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  1. Tokyo Marui AK47-S Yup, still got it, still shoots (though not feeding very reliably on full auto), currently wearing a set of Cyma tactical polymer grip / handguard and a stubby grip, as the original plastic handguard was a bit creaky. Honestly can't remember how long ago I bought it, it could be as far back as 2001 or so It's still a cool gun, and light and small enough it'll maybe come back from the "retirement home" (my loft) once I start playing CQB
  2. Wow, just read @Emergencychimps post there. I'd add the cautionary note that I've never had any of the first set of awesome experiences, but rather more of the bullet-proof teens in joggers... and yet I'm still "gripped" (and indeed "sorted", for Fast Show aficionados) by the damned thing. If you like the idea of messing around with military stuff on the cheap (relatively speaking!) then there's fun to be had even when you're not actually pew-pewing at people. I've got a collection of guns that have me given me pleasure in spite of the fact I've only fired a few hundred rounds through 'em in the back garden since May... I'm easily pleased, it seems. Anyway, enjoy yourself
  3. "Bah", and indeed "humbug" No game this weekend. At least there's 'signs of life' in the enterprise... maybe I'll get to pew-pew in a week or two
  4. Yeah, I'm excited by the idea of this but I've got a few guns already that haven't been skirmished - I don't need another gun right now. So I'm not going to be the guinea pig. I'll happily wait for a couple of YT reviews. $455 shipped does feel rather close to the price of the known (stellar) quantity that is the TM MWS, so it needs to prove itself
  5. Looks like a nice gun you got there, and you're definitely on a good track with the loadout. Deffo move the dump pouch though. I'd always have a sling on a gun though, just to give your arms a rest whenever possible (they tire quickly, and once one bit of you starts complaining, you feel more knackered generally. Or maybe that's just me and my age!) Even with a lightweight gun, a sling lets you free up both hands quickly which is useful. And if you get one of those "slingster" types there's an element of "Tacti-cool" as well
  6. I don't have any concrete info either way at the moment... Carlos said he'd have confirmation yesterday - that hasn't happened as yet. If it does happen it'll probably be at a temporary outdoor site at North Crawley (quite nearby) He's also posted a pic of an indoor (barn) site that is "under construction"... Maybe that'll be ready for the weekend? Depends on whether setting up some chipboard walls and hay bales is do-able in a couple of days?
  7. Hi! Welcome to the sport, and to these forums I seem to recall concerns over the reliability of G&G ETUs, but the MOSFET is a good addition, and a necessity if you want to use 11.1v batteries. So a bit of a toss-up? The standard Raider is perhaps the choice for absolute reliability. If this is your first gun and you're going to leave it stock for ever as your backup once you move on to something else, it's a good choice. The problem is it's not quite as good value as it used to be... Still the base models at £160 aren't wildly overpriced. It's a shame neither the Raider nor the FFR have quick change springs - they're a very useful thing to have. (Shoehorns in obligatory "take a look at Double Eagle M9xx's, if you can find 'em in stock" mention)
  8. Alternatively buy a PTS EPS stock... £50 new, but occasionally show up for less used. I'm sure there are plenty of clones available much cheaper too.
  9. Wow that's veeeerrrrrrryyyy interesting!
  10. Yeah, exactly... but still waiting on volunteers to go the extra mile...
  11. The Breakaway Coaster doohickies arrived from eBay. With a bit of dremelling I gouged a chunk out of the inside to accommodate the existing zoom lever hump... and I have to say this is an excellent "Extended zoom lever mod" for a mere £6. Video explaining the fitting and the dremel work... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4X4t6mK_Yz4
  12. I could be very tempted by the Swedish M90 camo... it's unusual, it appeals to the "graphic design" part of my brain (it even gets a nostalgia hit for my Art History studies, when I discovered Vorticism) I think it'd do the same job as DPM, but also get some Safe Zone cred just for being rare (if you care about that sort of thing). The problem is it's a little bit pricier of course...
  13. I went from DPM to MTP because during the winter time I thought DPM was obvious against the mostly golden brown leaf litter, and the grey/green tree trunks... Exhibit A, M'Lord I'm on the left, and I contend that my camo is less obvious than the DPM (not that the DPM sucks!). What's obvious is how they're so much better than a pair of joggers If and when I get to play, and if and when the trees and shrubbery are in full green leaf, I'll happily be back in my DPM (which actually is quite faded, so it's a good bit nearer the MTP than that box-fresh set of DPM in the pic)
  14. I have to say I don't fancy the little parts pinging around, once I'm done with the hop and the barrel I'm leaving everything else alone so it can be a reliable back-up / occasional use gun!
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