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  1. So as asked in the Quick Questions thread, I'd like the optionn of adding a collapsible M4 stock to my Classic Army AR15-A3 which has a fixed stock tube that looks like this... Ideally I'd like to be able to fit the old stock back on again, as it does suit the aesthetic of the full length M16... Especially now I've painted the gun But I do like the collapsible stocks and I'll have a spare shortly
  2. I actually need to shim the upper receiver away from the gearbox though - it's having it ~0.5mm forward that puts the resistance on the cross bolt. Is putting o-rings on the gearbox side of the hop unit going to stay in place? And do that shimming job? Also... the hop unit feels quite... crap. I spin the wheel, it goes from no hop to 'a bit'. And then back to zero again (with a little click). It doesn't have any positivity or resistance to it. Now obviously I'm only shooting at 15m, I have no idea if it's actually doing a decent job in spite of that cheap feel... but should I just go ahead with a new hop unit? @Asomodai would you recommend the G&G metal unit?
  3. You're going to be a pinging aimed shots in semi-auto, your ammo usage will be so low compared to a normal day's spamming of 3-5 round bursts. It's got to be worth trying 0.36's And the cost of the BBs compared to your outlay (and whatever monetary value you could attach to 'disappointment') mean it's a price worth paying anyway
  4. Yeah I've seen some on sale at over £200 already, but strangely Patrolbase have twice put m900s on sale down at £130 - once for black Friday, and once for a 'Muzzle Flash sale' (props to the marketing dept for coming up with that) However in both cases there wasn't any actual stock to sell !
  5. Perhaps I should a) Let someone else do the Taiwangun thang and report back and more importantly b) Try the new guns I've just bought in a skirmish for the first time, before trying to buy another one (and risking my marriage)
  6. I've made some 'painting' It's definitely a step up from the crayons I usually have to eat play with, really rather fun! I smudged a bit around the mag well (on the other side), and maybe there's a couple of other areas that need a bit of re-toning and some texture from the scrim added in, but as my first attempt it was a good learning experience. All done with Halfords paint (black/khaki/green/brown) as it was easy to grab them on my travels. Still want a muted red and a near-white to add some extra highlights.
  7. Replacing my cheapo ASG Balance charger with a recognised good 'un, the SkyRC T100, because my Titan battery decided to die on me. Not sure if I had a short in my AK, but it blew the internal fuse. I've got a replacement coming under warranty and I might as well charge it up on a better charger from the off. Bought the Deans cable and a couple of balance charger extender leads too.
  8. I'd like to fix an M4 collapsible stock to my AR15... but that has a fixed short buffer tube, and the wiring might be a problem. Is there a way to do it?
  9. I'm really liking the look of this (inc the stock) What sort of price would that £115 become if it eventually found its way to my front door?
  10. Quick question: Is there any easy way to make the cross-bolt a bit stickier within the body? Depending on how hard the upper receiver is pushed back (and I'm guessing the difference is less than a millimetre), that bolt can either be nicely held in place and requiring a decent push to remove it, or so loose it could almost fall out. Is there anything I can do to the bolt or its slot, or do I need to shim the whole upper receiver a little forward?
  11. Not that I'd be able to help you (I have no experience with any Mosfet installation), I can tell you the link to the video doesn't work
  12. Yes, I do! I lusted after one of those (for no good reason). I ended up with a BSA Reflex sight to go alongside my Viking 4x32. (not my pic, but I still have the sight, with half the mount missing) That reflex sight was actually pretty decent for plinking at cans at 30-40yds, but I always reverted to the scope on my occasional pigeon hunts.
  13. They said it couldn't be done.... ('They' being the voices in my head) After a lot of prep work looking at the inside and outside of the handguard, and looking at various bits of RIS rail on sale (before settling on one of the simplest ones), I've finally managed to bodge engineer my stubby grip onto my F2000, as per my Battlefield 4 in-game loadout. (I couldn't find a tri-rail that I thought would look the same and that I could actually fit, so had to go for a single rail... but I still wanted the 'hanging off the front of the gun' look) I'm sort of blowing my own trumpet, perhaps a small one, such as the type often found in Christmas crackers... but it really isn't bodged, it feels absolutely damn solid. In fact it was so solid that after all the work I did carving out plastic and getting everything 'just so', it actually felt good-to-go without any of the screws and bolts and washers and plates I expected to put in. I put most of them in anyway and now I can pick up the gun by the front grip without any undue concern. I wouldn't want to fall on it, or do anything too drastic, but... very pleased with it. Inside the handguard are a couple of chunks of wood which help locate the RIS against some of the internal ribs which I cut / Dremel appropriately. They're screwed into the handguard. There's a bolt through the rail and the one of the chunks through to the top of the handguard. I actually just used a craft knife to remove most of the plastic, my cheapo Dremel looky-likey just didn't cut it. Ha ha. Ho ho... I'm here all week.
  14. Oops! I meant whatever the cheap crap is that shatters easily... plexiglass... is that what I meant?
  15. Actually I think SteavoBeavo's setup looks particularly good. As I said, my choice is down to replicating the look of my Battlefield 4 gaming setup... I've got very nearly 50,000 in-game kills with the F2000 now, it's my favourite gun in the game. L85A2 comes in second, I'll have to get one of those eventually. The 'Coyote' sight is often the player's choice of red dot in BF4 just because it has such a thin surround to the lens that it blocks less of the peripheral view than any of the other sights, and therefore gives a small (but useful) advantage. My other fave in-game sight was the Kobra, but while the open T-reticle in the game looks nice, I found it doesn't encourage the same accuracy in aiming as a plain dot. I'm lucky I bought the Kobra back when I first started airsoft, they seem to be super-expensive now. Historical aside: I bought one of the early red dot sights, the SinglePoint, for my BSA Meteor when I was a kid. It was really designed for shotguns I think. There was no view through the tube, it was a massive red dot for the right eye, and you saw the target with your left. I could just about hit tin cans with it, but it was useless for an air rifle. Sent it back to the dealer. https://shootery.blogspot.com/2010/07/moldy-oldie-review-singlepoint-sight.html I've got polycarb discs wedged into the front of my old Tasco scope, and my Kobra. Polycarb is pretty much unbreakable as I understand it, unlike the Lexan type sheet that gets used on the sacrificial lens protectors on eBay.
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