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  1. Do you have any headache pills, my head hurts after reading all that shouting
  2. Cool start... Milanote looks useful for this sort of thing 9 RPS sounds rather low, I suggest a little visit to @AK2M4 to source a better motor..? Even if you were going for a semi-auto build that would suggest it'd be a bit sluggish to cycle. But a re-shim, different battery etc might bring that up to the 15+ that you should be looking for (as a minimum). (20 is, of course, plenty)
  3. I suspect the "unloaded shotgun" exemption is to allow the Landed Gentry's gamekeeper to stroll to the pub with his shotgun slung over his shoulder, so he can enjoy a pint and a pie, without having to divert on his way to store the pew-pew. It's one law for them and another for the rest of us, I tell you!
  4. A cheapo G36 of some description is on my wish-list so thanks for starting this thread, I'll follow with interest as it may prove useful, whatever model I end up with!
  5. MOSFETs are good because you can abuse your shiny new gnu with an 11.1v LIPO and not get called "Sparky" I have a 906C, and I have to say I don't use the fancy options - burst fire, binary etc but they're nice to have. I do run an 11.1v Li-Ion battery, and appreciate the fact the gun will auto-shutdown once the battery voltage gets low. (You still need to disconnect the battery after each game day though) I'm a bit of a Double Eagle cheer leader, I guess... I love mine. You may need to change the spring quite quickly, they seem to be rather crap and lose oomph, but that's super-easy (undo one screw) and cheap (a tenner) to do. Other than that the gnu gets a big thumbs-up from me
  6. Hmmmm, with that vice tool priced at £25, it's looking like I'll just take a brave pill (or three), and try my luck with the £40 motor that I can pick up from a couple of miles away (good ol' Action Hobbies), rather than a-fiddlin' and a-faddlin' with stuff that'll take it's sweet time to get here from China, and all that pinion pulling malarkey!
  7. Thanks! ... now I am ignorant in The Way Of The Sleeve, how can I tell if it's a press fit - is it an absence of grub screws...? Is this pinion pulling tool what I might need? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Puller-Pinion-Removal-Accessory-Vehicles/dp/B07XZB4WG2?th=1 Is it all too much of a faff ???????
  8. So my SIG 552 came with a duff motor, I managed to get a replacement off eBay, but that died once it was in place (I may have nipped a wire during reassembly, it's tricky...) I've still got a desire to fix it, it's a really nice little gun when it's firing... And I've found a motor on AliExpress for a tenner (plus a fiver for postage) which compares well with £40 typically here... Forty notes feels like a lot when I might kill it if I bugger it up again 🥴 But the Ali one comes without the sleeve... Is that easy to transfer from one motor to another?
  9. Admit it, you've started looking up the price of airline tickets, haven't you? (I would!)
  10. It's an admirable effort... I was going to insert a picture of a kitchen sink, but I think I glimpsed one somewhere in there... Have you actually charged the batteries? That's something I've forgotten in the past Also - remembering to charge the batteries the night before , but then forgetting to unplug them and take them along - done that too Can't see your boots in the pics. Wear them to bed tonight just to be super-certain.
  11. I was saying in the context of taking on the US military, but fair point well made!
  12. Came back to this thread.. some good comments... That "price of freedom" does seem to sum it up, as we see it from this side of the pond... if there was a "QAnon against gun ownership", they'd be saying there was some deep-state conspiracy with a mass-hypnosis of the population into supporting the military-industrial complex blah blah blah. Perhaps that's what the NRA is The idea of the populace "rising against the military" just sounds so stupidly bonkers, doesn't it? Yeah, not much else than that finger click will fix the problem, thanks to the millions of guns already in circulation. 3D printing seems to a building threat too. Not so much for the few guns being made, but the willingness of non-criminals to go there, and indulge the idea of avoiding the law altogether in pursuit of their "rights". Oh America, where did it all go wrong?
  13. "Lest ye forget" Real Steel can be awful too...
  14. It's... On my "to do" list as it's close to MK and Special Ops is still not open. The games seen to be fairly infrequent there, but I had heard it was good. If you decide to make a trip, give me a shout and I'll come along too to say hello 🍻
  15. Working for me, but likewise I think it worked alright before.
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