. So I bought some army surplus earplugs (which I'm saving for CQB) GL&HF
  4. ... Need more gats, tbqh 😂😂😂
  5. Ah well that's good news then, maybe their website is just out of whack with reality 😄
  6. Looked at the Novritsch web site, and here's a stupid thing: they won't ship the 1.5j version to the UK, only the 1.18j, as if the thing was full auto. Which it isn't, it's semi locked. I'm not going to buy a 0.20g 350fps semi auto rifle unless I'm really worried about MED, and that'd negate the point of running a super accurate long range rifle... Bah humbug.
  7. Yeah it's the SOCOM version. They have the URGI, which is much more comparable really, at £550, so that's a big enough gap to swing it back in DE's favour.
  8. This popped up on my feed. As someone who often likes the idea of owning a DMR but is aware I'd probably fail to tech one for myself, this looks rather appealing! Also, I have a bit of thing for thumb-hole stocks, ever since the BSA Buccaneer was a thing (and the L96 too).
  9. It's not unexpected behaviour is it, but regardless, £450 is a good price. It certainly makes anyone picking between the Double Eagle clone and an MWS in a bit more of a conundrum
  10. If there's a good deal it sort of becomes news 😉 I could've put it in general discussion I guess, mods feel free to move it Edit: Defcon have some decent reductions on TM gats... so if you're after an MWS or an NGRS it's worth a look...? https://www.defconairsoft.co.uk/clearance-2/?swoof=1&product_brand=tokyo-marui
  11. I've had a few emails from BBGuns, Defcon, Socom Tactical etc about Black Friday. So far I've not seen anything that's tickled my fancy (or my credit card) but 'never say never (again)' - I could do with a batch of Bio BBs (0.28/0.32 and some sniper ammo), and I'm always interested in bargains of a pew-pew variety. And a chest rig... quite fancy a cheap one (Viper VX being most likely) Anyone spotted anything useful or interesting?
  12. Special Ops near Olney / Milton Keynes is a nice medium-sized woodland site that a few of us here go to https://www.specialopshq.co.uk/ There's only one more game this year (2nd Dec), but the good news is that there will be a CQB site also opening in early February. That will be near Cranfield / junction 14 of the M1 There are a few more sites up near Northampton, check out the map... https://playairsoft.uk/
  13. The trickiest part of owning GBBRs in my limited experience is getting mags that don't leak (and fixing them if they do). Everything else is quite straightforward. Yes, clean the barrel. Yes, buy some silicone grease and/ or spray for lubing the working parts And setting the hop is probably not something to worry about while you're just plinking in the garden. But on this gun it's really easy anyway 👍
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