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    MTP or S95 DPM + assorted webbing
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  1. I got my 5.1 d.o.r from fire support and they were perfect, decent price and fast delivery. So an upvote for them from me 👍
  2. If Squiz buys the grip I'll be interested in the motor
  3. If you connect to the sling to the outside-facing part of the rifle, it pulls it tighter to your body. At leas that's what I've found with the rear sling loop anyway. Would that be a good enough reason?
  4. I won an Oshiboom off of the Airsoft Competitions site. I've used it in the hard floor environment of Spec Ops "The Fireplace". I've not used it very often yet, but I've had relativity few failures so far, a couple of light strikes on the soft primers I'm using. Mostly from shallow throws that were more like bowling it across the floor.. going to retrieve a failed throw is a bit of a walk of shame 😂 I've also had a really memorable kill in the helicopter which was great, and winkled out a well ensconced enemy All in all, it's a worthwhile thing to have in my armoury.
  5. Coming to you as a total non-connoisseur, who just knocks back anything that'll get me buzzin', is the Brugal and Barcelo stuff I've got from the Caribbean any good, or is it Just For Them Touristas?
  6. Not liking the look of Glocks is quite understandable - it's a box on a grip. However, I rather like handling them. Odd, really. How anyone can find the Hi Power ugly... well I just don't get it I love the look of M9's too, and they're not madly different. Lots and lots of people like them.
  7. ... cut to view outside Lozart's home ...
  8. @Greenworks either you've been hacked, or you're turning to The Dark Side and have decided to become a spammer I suggest you delete your post and change your password @proffrink and @Jedi_Master tagged to keep tabs on the scenario
  9. This is a very fair point and there's another thread on the forum where someone loves their 416 AEG. I was very close to buying a used one from Acton Hobbies, because the externals are so good, but chickened out in the end. YMMV... it's down to luck in the end, but that's the case with most airsoft RIFs tbh!
  10. (assuming Umarex = VFC) Nah. Luke at Negative Airsoft hates VFC AEGs with a vengeance I'm a massive fanboi of VFC gas blowbacks, based on my own 416 A5, and my longing for a VFC MP7, but I wouldn't buy one of their AEGs because I trust Luke's opinion
  11. Mine went well then a bit shit. Too skint to go to Spec Ops Cqb, so I instead spent some time with my Old Skool TM AK47-S. Got a new dust cover a couple of days back from Hutt Armouries (cheers) so trying that out was a good reason to fling a few shots down the garden. It's still impressive. Hitting 320fps on 0.20s and very nicely accurate... The impact point bang on to the iron sights. A bit slow on the RoF with a 7.4v lipo, but usable all the same. Good ol' TM. So that was all good! The shit bit was when I was packing it away. I put the gun on top of a stack of toolboxes, damned thing slid off onto the floor - barely any height, and onto carpet - but enough to shear the pins inside the stock release catch/attachment to the receiver. Bugger. So I now need to find a replacement folding stock, or at least the catch and its fitments. Not much luck so far (remember I've already been on this journey because I was trying to replace the stock release button when that went walkies) Looks like I'll have to pay Chump Tax and buy a whole Cyma stock ($30 at Evike USA)
  12. M mumI have the 1.25-5 vision king LPVO, and it's served me well very well so far. It's usually been on my GBBR and it seems to have withstood the strong recoil on that just fine. So a thumbs-up from on build quality Other airsofters who have taken a look through it all said nice things too, which suggests the optional quality is decent. (I've taken the suggestion to never look through an optic you can't afford onboard, but more by luck than anything else, I don't think I've had the opportunity really!) If you do want to try to use it in cqb then yes, get the 1x version, but don't expect it to feel or act like a normal red dot, maybe it's psychological (or maybe my extra 0.25x really does screw it up), but worth doing for the small extra outlay I'm sure. 5x max magnification has been plenty for woodland... It's usually at 3 or 4x tbh. Good sight, would happily buy again.
  13. Well, the exciting news that I forgot to mention is that 1. The woodland site resembles a sea more than a wood. So that won't be usable until the sun's out for a good long period to dry it out 2. But Carlos is opening a new woodland site (as an addition!), and it's next to the CQB site - sharing the same safe zone. So if you want to mix up CQB and a bit of full-auto or sniping, it'll be do-able! 3. And the CQB site will be doing sensor targets, room clearances, and maybe some fun nerf / gel blaster / pistol / shotgun things too
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